wow this was really hard to decide like idk there are SO MANY quotes

i met george tho

okaaaay i’ll try my best to write it all out here but i’m a wee bit drunk now so lmao we’ll see how it goes!!

sooo to preface i was super sad all day like idk it kinda dawned on me i’d never meet them lmao and i was super emo literally all day it’s stupid but w/e i was sad and at work and work sucked. but decided fuck it, even if there are a ton of fans at nbc for the fallon taping i’ll just go anyway??  so i went and met with some friends and we waited around for about an hour and there were like 20 of us, and eventually they came out to the van and everyone rushed matty obvs so i went to ross who was like, idk why but somehow directly in front of me lmao i was like, oh, hi ross? like… wyd there mate. and we took a quick photo and my friend victoria was like, AAAAA GEORGE IS GETTING IN THE VAN WE GOTTA GO TALK TO HIM BEFORE HE GOES. but he was just putting his suitcase/gear in and then came back out for a smoke and so we were just standing there talking for a bit. ok but like first lmao inside nbc i was like “haha i’m gonna do something stupid like puke or try to shake his hand or something” and then when we went up to him victoria was like GEORGE THIS IS KATIE and i immediately went in to shake hi shand lmao fuck is wrong with me???????? i looked at my hand and was like “wow that’s really stupid i joked about doing that and then i did it i’m an idiot” and he was laughing and shook my hand whatevr i’m so dumb??

anywho we got pics with them and then we were just chatting and we asked about that cover song that he and hann supposedly did and he was like.. uhh.. ME? SINGING? lmao and acted like that’d never happen in his life. and we talked about it for a bit and he was like “did i at least sound good?” lmao fukcjfigjerd idiot lmgdriejdfij so yeah #confirmed that song is not him sorry for the false alarm sorry for killing the fantasy 

aaaand we’d heard from a friend that they were planning some super secret thing that night at the popup so we were like “hey so we heard…. are you guys gonan be at the popup tonight? can we come?” and he was like.. errrrrr ummmm… errr???? ask jamie?? and then we had to let some other people talk to him bc we’d taken so much of his time already. so we went to jamie as they were getting in the van and asked and he was like YEAH COME AT 8.

…tho didn’t give us the address FUCKGINCF STILL!!?!?!

just told us orchard street. so we went to orchard street and walked up and down the block looking around and then literally stumbled upon a window with the UGH! sign in pink hanging there like, lmao guess we found it? and i immediately texted julia like BITHC GET YOUR ASs?????????? HERE????? which she did obvs. and were waiting around and like 30 min later they tweeted the address. so we waited around for like..?? 2.5 hours? they showed up and went inside and were setting shit up and then they let us in quite awhile later, and there were maybe about 30 people there. like i guess it was just something like.. they’d tweet the address and whoever the first 30 ppl are are the most dedicated if they had been intent on camping out overnight? that’s what it seemed like. so we just went in like.. 30 of us and then they locked the doors, and then security was like, “ok so the boys are upstairs. we’re gonna take u up 10 at a time and you’ll have 5-10 minutes to just hang out, look around at the art and chat with the guys.” so we went as the last group and when we went upstairs matty was just like sitting on the bartop swinging his legs fukc girjeid lmao it was so cute? and the guys were just hanging out, it was like this tiny room?? with just ten fans in there and the guys and jamie and some photographers and ppl from interscope.

so yeah we went to take photos of the artwork and lights and matty ran up to us to chat (literally ran up to julia lmao i didn’t actually speak to him at all?) and then i went to george to chat obvs..? like.. duh lmao

soo i was like, hey again ! 

thennnn i was like, “ok so this is probably really stupid.. but i guess people probably tell you a lot of stupid shit, so whatever. you had this quote in an interview a few weeks ago where you were saying like, when meeting fans you always ask them if they want ‘the good stuff’ meaning just to meet matty, and like…. honestly… FUCK OFF WITH THAT, GEORGE? FUCK OFF?” and he was cracking up like i didn’t mean to tell him to fuck off lmao but there you go. and he was laughing and was like, “i mean, it was mostly.. kind of a joke i guess?” and i was like “okay well, still, i just want to make sure you know you’re also the good stuff, and obviously there are so many people who rush matty bc he’s the frontman but just know that so many of us appreciate everything you do and know all of the hard work you put in?” and he was gracious and grateful and humble and high as motherfuck like.. so high lmfaooooooo whoops

but yeah victoria came up shortly after and i was like OMG VICTORIA PULL UP THE SONG?? and she pulled up the stupid sambuca boy song and we were like, “okay so is this where your twitter name was from?” and he was like.. what.. no? this is so obscure? lmao and started going on about how it’s a stupid inside joke with english producers.. about sambuca. and he listened to it and was literally jamming and didn’t want to give her phone back. and then he was commenting how she had like 25k unread emails and was trying to show her how to delte them lmao what the ufkc.?? anyways. so rachel and julia came up and we were talking about how he’s tall and he was slouching against the bar prob to cater to me tbh and then stood up fully and grew like 1.5 feet it was so extra gtg

