wow time passes so fast


one year has passed already? wow, time flew by so fast! thank you so much for an amazing year, for constantly blowing us away with your talent, for all the good times and good laughs and for always being such sweethearts, tinkerbells love you as much as you love us! thank you and hope to be with you for a long long time! happy 1st anniversary knk ♡

36 days to EOYs - {25/09/16}
‘i live in your heart, i speak in your mind, i tattoo my smiles on your body like it’s mine’

here’s last weeks spread. super yellow so that term 3 can end on a positive note. (term 3 has ended holy shit?!?!!!) i have 6 weeks to my exams… 8 weeks till year 11 ends. wow damn time is passing so fast this is terrible im having a mini crisis but gotta focus on the real thing tbh. need to start studying for real during these 2 weeks of holidays aaaaahhhh im so scared!!!

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theheartoffreljord  asked:

"Wow! Has time passed that fast?" He didn't remember him being so much older. But the man just laughs loudly, giving the yordle a pat on the back. "But Braum is glad to meet ya again!"

“Nice to see you again as well sir Braum”