wow this was really hard to choose

a little highlight reel of my favorite acting moments from the amazing cast of IT (2017) -

wyatt oleff as stan uris: stan the man! i loved this character. he had the right amount of optimism with just enough pessimism. stan just wanted some rest, gdi. anyways, the scene i chose for him was quite obvious. i chose the one after they got separated in the sewers at the end. he was crying and screaming about how they said they wouldn’t leave him. he was distraught and even i felt betrayed??? even though i knew what happened?? 

finn wolfhard as richie tozier: richie was a funny af character, and i found myself genuinely laughing out loud at most of what he said, but I think the moment that stood out to me was when bill, eddie, and richie entered the house on neibolt street and richie saw his own picture on a “missing” flyer. he went from sarcastic and relatively unbothered to sheer panic and fearful in like 3 seconds flat. i’m still impressed, tbh.

jack dylan grazer as eddie kaspbrak: ahh, eddie. adorable, paranoid, sweet little eddie. jack was someone who i’d never heard of before, but immediately checked his imdb afterwards because wow. he played that character so incredibly well, it was hard to choose a standout moment. what i did eventually land on was when the losers were looking at the maps of derry in the garage and he got up and stopped it. that may seem like an odd choice but when he was going off on his little tangent, i just believed everything he was feeling, if that makes sense?? that was one of his scenes that really stuck with me.

sophia lillis as beverly marsh: beverly is my love, if i’m being honest. she’s strong and brave and just good. sophia did an a+ job bringing this character to life. an acting highlight for me was when she was standing over the sink and cut off her hair. she had just had that confrontation with her dad and i could feel her dread. powerful stuff.

jeremy ray taylor as ben hanscom: ben is such a pure character. he likes boy bands and conspiracy theories and becomes a key member of the losers club. jeremy did amazing. i was especially impressed when henry bowers and co. had him at the bridge. his cries for help were so genuine and his pain when henry cut into him was palpable.

chosen jacobs as mike hanlon: WE NEEDED MORE OF MIKE. i wish this movie was three more hours long with bonus scenes for all the characters. chosen was so good as mike. his highlight scene for me was when he was delivering the meat and saw pennywise for the first time. his horror was unmistakable when he saw the burnt hands scratch at the door and his fear only escalated when he saw pennywise. some quality acting.

jaeden lieberher as bill denbrough: this boy. i felt for him. his anguish and pain from losing his brother. it was brutal. jaeden’s best moment imo, was when he was giving That Speech about how it’s easier to walk into the house with pennywise than his own, like???? i’m crying in the club??? 

bill skarsgård as pennywise: i had high expectations of bill going into this movie because i knew he could be great, and let me tell you- he did not disappoint. he was amazing! my favorite moment was when eddie/richie/bill went into the house and pennywise crawled out of that cabinet. he started mocking eddie (poor boy) and just all his mannerism?? and how he delivered his lines? so good. that entire scene was perfection, all the way to the end when he sauntered out of the room with a pole through his head.


jackson robert scott as georgie denbrough: “you’ll float too, you’ll flOAT TOO, YOU’LL FLOAT TOO”

Countdown To You | Pt. 6

Originally posted by ciutae

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 3.1k

Your soulmate clock is actually a countdown of how long your soulmate has left to live and holy shit you have to find your soulmate soon because your clock says you have three months left.” (source.)

A/N: i somehow feel like i’m getting nowhere with this fic but at the same time i also feel like we’re getting closer towards the real story you know what i mean ;; anyways SURPRISE YALL :’)) another update!!! enjoy the reading :’)

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4  | Pt. 5

As you stepped into the huge, empty amusement park, you came to the conclusion that Park Jimin was definitely a man of his words.

How- The park is empty…” you muttered as your eyes were wandering through all the empty rides and closed stalls, not even noticing that the man next to you was smiling at your shocked face. It was mid-winter, so you did not expect the amusement park to be full of excited people, but you expected at least some other people to be here. You turned your head towards your soulmate, hiding half of your face behind your red, fluffy scarf – eying him with one raised brow. “Can you at least explain to me why there is no other form of human life here?”

The only answer Jimin gave you was a soft snicker, shaking his head amusingly as he took your hand in the process. You jolted up at the simple touch, the mark on your right wrist doing its job again as you stared at Jimin with wide eyes. You did not know why, but you suddenly felt a sparkle of hope inside of you – and you did not know what kind of hope it exactly was, but you certainly knew that it felt great.

