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Coming Home - Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Spencer gets released from prison and comes home to the reader and their daughter.

Y/N - Your name

Y/D/N - Your daughter’s name

Word Count: 1,169

Author’s Note: Sorry I’ve been gone for almost two weeks :( I went on vacation with my friend and then came back to so much make up work and ap testing. Hopefully you guys don’t hate me, here’s this! :)

It had been weeks since the three of you were together, hell, it had been two weeks alone since you visited him in there. Spencer looked absolutely horrible when you did, bruises aligned his jaw and he had a black eye that stuck out like a sore thumb.

It was obvious he was going out of his mind in that place when he snapped saying that he was capable of murder, even though you knew it wasn’t true. You worried about him almost every second after that moment and just wanted him to come home, but you couldn’t show your daughter how scared you really were.

She asked almost every night when daddy would be coming home and lately you were running out of excuses, but telling a seven year old what was really going on was just not an option.

Your thoughts ate you alive most nights, but you couldn’t stop blaming yourself until you would eventually fall asleep.

*phone vibrates*

It was four a.m when this was going on and you were usually passed out until at least seven, nothing was waking you up tonight.

After four missed calls, they gave up.

Once the sunshine hit the curtains Y/D/N came running in your room and hopped right next to you in bed. She seemed to always be full of energy in the mornings, which wasn’t a good thing on weekends.

“Mommy! Mommy!” Y/D/N was pushing you a little by now trying to get you up.

“What? I’m awake..” your eyes hadn’t opened because you were determined to get a few more hours of sleep. It was Saturday anyway, you had nowhere to be.

Y/D/N let out a loud sigh that made you open your eyes and laugh.

“Oh we’re pouting now, are we?”

Y/D/N nodded and crawled under the covers next to you. Her hair was long enough to be put into a tiny ponytail but it never seemed to stay tamed, especially after sleeping. Once she had turned four it was apparent she had gotten her daddies hazel eyes, which wasn’t a problem until now, when all you could see was him while looking at her.

“Someone was knocking at the door a few minutes ago but you and daddy told me not to answer to strangers, but I think they gave up.”

You looked at Y/D/N with confusion, it was 7 a.m, who was at the house this early? Oh no. What if something happened to Spencer? You jumped up and searched for your phone that was scattered somewhere in your sheets.

Four missed calls from Emily Prentiss. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

You didn’t even bother putting a sweatshirt over Spencer’s old t-shirt and walked as fast as you could to the front door. If something happened, you had no idea what you were going to do.

The peephole wasn’t even a thought before you yanked the door open to see Spencer standing there.

You were completely frozen seeing him, shock completely took over your body. This wasn’t real. You felt tears rolling down your cheeks but couldn’t move. For all the times you’d dreamed this, you never thought it would come true.


His voice felt like home, something that hadn’t been the same since he was gone. Relief washed over you but before you could get a word out Y/D/N came running past you and latched onto Spencer’s legs.

“Daddy! You’re home!” Y/D/N’s smile was as big as could be, as was his.

“I missed you so much goober.” you watched as Spencer kneel down and hug Y/D/N.

“I missed you too, I lost a tooth!” Y/D/N took a step back and smiled showing the hole inside her mouth. Spencer’s mouth dropped playing along as if it was the coolest thing he’s ever seen.

“No way! Wow, did you put your tooth under your pillow for the tooth fairy?”

“Yes, mommy helped me and I got five bucks the next morning!” Y/D/N pointed at you and giggled as Spence looked up at you.

“Well isn’t that awesome! Hey Y/D/N, wanna go get me some water while I talk to mom?”

She nodded and ran into the kitchen.

“I uh, um..” you tried saying something, anything really, but you had no idea what to say.

Spencer stepped towards you nodding, understanding everything that was going on in your mind. He knew you like the back of his hand, surprises were not your thing.

The height difference between you two was perfect for him to kiss the top of your head. You loved this, especially when you would get stressed.

“I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry Spence.” you mumbled as your face was scrunched against his shirt, which smelled of faded cologne.

Spencer looked down at you confused, “You’re sorry? Baby, what do you have to be sorry about?”

“All of this is my fault, I never should’ve let you go across the border, especially alone.”

Before he could react to what you just said Y/D/N came running back in with the glass of water. You backed out of his arms and watched as your daughter and husband talked.

Spencer kept looking over at you to make sure you were okay and flashed a couple smiles until you got up to go to the bathroom, or just sit in there.

After a few minutes a light knock came on the door,”Y/N, could I come in?”

You quietly sighed saying yes and unlocked the door. You sat back down on the side of the tub as he walked in, staring at the floor once he shut the door behind him.

“Can we talk?”

You nodded, “About what?”

“About you feeling guilty, because you shouldn’t.. At all. I was going even if you hadn’t agreed Y/N. None of this was your fault.”

“Okay.” you mumbled so low that he could barely hear you.

“Y/N.. please look at me.”

You shook your head and wiped the tears that had fallen. Spencer bent down and took your hands in his.

“Baby..” his voice cracked, “please?”

You squeezed his hands then looked up for your eyes to meet, Spencer gave a slight smile as you realized how badly you missed his touch. Those puppy dog eyes were all you needed right now.

“What do you need me to do so you’ll feel safe again Y/N?.”

“I just.. I can’t lose you again.”

“You’ll never lose me Y/N.”Spencer leaned in and placed a kiss on your forehead still holding your hands.

You smiled at those words, “Good.”

Spencer leaned back and glimpsed at your shirt and messy hair smiling, “You’re beautiful Y/N but I think that shirt is pretty awesome too.”

You blushed and shoved his shoulder, “You’re too sweet to me Spence, but you know I always steal your shirts.”

“That’s okay, you wear them better than I ever did.”

“According to US Weekly we’re married.”

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 780

It was an average Saturday morning. You had been walking back to the Tower after grabbing your usual morning coffee from your favorite shop when you saw it. Displayed in front of everyone that walked by on the street.

Your face was on the cover of US Weekly.

Stopping in your tracks, you grabbed the magazine from the stand and read what it said on the cover.

You couldn’t believe it.

The magazine was claiming that you and your teammate, Bucky Barnes, was married. The picture that they had on the cover was of you and Barnes walking through Central Park. He had his arm around you and the both of you looked pretty happy.

You gave the man who ran the stand a few dollars for the magazine before you kept walking towards the Tower.

The whole situation was kind of comical actually. There wasn’t anything remotely romantic about your relationship with Bucky. The two of you were strictly teammates. Sure you hung out with him more than anyone else on the squad. There might be a midnight weekly stroll that the two of you had religiously. A movie night or two might even be thrown into the mix, but Bucky wasn’t your boyfriend.

No matter how much you wanted him to be.

Being in the same room as him made you go weak in the knees. There was just something about him that drove you wild. He was so damn charming that sometimes you wondered if he could possibly be flirting with you.

You were far too nervous to admit that you had feelings for him. Instead of doing something about the way you felt, you bottled it all up.

When you made it to the Tower, Bucky was sitting in the kitchen with Sam and Steve having breakfast. You placed the magazine in front of them on the table.

“What’s that?” Bucky asked.

“Well, according to US Weekly we’re married.”

Bucky dropped the spoon that he had in one of his hands. “What?”

Sam laughed, grabbing the magazine to get a better look for himself. “Wow, I’m hurt that you guys didn’t invite me to the wedding. Aren’t you, Steve?”

“Definitely. I at least thought that I would be your best man, Buck.” Steve went along with Sam’s teasing to your dismay.

“How was the honeymoon, lovebirds?”

Bucky grabbed the magazine from Sam’s grasp and hit him with it, “That’s enough.”

You rolled your eyes at them, “Very funny. I can’t believe that magazines just publish bullshit like this and can get away with it.”

“I’ve had some terrible things written about me in magazines,” Bucky said as he flipped through the pages, “If the things they said about me was more like this, I wouldn’t mind it. I’m a lucky man. Who wouldn’t want to be married to (Y/n)?”

There he was being all charming again. You looked away from him and grabbed your purse to leave the kitchen.

“(Y/n)!” Bucky called after you once you were halfway to the elevators. You hadn’t realized that you were walking so fast.

You stopped so that he could catch up. Bucky stepped in front of you, blocking your path so that you couldn’t go anywhere. “Did I say something wrong back there?”

“I guess I just don’t– nevermind.”

Bucky reached down, grabbing your hand, “Please finish. I want to know if I upset you.”

“You didn’t upset me, Bucky. I just don’t know if you’re kidding when you say stuff like that. Or when you act really flirty. I guess I’ve gotten a little confused about what we are or what we aren’t.” You felt a weight lifted off your shoulders. You finally told Bucky what had been plaguing you for so long.

Bucky smiled a little, “I guess I haven’t been too subtle about how I feel about you.”

“So, all of the flirting and stuff, it’s real?”

He nodded sheepishly, “I really like you. I didn’t think that I was capable of feeling the way that I do after years of being brainwashed. When I met you, I knew that I could. You make me feel alive again.”


You turned and saw that Sam and Steve had been eavesdropping for the entire conversation.

“Get the hell out of here!” Bucky told them.

They ran off and you looked back at Bucky. He was waiting patiently for you to say something.

“You want to go for a walk in the park?”

“You aren’t worried about getting photographed there like before?”

You squeezed his hand a little and smiled, “Not really. At least now if they run a story about us romantically, it’ll be true.”

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                                              Please Jeff, stay.

A/N: It’s been a while since my last imagine and as you can see this time it’s not one about Reggie.

I just love Jeff so much and he obviously DESERVED BETTER, so I hope you like it. He doesn’t die in this one and honestly I don’t think I will ever write one of those because I lost someone ina¡ a car accident and I can’t even read the imagines about Jeff dying because I literally cry.

Please don’t ever drink and drive and always be careful on the road. Be safe. ❤️

Warnings: Maybe some misspelled things, but I’m Spanish, I try my best.  😁

Words: 1.604


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I wasn’t someone new at all in Liberty high even though it seem like I was. I went to school with most of the people in this high school, I was their classmate until the first year in high school when I moved to another city, but now I was back for my junior and senior year.

So as I was saying I wasn’t a new student, but people acted like they didn’t know who I was, they treated me like if I didn’t knew the place or the students and after explaining a few people the whole story I gave up and I just went along.

It has been a week since I arrived and I still noticed the stares I got in the halls and how when I passed next to a group of girls they would start whispering. I knew they were talking about me, I knew there were rumours out there but I didn’t care at all.

One morning while I was grabbing a book from my locker and thinking about nothing in particular I heard someone calling me from behind and when I turned I realized it was Jeff Atkins.

“Hey! You are Jedd right?” I was trying to make a joke but I saw that he was taking it seriously so I stopped trying to be funny “Just kidding, I remember you Jeff” when I said that he smiled again.

“I just wanted to know how are you handling being in Liberty high again” Jeff has always been one of the few good people around here, he wasn’t afraid to talk with everyone even though he didn’t know that person, and he was so nice with every one, that was one of the reasons why all the girls always liked him and I was sure that hasn’t change a bit.

“Fine, I guess” I said closing my locker “it is like no one remembers me tho”

“If it makes you feel better I didn’t forget about you” I gave him a smile “and Clay and Tony remember you too” he sounded like he was trying to play down about what he said first.

“It makes me feel better, indeed” we remain silence, it was a little uncomfortable because I didn’t know why he came to talk to me in the first place, I was grateful because it really felt good to know that he remembered me and that he wanted to talk to me, but still it felt odd having in account he was one of the most popular guys in high school.

The bell saved us from that silence, we had to go to class so I just say goodbye and I started walking to my next class, but Jeff called me again and I turned to look at him.

“Are you going to Jess’ party tonight?” I didn’t know why he was so interested suddenly, but it didn’t bother me at all.

“I don’t know, are you?”


“Then maybe I’ll show up” I answered giggling and turning again to leave that hall.

Was I being flirty with Jeff Atkins? I had no idea how I got to that point, but I had done it and I think he wanted me at the party, despite that fact I didn’t want to create false illusions to find out that it was all part of some fantasy of mine.

I didn’t think about that for the rest of the day until I saw my new friend Hannah Baker and she talked to me about that party and how Clay asked her if she was going to go. Neither of us knew what to do, we had thought of doing something more relaxing than a party, but we decided to go.

I was designated driver for the night, so that way Hannah could drink whatever she wanted. I didn’t have a problem because I actually didn’t like alcohol like most of the teenagers, so I drove very happy.

When we arrived to the party it was pretty crowed, the house was full and also was the front yard. Most of the people there were already wasted.

We went to the kitchen while I was looking for a certain someone, but I wouldn’t say that out loud, I think Hannah was looking for someone too and she was the first to find him.

We approached Clay and a big smile appeared in his face when he saw us.

“I didn’t know you were coming!”

“We are full of surprises” Hannah answered almost sounding nervous.

“There are drinks in the kitchen… we can go there”

“Not form me, designated driver” I said pointing at me.

“I’ll drink for you” Hannah added.

We followed Clay to the kitchen, but I looked outside in the way and I found who I was looking for. I tapped Hannah in the shoulder so she could see me going to the back yard.

