wow trolling

Bruh…. Amita looks fuckin boss….

I might revisit the helm but yeah here she is in her armor. She takes out all her earrings and shit cuz they’re a hindrance in a fight, and she gets her mass of hair under control by twizzling it.

DEFINITELY need to revisit this on the computer. I’m loving those pauldrons MMMMMM

Sketch request from last week’s livestream. There were some great requests and we all had a lot of fun, but by far the best suggestion was for a heavy metal troll that soon spiraled out of control. Some brainstorming later we determined he’s a badass necromancer, raising the dead with his magical (three-stringed, because troll) guitar and some SICK SHREDDING!!

This one will definitely be modified, cleaned up, and made available as a T-shirt or print in my RB store in the future. I may even clean it up on a stream.

World of Warcraft © Blizzard
Characters and Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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Last of the peely flesh is gone, though the tattoo is still fresh. It says ‘Five’ in Aurebesh as a tiny nod to Star Wars, and my favorite Clone Son (I wasn’t about to put it on my forehead!)

Though after how f**king good my troll tattoo is coming I am giving serious consideration to another half-sleeve of my SWTOR babes:

All my tattoos have been inked by my sister, Naomi King. She works out of NEXT! Tattoo and Piercings in Vancouver, in case anyone is in the area and looking for a rad artist to get stabbed!!

Autistic Headcanons: Kanaya Maryam

-She speaks almost entirely in monotone and struggles to pick up on other people’s use of tone and it’s meaning.
-She takes things very literally even by troll standards.
-Her quirk and tendancy to ramble are both reflections of this; She is easily confused and so tends to go out of her way to make herself understood.
-Its important to her to make sure her friends get along. She doesn’t always know how to do this which has led to her reputation as being meddlesome.
-She isn’t as sensitive to bright lights and colours as other trolls are. Bright colourful patterns are good visual stims!
-Making clothes is a special interest and a stim. There are lots of fabrics she enjoys touching and designing different outfits is facinating.
-After meeting the human kids, human culture becomes a special interest. Particularly human sarcasm. Especially particularly one specific human.
-Other special interests include gardening (i personally love the HC that she can “speak flower”), paranornal lore, and trashy romance novels (They Are For Research Honestly).
-After she learns control her glowing, she uses it as a stim as it gives her a warm tingly feeling.
-Also Rose. Rose is a living breathing stim. You can infodump on her and she’s always interested, her hair is soft and fluffy and GOLDEN and shes great.