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hufflebee  asked:

if you could see one of your (amazing stunning wow) works brought to life on screen, which one would you pick? or a couple of them if you want

OO Damn Francy this is so very hard ! OO (also thank you very very much for the compliment…OO <3).

I’m going to choose more than one then ! Because I just can’t choose only one ! OO

I really want those :

I really want to see them be that relaxed and at peace, they deserve it so much…! 

And I would kill to see Alec and Aline bond ! I want the gay squad to R I S E !

haha ^^ Thank you very much for that question Francy ! *hugs* 

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Hi! I love your blog, you are super talented and you are amazing at capturing each characters personality and making each reaction unique! This is probably a super weird question for a reaction blog and I totally understand if you choose not to answer but I'm currently writing something with Arcade Gannon in it, and I'm having a really hard time capturing his character and I was wondering if you had any tips for me? You do such a great job I was thought asking you may help. Thank you so much!

Oh wow, thank you! That’s very high praise, it means a lot anyone would come to me for writing tips of any kind lol

Arcade’s entire character is someone trying to do good and make a path for himself, separate from the Enclave and his family’s past. He’s odd to nail down because he’s a realist, and is intelligent enough to know things in the real world will probably never be picture perfect, but he also wants to help the Wastes not be a rampant shithole. He’s an idealist, as J.E. Sawyer described him, and reality is often harsh on the idealist. 

He’s passionate about things, but also fairly guarded about his beliefs. I feel only those close to him even realize he stands for the things he stands for. Or that he stands for anything. Most might consider him just a condescending prick flaunting his smarts when first meeting him (and yes, sometimes he is condescending, but he very rarely means to be ), never even thinking he cares for people as deeply as he does. Because he is a person who cares. He doesn’t weep for the downtrodden, he might not go out of his way to help the way a Good karma Courier does, he isn’t a saint, he’s just a mildly introverted man who read too many books as a kid, but he does what he can to help. The fact that he’s a researcher instead of a doctor speaks volumes about his personality- he might not be at the forefront, he might not be the one people thank, he doesn’t expect praise, but he plays a part in making people’s lives better. I feel that helping, even if its often indirectly, is a big part of what makes him Arcade. He’s the kind of guy that puts spiders outside instead of squashing them. I mean, just recruit with a really low intelligence score. He might be a tiny bit ableist in his approach, but he wants to take care of the Courier if they come off as someone who needs to be taken care of.

He’s also the most honest liar you’ll ever meet. Like really, every time he tries to lie it is so adorable because he’s so bad at it, despite the fact his life is basically built on lies. It doesn’t come naturally for him. He would much rather just talk without having to filter it for the company he’s in.  

He’s bad at making friends. Not a lot of people get his literary references, and sometimes he might even feel like he’s speaking a different language, even when he’s not spouting Latin. I see him as a guy that doesn’t mind being alone, but at the end of the day, is alone. Who can he really relate to? No one has had his experiences, few see the world the way he does, so he ends up alienated from people a lot. Which suits him fine, really, but even introverts are thankful to find people that get them. If he found someone who understood or thought like him on some level, he would stick by that person through thick and thin. Just because he’s bad at making friends doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate having friends. And while he isn’t concerned with “fitting in”, I think he appreciates having a place in the world. He and his mother were on the run for a lot of his childhood, “on the fringes” as he puts it, so having somewhere to call home means a lot to him. It doesn’t even have to be a place, “home” to him can simply mean the people that are always there. People like Daisy are home to him.

The literal WORST thing you could do with him, and the fandom does this to him a lot, is make him the sassy gay friend. Arcade has his moment of sass, sure, but he is such an amazing character with so many facets to his personality that it is a disservice to reduce him down to such a hollow stereotype. That’s not to say you can’t make him funny, because he is a witty little shit and responds to a lot of things with sarcasm, but he’s also a deeply earnest person. 

Holy shit this got so long. I have… I have a lot of feelings about Arcade you guys.

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Okay so I read your explanation to that ask about Ben Barnes as Sirius and now I'm curious...who are your fancasts?

this is a,,,,,,,really good question ?¿?¿?¿ 

It’s kind of hard for me to choose someone for Sirius because i kind of imagine my dream boy…. but I’ll try my best.