I laid on the wall and I looked at him until he looked in my direction and when he noticed me I saw a bigger smile in his face.

I waved at him and started to walk in his direction, but he reached me before I could walk more than two steps.

“You came” I don’t know how he did it, but his smile was one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen.

“Yeah… but not because I like parties” I answered giggling “I’m…” I looked around before ending the sentence “working as cupid” I added in a whisper “Hannah obviously likes Clay, so I came to make sure they spend time together and hopefully something happens in the process and I’m proud to admit that I’m reaching my goal”

“Wow, we have more in common than I thought” did he really spend time thinking about what we had in common? “Because I’ve been trying to get those two together since Hannah came to Liberty” I couldn’t help but smile when I talked to him.

“We’re really good friends, they own us so much” I laughed.

“Hey (Y/N)!” we both looked in Jess’ direction; she was calling me from the door “Do you want to join us? We’re playing suck and blow”

I felt Jeff’s gaze on me even before Jess could finish her proposal and to be honest I couldn’t help but grimace thinking about kissing some drunk teenage by accident.

“No Jess, thank you, but I’m good” she was pretty wasted because she almost fell when she tried to go back inside the house.

I looked at Jeff again and I found his blue eyes on me, which made me a little nervous, but I controlled myself

“Do you want to play beer pong?” he offered

“I have to drive, I can’t drink”

“You can drink Coca-Cola, like me”

“Then count me in, I can teach you how to aim” I laughed passing by his side as if I knew where I had to go.

I joined him and a couple of his friends, who were drunk already.

I wasn’t joking when I said I had a good aim, I got the ball in every cup, making Jeff’s friends to drink even more.

I was having so much fun, Jeff and I were in the same team and we were clearly winning so we got to the point where we throw the ball in different funny ways like for example shooting while I was on Jeff’s back.

We were flirting all the time, teasing each other when it was each other turn, Jeff covering my eyes, tickling me and me trying to tickle him. I almost forgot we weren’t alone.

“I should look for Hannah” I said breathless for all the laughing.

“She’s over there with Clay” I followed Jeff indication and I saw them sitting by the pool, just talking.

“Hey Atkins! We need more beer!” I turned to look at who was saying that, but I didn’t know who he was.

“No problem!” Jeff answered.

My facial expression changed suddenly and I think Jeff noticed because his changed when he turned to me.

“Are you really going?”

“Yeah” he looked confused by my reaction.

“They had enough for tonight; they won’t even notice the lack of alcohol in their systems”

“Hey you don’t have to worry, I had two beer two hours ago, you’ve seen me drinking Coca-Cola” but that didn’t calm me, I wasn’t a big fan of driving in general, I lost someone in a car accident and I’ve been pretty scared since then.

“I know, but… maybe there’s someone out there who is driving drunk and you pay the consequences”

“I promise I’ll be careful, I’ll be back before you even notice I’m gone” he said caressing my arm, trying to calm me.

I saw him leaving, but I couldn’t let him go so I called him again and he turned in my direction.

“Please Jeff… stay” he remained silent, looking my way, probably really confused, but he smiled again and came to me.

“Why it is so important? I’ve done this a lot of times, I’ll be fine”

“Because…” I looked to my side, thinking if I was going to do what I was thinking right now. It was now or never, so I cupped his face with my hands and sorted the distance between our lips.

He kissed me back and I could hear people whistling around us, something that made me laugh in the kiss.

“Is this a good reason?” I asked when we broke the kiss.

“A really good one” he answered kissing me again before I could say anything else.

Imagine Chris trying not to break his promise.

A/N: This was meant to be a one shot, but um- I have a feeling I have another mini series on my hands. Oh God, forgive the bad timing. 😂 It probably won’t be a full-blown mini series, just a few parts. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll see the comments then I’ll decide.

Chris stood outside your apartment block, leaning against his car as he waited for you to show. It was the same drill every morning, ever since your script was bought by Paramount and he was hired to be the director. You didn’t drive and Chris was- well, he was a good guy with a heart of gold; he was always more than happy to go out of his way to drive Sebastian Stan’s baby sister. It was more because of his fond feelings towards you than a favor to his best friend that he was making these detours. And speaking of Sebastian, Chris couldn’t help but think back to what your brother had instructed him to do about his feelings for you.

“Shove it somewhere no one will find, not even you.” Sebastian had told him. “Her career is just blossoming, Chris. It’s bad enough people think Paramount bought her script because of me, if they find out the two of you are…” Sebastian didn’t have to finish his sentence because Chris knew exactly what people would say if they found out you were dating him; the director hired to make your first script into a movie. “I know you care about her, so don’t do this to her.”

Chris sighed because he knew Sebastian was right, he couldn’t let his being with you overshadow your first big break. So he made a promise, a promise that kept him from making a move until the filming and the press tours were done. He’d been just friends with you for so long, what was another six months? It wasn’t like he hadn’t told you how he felt and you could’ve been taken from him at any second; you knew exactly how he felt and you’d told him you felt the same way. You just shared your brother’s concerns and asked politely if the two of you could remain friends until the movie was done and all the dust had settled.

Chris spotted you as soon as you walked out of your apartment building. He chuckled because he could tell from the way your earphones were in, you had forgotten the drill again. You didn’t forget, you just expected him not to drive an hour out of his way to come get you because you’d told him time and time again you were fine taking the bus or a cab. But time and time again, he’d show up at your door ready to pick you up for work.

You were listening to Taylor Swift’s ‘I Know Places’, trying hard not to wince at the irony of your situation. Her song was the perfect depiction of your current relationship with Chris, though it had not yet blossomed as you didn’t know places you could hide away with him. You wished you did, but you knew it wouldn’t have been that simple even if you did; it was never simple when you were constantly under the limelight. The limelight that was worst now that you were starting to make a name for yourself, and not just known as Sebastian Stan’s baby sister. You liked Chris, but you didn’t want to throw your career away before it even started. You couldn’t, especially when being a screen writer was everything you’d ever wanted since you were a little kid. You could still remember how you would write little skits and Sebastian would act it out; your brother was always so supportive of you, you couldn’t disappoint him now.

“Good morning,” Chris stepped in front of you as you started to walk past him. You jumped back, yelping, then huffed when you realized it was just Chris. “Sorry,” he chuckled, gently pulling your earphones from your ears. “I forget that you always have your music up really loud.” He passed you the cables and you chuckled, unplugging it from your phone and stuffing it into your bag. “I see you forgot you have a personal chauffeur.”

“I see you went in the wrong direction again,” you quipped and he laughed. “You know you don’t have to do this every morning, I’m perfectly fine taking public transport.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “I am an hour out of the way, Chris. I’m dragging you out of bed way too early, you-”

“You need to realize that I’d drive two hours out of my way for you,” he cut you off with a smile and you found yourself smiling along with him. “Now,” he slapped his hands together, rubbing them with delight. “Have you had breakfast? 'Cause I haven’t and Frank’s Bistro is,” he threw his thumb over his shoulder, “calling.”

“Do we have time?” You asked and he nodded without even glancing at his watch. “Chris,” you laughed, grabbing his wrist to look at the time. It was 7:30AM, and neither of you had to be at the studio until 10AM. As the drive was- from your place- one hour and forty minutes, the two of you had time for breakfast. “Okay,” you released his wrist and he smiled, moving beside you as the two of you walked down to Frank’s. “Breakfast is on me.”

“I prefer breakfast on a plate,” he leaned in and teased with a whisper in your ear, “but I’m more than happy to have you after.” You blushed, but laughed as you shoved him playfully. “Aren’t you glad Seb isn’t here to keep me in check?”

“No,” you tried not to smile as you bit, making Chris laugh so hard he grabbed his left pec. “It’d be much better if he were here,” you said out loud, then thought to yourself when you felt your heart flutter at the sight of Chris, “'cause you’re not the only one that he needs to keep in check.”

• • • • • • • •

After Frank’s famous Belgian waffles, you and Chris sipped on chai teas and chatted. You still had time before you had to start the drive, and with Chris’ driving- you could afford a few extra minutes. It was always nice to spend time with Chris. You’d been a fan of him since his Johnny Storm days so one could only imagine your excitement when you heard your big brother was going to be working with him on Captain America.

The first time you met Chris was on the set, after weeks of bugging Sebastian- he finally agreed to take you. He was very hesitant about bringing you along knowing how badly you crushed on his co-star. Sebastian had always been a very protective older brother because of the ten year age gap, if he could- he would’ve kept you from all the bad in the world. Of course this didn’t mean he thought Chris was bad, he just wasn’t mentally ready to see you with a guy; a guy he saw you having forever with. He knew you’d bug him to bring you onto the set eventually, so he spent the weeks leading up to that moment to scout Chris out. It was the first time he’d worked with Chris Evans and he needed to know if he was good enough for his baby sister; it didn’t take long, just like it didn’t take long for you and Chris to become close.

Seven years of friendship might make one question why you and Chris didn’t date before you made your big break. You could blame Sebastian’s overprotectiveness, but that wasn’t the main reason. Yeah, he didn’t want you to date Chris until you turned twenty-three at most. But even after you did, you didn’t feel ready to be in a relationship with someone as futuristic and intense as Chris. It wasn’t a bad thing to be because you were the same, you just knew if you’d gotten together with him at the wrong time- you’d lose an amazing guy who you could easily marry and have kids with. You wanted the timing to be perfect, and just as it came close- your script sold and Chris became your director, killing all chances of dating him for a while.  

“I know we’ve been friends for a while now,” Chris began and you tuned back into the conversation. “But I still feel like you haven’t told me everything there is to know about yourself. So what are you hiding from me, Miss Stan?”

“Please,” you laughed. “We’ve been friends for seven years, you know everything there is to know about me. Even some incredibly personal and blackmail worthy details,” you reminded him and he suppressed laughter at all the deep, dark secrets he’d found out about you over the years. “I’m an open book, Mr. Evans.”

“As open as you are, I’m sure there’s a hidden chapter somewhere.”

“Nope, not this girl,” you shook your head. “What you see is what you get.”

“Well, if you ever think of anything,” he smiled, “You know I’m always here for you, right?”

“Yeah, I know,” you reached over the table and patted his hand, “you’re a really good friend.”

“Friend,” he repeated, grimacing. You rolled your eyes with a bit back smile because you knew he was just being overdramatic; he knew very well where he stood when it came to you and your feelings. “Wow, that- that is really hurtful, Y/N. I mean- I’ve professed my love for you and you hit me with a 'you’re a really good friend’. That is stone cold,” he pressed his hand to his heart, “you’re breaking my fragile heart.”

“Like you believe you’re in the friend zone.”

“I’m not your boyfriend, so…” He trailed off, pressing his lips together to hide his smile. You rolled your eyes and he laughed, reaching over the table to take your hand in his. “Maybe Seb really needs to be around when we hang out. What do you think about changing our male lead?” He joked and you laughed, but your eyes remained on Chris’ hand playing with yours. “What’s going on in that pretty little brain of yours?” He asked, squeezing your hand to catch your gaze.

“Pretty little brain of mine?” You scoffed, pulling your hand away. He chuckled as you said, “that seems slightly offensive, Mr. Feminist.” You knew he didn’t mean offense, he’d never do anything to offend you ever. “Let’s see, what goes on in this pretty little brain of mine.” You smirked at him as you repeated his phrase and he winced with a smile. “Well, story ideas- but that’s obvious.” He nodded. “Fluffy puppies like Dodger.” He smiled. “Gummi Bears.” He chuckled. “And one very handsome man.”

“One very handsome man by the name of Chris?” He smirked.

“Oh my God,” you gasped, “how’d you know I was thinking about Chris Pratt?

"Oh wow,” he tried not to laugh as he feigned offense. “That is- wow, Y/N. Low blow.”

“No,” you reached for his hand and smiled sweetly. “There’s only one Chris I think about.” He smiled as you entwined your fingers with his. “It’s not Pratt, or Pine, or Hemsworth.” His smile widened and you tried not to laugh as you wiped that smile off his face with, “it’s Chris Wood.”

“Very funny,” he rolled his eyes and you giggled, drawing your hand back. There was a short moment of silence that brought the two of you to the reality of your situation, saddening you and Chris. “This is a lot harder than I thought it’d be,” he admitted, licking his dry lips.

“Me too,” you sighed.

