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It looks like Yuuri and Victor are crashing some wedding and Yuuri’s like at the point where he’s tipsy enough to tell really good stories about drunk Phichit but like, not tipsy enough to start going into stripper banquet mode

🎇 Happy New Year from Draco & Harry 🎇 


anyway, consider, witch mccree au

Does it ever make you sad that Simon and Baz never get a happy, care-free period just to explore their relationship and get comfortable with each other?

Like, they go from being enemies to boyfriends in the span of, what, a couple weeks? During which time they’re trying to find Natasha’s killer, and eventually fighting the Humdrum.

But after all that is over? They’re only students and they went through something really traumatic, and they’ll be dealing with that for years. That’s hard enough in an already established, healthy relationship.

I know they’re just characters and we have no idea what happens after the Canon ends, but I really hope they were able to navigate through that and get to the point where they were both happy with each other and themselves.


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Albus Potter knew from the beginning his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and beyond that he had been deemed “Harry Potter’s disappointing son” by the media. After growing up in a home where everyone had been filled with so much love and adoration for each other, Albus has never considered for one minute that his parents would have been disappointed in him for being different. But the media was a powerful tool that helped instill the “Harry Potter’s disappointing son” mantra into the heads of thousands, including Albus himself. 

So when the end of his third year rolled around, and Albus had finally admitted to himself that, yeah, he was pretty gay, his first thought was great, another adjective to add to my “Harry Potter’s disappointing son” list. Along with stupid, slytherin, and doesn’t like quidditch he could now add g a y

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This is the first time I’ve every submitted fan art before. So, I hope you like it.
Good luck with the next comic update, this comic is one of those stories that make me scream at the screen (translation: it’s really good) and I believe a lot of people will agree with me on that.

Xedra’s Notes:

AAHHHHHH THIS IS SO AMAZING!!! Your shading is incredible and I love his expression :’D I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the comic! I think screaming at the screen levels of enjoyment is a high honor indeed! Thank you so much!!

Official art suggests the TV show wanted to be Judeau and his Wacky Friends at one point.


So I was a low quality Safari man in Barcelona
I just couldn’t resist, I found this shirt..👀
Also I make stupid faces on photos..sorreh🤷🏼‍♀️
@flowerhila can I be ur Saf now???(actually, you changed your blog name lately😑)
So yeah, you can call it a “Safari mans adventure in Barcelona”