Alright, I’m assuming this question is meant just for the Marauders, but I’m adding Regulus as well because i honestly love him so much.

okay. here we go. 


popular opinion: 

  • aaron taylor-johnson 

my (unpopular) opinion: 


popular opinon: 

  • andrew garfield 

my (unpopular) opinon:


popular opinon

  • jamie bell
  • dane dehann 
  • evan peters (?) 

my (unpopular) opinion 


popular opinion

  • ben barnes (ben is gorgeousssss thoooooo) 
  • ezra miller 

my (unpopular) opinion 

okay this is probs the most complicated because the Sirius in my head is kind of like a combination of different ppl, hence, he doesnt exsist lmao. but, like i say, i’ll try my best. 


popular opinon 

  • idk actually ?? halp

my (unpopular) opinon

and there you have it! feel free to message me for more!

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can you share some favorite larry fics? sorry if youve answered this before xx

I have answered this before but I literally never ever get tired of talking about my favorite stories!!!! Here are some of them in no particular order. 

1. My all time favorite story ever is Wild and Unruly by @gloriaandrews and @100percentsassy, though literally every single thing they write, together or apart, is amazing and on my favorites list. I love Wild and Unruly most though probably because I’ve worked on dances before and am a massive horse person and Dolly Parton fan and can’t believe a story exists where Harry serenades his cow named Jolene with Beyonce because like…that’s what the inside of my heart looks like all the time??? Also it’s just so real and romantic and I fucking love every second of it. 

2. Hush. by @wankerville is one of my favorite works of all time and space, too. It was one of the first fics I read in the fandom, and it stuck with me so intensely and so powerfully, like…I really feel this story so close to my heart, on such a profound level. I remember the first time read it at work and I just wept and got choked up the whole time, eyes just burning for hours. Once I finished it I felt this insane comforting warmth wash over me, like all the trauma I experienced in high school being in love with a girl who suffered from debilitating internalized homophobia had somehow been soothed or dislodged. There’s something so intimate and tender and soft about her characters, but also about just the way she writes, and it really moves me in a way I can’t accurately describe? I don’t know I just love it. I love the way she choose not to write technically perfect, and instead invents words of breaks rules to convey a feeing or tone which exists  beyond the constraints of technicality. It’s so inspired. Like, I often talk about how fan fiction as a genre is inherently reparative and restorative for queer individuals, and when I talk about that, the careful love with which @wankerville writes is exactly what I mean. 

3. My heart is breathing for this moment in time  by usedtothebeach, otherwise known as the Time Travellers Wife AU is another favorite of mine…it’s so fucking gut-wrenching and painful and REAL, and it’s SUCH a clever play on canon that I legit almost forget Louis isn’t a time traveler sometimes?! As a canon writer I just really admire how she wove the real story into her universe, it’s absolutely masterful and aside from it being well-crafted, it’s just so emotional and evocative and makes me FEEL SO MUCH. Like wow Harry pines so hard for so long and it’s so aching and ugh. I just love it, even though I hardly ever reread it because it fucking devastates me. 

4. we can take the long way home by @eleadore is one of my all time favorite stories, which is crazy because it’s literally about fertility kink and I hate mpreg and ABO as a general rule? It is seriously one of the sexiest, most intimate, most intense reads off my fucking life though, and I don’t say that lightly. I reread it ALL the time. I actually had a really really hard time choosing one of @eleadore‘s fics because every single one of them is scorchingly hot and very high on my rereading list, but the fact that this is one of the hottest stories ever and it specifically deals with a kink I usually won’t touch with a ten foot pole is a huge testament to how amazing it is. so. Honestly though, read everything she’s ever written though…her TXF fic is fucking remarkable and so is her cabin in the woods fic and the one where they play truth or dare by the pool? Help. 

5. Fuck, so @mediaville is another author I love every single thing from, but again I’m gonna pick a favorite based on the fact it has things I usually don’t dig but I’m still obsessed with it and say One Day to Believe In You. As you all know I lOVE canon fic but I tend to have a pretty strict window in the timeline where I can believably imagine them getting together….like basically anything after week two of TXF I’m like “this is canon compliant but not CANON” and have so suspend disbelief lmao. This story features a SUPER late tension break, and it still manages to be so fucking amazingly hot and believable and the confession scene leading up to the sex? Holy shit it’s hot. Like too hot to think about in public. Anyway I know you asked for larry fic but @mediaville also cowrote an AMAZING bressie fic with balefully that’s FIRE if you’re into that sort of thing. 