Tags: @chrisevans-imagines @widowsfics @m-a-t-91 @xoxomioxoxo @imaginesofdreams @ateliefloresdaprimavera @katiew1973 @winter-tospring @shamvictoria11 @caitsymichelle13 @michellekeehlmello @letterstomyself21 @soymikael @faye22 @always-an-evans-addict @sammyrenae68 @brobrobreja @elizabeth-matsuoka @thegirlwiththeimpala @camerica96 @heartblackerthancoffee @whenyourealizethisisntagoodname @yourtropegirl @smoothdogsgirl @createdbytinyaddiction @siofrataylor @dreamingintheimpalawithdean @imaginary-world-of-mine @wanderingkat77 @grantward3 @rileyloves5 @chrsmom302 @buckys-shield @mylittlefandomfanfictions @breezykpop @catch-me-im-a-falling-star @tabi-toast @ssweet-empowerment @hayleesteashoppe @chrixa @feelmyroarrrr @akidura79 @louisespecter @castellandiangelo @ccrossfire @assxmblesstuff @edward-lover18 @princessesnaddy @1d-niallerbieberforever @dxbrevgrey @bellastellaluna @brokenwingsxix @yourenotrogers @im-a-fandom-slut @royalexperiment256 @palaiasaurus64 @avengingalec @tacohead13 @badassbaker @pegasusdragontiger @evanstanimagines @avengersgirllorianna @sfreeborn @dorisagent101 @antisocial-angel13 @mizzzpink @aekr @scarltvison @imagine-cats96 @adeptkillsyasse @shliic @ask-steverogers @justanotherfangurlz @winchesterandpie @creativeheartgemini @marie-writes-things @what-if-wenevermet @thestarlighthotel @sf0206 @lilya-petrichor @pinkleopardss @lizzysugar @poemwriter98 @bywonater @nerdingoutismylife @rayleyanns

Part 2

Meeting Michael

gif is not mine

Title: Meeting Michel

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Word Count: 1,300

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This is my first imagine/oneshot Michael fic. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

This was requested by @flufy07: Imagine during the apocalypse you get taken hostage by Zachariah to get dean to say yes and michael falling for you during your time as heavens prisoner? (and is being a dick and stuff XD) please?

Zachariah threw you into one of Heaven’s prison cells.  He didn’t care about hurting you either.  You were only a ploy to get Dean Winchester to say yes to being Michael’s vessel.  You almost wished you could kill the angel who took you.

“Let me out of here,” you shouted, grabbing onto the bars of the cell.

“Not a chance [Y/N],” Zachariah sneered.  “You’ll be lucky if I don’t end up killing you.  You’re nothing more than a piece of meat.  The perfect bait.”

“Once I get out of here, I’m going to kill your ass,” you seethed.

“Hah,” the angel scoffed.  “I’d like to see you try.”  Zachariah walked down the hall and out of sight.

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(gif not mine)

Coincidence: Chapter 4

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 5 

Pairings: V (Taehyung) x reader

Gender: Female

Synopsis: Life for (Y/N) had been, for the most part, normal. She worked, went to college, went to parties, had friends, you know, the basics. However, all of this changed when she started seeing a mysterious, attractive, and most of all dangerous man everywhere after one fatal night that seemed to be just a coincidence.

Genre: Mafia AU

Warnings: Cursing/Swearing

Word Count: 1,177

“Come on, (Y/N), that wasn’t fair!”

“It totally was, Jungkook, so stop having a bitch fit because of it!” You yelled as you viciously murdered Jungkook’s character for what seemed like the millionth time since you started playing.

It has been a couple of weeks since your very eventful date with Jackson and life had pretty much gone back to normal. You still texted Jackson often, but, due to his busy schedule, you two haven’t been able to plan another date. And now, unfortunately, you were left to spend your free time with the bunny looking piece of shit, also known as Jeon Jungkook.

“I’m bored, Kookie, let’s go do something else,” You whined throwing yourself on the floor beside Jungkook.

“Like what?” He replied, still staring at the television screen.

“I don’t know, let’s just go outside and walk around. You know, like normal human beings.”

“Sounds like a load of bullshit.”

“Come on, Jungkook, I always beat your bitch ass at this game anyways! Let’s go do something else,” you said as you practically threw yourself on Jungkook.

“Oh. My. God. Fine, let’s go outside and eat,” Jungkook said in an annoyed tone.

You smiled victoriously as he stood up to put on his shoes. You walked over to his front door and waited patiently.

“Where do you want to go, loser?” Jungkook asked as he came back from his room.

“Let’s go eat, man, I’m hungry,” you said, rubbing your stomach as you followed him out the door.

“When are you not hungry?” He said, giggling.

“Fuck you, Jeon Jungkook.”

You two ended up at a small cafe near Jungkook’s apartment. Overall, the cafe had a nice atmosphere; it made you feel at home. It was a small building with you and Jungkook being one of the few customers. You walked over to one of the empty tables and sat down, motioning for Jungkook to follow.

“So, (Y/N), how are things going with Jackson?” Jungkook looked at you teasingly, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

“Not so loud, Jungkook!” you said leaning over and slapping your hand over Jungkook’s mouth.

“What do you mean ‘not so loud’, (Y/N)? We’re legit surrounded by a bunch of strangers, what are the chances of someone actually knowing who he is?” Jungkook said pushing your hands away from him.

He was right. You had been paranoid ever since your date with Jackson. Especially after he said that you were forever involved with the mafia. Even though you knew perfectly that you shouldn’t let what Jackson said to you control your life (let’s be honest, it’s been weeks since you’ve last seen the guy!), but you still managed to think about that night whenever your mind wanders. At times you stay up late, thinking about your determination to get answers from Jackson, would you have been better off being oblivious to Jackson’s occupations and the troubles that await you?

“Uh… well, you never know, Jungkook! Jackson is a very popular man, he probably knows at least one of these hoes!” You exclaim, your face reddening.

“Hoes? What the hell (Y/N)!” Jungkook bursts out laughing.

You hide your face in your hands, completely embarrassed. At least you turned the conversation around, who knows what might’ve happened if Jungkook had started trying to get you to tell him about your date with Jackson. He had been trying to get all the details from you for weeks, but you had stayed strong and refused to tell him any details.

“Come on, loser, stop being such a baby and talk to meeeeee.”

“Wow, what a surprise, Jeon Jungkook wants attention,” You say, the sarcasm evident in your voice.

“Fight me, you conceited lit-” Jungkook’s insult was interrupted by his ringtone.

“We will continue this conversation in a bit,” He gave you a smirk before scurrying outside to pick up the phone.

“Hey, man, what’s up?” Jungkook answered the phone quietly.

His personality completely flipped the second he stepped outside. This had to be an important call, right? He needed to make himself seem serious if he wanted to keep his job. After all, it paid well and he actually enjoyed it, unlike all of his other jobs.

“Hey, Kook, let’s hang out today,” This threw Jungkook off guard, making him choke on air while the deep voice on the other end chuckled.

“Um… today?”

“Yeah, why, Kook? Got other plans?”

“Well, kind of, I’m with a friend right now, so it would be really suspicious if I suddenly left them by themselves, wouldn’t it?”

“Then why don’t I join you two? I need to spend some time with you, Kook, it’s been a while.”

“Really that’s it? Wow, you almost made me piss my pants, man,” Jungkook giggled.

“I’ll be at your place in an hour, be ready,” the voice chuckled, ending the call.

You looked up from your phone to see Jungkook sitting down.

“Who was that?” You smirked, thinking it was a new girlfriend.

“A friend from work, (Y/N), calm down.”

“Wow, feisty today, aren’t we? What did they want?”

“Speaking of what he wanted, is it cool if he joins us once we get back to my apartment?” He looked up at you, begging with his bunny-like eyes.

“Of course, I was getting bored of you anyways.”

“FIGHT ME, (Y/N)!” He yelled standing up on his chair.

“Shit, Jungkook, calm down!” You exclaimed tugging on his ridiculously strong arm.

Other than that moment, your lunch went pretty well, maybe because you were excited to finally meet some of Jungkook’s work friends. He always seemed hesitant to tell you about them, let alone meet them. Because of this, your theory about Jungkook being a male stripper stayed strong since his work friends could possibly be very… kinky.

You and Jungkook walked back to his place, insulting each other every other minute, making you burst into a fit of giggles.

“Wow, didn’t know you were such an asshole, Jungkook,” You giggled, playfully hitting him.

“Guess you’re rubbing off on me,” Jungkook smirked as you pushed him.

As you two got to Jungkook’s door you could hear music coming from inside. You looked at Jungkook with confusion, was that the friend he had talked about? How did he get into his house?

“I gave him an extra key,” Jungkook said as if he could read your mind.

Jungkook knocked on the door loudly so it could be heard over the music. The music was shut off and all you could hear were big, heavy footsteps coming towards the door.

“Don’t worry, (Y/N), he’s really chill. You’ll love him, possibly more than Jackson.”

You rolled your eyes at the last part and decided to ignore it. You opened your mouth to answer him when the door flew open, and you literally choked. No joke, you almost died once you saw who was at the door in skinny jeans and a t-shirt.

It was V.

A/N: GUESS WHO’S BACKKCKCKCKCWJICNDONFRF *dies* sry for the long wait I’ve been working on like a million projects, but I’ve decided to finally just procrastinate and pay attention to you children ::::)

Imagine your relationship with Chris being in the limelight.

A/N: Part 2, yay! As always, I hope this little fluff piece brings a smile to your face. 😊 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1’)

You chewed on your left thumbnail and tapped your right foot, anxiously and impatiently waiting for Chris’ FaceTime call. He’d texted you while you were in class, a text that held four simple but angsty words: “We need to talk.” You hated those four words when they had no context and you had no clue what the two of you needed to talk about. Things between the two of you since the engagement were back to being extraordinary; no disagreements, no fights, no misunderstandings. You were even in Atlanta over the weekend; a belated birthday celebration where you spent time with him and met his cast in person. Everything was perfect, so what could he possibly needed to talk to you about? Was he having doubts about marrying you? There was no way, he’d made it pretty clear he wanted to and was ready to. The anxiety was definitely eating you up, and if he didn’t call soon- you were going to call him first.

The front door swung open and Ava burst through, panting as though she’d just ran ten blocks. You looked up from your laptop and narrowed your eyes at the magazine she was holding up while she tried to catch her breath. Was that- “I know what Chris wants to talk to you about,” she blurted all in one breath. Just as she did, your MacBook started ringing; it was Chris calling. “Is that Chris? Answer it,” she instructed as she rushed to your side. You felt your jaw tighten as you answered the call, hoping your fiancé- who agreed things between the two of you were to be kept away from the limelight and under the radar until you graduated- had a good explanation for why the two of you were on the front page of US Weekly.

“Hey, baby,” Chris greeted you with a smile that hid his angst. He, too, had been having a hard time since he sent the 'we-need-to-talk’ text, especially when he was the reason the two of you needed to talk. “How’s your day been? You look gre-”

“Cut the crap, Evans,” Ava cut him off, holding up the magazine; Chris screwed his eyes shut, letting out a sigh. “She knows, we all know. It’s not just US Weekly, by the way,” she whispered to you and you scoffed at Chris, who was staring at Ava to stop talking. “Some of our Tumblr friends are um- freaking out, to say the least. You’re also all over-”

“Ava?” Chris interjected and Ava turned away from you to look at him. “Can I please talk to my fiancée in private?” Ava pressed her lips together and nodded, lowering the magazine onto the table as she left for her room. “Look, sweetheart,” he began as you picked up the magazine, shaking your head in disbelief at the title: 'Chris Evans announces his engagement to nineteen year old.’ “I know how it looks, but- it was an accident, I swear.”

“How do you accidentally announce an engagement, Christopher?”

“Oh wow, you’re using 'Christopher’. You’re definitely mad,” he mumbled then pressed his lips together when you shot him your death-defying stare that screamed “obviously I’m mad!” He sighed, knowing he’d broken the promise he made to you. But you had to know he didn’t do it on purpose. “I just- it slipped, Y/N. I was doing an on-set interview and they asked if I had anyone special waiting on me at home- you know, like they always do- and Mackie mentioned your name and I- I said 'yeah, I’m definitely missing my fiancée’ and- things snowballed from there.” You sighed, but you knew it was an accident now. “I am so sorry, I know this makes things very difficult for you.”

“Yes, it does,” you frowned at him and he sighed again. “Look- having people find out that I was your friend was overwhelming enough,” you reminded him of the beginning and he nodded. “Then people found out I was your girlfriend and that was-” you huffed, “insane, but still somehow manageable because we didn’t publicly confirm anything.” He nodded again, knowing exactly where you were going. “But Chris- this is you officially, and publicly, labeling me as your fiancée. I don’t even want to imagine what people are going to say, what’s-” you held up the magazine, “in this magazine. I mean- they didn’t even give me a name, just 'nineteen year old’.”

“Your name is inside, and on other…” He trailed off when he saw your stare had returned. “Yeah, but that’s not your point.” You nodded with tightly pursed lips. “I am really sorry, Y/N. See,” a small, cheeky smile appeared on his lips, “I know your name.” A weary chuckle escaped your throat which calmed Chris slightly. “Believe me, sweetheart. Soon it won’t be 'Chris Evans announces engagement to nineteen year old’, it’ll be 'Y/N Y/L/N marries redundant Captain America star’.”

“You’ll never be redundant,” you told him with a small smile.

“And you’re going to be a superstar,” he told you with a big grin.

“You’re not getting out of this so easily, Evans,” you chuckled when you realized what he was doing. He bit back his smile, nodding though he knew he would. “We’re going to have to talk about this, you’re going to have to help me figure out how to live life under the public eye.” He nodded, and you heaved a loud, dramatic sigh; he winced with a small, apologetic smile. “I guess I might as well get used to it now,” you groaned monotonously, making Chris laugh.

