wow trolling

I was really feelin’ some more Ahaztuta Vol’jin, to go along with yesterday’s Trollvember post that I made.

Here’s a rough look at his Peacock-Phoenix beast spirit, with this particular variety being the holy flames sort of phoenix. While I’ve not made it obvious here, Vol’jin would have just received a killing blow to his person. While trolls who have phoenixes for beast spirits can and sometimes do activate their beast spirit at will, they prefer to save it for the moment they are killed.

The phoenix beast spirit is one of the only beast spirits that will activate automatically upon the users death. This immediately brings the user back to life and well… powers them up considerably. The element of the phoenix usually coincides with the users most proficient magic. Since Vol’jin is a priest in this AU, his phoenix is Holy.

It doesn’t really look like a peacock but I WANTED TO GET IT DONE, SO HAVE THIS //THROWS IT AT YOU

If you want to know more about beast spirits, you can always ask me ; w ; /

Also yes I will one day do up actual proper drawings / refs of all my Vol’jin AUs I promise…. bonus: here’s the flat colors for this so you can actually… SEE WHAT COLORS THE PHOENIX IS HAHAHAH (hint: pastel version of Amita’s hair //BRICKED). Mostly wanted to post that so you could see what was going on with Vol’jin colorwise though ; w ;

Started leveling my Hunter in WoW, discovered this NPC in our class hall:

I decided I should talk to him.

After all that you can now buy from him, but all he sells are black roses.

I thought that was where this all ended until I read this in a WoWhead comment:

I bought 13 roses and found her not far from the hunter lodge.

Went back to “Death Hunter” Moorgoth:

This is still not where it ends, Velonara gives a quest after this.

Then you go back to Moorgoth of course:

Now he sells an edgy transmogable hood to go with his edgy black roses.

It’s a nice hood but it doesn’t look that great on my character.

This whole thing made me smile though.