idr the order of this but at one point george reached out and poked my collar and was like “is that sandro?” bc i was wearing my sandroxreebok sweatshirt and i was like “oh, yeah.” and he was like “i’ve got the tshirt version!” and i was like… lmao bithc me too fukc i obviously know…… god 

end me tho why u gotta be poking me gjdifijcvij bye

anyway we tried taking over the aux cable with the sambuca boy song but then we started getting kicked out lmfaoooooo took a bunch of pics had a bunch of hugs, matty randomly ran up to me at the end and gave a big squeeze even tho i hadn’t talked to him at all and then we were leaving and i was like “ok see you next week in brixton!” and george grabbed my arm while i was leaving and was like “wait you’re coming to london??!” and i was like.. mmm yeah lmfao and he was like.. RIGH TON. literally he was like squinty smiling and said “RIGHT ON” who the fukc….

then i went outside and cried but w/e


anonymous asked:

i don't mean to be mean, but how is your relationship still working? i mean you seem fat and you act kinda childish and you avoid sexual stuff so idk, how's it working? does you bf not need sex or do you just watch disney movies together?

“I don’t mean to be mean, but”? *laughs* 

First of all, let’s address “you seem fat” REALLY? How kind of you to notice. I had no idea that I was fat. I’m glad that, besides my relationship, this was also a concern of yours. I’m finally seeing myself clearly for the first time! I mean, wow, you’re right! I am fat! So I’m not entirely sure why I’m not sad and lonely and eating an entire box of chocolates every hour like you seem to think I should be! It seems that (in your world) fat people clearly aren’t allowed to have happy and healthy relationships with people who happen to look BEYOND their weight to see them for who they truly are… Nope. I’m fat. How on earth do I have a boyfriend when skinny people all across the globe are single?! Simply astounding. But it’s okay because you’re trying not to act mean.

Secondly, childish? On Tumblr?! Imagine that. Because how I act here is exactly how I act everywhere else - on a site entirely built around mutually freaking out over the same things together. Am I childish because *gasp* I LIKE DISNEY MOVIES?!?!?! ONLY CHILDREN LIKE DISNEY MOVIES THOUGH!!! That’s why millions of adults have had their weddings at Disney and thousands of adults run Disney and animation blogs and thousands more collect Disney movies and go see them without children - no. You’re right. Only children like Disney movies. I must have missed the sticker on my collection that said “MAGIC ONLY WORKS ON THOSE UNDER 18, IF OVER 18 PLEASE RELINQUISH ALL ANIMATED WORKS TO THE NEAREST CHILD IMMEDIATELY”. 

Yay! Now we’re to my favorite part! “you avoid sexual stuff”. Again, thank you! I am so glad that you, complete and total stranger, found it necessary to divulge into my sex life! 

Let me let you in on a little secret. 


Incredible, right?!

My boyfriend and I have not had sex yet because we both have decided long ago that we want to wait until marriage - there are tons of reasons behind it and I am under no contract to divulge any of them to you, a complete stranger. You can call us stupid, childish, old-fashioned, conservative (which honestly we aren’t), ______ anything you want because we’ve heard it before. But it’s a decision that we’ve made and that we have tried very hard to stick to (which isn’t easy for either of us). 

I have been dating Tyler for almost 3 years now and neither of us have ever been happier. When we started dating I had absolutely no intention of having a boyfriend - I wanted to wait until after college (I didn’t want to get distracted - sort of immature, right?!) but he chased me and now I know that finally saying yes to him was the smartest decision of my life.

He loves me because, often times, my childish heart (which I might add is partially because I am a nanny, have worked in a daycare for seven years - since I was thirteen - and have always made a living from working with children - which I’m very good at) brings his more reserved and serious heart out of the rainclouds and out into the sun. He loves me because (and I am quoting him here) I can have serious conversations that address a mass variety of subjects at any time and I don’t shy away from confrontation or debate. He loves me because we can talk anything out - we’ve hardly had any fights, but when we do fight it’s always resolved immediately. He loves me because I’m an incredible kisser and he finds me beautiful (no matter how much weight is on my body). He loves me because I have a huge heart for other people. He loves me because I love my fandoms (including Disney bitches) and he thinks that’s great. He loves me because I am passionate. He loves me because I am intelligent. He loves me for a thousand reasons - and I love him for so many things and more. 

Our relationship works because we love each other.

Oh, and about that last part?

You bet your ass we watch Disney movies together.