“It’s really not that bad,” he tried to console you.

“Says the man who loves his job, but hates the limelight.”

“You’re going to be fine,” he assured you. “You are so much stronger than me, so much better with being under the public eye. I mean- you look good all the time,” he complimented and you tried not to smile because once again, you knew what he was doing. “When we walk side by side on the street, people often mistake you for being the famous one.” You rolled your eyes because that only happened once; someone thought you were an actress and Chris was your bodyguard. “You’re going to be fine. It’s going to be hard at first, but soon everyone will see how amazing you are and understand that I’m the lucky one in the relationship.”

“I can’t wait to go back on Tumblr,” you said with a sarcastic enthusiasm and Chris chuckled. “You do realize most of my followers know what I look like, right? I bet you my inbox is going to be filled with questions and messages to pass on to you and- definitely hate mail, I’m going to be hated by so many people.” He tried to speak, but he couldn’t before you asserted, “so many, Chris.”

“I can’t imagine how anyone could hate you, darling.”

“That’s because you’re in-love with me, Chris,” you frowned.

“Exactly,” he smiled and you sighed, knowing he was right before he even got his point out. “I love you, that is all that matters- all that should matter. Who cares what dumb magazine is writing about? Who cares what strangers who don’t know anything about us think? Our friends and families approve, we approve. I mean- we are what matters here, Y/N. So pop on a hat and some sunglasses, say nothing, stay away from the tabloids, and live your life as you’ve always lived it.”

You said nothing for a while, just watched your handsome fiancé’s face in the computer screen as he smiled at you. Finally, “okay, fine.” His smile widened. “But don’t think you’re completely off the hook, 'cause you’re not.” He chuckled and nodded in acknowledgment. “If things get too overwhelming, I’m going to hate and blame you.”

“As long as you still marry me,” he winked, “I really don’t care.”

Tags: @chrisevans-imagines @widowsfics @m-a-t-91 @xoxomioxoxo @imaginesofdreams @ateliefloresdaprimavera @katiew1973 @winter-tospring @shamvictoria11 @caitsymichelle13 @michellekeehlmello @letterstomyself21 @soymikael @faye22 @always-an-evans-addict @sammyrenae68 @brobrobreja @elizabeth-matsuoka @thegirlwiththeimpala @camerica96 @heartblackerthancoffee @whenyourealizethisisntagoodname @yourtropegirl @smoothdogsgirl @createdbytinyaddiction @siofrataylor @dreamingintheimpalawithdean @imaginary-world-of-mine @wanderingkat77 @grantward3 @rileyloves5 @chrsmom302 @buckys-shield @mylittlefandomfanfictions @breezykpop @catch-me-im-a-falling-star @tabi-toast @ssweet-empowerment @hayleesteashoppe @chrixa @feelmyroarrrr @akidura79 @louisespecter @castellandiangelo @ccrossfire @assxmblesstuff @edward-lover18 @princessesnaddy @1d-niallerbieberforever @dxbrevgrey @bellastellaluna @christopher-or-steven @brokenwingsxix @yourenotrogers @im-a-fandom-slut @royalexperiment256 @palaiasaurus64 @mysteriouslyme81 @captainumeboshi @avengingalec @tacohead13 @badassbaker @pegasusdragontiger @evanstanimagines @avengersgirllorianna @sfreeborn @dorisagent101 @antisocial-angel13 @mizzzpink @aekr @scarltvison @imagine-cats96 @adeptkillsyasse @shliic @ask-steverogers @justanotherfangurlz @winchesterandpie @creativeheartgemini (Inbox me if you’d like to be added to the tag list)

Part 3

This idea came to me as soon as I saw this GIF @sgarrett49 . Thanks for sending it to me!

Mama’s Master List

Double Dare

“There’s no way you can get him to do something like that,” Sam told me.

“You wanna bet?” I replied.

“A hundred dollars says you can’t,” he returned.

“You got yourself a bet buddy boy,” I said laughing. “But you can’t interfere on how I do it.”

“Ok. It’s a deal.”

Later on that evening…

“OK Sam  It’s your turn. Truth or dare,” Dean said.

“Truth because I don’t trust you,” Sam said laughing.

I joined in laughing because Sam was smart to not trust his brother. Dean had already had me doing two extremely crazy dares.

“Ok, what’s your most secret sexual desire?” Dean asked him.

“Well hell. Maybe I should have taken the dare,” he said as he took another long drink from his glass. “Deepest sexual desire? I don’t know that I have one but it might be cool to let a woman tie me up and I just lay there.”

“Wow dude,” Dean replied. “That may have been a little TMI.”

“What the fuck Dean? That was your question.”

That got us all laughing again. As soon as we had ourselves back under control, we continued playing. Finally I thought the time was right.

“Ok Dean. It’s your turn and it’s on me this time,” I told him.

“Give me your best shot sweetheart.”

“Truth or dare?”

“From you? I am going with dare. Let’s see what you got.”

“Tomorrow, when all the hunters get here for the meeting, you have to join us in a wife beater, flip flops, maybe a pair of cutoff shorts, and … you have to walk in carrying Fluffy!”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Nope. You asked for dare and that’s the dare. Take it or give up.”

“I never give up. I’ll do it.”

I looked over at Sam and smirked. This was going to be the easiest hundred dollars I ever made!

The next day…

Everyone was gathered around in the war room. A few people had already been asking where Dean was. Sam and I both told them all that he would be there soon. Sam and I were in a corner and he was telling me he didn’t think his brother would follow through.

To both of our surprise, Dean walked in just as I had dared him. The laughter and comments floating around the room were hilarious. To make it even better, Dean had carried the dare even a little further. His cutoffs were so short and the front pockets were just hanging out there. He had a pair of shades on and it looked like he was sipping some kind of iced coffee!

I was dying with laughter. I watched through the tears streaming down my face as he just sauntered into the middle of the room, sucking through his straw. I  glanced around for Sam and found him literally on the ground, gripping his stomach, laughing so hard.

Dean stopped in the middle of the group and just kind of looked at everyone. I could see the tiniest of smiles there and I knew he was trying to stop his own laughter.

“What’s so funny?” he asked everyone. “Dudes, come on. It’s hot outside!”

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A Sweet Proposal

gif is not mine

Title: A Sweet Proposal

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Sam, Dean

Word count: 1,376

Warnings: fluff

A/N: I hope everyone is having a great Sweet Treat Saturday! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!!

This was requested by @riversong-sam: Gabe x Reader maybe where he asks dean and sam for advice on how to propose? love your work btw

You and Gabriel had been together for three years now.  He loved you more than anything in the world.  He loved everything about you.  He wanted nothing more than to make you his forever.  There was one problem; he couldn’t think of a way to properly propose to you.  If there was one thing that stumped the archangel, it was this proposal.

Gabriel walked into the kitchen early that morning, knowing you would still be asleep.  He had long become accustomed to your habits.  He also knew Dean and Sam would be awake and eating breakfast.

“Gabriel,” Sam spoke with a quizzical tone.  “[Y/N] isn’t awake yet, but you should know that.”

“Yeah Gabriel,” Dean chimed in.  “Why are you here so early?  Even Cas isn’t here this early in the day.”

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Feels Like Home


Pairing: Tony/OC

Prompts: #20. “It’s raining and I’m in front of your house.”
#40. “No, you look good with my shirt on.”
#90. “I’m in love with you.”

Warnings: None, just some fluff and some making out. The usual way I like to start out a Monday. Smut is implied at the end.

“You’re doing it again.”

I snapped my gaze away from the wandering billionaire philanthropist to see a smirking Natasha watching me. My cheeks flushed and I pretended to suddenly be engrossed in stirring the drink in front of me. Using a cocktail straw, I managed to create an alcohol whirlpool inside the pint glass.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I responded, feigning confusion. And doing a horrible job of it. We both knew i knew exactly what she was talking about. I just refused to spend any more time discussing it.

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(requested by @vanene20)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 4 462
summary : Kai finds Reader (who is pregnant) bleeding (way down there) in an alley after her boyfriend left her there.
note : I added a few things to the request + a slight plot change from TVD events. 
* gif by winifredwevansedits

    “ ‘Tyler bit Stefan , we need you to siphon the werewolf bite.’  Sure Damon , I’ll help you — as if.” muttered Kai to himself , typing a message to his least favourite person of the Mystic Falls gang. “That’s going to happen…”
A sigh left his lips as he turned down the street stopping in his tracks just as he was about to click send. There was a very familiar smell in the air - blood , only not a stranger’s blood. The smell wasn’t coming from that street , it was coming from a few metres almost in the opposite direction and if it hadn’t been for the breeze blowing in that moment he probably would’ve missed it. Kai put his phone in his pocket and ran towards one of the small dark alleys. What he found there made his heart stop and turned his life upside down.
On the ground with her back against the building wall sat his best friend Y/N. Her eyes were a little unfocused and her hands were wrapped around her pregnant belly , rubbing her palms against it in slow circles. There were no visible wounds on her body but it was definitely her blood that had brought him to her. Kai could never mistake the scent.
    “Y/N ? Wh-whats happened ? Are you okay?”  said Kai kneeling on the ground next to his best friend. “Did someone hurt you ?”
Y/N didn’t answer him just looked up at him with a look of fear , terror and shock in her eyes , holding onto her pregnant belly with one of her hands and covering her mouth with the other trying to muffle the sobs, gripping on Kai’s forearm when pain cut through her stomach.
    “The baby -“
    “You are in shock.”
    “He ran.” she said , tears rolling down her cheeks. “He freaked out and bolted  –”
    “What ?!” wondered Kai with a look of confusion and shock on his face. “Can you stand ? You know what –  I’ll carry you and take you to the hospital. Then I will go break your boyfriend.”
Kai couldn’t understand how her boyfriend would just leave — specially when something is wrong with their child. He was still new at emotions but was pretty sure that was not the right reaction in a situation like this. Her boyfriend hadn’t even called an ambulance or anything. What kind of a person does that ?!  Kai helped her up , looking around the alley - there was a car near by on the main street. His arms wrapped around Y/N and in a flash they got to the car.  A flick of his wrist later the doors opened and Kai helped her get onto the back seat.
    “I’m sure whoever this car belongs to wouldn’t mind us borrowing it right?” he laughed nervously , getting in the car placing his hands on the steering wheel muttering a spell to start the engine. “Alright , that’s it. It’s going to be fine Y/N. Everything is going to be fine. I’m not going to let anything happen to you or the tiny human inside you.”
Kai pulled down the street , glancing in all directions while his foot kept hitting the gas. Every time Y/N groaned in pain , he felt as if he was dying. It would’ve been easier to feed her vampire blood, but he had no idea how that would affect the baby. What if something happens to the child ? Over the past few months whenever they talked , she’d would always say how much this baby means to her. How it’s the best thing that has ever happened to her in her entire life. Kai knew if something happened she wouldn’t be able to survive the pain. His phone rang and he pulled it out of his pocket , seeing the caller ID - DAMON.
    “Damn it.” he muttered to himself , swiping his finger across the screen. “Damon , now its not a good time.”
    “Funny. Where are you? My brother is dying.”
    “Well , my pregnant best friend is dying right now. Guess for which one of those I care more. Call your friend in New Orleans.” said Kai ending the call.

Y/N semi laid on the back seat of the car , rubbing her pregnant belly with her hands. How can Josh just leave like this ?! When she had told him about the baby , he had been so excited. Talking to the unborn child saying how much he loves both of them and now all of the sudden in their biggest time of need - he bolts , ignoring her pleads not to leave her there alone. Who was the person she had been living with the past few months ? A tear rolled down her cheek , unable to feel the baby move inside her anymore. All of those months being happy and excited about her baby boy’s birth — and now if something happened to her child.
    “Kai ?”
    “Yes? Just hold on , we are almost there.” he said turning back towards her.
    “Kai listen — if it comes to this. Tell the doctors to save the child not me.”
    “What ? No ! Y/N -”
    “Promise me.” she insisted. “Please Kai — you know how much this baby means to me. If something happens to him , I wont be able to survive it. You will take care of him if I am gone. Promise me that you will.”
    “Nothing is going to happen to you or the baby. ” replied her best friend. “I am not losing you and you are not losing that child. I don’t care what I have to do or who I have to go through to make that happen okay.”
    “Promise me.
Kai glanced at the review mirror and sighed. No matter what he says Y/N  would keep insisting and he knew there was no talking her out of it. Kai knew why she was asking him to tell the doctors to save the child over her - it was because she loved the baby just as much as he loved her. He was going to do whatever he could to make sure nothing happens to either of them because for him there was no life without her. This brave human girl had been the only one to accept  him , to care and love him even though he had been turned into a monster by his own family. Y/N saw good in him since the first moment they met and what he feels for her was the strongest thing he has ever felt in his life and if Y/N died , he’d die too.
    “Y/N I – I can’t…”
The car took another turn and a few short moments later they were at the hospital’s parking lot. Kai vamp-ran inside getting one of the doctors who grabbed a few nurses on their way out. Carefully they moved Y/N onto a gurney and headed inside the hospital. Y/N held onto his hand refusing to let go, squeezing it tightly the closer they got to the operating room. Kai couldn’t take his eyes off her or make himself let go off her. Her heart was beating a little uneven and her eyes were filled with tears and a silent plea. There was no way he’d say no to her in that moment.
    “Promise me.”
    “I promise -” he said as the doctors took her into the operating room.  
Kai watched through the small windows on the doors for about a minute. He couldn’t possibly wait outside and leave her alone in there with a bunch of strangers. What if something happens to her and they lose her. No , he had to be there with her by her side no matter what. So he rushed inside grabbing the doctor’s shoulders , compelling him.
    “You will save them both, do you understand me ? You will do whatever is necessary to make that happen – and you are going to let me stay here with her.”
Kai walked over to where Y/N’s head was , carressing her face. They had already sedated her and her eyes had started to close as she drifted off.
    “It’s going to be okay Y/N. I’ll be here and I won’t let anything happen to you or the baby.” he smiled at her. What she had said to him in the car kept repeating on a loop in his head. ’You will take care of him if I am gone.’ Why would she ask him that if her boyfriend is the father ? It didn’t made sense to him or maybe his emotions were clouding his ability to think clearly in that moment. Kai knew one thing for sure - there was no way he’d lose her , not in that moment not ever and if it came to it - he was going to feed her vampire blood. It would be better having her hate him for the rest of his life for making that choice for her, than not having her in it at all.
Feelings. he thought. Why do they have to be so hard ?