6. I also absolutely love To the Ends of the Earth by  @alienproof, it was one of the first canon fics I read where everything seemed really real? I also love the remote cabin love confession trope and I think it cab be a hard one to pull off. I love the tension in this story and the masturbation scene and that Harry has a cat named Neon and spends time making food for his middle aged neighbors…it just seems like a very true and tender hiatus characterization of them. And the sex scenes? Damn. 

7. I sort of feel like @mizzwilde personally wrote Young and Beautiful for me, even though she has no idea who I am, lol. I am just such a sucker for bratty private school boys doing drugs until they fall apart, and Velvet Goldmine is my all time favorite movie…fuck. it’s just so tailored to my interests that I don’t even mind that it’s 100k build with no smut lmao. It’s just a beautifully written dramatic luxurious story and everything about it is absurd and wonderful in the best way. 

8. I adore everything @loadedgunn has written (her sex scenes changed my life?) but my favorite is May We Stay Lost on Our Way Home, otherwise known as the fairy fic. Again…as a general rule, I hATE fantasy fic or stuff with magic/supernatural elements in it, but this story is so unbelievably sweet and hot and funny and real that it transcends it’s genre. I love every second of it and Louis LITERALLY HAS WINGS? Like it’s just such a gloriously written fairytale, but still manages to be distinctly Harry and Louis, which is one of my favorite things about this author: her AUs manage to be SO true to their canon characterizations that it almost feels like reading canon fic. There are parts of this story it that really touch and move me, and then it also has one of my all time favorite sex scenes in it, and then this fucking scene where like…Louis uses root bondage to hold down Harry while he magically tattoos him and the sadist/tattoo artist in me LIVES FOR IT. Basically, this fic has everything and I fucking love it. 

God this was so hard, I keep thinking of more I love! I’m gonna leave it at this though, since most of my other favorite stories are by these authors, who are all phenomenal. 


