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“that thing with Cassandra and Jenkins came out of nowhere!!”

are u sure

I hope this isn’t seen as confrontational. I think shipping wars are silly, ship what you want to ship! This show has always been wonderful about making any and all ships probable. I don’t ship things often and, of the things I do ship, this was probably the one I thought was least likely to be acknowledged. But they did!! I was shocked and delighted! Just as I was delighted that they fully acknowledged Cassie being non-hetero.

Cassandra has always been the one to notice when something is bothering Jenkins. Being the caretaker, Jenkins notices when any of them are upset, but it’s hard to deny he has a soft spot for Cassie. He’s comfortable enough to be silly with her (”you know what this makes me want to do? It makes me want to go ‘hmmm…’”). Cassandra is always first to jump at the opportunity to help him and is incredibly eager to do so. (That scene where Jenkins was tossing books down to the boys from the balcony and she was running about trying to catch them first, then Jenkins walked down and handed her one.) They have a great deal of mutual respect and make an excellent team.

I just wanted to point out that this ship is just as valid as the others and, in fact, has had just as much subtext as the others. They handled the situation perfectly, and Jenkins reacted exactly as I’d expected him to. He feels it would be improper, all but saying he’d feel he was taking advantage, but he let her down without being condescending (knowing Cassie is more than capable of handling herself) or dismissive of her feelings.

I hope the subject is brought up again, I hope they talk about it more. Though no matter what happens I hope Cassandra is happy, because sometimes the way people in the fandom pull her back and forth with everyone makes me a bit uncomfortable. Ship all the things, but remember Cassandra is her own person and not a vehicle for a ship! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Submitted for your approval: For a limited time, commissions are open! (at last!)

But first, I apologize for waiting so long to finally open these. Boo on me.

So, here are my base prices for drawing characters, which I’d like to focus on more so than, say, scenery or vehicles or what-have-you. I’d like to think I also specialize in spooky, dark, and macabre, but I’m open to other options! 

(“+1 character” refers to the cost for each additional character, but I’m not limiting it to two characters total!)

Interested? Other questions? Please don’t hesitate to message me here, via email, or on any of my other social media sites and I’ll be happy to discuss!

(I’m also selling a few of my pieces in my RedBubble and Society6 stores, where you can get them as prints, on a mug, as a sticker, even on a clock!)

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Can you do one for ENFJ ravenclaws please ☺️

Tried to do some research, hope this is accurate :)

- Somehow friends?? with?? everyone?? how do they do it??

- Looove study groups and group work

- Super helpful when OWL/NEWT exam season rolls around

- Spend all their time solving other peoples’ problems and forget to care for themselves

- *Always* selected to be prefect or head boy/girl because they’re amazing leaders

- “You need to copy my homework? No problem but lemme just explain how to do it real quick, no it’s no bother at all!”

- Takes pity on first-years and helps them solves riddles

- Constantly trying to start up new clubs. “Ancient Runes Club!” “Hippogriff Rights Club!” “Magical Crafting Club!”

- Loves teaching and advising others, needs to connect with others through their work

- Passionate about right and wrong, will stand up for others no matter what

- “What do you mean, you don’t want advice??”

- 100% the protagonist in every story

- Always trying to new ways to become better friends with people

- Tons of house pride, but doesn’t love competition all that much

- Because they’re friends with ALL the houses ?? again, how??

- Will gladly sit in the common room for two hours and listen to you rant

- Everyone thinks they’re a tough leader but they’re actually gentle and non-confrontational as heck

- Trusts people way too much because everyone likes them too much to betray them :’)

- Better at explaining things than the professor is

- Doesn’t need to be in a position of power but everyone wants them to be

- Because they’re empathetic and will try to connect with you 24/7

- The best Ravenclaw leaders and teachers tbh

Thanks for the ask! Feel free to request headcanons anytime, ravens <3

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ANSWER THIS QUESTION: your top 5 moments on yuri!!! on ice... it can be victuri moments or in general ★★★★ bYE

Wow, okay, sorry, this took me way too long, but I needed to think about it and every time a new episode came out, I had to reconsider.. but anyways,

My Top 5 Yuri!!! on Ice Moments (in no particular order):

Victor leaving Russia because he looks so damn pretty in this scene and also because he’s so sure it’s the right thing to do:

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The whole scene where they talk while they look at the ocean:

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The kiss scene but mostly right after the kiss where they look at each other and they just look SO IN LOVE:

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The whole nap scene and especially the moment when Victor looked at Yuuri like this:

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This scene where Victor whispered into Yuuri’s ear:

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I could list soooo many more and it was incredibly hard to pick, but I just listed what came to my mind right now.

Annoy Me - Carl Gallagher x Reader

Requested by @pale-and-empty

Warnings: cussing (this happens a lot), sexual tension if you squint maybe idk, annoying people, violence
Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader
Description: The reader and Carl annoy each other too much and her/his anger brings them together
A/N: wow that description and omg lemme just say this took way too long okay and i really don’t how i feel about this ( ALSO this gif took me ages to find and it still doesn’t work I’m sorry)

“Stop it,” You roll your eyes as Carl pushes you again. He’d been doing it for a few minutes to rile you up, but you knew better. Two could play at that game. You were just as annoying as he was. 

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you’re not real. you can’t wake up. “this is a malfunctioning computer hallucination, and you are in the asylum of it’s wires. you’ll never wake up, and you’ll never survive, not matter how many times or how hard you try. the only thing left to do is turn it off and end your own consciousness, as well as the image of everything around you. are you willing to give it all up for your own piece of mind? you will find out, one way or another. good luck.”

artist!ronan @actuallymollyweasley @thehufflepuffshuffle (i said i’d write something so here’s this real quick and i’m gonna write more tmr probably)

  • ronan has been an artist since childhood, and he still has all his sketchbooks. there’s an art room at the barns stacked floor to ceiling with bulging sketch books, the floor overflowing with torn out drawings and charcoal and paints. 
  • his specialty is portraits. he has this fascination with the human body, he always has, the way it moves and thinks and dreams and can betray so much or so little in the slightest gestures. he can capture it all on paper. 
  • he draws everyone he finds interesting, even strangers: ronan takes the bmw out to this park in henrietta and sits on a bench and people think he’s scoping out a vandalism spot or planning a robbery, but really he’s sitting and drawing, making note of every movement and feeling. 
  • though drawing strangers is interesting, the one thing he never fails to find art in is his friends. he has whole sketchbooks dedicated to each of them: gansey, blue, noah, adam, (eventually) henry, matthew, one of declan which is only half full, but he’s working on it. 
  • the only one he ever throws away (burns, actually) is full of dreamt leather bands and flames and sharp teeth and spiked hair and a thousand angular boys behind the wheels of a thousand white mitsubishis, but that is over now.
  • the others know ronan is an artist, of course. he leaves sketches lying around for them to find, his hands are perpetually stained with pencil lead, he draws in class (when he shows up), blue has him paint something wonderful over the graffiti at ninos, but they don’t know how much he draws them. they find out at a visit to the barns, when they stumble upon his art room. he lets them flip through the books and gansey nearly has a heart attack. adam is the one to realize that half the books are full of them, in a way they’ve never seen themselves before. they knew ronan’s art was good, but this is something else.
  • ronan doesn’t lie, and neither does his art. his drawings are all unapologetically honest, showing depths and emotions his subjects would rather keep hidden. 

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