Kai never left her side - not in the operating room while the doctors made the emergency c-section , and not after. He compelled the doctors to take priority in taking care of her baby and not let it out of their sights or any harm come to him. Damon had called , strangely not upset about Kai denying his request which the young heretic found a little odd but didn’t mind much. All he cared about right now was the girl he loved. He held her hand until she woke up almost an hour and a half later. When her eyes opened Kai felt a sense of relief like he had never knew existed.
    “Hey sweetheart.” he smiled. “How are you feeling ? Good ? Cuz if not , there would be a doctor loosing his head or heart. Or both.”
Y/N laughed , wincing in pain right after. “Wow , it hurts to laugh. T-the baby ? Is he okay ?”
Kai smiled at her. “He is at the baby ward and he is so tiny and huggable. They wouldn’t let me take him to the room with us though or the little one would’ve been here right now waiting with me for you to open your eyes. I didn’t want to object to their medical opinion — you would’ve killed me if I had.”
    “Never … I could never do that.” she said serious. “I’ll die without you in my life.”
Kai tilted his head a little trying to figure out what those words meant. Y/N was looking at him with wide eyes filled with happiness and –something else he couldn’t figure out in that moment. A small smile spread across her face and she placed her other hand over their hands , not taking her eyes off him. They gazed at each other for a few minutes before he spoke.
    “You know , a little vampire blood would speed up  your recovery -”
    “I know. I just don’t know how it would affect me feeding the baby afterwards.” she smiled at her best friend. “I am so happy you are here. Don’t know what I would do without you in my life.”
    “Yeah. Me too.” he smiled at her , brushing his fingers against her cheek. “Hey are you hungry ? I can go get you something to eat because that hospital food is just — yuck so disgusting. What do you want ? Tell me – I’ll run to China if I have to. Or Mexico. Just tell me.”
Y/N smiled , slightly wincing in pain as she pulled herself up in the bed a little.
    “Curly fries from the Grill ? But like – two servings ? No , three ? I’m starving.”
Kai laughed under his breath, leaning in to kiss her forehead. “You got it. I’ll be back in a jiffy.”
    “No one says ‘jiffy’ anymore.” she teased him , gripping his wrist before he had left. “Thank you – if it wasn’t for you —-” said Y/N gazing longingly in his eyes.
Kai smiled. “It’s what best friends do right. Get some rest and – fix your hair or you will scare the baby when they will bring him over in an hour. Apparently when you are born between the 7th and the 8th month there are a lot of tests to do , but don’t worry. He is healthy , I am 100% sure of it.”
    “Can’t you just poof my hair normal ?” she asked laughing.
    “This is not a Disney movie.” he laughed ,watching her run her fingers through her hair , trying not to laugh while attempting to fix her hair.
    “Are you sure ? Because you seem a lot like a handsome prince always coming to my rescue.”

After Kai left , Y/N spent a couple of minutes smiling to herself. Her son was born , he was already somewhere in the hospital and she couldn’t wait to see him. Kai was there with her , brightening up her world with his smile. Fate or destiny had intervened and he had found her. Y/N made a note to herself never to leave her phone in the car ever again. A sigh left her lips and placed her hands on her face thinking. The baby still had no name. Sure she and Josh had thought of names but that hadn’t been exactly his choice to make and there was no way she names the child a name her (now) ex-boyfriend had suggested.
    “Y/N ?”
Her hands dropped to her sides and her gaze locked on the surprise visitor. An avalanche of emotions came over her - the strongest one among them being anger. How dare he show up after everything?!
    “H-how are you? I - I’m sorry about … leaving you in that alley. I don’t know what came over me. I panicked.”  he sighed trying to take her hand , but she pulled away.
    “Get out.” she said as calmly as possibly , barely able to contain her anger and hurt. “Get out now or I swear I will find a way to break you.”
    “Y-you are mad. I deserve it , I know it but Luke is our son -”
    “My son and his name is not Luke.” she hissed.
    “I am his father ,you can’t deny me my rights.”
Y/N scoffed. “Watch me. Get out.” she said through gritted teeth , tears gathering in her eyelids. “You are not ev-”
In that moment the door opened and Kai walked in , holding a large paper bag in his hands, his eyes widening when he saw who was there. Y/N could see him visibly starting to shake from anger even though there was a smile on his face. Her best friend left the paper bag at the end of the bed turning towards her boyfriend with raging fire burning in his eyes.
    “Hey Kai. How are you ? Tha-”
Kai grabbed his shirt lifting him off the chair by it. He couldn’t control his anger even if he wanted in that moment. Josh , her boyfriend , someone who multiple times told her he loves her and would do anything for her – he had left her alone ,  not caring about her or the baby. And now he has the nerve to show up and act as if it he had any rights over Y/N’s child after that stunt he pulled?! Hell would freeze over before Kai lets that guy anywhere near his family.
    “Wh-what –”
    “Stop talking.” he compelled him , wrapping his hand around the guy’s neck lifting him off the ground. “How dare you show  your face here after what you did? You left her and the baby. And people call me a monster. God I’ve never felt this angry in my life. I can’t even decide what to do with you – should I rip your head off or break every bone in your body , heal you and do it all over again? Or maybe I should tear you apart limp from limp –”
    “Kai – Kai let him go.” said Y/N calmly.
    “No. No , Y/N. I am not going to let him go.” said Kai not turning around to look at her. He knew once their eyes meet he’d let go that idiot and there was no way he’d do that.“Because of him you almost died. Your child almost died. This idiot doesn’t deserve to get away.”
    “You are right. He is an idiot , an idiot who’s going to leave town today and never come back.” she continued calmly. Kai understood what she wanted but he just couldn’t let go off the grip. Josh was starting to turn blue-ish and Y/N was starting to get a little worried. However badly he had screwed up , he had realised his mistake. Too late but it had been something. “Kai , please do it for me.”
Y/N moved on the bed , reaching out to touch Kai’s other hand. The moment their hands met and their fingers intertwined he started to calm down a little and let her boyfriend down. He couldn’t believe after everything Y/N still cared about that idiot enough to save his life. Kai turned towards her.
    “What do you want him to know?”
    “Nothing. Compell him to forget he ever met me , to leave town for good and never come back.” she said calmly and Kai did just as she asked.
When Josh left Kai turned towards her and his anger had been replaced with so many emotions at once , somehow bringing tears in his eyes. A single one of them rolled down his cheek  and he sighed sitting on the bed next to her , reaching for her hand. Y/N’s kind heart had been the reason why he had fallen for her among so many other reasons.
    “I am going to take care of you. Both of you.” he said quietly , sitting on the bed. “You will never be alone. Never.”
    “Kai -”
    “I should’ve told you months ago , but when I got back you looked so happy with — and the baby showed up in the picture.” he said gazing longingly into her eyes. “You are so much more than my best friend Y/N. You are the best thing that has ever happened in my life and the reason why I didn’t promise you straight away I’d tell the doctors to save the baby over you is because  — I love you. I fell in love with you and now – I am going to take care of you and the little one as if he is my child.”
    “What if I told you he is your son?” she said smiling nervously.
    “Remember that party we went to at Whitmore before you got trapped in 1903?”
    “W-what about it?” he asked confused.
Y/N sighed. Two days before Damon and Bonnie had ditched Kai in 1903 she and her best friend had been at a party at Whitmore dancing , having fun and then they had had a moment on the dance floor and had kissed. After that he had taken her home to his apartment and things had happened. They had one night and a couple of weeks later Josh had asked her to be his girlfriend and she had said yes , mostly because Kai had been trapped with no way out. Or so everyone had thought.
    “I should’ve told you right when you got back.” she said looking at her hands. “I was already pregnant when Josh and we got together. I didn’t know it at first - he and I —-  we , you know and the next morning I got this morning sickness and then again and again and I went to the doctors - ”
    “When you got back I wanted to tell you but I wasn’t sure how you’d react and now — I’ve only made things worse. Practically destroyed our friendship. I know I should’ve told you months ago , I just — I didn’t know how.” said Y/N wiping a tear from her cheek.
Kai wiped his face with his hands trying to wrap his mind around the her words. Now it made sense to him why she had asked him to take care of the baby.  Could it even be true ? He was a human back then so technically it was possible. Part of him was angry for not telling him straight away , the other was strangely happy and understanding. How could she tell him when he had just massacred his entire family ? Y/N had been at the wedding when his coven had started to chant trying to save the future of the coven - the unborn children. His screwed up family had saved not only his sister’s twinsies but his unborn child as well. Kai wondered what his father would’ve done if he had known his least favourite son was about to become a parent.
    “Were you ever going to tell me about this?” he wondered.
    “Yes.” she said. “I tried so find a way to tell you so many times , I – Kai ? Where are you going?”
    “To the baby ward. I’ll be right back.” he smiled at her.
Kai practically ran to the baby ward, thoughts swarming in his head like crazy. There was a chance the child wasn’t his after all but he hoped and wanted what Y/N said to be true. All his life he hadn’t ever thought he’d want to be a father until this moment. A few moments later he was at the baby ward looking through the large glass window trying to find his son. He compelled one of the nurses to let him get in. Kai  walked through all the babies looking for Y/N’s son — his son and then he found him. Sleeping on his back with his arms on either side of his small head.  There was a way for him to find out if it’s true. Siphon or not siphon , if the baby was his he’ll feel it. Magic had its own signature and he knew the moment he touches the baby he’ll know for sure.
    “Hi , little one.” whispered Kai smiling , poking his finger in the little one’s hand. A moment later an almost white yellowish glow showed up from where he touched the baby and Kai jumped a step backwards. “Oh my God…”
Kai grinned seeing the little baby boy open his eyes , his blue eyes just like his. The baby yawned and giggled for a few seconds seeing his dad hovering over him. He was about to take the baby in his arms when another nurse walked inside , her eyes widening seeing him there.
    “You can’t be in -”
    “Forget I was here. Can I take my son to his mother ? Now ?” he asked smiling widely.Y/N glanced at the door every time there was someone passing by on the other side wondering what was taking Kai so long. Thinking maybe he had left her too ,but … No. Kai wasn’t like that. Not with her. They’ve had their fights and even then he never left. Just as she was about to push the button on her bed to call for a nurse and ask them to look for him at the baby ward  the door opened.
    “Look who is here.” said Kai smiling like never before , holding a little bundle of joy in his hands. Y/N’s eyes lit up when he shortened the distance between them and leaned in giving the baby boy to his mother , to see him for the first time. The young heretic wrapped his arm around her shoulder kissing her head gently unable to find the right words to say in that moment. Kai sat lightly on the bed unable to look away from his son for more than a second. Y/N glanced up at him , seeing her best friend smiling widely while playing with the baby.
    “I never thought I wanted to be a father.” he said suddenly. ‘Thats going to take some time to get used to. Our son is so beautiful , just like his mother but if you look into his eyes - there is this mischievous spark in them. He got that from me.“
    “O-our son?” her eyes widened. Kai hummed in response. “S-so you are not mad at me for not telling you sooner?”
    “How can I be mad when you have given me the best gift there is ? Y/N , I know – I know you probably don’t feel the same way about me , and that’s fine but I want to take care of you both. There is nothing you can say to stop me so don’t even try.”
    “Who said I don’t feel the same way about you or that I am going to stop you?” she smiled.


