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What did you think of the interviewers comment "I've seen all the episodes of the entire Netflix Marvel catalog and I had to like, start thinking, was like, did they get together in Daredevil ?  With like, how the layers if their relationship was, and I was trying to remember their chemistry together...." to Jon and Deb?

I AM SO EMOTIONAL! ABOUT IT! *deep breath* 

Okay, I went back just to double-check, too, and at the ~2 minutes mark, the interviewer does preface that he’s seen the first 6 episodes. So he saw about the first half of TP and actually had to wonder “did they get together in Daredevil?” 

That’s…amazing, and I think it’s really promising for the kind of emotional depth we can expect to see in TP between them. The waterfront clip confirms how much Frank cares about Karen, of course, but IMO that little comment also cements that it’s as consistently present between them in their interactions, from the both of them, as we’ve been hoping. I also think that’s a bit promising for how much interaction we’ll get between them (and with each other related to each other, such as what Karen’s willing to do to help Frank and vice versa) in at least said first half of the season.

I want to give massive kudos to the interviewer for asking that, as well, because he seems like he tries the best he can with this question to keep it as neutral and respectful as possible. And he brings this up only after getting an opening when Deb talks about how messy characters/relationships can be and how they’re too complicated to boil down into questions like ‘describe X in 3 words’. He sounded like a passionate fan that got the darkness of Frank and Frank’s world and loves it…which I think makes it that much more telling that even though he fumbles with it, he does push to low-key bring up that romantic angle/layer anyway in what comes off like a genuinely unprepared, non-generic, fan perspective question.

If someone that loves all the shows, and clearly didn’t come away from DDS2 with that obvious slant for them, then got confused by the uptick of intensity between them in TP…just how obvious is it? How intentional was it – how much of that is in the script, and how much is just because of Jon and Deb’s wonderful chemistry, as he mentions?

And not to sound like a broken record, lol, but Jon and Deb’s answer is everything! Because they don’t dismiss that! They acknowledge the chemistry, how unexpected and amazing it is, and still give us that “it’s completely unnamed and unlabeled” and “it can be whatever we feel in the moment”. The chemistry part could be kind of an opening to gently dismiss anything more, but they don’t. Absolutely nothing is ruled out.

So, yeah, I think that’s really telling for the emotion we can expect for them to show for/about each other on-screen and that it’s hinting at that angsty first meeting we’ve all been expecting, tbh!!

Tenasia Interview- Kenta Takada

Translations may not be 100% accurate please understand and I also just chose interesting parts (most of it lol)
Do not take out without proper credit!!!

10: Today is your first interview, how do you feel about it?
I am so nervous. I did some interviews also in Japan but this is my first Korean interview. I saw my friends (other trainees) interview with Tenasia also that’s why I wanted to do it also. (laughs)

10: It’s our honor. (laugh) So let’s start the interview? You participated in the finale concert (produce 101 season 2) last week.
Yes, The concert features until the 35th trainees and since I ranked 24th I was able to participate. I enjoyed it better than I expected. Also, I was thankful to the nation’s producer for making it possible for me to perform at such a large stage. The concert was really fun. I was also able to perform songs that I was able to perform. We performed ‘Be Mine’, 'Spring Day’ and that performance that I really wanted to do, 'Shape of you’.

10: You weren’t an original member for the 'Shape of you’ team it must’ve been hard to master the choreo.
We were short of time so I was very worried, luckily, donghan and taehyun hyung helped me a lot so it was fun and there was no problems.

10: Because of your OST 'Wanna be with you’ your name was added on the artist list of music sites and it was number 1 on Melon for some time, are you aware of it?
Yes I was aware of it (laughs). Since being a singer is my goal I was so happy when I saw my name on the artist page. I thought if I can really be included and because I am a foreigner it is hard to get to number 1. I am really thankful for my fans for doing this for me.

10: We are curious who inspired you to be a singer. Who inspired Kenta, a japanese, to be a kpop singer?
: I liked music since I was young and I thought of being a singer in Japan but when I was in 2nd year highschol I started watching and listening to Kpop. I did a cover of Teen top sunbaenim and I thought that they were the same age as me (1995 liner, Teentop’s maknae Ricky is also 1995 liner). I was famous as the Japanese Ricky and known as Rickymu. Because they are the same age as me and they are shining at the stage, that’s when I started dreaming to be a singer too.

10:You were a part of a dance team in Japan named 'Garagarahebi" and your pretty famous then.
That’s right, to be honest we even had a CD. Not the one that they sell in record shops but we released it live. Since then I kept on having thoughts that “I really want to do this in Korea”. With that in mind I needed to challenge my self.

10: What is the difference between J-pop Idols and K-pop Idols? Why do you think is the charms of K-pop as a foreigner?
To be honest J-pop idols are more like, instead of having a perfect performance since the start, they slowly grow and that’s how they receive fans love. While in Kpop, there are a lot of teams (groups) that perform perfectly. Seeing that, I thought of “ahh this is how I want to be.”

10: That’s how you became a Teen Top fan. Why do you think that you were a famous fan back then?
: 6 years ago there weren’t a lot of male Kpop fans. Since the other fans were also curious “who was that?” they also took lots of pictures of me.

10: Now you are teen top’s 'Successful fan’ and before the show started during teen top’s comeback showcase Ricky said that he knows you.
I am very thankful when fans call me as a succesful fan. I am also thankful when Ricky sunbaenim said that he remembers me and I was so happy when he mentioned me. I wanted to work hard more.

10: How did you study Korean?
The first thing I did when I went to Korea is to attend an academy for 2 months. After that I started learning from the company staff and my friends. (tn: lol tbh same. study basics and just practice)

10: When you came to korea you worked part time at a cafe.
Ah~~ yes. Since I talked with the people who come at the cafe I improved a lot. And since I liked cafes I also part timed at cafes when I was in Japan.

10: Didn’t your parents stop you from going to korea?
To be honest they are against it at first. Since there is no clear future because I was a foreigner. My mom was so against it that I have to talk to her and make her understand a lot. My mom was like that and so as my dad and my elder sister. Even if they were against it I kept on explaining, “it isn’t dangerous” I kept on telling them. I explained to them a lot that I really wanted to be a singer in Korea and now the cheer on me.

10: What did your parents say when they knew that you were participating in produce 101?
: My parents doesn’t really know the show so I needed to explain to them at first. That there is a voting system, you are going to do it like this and like this and like this. They asked me “will it be okay?” at first and they were worried but as the program progress and because I get a lot of love from other people my mom was very happy.

Thoughts on season 1 and how did he participate in season 2.
I watched season 1 a lot and when I heard that they are doing season 2 I told the company that I really wanted to participate and that’s how I participated. My season 1 pick is ofcourse Kim Sejong Sunbaenim and Kim Sohye Sunbaenim, I really liked them a lot.


“Before we get started I think we should shoutout to your Dad, because I saw your text and he sounds like the sweetest Dad ever.”