wow those hands

No grass will grow for the next millennium, it’s a sand planet
Filled with no entry signs, it’s a sand planet

I just really wanted to draw Lance in Miku’s outfit hhhrhg

@giantrob0t “It’s me! … Bi?”

hello it is done

I’M ALSO VERY SORRY it’s not very good, but I did this while on the bus (it’s probably pretty obvious orz) buuut ye

also buff R is my big sin i dont regret a thing

thank you!! And have a wonderful day!!╰(*´︶`*)╯

@egg-scellent oh my god!!! I’m smiling so hard rn this is beautiful. Short angry Enj is the true Enj tbh I love him

–> followup to the andreth/finrod question: actually given low elf birth rates do you think like… i’m just imagining it being fairly customary for kings/regional leaders/whatever to visit MOST NEW BABIES, if they possibly can, and then when humans come suddenly it’s like. [fingolfin staggers into fifth birthing room of the day] HELLO I’M HERE……….. I BLESS….. YOUR CHILD

Three cinnamon rolls from Karasuno!! It was actually pretty hard to draw …

MC having big curly poofy hair HC's :')

This is my first time posting my writing on here (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`) and I’m on mobile KILL me

Yoosung 🎮

🎮 his hands would instantly reach to poof your hair up more
🎮 “MC… you’re like a beautiful lion.”
🎮 honestly you h8 SM when people JUST TOUCH your hair but this boy is so cute and pure you let him floof it up all he wants
🎮 loves LOVES to brush out your hair when you absolutely don’t want to (those KNOTS man UGH)
🎮 he’s so absolutely gentle and patient when combing it out tho like wow what else can those hands do??? (I’m sorry bb Yoosung)
🎮 also will buy and apply products to reduce frizz ——> RELUCTANTLY
🎮 he loves when you wear your hair down it’s so cute
🎮 you teach him how to style your hair in different ways and he’s so determined to make everything perfect he’s so CUTE
🎮 floofy panda buns give him actual life

Zen 🎬

🎬 will cry because you are and actual Disney princess
🎬 likes to watch you comb it out like,,, you thought this was frizzy??? GUESS AGAIN
🎬 will style your hair in 2 seconds
🎬 dislikes when you straighten it but either way you look so stunning plus it’s your body your rules so he doesn’t care
🎬 will actually deck someone so fast is they comment poorly on your hair
🎬 “It’s alright Zen. I get it all the time.”
🎬 HES SO HEARTBROKEN to hear you say that and is still 100% ready 2 fite 🎬 LOVES when your hair is in a raw high ponytail with flyaways and frizz he’s wild for it
🎬 won’t let you play with his hair (ITLL RELEASE THE BEAST)
🎬 but you don’t mind ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Jaehee ☕️

☕️ PLease DONT GET HER WRONG SHE LOVES YOU AND YOUR HAIR SO MUCH!! But working in such a professional setting like C&R really limits her fashion exposure
☕️ TBH you would exchange info on hair products and have nights where you style each other’s hair
☕️ (you would probably invite Zen too)
☕️ “For practice, MC.”
☕️ will also 100% drop kick someone if they talk bad about your hair
☕️ is a bit embarrassed at first when you guys first go out because people stare a lot and comment more often than not
☕️ she notices how uncomfortable you get when people just randomly touch your hair
☕️ “No you may not touch MC’s hair. She doesn’t like it.”
☕️ SO blunt
☕️ WE love you BAEHEE
☕️ LOVES when you do a messy bun and loves it even more (if that’s possible) when she gets to it
☕️she’ll smile forever
☕️ shell grow out her own hair so you have more options for styles
☕️matching hairdo’s! :’)

Jumin 🍷

🍷 lowkey he’s fangirling because you look so cute under all that hair
🍷 would pay beauticians to teach him how to style and take care of curly curly hair
🍷 SO excited to try out his new techniques
🍷nothing goes as planned… ABORT A B O R T
🍷real curly hair is much harder to style than fake hair on a mannequin head
🍷still would not give up this man will look up videos and take more classes all from different people for different opinions
🍷DO NOT let him brush out your hair poor baby is impatient and will yank…. :(
🍷is tempted to practice on Elizabeth
🍷 he is head over heels when you let him do your hair in braids he likes it when your hair is out of your face it’s easier to give you kisses all over ;)
🍷 ;;;; that’s what he tries to convince you but you know the real reason;;;; it’s the easiest hairstyle he knows how to do ^^
Saeyoung 🚀

🚀 ofc not as curly as yours but it’s the thought that counts
🚀 his addiction is trying to get the frizz of your hair to actually curl into a ringlet
🚀 no baby it’s impossible
🚀 constantly joking about how “If we’re gonna get married at the space station then how will all your hair for in your space helmet???”
🚀 will scream from laughing so hard at your bed head
🚀 but let’s be honest HIS isn’t much better
🚀 he’ll give you head rubs but it’s just an excuse to mess with your hair
🚀 will pick out outfits from his agent days that match your curly hair
🚀 teasing wars™ commence
🚀 “MC, your HAIR is SO curly, curly fries would be jealous!”
🚀 you both would laugh so hard you cried
🚀(bless Saeyoung he’s so pure and loves you so so SO MUCH)
🚀 will absolutely destroy someone’s life if they talk bad
🚀"It’s kill or be killed in this world, MC.“
🚀 he adores when you where your hair out natural
🚀 wild, poofy, and ready to go

AhhhhhHHHH THAT WAS THE FIRST!! My tumblr virginity is gone… I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing this (〃ω〃) feedback is always appreciated! ❤️️