     "I don’t want to go.“ said Jake. “Can’t I stay home?”
Kai knelt down to his son , pulling the zipper of his sweatshirt up , trying his shoes right after. His son was all grown up now , getting ready to go on his first day of school. At first the little boy had been super excited but the past few days he had been complaining how he will miss his mom and dad. Kai didn’t want to let him out of his sight either and planned on sneaking into the high school using a cloaking spell to make sure his son is alright his first day of school.
    “You say that now because you are nervous. I was nervous on my first day of school too.” his dad said smiling reassuringly.
Y/N placed her hand on his shoulder , kneeling down too.
   "You will love it there and then we will be asking you to stay home and play with us.“ she said brushing her fingers against Jake’s cheek , then whispered in Kai’s ear. “I love you.”
Kai turned towards Y/N with a smile on his face , taking her left hand playing with the ring on her finger. He still couldn’t believe how his life had turned out to be. Not once he had imagined there would be one person who loves him unconditionally, let alone two.
He had never expected he’ll ever love two people as much either. Y/N and Jake were his entire world and he would do whatever was necessary to protect them.
    “Will you come with me ?” asked Jake , playing with his fingers.
    “Of course. We will come with you every day.” said Kai smiling.
Jake took a step towards his dad , wrapping his small hands around his father’s neck while Kai pulled him closer , closing his eyes for a moment.
    “I love you daddy.” said little Jake.
    “I love you too , trouble.” replied Kai.
Y/N folded her hands on her chest starring at them.
    “What about me? I feel ignored.” she teased.
Kai started laughing , wrapping one arm around his wife hugging the two most important people in his life.
    “Ahh I love you both so much.” he said quietly.

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Post S4 in Space 

“Jemma, we’re going to get caught.”

“No, we’re not. I called in a few favors. And it’s not like we’re doing anything scandalous. We’re just going to the rec room.”

She felt a bit silly pulling him along by his arm, making sure he didn’t knock into any walls or stub his toes along the way. It was nearly curfew, so they really shouldn’t be out this late, but Jemma was determined to make the most of the day even with the few moments of freedom they were allowed by their captors.

“Can I at least open my eyes? I’m not going to walk out into space, am I?”  

“Hilarious, you are,” she replied. “But not yet,” she added, squeezing his shoulder in encouragement. “We’re almost there.”

When she finally managed to guide him down the rest of the hallway and into the rec room, she positioned him in front of the card table at the center of the room and moved to his side, her hand lingering on his shoulder.

“Okay. Open.”

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Imagine traveling to New York without Chris. (Part B)

A/N: Part 3B Is here, and I know it hasn’t been a day but Part A was short and this one is a quick continuation before we move on to the exciting parts in Part 4A. 😋 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, and ‘Miss Graduate’ - Masterlist; ‘Something Blue’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A)

Ava and Sebastian sat outside your dressing room, drinking bubbly and eating cake while you tried on your first dress. It was a Vera Wang ball gown; a brand you’d thought you’d never see let alone try on. The salesperson had recommended it, along with a few others that she’d say she’d bring to you as soon as you were ready for them. The service was great, which was a perk considering it was a fancy boutique and you were Chris Evans’ fiancé. Even the bubbly and cake were complimentary, which your shopping partners were incredibly happy about. You were pregnant and unable to drink, and cake wasn’t something you felt like eating so Ava and Sebastian kindly offered to take your share off your hands. They were having a grand old time outside while you struggled behind the door to get inside the cupcake they called a dress. It was stunning, yes, but it was not particularly easy to put on which was why-

“Fuck!” Ava and Sebastian jumped up when they heard you cuss along with a loud thud. You’d stepped on the overflowing material, fell forward, and whacked your forehead against the mirror. The two of them lowered their champagne flutes and cake plates, and rushed to the door. “Owww.” You rubbed your forehead, wincing. “Stupid dress,” you muttered bitterly, slapping the puffy material that looked innocent resting around your legs when it was an extreme tripping hazard. You could imagine yourself wearing that on your wedding day, at least not if you wanted to get down the aisle in one piece.

“Are you okay?” Ava knocked on the door, sharing a worried look with Sebastian. They both knew their consequences if you came home with an injury of any sort, they’d gotten a text from Chris upon your arrival: “keep my bride safe, return her to me without so much as a scratch.” It was mostly humorous, but there was some sense of seriousness; you were carrying a child now. “Babe, do you need some help?”

“I needed help five minutes ago,” you grumbled as the door swung open. Ava pressed her lips together, whereas Sebastian tried not to laugh. “This is a real tripping hazard.” You picked up as much of the puffy material as you could, taking careful steps so you couldn’t trip and fall face first. “Can you finish zipping me up?” You asked Ava and she nodded, doing as you’d asked. “I could only reach so far.”

“There you go.” She zipped and tucked the zipper behind the little slit. “Wow,” she breathed, admiring your reflection as you did the same. Sebastian moved behind her, hugging her from behind and resting his chin on her shoulder. He smiled because not only did you look beautiful, he was imagining a time when it would be his fiancé’s turn. “That is so pretty, you look so good.”

“It is very pretty,” you nodded in agreement then sighed.

“What is it?” Ava asked, pulling away from Sebastian to join your side. “You look great in it,” she complimented, adjusting the skirt surrounding your lower half. “And if you’re worried about the baby bump, it’s not like the wedding is far away. You won’t have a baby bump by then, I mean- look at you, your genes will hide the fact that you’re pregnant until five months. That’s what happened for your mom, I have no doubt it’ll happen for you too.”

“I’m not worried about the baby bump, I’m worried about falling face first in this thing.” You turned and said, then laughed when they did. “I already fell trying to put it on, can you imagine adding heels to the picture? No thanks,” you shook your head then turned back to your reflection in the mirror. “As pretty as this is, it’s not me.”

“That’s okay,” Ava helped you with the zip and the dress as she walked you back to the dressing room. “This is only the first one, there are a gazillion more waiting to be tried on. Just take that off and I’ll go grab you another. Do you want to try another Vera Wang, or do you want to move down your list of designers?”

“Honestly,” you chuckled. “I don’t care who the designer is as long as the dress suits me.” Ava smiled and nodded, taking Sebastian’s hand. You closed the door behind you as they went in search of another dress for you. It was surprisingly easier to get out of the dress than it was to get in. You slipped on the complimentary silk robe and walked out to sit on the lounge, grabbing your phone off the table to text Chris.

Tried one, didn’t suit. Ava and Seb are getting me a new one.

Your phone chimed not seconds after you sent your message and you felt your heart ache slightly knowing Chris was just waiting by the phone to talk to you. You wished he could’ve been here too, but you didn’t want to break traditions and ruin the biggest surprise for a groom on their wedding day. You read his response: “Wow, you’re trusting Sebastian Stan to pick your wedding dress?” And you felt slightly better, knowing he could still joke.

Sebastian has great taste, he is marrying my best friend after all.

And I’m marrying you, but I still have a stylist. So what’s your point?

You giggled and typed a response as you wandered away from the couch, absentmindedly browsing the dresses in your vicinity. You believed the rack you were browsing was a rack of Elie Saab, a designer you’d loved for a while now. You always saw his dresses as works of art, so delicate and intricate in its designs. Just as you were about to hit send, you glanced away from your phone to look at the dress you were feeling the material of. You felt your breath hitch in your throat and you quickly lowered your phone onto the carpet floor to pull the dress from the rack. There was no way; you’d found the exact dress you looked at while describing the wedding dress for your mini-series. How this dress was still available after so many seasons had passed was beyond you, but you needed to try it on. God, you hoped it was in your size.

You were so excited, you left your phone on the floor and quickly rushed into the dressing room to try it on. You held you breath the entire time, from the second you slipped into the gown to the moment you had to zip yourself into it. You finally breathed when you realized it was a perfect, like- an absolutely perfect, fits-like-a-glove, it-was-made-for-you fit.

“Why did you put your phone on the ground, Y/N?” You heard Ava ask. “Here, put it in her bag.” She passed it to Sebastian who was hanging the dresses he’d gotten with Ava on the empty rack they provided for you to hang all your try-ons. “Babe, there this one that I think- Oh my God,” Ava gasped when she saw you exit the dressing room. “Is that…”

“The dress I’ve been in-love with since I was sixteen, yes,” you nodded eagerly. “I found it over there and it’s a perfect fit, Ava.” You walked over to the mirror with absolute ease unlike the first one and almost whimpered at the sight of yourself. “Isn’t it amazing?” You looked at her through the mirror; her lips were still parted in awe. “Tell me it’s not meant to be.”

“I can’t,” she shook her head, walking over to you. “This dress is clearly made for you, like- oh my God, I can’t see you in anything else on the twenty-eighth of September. I really, really can’t.” You turned around, squealing. “Chris is going to lose his mind when he sees you walk down the aisle.”

“Oh, definitely.” Sebastian nodded in agreement. “I think we can call it a day ‘cause Ava’s right, there is nothing in here that will suit you better than that dress you have on now.” You smiled, mouthing a 'thank you’. “Can you do me a favor though?” He held up your phone, trying not to laugh and you knew he’d read Chris’ text. “Tell him I found that dress?”

“Sure thing,” you laughed.

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Part 4A


Kai Parker x Reader

word count : 2 218
summary Kai shows up in the middle of the night at reader’s house and they go to see a passing comet. ;)

*not my gif

Y/N woke up from a strange noise coming from outside her window. At first she thought she had imagined it but then the noise came back. She sat in her bed looking around the room , trying to figure out where the sounds were coming from , her gaze drifting towards the window as another pebble bounced off the glass. She smiled , there was only one person who would show up at the middle of the night throwing pebbles at her bedroom window , tho she didn’t understand why he hadn’t sneaked inside her bedroom like usual. Y/N got up and stumbling walked to the window glancing outside - it really was him. She felt her heart skip a beat when her eyes fell on him.
Kai clearly had seen her because a grin showed up on his face. Y/N opened the window letting the cool air inside.
“What are you doing ?” she asked. “Its … 2am.” she said glancing at her phone screen for a moment.
“Rapunzel , Rapunzel … let down your hair!” Kai said grinning.
Y/N couldn’t help but laugh. Everyone thought Kai was a dangerous sociopath who didn’t care about anyone or anything but they were wrong. He was dangerous and unpredictable , yes …and may have maimed and hurt a lot of people but Kai was different around her. He was actually really sweet in his own way and she loved that about him.
“Oh my …” she said breaking into laughter. “What are you doing down there ?”
“Come outside.” he said suddenly serious. Y/N looked at him curious and nodded.
“Just a sec , I’ll be right down…”
“No. Jump through the window , I’ll catch you.” Kai said. Y/N looked at him as if he were crazy.
“What ? No … I’ll just be a minute ..”
“Don’t you trust me ?” he asked , a slight hint of hurt in his voice.
Y/N sighed. She trusted him , more than she cared to admit. Somehow Kai had become her best friend and so much more than that. Everyone avoided him but not her and they just clicked.
“With my life.” she said while climbing out the window. If for whatever reason Kai didn’t catch her , that would be it for her… but she knew him and was sure he’d catch her. Then she jumped.
A few seconds later she landed right into Kai’s arms.
“Nice of you to drop by.” he said winking at her.
“Oh shut up…” she said laughing while he let her on the ground. Y/N pulled him into a hug immediately.
“I missed having these midnight visits…"  she said smiling. “You haven’t been avoiding me , have you ?”
Kai smiled. Y/N looked at him. Was she imagining it or did he look nervous ?
“Of course not. I’ve just been … busy. ” he said pulling her into another hug. “Hey , there is supposed to be this comet tonight…It’s supposed to be a once in a lifetime thing.”  he said excitedly , “I thought you might want to come watch it with me ?”
Kai’s eyes were bluer than usual and there was something different about him , she just couldn’t quite figure out what it was. Or maybe it was because the past few days he had been MIA and she just missed him too much.
“Lets go.” Y/N took his hand and smiled.
They got in Kai’s car , Y/N sitting on the passenger seat next to him.
“Aren’t you going to put your seatbelt on?” he asked.
She shook her head. Why would she put a seatbelt on when Kai was next to her ? He made her feel safer than any seatbelt ever would and if something happened she knew he’d step up and heal her.
“Put your seatbelt on.” he ordered. “I may be a powerful heretic , but you are still human. Not willing to risk it.”
Y/N sighed and pulled her seatbelt but couldn’t lock it and Kai helped her , his hand slightly touching hers , his touch sending shivers all over her body.  She glanced at him and felt her heart flutter , his eyes met hers and she quickly looked away. Kai started the engine and turned on the radio. A few minutes later he was already singing along to another song , trying to get Y/N to sing along with him too.
“Come on Y/N ! Sing with me !” he said. “Please ?”
It was impossible to say NO to Kai when he said ‘please’ and made pouty face with a puppy dog eyes. There was one thing Kai was extremely good at and that was getting what he wants , always. She gave in and they spent the rest of the drive singing and laughing. Soon they were far enough from the night town lights.

Kai spread a blanket on the grass for them to lay on while watching the comet.
Y/N couldn’t take her eyes off him. How it was possible for him to look hotter every single time she saw him ? He was so perfect - from his chizled jaw , to his eyes and his toned body. She bit her lip getting lost in a fantasy.
Y/N had gotten so distracted watching him and didn’t even notice he has been calling her name until Kai used his vampire speed , put his hands on her waist and and pinned her on the ground on top of the blanket locking eyes with her for a few seconds before rolling off from her.
“Wow …What was that for ?” she asked laughing nervously trying to calm down her breathing with no luck.
“You weren’t listening , I had to grab your attention somehow.” he grinned.
You definitely grabbed my attention. she thought trying to catch her breath. Having him lay on top of her even for a split second had her attention grabbed forever.
“Well … you have my complete attention now.” she said glancing at him. “I didn’t know you would be into comets … ”
“I’m not.. but you are. Plus I wanted to spend some time with you before I .. leave.” he said with a grim tone. Y/N’s eyes widened.
“You are leaving?!” she shot up straight. “You just got back … I don’t … I don’t understand.”  
Kai sighed.  "Your friends don’t like me and want me to leave town.“
"Since when do you care what they think?” she asked , but the answer took a few minutes.
“Since they threatened you , OK.” he laid back on the blanket starring at the sky.
WHAT ?! WHO ??!  Y/N couldn’t understand what was happening but one thing was clear - she was not going to let him leave. Y/N got up and walked briskly to the car , trying hard not to stumble over something in the darkness before reaching inside the car through the open window and taking her phone from the seat where she left it.
“What are you doing ?” Kai pressed her against the car door , his hand swiftly taking her phone out of her hands. Second time tonight his body is pressed firmly against hers and her heart was about to leap out of her chest because of that. She was starting to think he was doing it on purpose.
Y/N sighed in frustration.
“I am calling Damon to let him know I will rip his head off.” she said angrily.
Kai grinned. “That sounds like fun , but doubt you can do that.”
“Try and stop me. Now give me my phone back.” Y/N reached for his hand but couldn’t grab it. “Kai , give it back !”
She tried a couple more times but in the end all Kai did was put her phone in his back pocket.
“Get in the car.” he ordered suddenly serious.
No. I am not getting in the car and I am NOT letting you leave town. Not without me.” she said with determination. All her life in this screwed up town everything had felt absolutely broken and the second Kai showed up it was like everything fell into place. Suddenly life there didn’t seem as bad as before and it was all because of him. There was no way she’d let him go…
“You are not coming with me Y/N.” he said calmly as if explaining something to a child. “All your friends and family are here , you grew up in this town. This is your life.”
You are my life Kai ! I’ll have to be dead to let you leave without me !” she said , her hand rushing to cover her mouth. OMG WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!? she thought as panic flooded her. Kai was her best friend and she knew him better than anyone else , but at this moment she had no idea what his reaction would be. She had pretty much told him she has feelings for him.
Kai pretended to look confused for a split second and then grinned.
“Did you just say that I am your life?”
Y/N shifted uncomfortably on her feet. She had slipped up , big time.
“Lets just … let’s just watch the comet.” Y/N stuttered and tried to wiggle her way out but Kai wouldn’t let her. He had placed his hands on either side of her , his eyes were locked on hers and he was looking at her as if he was seeing her for the first time. Her heart beating faster than ever and the longer Kai stayed this close to her the harder it got for her to breath.
Kai brushed her cheek with the back of his hand , his touch so soft and gentle.  A long moment passed before he spoke.
“You really want to come with me ?” he asked and Y/N nodded. “Are you really sure about this ?”
“I’ve never been more sure about anything else in my life.” Y/N smiled at Kai and he grinned.  "There is just one thing … I want to do before we go.“ she said leaning in , making sure she had his complete attention and slipped her hands in his back pockets , pulling her phone out.
Kai’s eyes widened when he realised what she was doing. He wasn’t gonna let her call Damon and say something that she shouldn’t. She smiled at him , biting her lower lip as if she hasn’t done a thing and the next moment her phone was already out of his pocket.
"You are not going to call him.” Kai said.
“Who says I am going to call him ? Maybe I just want to take a picture of us and post it on Instagram ?” she said winking at him.
“Do you ?” he asked , clearly knowing she was lying. Kai always knew when she did that.
“Yes and no…  I want to try and take a picture of the comet and then a picture of us at .. our new place.” she said not taking her eyes off of him.
Kai took a step back giving her space. “I love how you said ’our place’. You will love our bedroom too.” he said smiling , watching her expression change at his words. “Oh come on , did you really think I haven’t noticed how you act around me ?”
Y/N opened her mouth and closed it again , trying to find the right words to say but the entire vocabulary had escaped her.  He knew about her feelings for him and all this time and hadn’t said a thing to her? ..
“H-how …? Kai , I .. ”
Kai pulled her close to him again , leaning in to whisper in her ear.
“Your heart beats faster every time I touch you … ” he said , his hands on her waist slightly sliding under her shirt touching her skin. “ … and your breathing turns shallow every time I get close to you like this.” he pulled her close , so close there wasn’t any space between them. Kai rested his forehead on hers gently rubbing his nose against hers. “You didn’t really think I’d leave without you , did you?” he said smiling.
Y/N wanted to punch him and kiss him at the same time. He had tricked her.
“W-what ?” she asked confused , trying to remember how to breath failing miserably.
“It had to be your choice , Y/N. I’d never take that away from you just because I can’t bear a moment without you by my side.” he said , the next moment pressing his lips against hers gently at first and the passionately , letting all things he wanted to tell her to be told by the kiss.
Y/N didn’t need air anymore. All she needed was him , all she’d ever need is him. Her hand dropped the phone on the ground as the tangled her fingers in his hair pulling his lips closer to hers.  
“There is no comet , is there ?” she whispered when Kai broke the kiss.
“No.” he said smiling. “Except your eyes right now , glistening in the darkness just like comets.”


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


NOTE : Alright so I may or may not have gotten my fandoms crossed here a little. Don’t hate me :P … and this one somehow became one of my favorite fan fics I’ve written. Hope you like it too. :) 

Imagine Chris being a total assuring sweetheart.

A/N: A modified anon request, hope you all enjoy it. :)

“How do you look so good all the time?” Chris quizzed, watching you with his cheek in his palm. You rolled your eyes but your smile was too wide to hide. “I mean- We just got out of bed an hour ago and you already look like a movie star.”

Actually, you looked exactly like a normal human being did; Chris, on the other hand, looked like absolute perfection. They said celebrities were normal people too, outside of the movie sets and red carpet events, but Chris had proven otherwise. That man could roll out of bed, run his hand through his hair, wear a garbage bag, and somehow still look like he was about to do a shoot for Calvin Klein.

“Says the movie star,” you chuckled and he smiled, taking one of your hands in his and pressing it to his lips. “Can a girl just eat her waffles in peace?” You joked and he chuckled, shaking his head. “If you think this is me looking good, I can’t imagine what I’d look like bad.”

“Perfect,” he pecked another kiss on the back of your hand before releasing it. “I’m going to go settle the bill,” he told you as you finished up the last of your waffles. “Do you need anything else?” He asked and you shook your head, smiling. “Alright,” he chuckled softly and kissed the side of your head before getting up.

You watched as he strode towards the counter, pulling his wallet out of his back pocket. He glanced back at you with a smile that made him look like a dream and you felt your heart flutter when you remembered he was yours.

Every day, you’d wake up next to him feeling incredibly lucky. The man was out of your league and something out of a fairytale. He was sweet, kind, generous, intelligent, and a total gentleman; the complete opposite of your ex-boyfriend who scarred you so badly you nearly declined when Chris asked you out. You thank your lucky stars Chris didn’t give up so easily otherwise you wouldn’t be where you were now, slowly healing your fragile and insecure heart with the perfect man.

“Christopher Evans?” You heard a female voice exclaim and you refocused your attention on your boyfriend who now had the attention of a pretty blonde. “I thought it was you.” You winced, knowing Chris didn’t like the unwanted attention but felt your eyes narrow when he smiled and hugged the blonde instead.

“Kara O'Neill,” Chris chuckled as he pulled away from her. “It’s been a long time, how’ve you been?” He asked with a smile that made your stomach feel uneasy; what made things worst was the fact that you couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

“I’d like to say better than you but- we both know that won’t be true,” Kara joked and they both laughed. “Mr. Big-time-movie-star, huh?” She playfully clipped his jaw and his smile grew; your hand move to nervously fiddle with your necklace. “I always told you you’d make it.”

“And I always appreciated the vote of confidence from my favorite babysitter,” he smiled. “So how is everything with Michael? Mom said you’ve got two boys? What’s that like?” He asked and she chuckled. “I bet they’re a thousand times better than me and Scott.”

“You’d be surprise,” she chuckled. “Things are great, we’re actually looking for a house. California’s great but Boston is still home,” she said and he nodded in agreement. “Of course you’d agree, you’re planning to settle here aren’t you?”

“That’s always been the plan but-” He glanced over at you, hoping you were looking over at them but you were on your phone; you were trying to distract yourself from your interaction. “I can change them for Y/N, as long as she’s happy- I’m happy.”

“Ever the gentleman,” she smiled. “I would love to meet her but I really have to run, say hello for me?” She asked and he nodded. “I’ll talk to you soon, take care of yourself.” You looked up as they shared another tight hug and you felt your heart drop.

“Stop it, Y/N,” you mumbled to yourself. “He’s nothing like Jack.”
• • • • • • • •
Chris tried to tell you about Kara on the way to his truck but you kept changing the subject. You had no idea that you’d feel better about their interaction after hearing Kara was his babysitter who was now married with children. You should’ve let him talk, and you would’ve if Jack hadn’t ruined you; he turned you into the kind of jealous and paranoid girlfriend you swore you’d never become. Chris was slowly working away the wall you’d built up but you were with Jack for five years, and you’d only been together with Chris for one.

“Are you okay?” Chris asked when he realized you barely spoke in the fifteen minute drive home. “You’ve been awfully quiet since we got into the truck,” he pointed out and you forced a smile on your face. “Oh wow,” he commented sarcastically, “I feel much better after that reassuring smile. Seriously, Y/N,” his eyes narrowed with concern. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” you shook your head. “I’m fine, Chris. I’m just tired,” you told him then reached for the handle to let yourself out of the truck. You opened the door only to have him reach over and close it again. “What are you doing?” You pried his hand off the handle and was about to exit when he locked all the doors from his master lock. “Seriously?” You turned to him with narrowed eyes. “I told you I’m fine.”

“And I know you well enough to know that you’re not fine,” he retorted. “We’re not going anywhere until we talk about what’s bothering you. You were fine at breakfast, you were fine when I left you, so what went wrong? Did you read something about us on your phone? Did you get a mean tweet? What is it? Tell me so I can fix it.”

“It’s nothing, Chris.” You tried to assure him but your tone wasn’t convincing; you sounded hurt and agitated and on the verge of breaking down, and it wasn’t because of him- it was you. “Now can you let me out of the truck?”

“I already told you, we’re not going anywhere until you tell me what’s bothering you.” He crossed his arms over his chest. “I have all day, Y/N. If you don’t talk then we’re going to sit in this truck until you talk or I figure it out.” You heaved a sigh. “It’s up to you, we can do it the easy way or the hard way.”

“Nothing’s wrong,” you bit, feeling your eyes well with tears at how ridiculous you were being. Chris was right, something was wrong but it had nothing to do with him. It was you, it was always you. He’d never do anything to hurt you, so why were you being such an idiot? All he did was talk to the girl, so why were you acting so jealous and upset? “Now let me out of the truck.”

“You’re telling me nothing’s wrong when it’s obvious you’re about to cry, Y/N.” His tone softened as he uncrossed his arms. “What is it? Can you just tell me so we can move on with our lives? You know I hate seeing you like this, so talk to me. Tell me how I can make things better,” he gently took your hands into his.

“Who was that girl?” You asked then spoke before he could answer. “You know what- don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. You’re allowed to talk to other girls, I’m just being stupid so- Ignore me, okay?” He felt his eyes narrow; he forgot about Jack which meant he had no idea why you were acting like this. “You’re Chris Evans, of course you’re going to talk to other girls.” You mumbled under your breath but he heard it.

“Is that the kind of guy you think I am?” You could hear the hurt in his voice. “Do you honestly think that just because I’m Chris Evans, I’m going to talk to other girls and cheat on you? I’m just a regular guy, Y/N. Just because I’m an actor, doesn’t mean I’m a cheater. I would never do that to you, ever.” He told you what you already knew. “If you think that’s the kind of person I am then- maybe I fell in-love with the wrong person.”

“Maybe,” you swallowed, ignoring the urge to start crying. “Maybe we should quit while we’re ahead,” you told him and his heart dropped. “I’m clearly not good in relationships, especially ones with a guy everybody wants.” You said and he remembered what you told him about Jack; he suddenly understood why you were acting the way you were. “I’ll grab my things and go if you’ll just let me out of the truck.”


You reached over and unlocked the doors yourself, hopping out of the truck and slamming the door shut behind you. You started to cry the moment your back was towards Chris; he rested his arms on the steering wheel and buried his face in his arms, cussing under his breath. He knew how badly your ex-boyfriend left you, he promised he’d be patient and understanding, but at that moment- it completely slipped his mind. In fact- he was pretty sure he used the same sentence your ex-boyfriend used when you confronted him about his infidelity.

“Y/N, wait!” He rushed out of the truck and ran towards the house, where you stood at the front door too blinded by your tears to find the house key. “Y/N, I’m sorry.” He turned you around and hugged you tightly. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered into your hair as you sobbed, hugging him back. “I shouldn’t have said any of that. I should’ve just told you Kara was my babysitter growing up and that she’s married with kids and it was all a misunderstanding.”

“I’m sorry too,” you cried into his chest. “I know you’re not Jack, I just-” you pulled away to look at you, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Chris.” He gently brushed away your tears with his thumbs. “I don’t want to break up with you.”

“Good, because I wasn’t really going to let you.” He told you and you managed a chuckle, despite your uncontrollable crying. “I’m afraid you’re stuck with Chris Evans, whether you like it or not.” He teased and you buried yourself in his arms again.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

No more secrets

Word count: 1052

You and Kai get caught in an akward situation by everyone else

You and Kai have been together for a long time and completely in love. You loved Kai more than anything in this world and he felt the same for you, but the only problem about it was you had to keep it a secret. You didn’t want anyone to know about it because they would all freak out. You knew how much Bonnie hated Kai and so did everyone else. You didn’t like him too much either because of all the stories that were going around, but after getting to know him, you fell for him. You found good in him and fell in love, just like he fell in love with you. Everytime you had a chance, you and Kai were together, away from everyone else. This time it was at the Salvatore’s house. You were hanging out there a couple if times before, of course when you made sure no one was at home, at your room. It was yours because you’ve been spending so much time at their house that Damon decided to just pick one room. You liked the idea, even though it may be safer if you were hanging out Kai’s place or yours, but something about the chance of getting caught was kind of exciting to you and to Kai.

‘You know, there’s no one around right now and no one will be back in a while so…’ You said, trailing your finger on Kai’s exposed arm, sending shivers down his spine. He looked at you with a smirk on his face and bit his lip.

'So, does that mean we can, you know, stay right here, on this very couch?’ He asked and winked at you, making you laugh as you grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer, your body falling down on the couch, bringing Kai as close as possible as his crotch pressed against yours.

'Yes we can’ you trailed off and cupped his face, smashing your lips with his, your fingers tugging at his shirt. He pulled away and took his shirt off, throwing it across the room. You pulled him down again, his lips finding yours as his naked torso pressed against your body, his hand roaming down your thighs, while the other was in your hair as he pulled on it softly, making you let out a quiet moan. His hand went up your thigh and stopped on your butt, squeezing it and lifting you up, your crotch meeting his again, making Kai moan into your mouth. Every kiss you and Kai shared at that moment was filled with lust, with every kiss you could feel how much Kai wanted you and it only made you want him more. His hand tugged at your shirt as he slipped it inside your shirt and touched your torso, this time skin to skin. His touch felt like it burned. Everytime he touched you, it felt like you were about to burst, like he touched every nerve in your body that was longing for him. Moments later, he grabbed your shirt and tore it in half, throwing it on the floor, your top half exposed to him.

'This is cute. Is that for me?’ He asked and tugged on your bra strap before he reached behind you and unhooked your bra. Just when he wanted to take it off, the front door opened, making you both jump.

'Shit! Shit!’ You said quietly as you swiftly fixed your bra and got up, looking for your shirt, but then you remembered Kai tore it in half.

'What is going on here?’ Both, you and Kai shot a glance towards Damon, who was standing just a few feet in front of you, wide eyed. The best thing was, he wasn’t alone. Bonnie, Elena, Stefan, Caroline, everyone was there, staring at you and Kai, standing shirtless in the middle of Stefan’s and Damon’s living room.

'Are you two hooking up?’ Elena asked as she approached you, looking at you with disgust, atleast, that’s what you thought.

'We are, um… we just-’ You were trying to find the right words, but your mind was completely empty, as if you forgot every single word and you were completely stumped. Kai quickly gave you his shirt to put on, clearly not caring that he was shirtless.

'We’re not hooking up. We were just-’

'Yeah, yeah. Tell that to somebody else. This is one of those this is not what it looks like moments, but it’s totally what it looks like.’ Damon said and plopped himself on the couch, his gaze still focused on you and Kai.

'So, how long has this been.. you know.. how long have you two been hooking up?’ Bonnie asked, her arms crossed and she looked like she was afraid to come closer just because Kai was in the room.

'We’re not just hooking up, we’re in a relationship. Even though I’m still new to all this love thing and all the feelings, but yeah, we’re totally together.’ Kai trailed off and put his arm around you, pulling you closer.

'You? And Kai? Wow’ Elena muttered and rolled her eyes.

'Look, I know you guys don’t like him, but I do and I think that’s the only thing that matters, so, whenever we want to do what we were about to do here, we will and nothing can stop us.’ You stated as Kai pulled you closer and gave you a proper kiss, everyone else turning their heads away.

'Okay, you can, do whatever you want, just not on my couch please.’ Damon said and got up, walking towards everyone else.

'Oh and Kai? Put some clothes on.’ Stefan trailed off as everyone left the house, leaving you and Kai all alone.

'That wasn’t so bad, was it?’ Kai asked and kissed your forehead.

'It went pretty well. Better than I expected.’

'So, shall we continue where we left off or?’ Kai asked and smirked at you, pulling you closer as his hand slipped down inside one of your back pockets.

'We shall, but not here. Let’s go to my room.’ You kissed him and took him by his hand, leading him upstairs to your room. Now that everybody knew about you and Kai, there was nothing stopping you from making your relationship with Kai official.

                      - PART VI

Kai Parker x Reader x Kol Mikaelson
word count : 4 787
warning :
smut / threesome
note : first time ever writing something like this and i know its probably a mess but … hope you still like it. i really tried my best 🙈
* gif by fondu-with-downey
keep reading after the cut 😈🔥🔥

Friday came too fast. Y/N woke up in her bed , seeing a tiny box and a note on her night stand. She stretched her hand for it , taking it in her hands.

“For luck.”

Y/N opened the box finding a charm bracelet in it. She turned the paper trying to figure out who had stopped by leaving her this present but there was no name.
Must’ve been Kol … or Kai. she thought leaving the box back on her nightstand and heading to the bathroom to take a shower.
Y/N walked downstairs to the kitchen , bumping into Rebekah in the hallway.
“Oh hey , I was just going to look for you to see if maybe you could help me with something.”
“Of course. What do you need my help with ?” asked Rebekah pulling Y/N into a hug.
“Clothes… hair…” said Y/N quietly. “I am going out with your brother and Kai later and … I … have nothing to wear. And you have the best closet in history.”
“You have come to the right person. Lets go now. There is not enough time to get you ready.” said Rebekah grabbing her hand.
“Its 10AM.”
“Exactly. Perfection doesn’t happen in 5 minutes , even by magic.” Rebekah pulled Y/N behind her down the hallway and up to the attic. “So , do you really think you can get them to get along ? You know they both agreed to go to that dinner because of you.”
“I hope so.” sighed Y/N. “Being stuck in the middle is just … so confusing.”
“Confusing?” asked Rebekah opening a large chest a few steps away. She looked at the dresses inside , clearly looking for something in particular. “What’s confusing about that?”
“Just … stuff.”
Rebekah looked at her confused for a moment and then seemed to pick up on something in Y/N’s voice. “I’m sure you can figure it out.”
“It’s what your brother said… but I don’t know anymore.”
“Well , I do.” smiled Rebekah pushing Y/N to one of the mirrors , while holding a few dresses in her hands. “Alright , try these on. Just because you can’t figure it out doesn’t mean you can’t torture both of them with you outfit.”

* * *

Kai felt nervous about spending the entire evening with Y/N and Kol , mostly because he wasn’t sure how he’d be able to control his anger around Kol. Every time he saw them kissing it felt as if a part of him was dying. He wasn’t sure what to wear so he went with gray jeans , a white shirt and later on his dark blue / black jacket.
Around 5.15PM there was a knock on the door and he opened it finding Y/N standing there with a large smile on her face. Kai’s breath got caught in his throat - Y/N had done her hair in a side braid , her make up was light almost as if she wasn’t wearing any and she was wearing a knee high black coat with ankle high black boots. In her hands she held a small white paperbag.
“Hey.” she smiled. “Can I -”
“Like you have to ask.” said Kai stepping aside and letting her inside before pulling her into a hug. “Mi casa es tu casa. You know that.”
Y/N had decided to go there early , hoping to get to speak with Kai before they went to meet with Kol. She knew Kai better than anyone and could see he felt uncomfortable being around her when Kol was around. She took off her coat ,leaving it on the couch and gave him the small paperbag with the present she had gotten for him.
“This is for you.” she said. “I already put a picture though you can replace it any time.”
Kai pulled out the picture frame from the paper bag , smiling at the picture. Y/N had chosen a selfie of them together while they were stuck in Mystic Falls looking for the right place to do the spell to get out. Behind them Kai could see the clock of the clock tower. He recognised the picture as one they had taken on the day she had tumbled off the clock tower. The day he had realised he is in love with her.
“I love this picture.” he said looking at both of them smiling remembering that day. “And I know just where to put it …”
Kai spun around heading for his bedroom and Y/N followed him closely behind , tracing her fingers around the wall on the way there. He placed the picture frame on his night stand , sitting on the bed as he did so.
“There. That way it will be the first thing I see every morning.” he smiled turning towards her. “Wow..”
“What?” she asked looking down at her feet following his gaze. “Please tell me I didn’t get a stain on the dress. Rebekah would kill me if - ”
“No. No its not that.” said Kai clearing his throat. Y/N was wearing a white puffy dress just above the knee. “It’s just … you look breath taking. Like an angel. Literally.”
Y/N smiled shyly.
“Thank you.” she said sitting on the bed next to him , looking at the picture of them together. Her head rested on his shoulder and Kai took one of her hands only then noticing her charm bracelet. He wondered where she had gotten it.
Probably Rebekah or Freya. he thought , refusing to let the thought that Kol had gotten it for her. Kai turned around towards her , his palm brushing against her cheek. Y/N looked up feeling Kai’s breath on her face. He leaned in towards her unable to control his emotions around her anymore and kissed her. A slow gentle kiss. He just had to kiss her , just once.
“I .. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done th-” he cleared his throat.
Y/N felt out of breath , the lingering feeling of Kai’s lips on hers making her want more. Her hands snaked around his neck , pulling his lips back on hers until he had backed her against the bed. Kai’s hands slid down the side of her body towards her hips and back up again , sending waves of electricity through her body on their way. Kai couldn’t believe she had pulled him into a kiss. All he knew was that he wanted her and he no longer cared about anything else but her.
Y/N’s fingers tangled in his hair massaging his scalp. His crotch grinding against hers , making her moan into the kiss. Kai’s lips kissed her jawline down her neck towards her collar bone sending butterflies in her stomach. She felt herself getting wet , everywhere his hands touched her it felt like wild fires starting. Her hands gripped his shirt tearing it off him in a second a split second before Kai’s lips smashed against hers again and she opened her mouth allowing him to explore it with his tongue. His kiss was demanding hiding a hunger he had clearly been holding back for a long time. Kai’s hand slid under her dress , his fingertips grazing her inner tight moving towards her heat.
“I’ve wanted you for so long.” he whispered as his fingers teased her folds making her throw her head back a little. “I don’t care about Kol or what his brothers would say or do to me. All I care about is you.”
In a haze Y/N heard Kai’s words and a part of her tried to push through to the surface , realising how badly things will end if Kol or any of the Mikaelson’s ever found out about any of this. Problem was , she didn’t care either. All she cared about was Kai and how much she wanted him in that moment. Y/N felt Kai push her panties to the side , his fingers drawing soft figure eights on her clit making her body feel like it was on fire before two fingers slid inside her making her let out a small scream of pleasure.
As if from a distance came the sound of the door being kicked open and Kol’s voice calling out for her followed by footsteps heading towards Kai’s bedroom.

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Not So Sweet Relatives

Title: Not So Sweet Relatives

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1,218

Warnings: fluff and perhaps small amounts of angst

A/N: This was requested by @the-real-tony-stank and @ronanismybae from THIS Christmas Drabble list. I’m still taking requests! Friendly reminder that  I love you all so much <3 I hope you all enjoy this <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Last week Gabriel promised to come with you to a Christmas party, hosted by your parents.  Most of your family was going to be at this party.  You couldn’t think of a better opportunity for them to finally meet your boyfriend.  Gabriel reluctantly agreed.  You told him that this was the last time you would see them.  It was dangerous to see them too often, if at all.

When you were done getting ready you walked into the library, looking for Gabriel.  When the Winchesters and Castiel saw you, your cheeks flushed pink.  They never saw you like this; all gussied up.  A whistle came from Dean as he looked you up and down.  “Wow [Y/N] you look…  Great,” Dean smirked.

Castiel flashed you a warm smile, “Gabriel will be here [Y/N] don’t worry.  You look beautiful.”

“How come you’re all dressed up,” Sam asked, setting his laptop aside.  “Are you even comfortable in that dress?”

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