And now it is time for the third member of the hyung line, our hope, our angel who is so fucking sweet like he’s so caring and kind and warm and all he wants to do is make people happy how is he real I wanna hug him and tell him thank you bc he’s so amazing, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • This post is written in the college AU, it’s just to help set the scene a bit so college!Hoseok is right here
  • Visuals are first bc I gotta
  • Hobi always looks so good but I gotta go with the black hair, it’s always such a l o o k, especially when it’s up and the forehead is showing bc then you can see all of his face
  • Black is one of my favorite hair colors for him but the look he had for Spring Day/Not Today was so fucking cute too and so was the red hair and the blonde, moral of the story, hobi is just always cute
  • Okay but hobi’s airport style is 10/10 I always love seeing the boys’ airport outfits bc they always look so good but I love hobi’s airport looks, they’re always so coordinated and he wears a lot of black and I’m a sucker for black clothing
  • But he can also pull off different patterns, he can do the camouflage look, he can do stripes, he can do sweaters, t-shirts, anything you throw at hobi, he’s got it covered, I mean the man pulled off a bright green sweater and made it look boyfriend how the hell does someone do that plz explain
  • The looks that fits player!hobi is the all black look he did, with the black jeans, black sneakers, black t-shirt, black bag, even his hair was black and that is my s h i t all black instantly
  • But there’s another all black outfit where he had a black t-shirt but then  a red beanie and the strap of his bag was red and that is just wow idk why I love it so much but I kinda keep looking at it bc I would like a round of applause for Mr. Jung bc that look officially has me heart eyes
  • He can pull off so many different hats it’s so hard to choose just one, he can pull off bucket hats, he can do the snapback look !!! beanies, goofy hats, all the hats so I’m just gonna choose them all for player!hobi 
  • Hobi is another dater, he is a really sensitive person when it comes to emotions so just like Yoongi, one night stands aren’t really a thing
  • It’s rare for him to go that far but when he does, it’s someone he knows really well, he’s just more a lover, he prefers feeling that connection of love and it being something really meaningful to both parties involved
  • But he does love a good date, he actually lasts pretty long with his dates, he doesn’t ever confirm or deny the relationship, that’s his thing
  • He’s a carefree kid who’s just focusing on having fun and he’s not looking to get into any relationships yet, especially when he’s so busy being a TA and a dance major
  • He never stops them from calling him their boyfriend but he also calls them his friend or his date so they get a bit confused bc wait it’s been like a month how are we not together yet
  • He always dances (pun intended) around the subject and changes it super quickly bc he doesn’t wanna let them down and tell them that he’s not interested in a relationship but it’s really nothing personal, it’s not their fault, he’s just having fun and chilling out with fun people
  • He has a very approachable vibe to him like he’s not a scary person, he’s so friendly and open and he’s always smiling so people aren’t afraid to come up to him and talk to him and maybe throw in a few flirty lines
  • He would be such a cute date oh my lord, he loves going to a festival or a cute lil diner or maybe feeding ducks at the park and eating some ice cream
  • Always always always holding his date’s hand, sometimes he’ll have his arm around them but even then, he wants them to be holding his hand bc he just loves that shit
  • He’s another player that you don’t expect to be a player based on his personality
  • He’s just so bubbly and caring and he’s really doting towards his dates, he’s always asking if they’re having fun, if they’re comfortable, if they wanna go somewhere else and he makes sure they get home safe so when they find out about it, they’re just oH
  • He h a t e s the “breaking up” part bc hobi loves making people happy and he does so much to get them to smile and he’s always so energetic and cheerful so the thought of ruining someone’s entire week bc of this is heartbreaking to him
  • But he’s also not a cheater and even if he’s not in a relationship with them, he doesn’t wanna be taking them on dates and spending so much time with them and then turning around and doing the same thing with someone else so he’s gotta break it off eventually
  • But he does it very gently, he makes sure they aren’t too down about it and he always promises to stay friends
  • You always see hobi around campus
  • Here’s the thing about hobi, pretty much everyone on campus either knows hobi, knows of him or knows someone that knows him, he’s a social butterfly
  • You know all about his reputation of having someone new every month and never committing but you also know about his dance reputation and that he’s supposedly am az in g
  • So when your friend tells you he’s performing in an underground freestyle competition thing and that they’re going, you figure you’ll go and see what all the talk is about bc when people talk about his dance skills they make him out to be this incredible, breathtaking dancer that’ll make you wanna dance too
  • You had never spoken to him so it was a bit ?? when he walked up to you and greeted you like you were his best friend but then you realize he’s being flirty and while it’s flattering, you also know what the end result typically is so you politely decline his offer to get a late night snack afterwards
  • He is a bit confused bc normally people don’t reject him but it’s his turn so he doesn’t have time to keep talking to you
  • You’re blown away by how talented he is bc have you ever seen hobi dance that shit is magical, it’s so captivating and just I could go on for hours about how talented hobi is
  • You leave shortly after his turn is up bc you have a class early the next morning and you gotta sleep so hobi doesn’t get another chance to talk to until he sees you on campus two days later
  • He keeps talking to you, every time he sees you and you realize that it’s been a while since you’ve heard about him dating someone and pretty soon, he’s spent the entire term single with no dating or even flirting with other people
  • “I wanna get to know you”
  • You’re trying really hard not to fall for his charming lil smile or the way his entire face lights up whenever he sees you or the way his voice sounds when he’s tired and his words are a bit slurred together bc he’s too exhausted to put in the effort to be coherent
  • You agree to go out on a date with him during the summer bc you figure you might as well get it over with, you’re already crushing on him so it’s better to see him from the player point of view so you can move on with your lives
  • It’s so much fun, he takes you down to the beach and you walk all around the pier together and play in the sand and run from the waves and it’s just a really stress free date where you two genuinely enjoy every moment and there aren’t any awkward moments
  • You get a bit nervous around the one month mark bc you know that’s when his relationships stop but then everything stays normal, he actually takes you out to dinner for your first month anniversary and then the next thing you know, you’ve spent the entire summer and the following term with him openly calling himself your boyfriend
  • “I like being in a relationship with you, it’s funner than having to stress over breakups”
  • “I like you as a boyfriend a lot more”
  • “Maybe one day, I’ll be upgraded to husband”
  • “Ch iLL”

alright 13x02 here we go:

  • didn’t they get rid of crowley because his storyline has nowhere to go and was getting boring? and yet here’s the EXACT same storyline with crowley #2. how riveting.
  • do you ever think about how dean keeps saying everyone they’ve met who they thought were evil but then tried to save always turned out evil anyway. except for cas :’) he was the only one who didn’t
  • dean’s lil smile
  • sam’s trying so hard to be sweet to jack
  • jack was so proud of his “teleporting” i cry 
  • so donatello got a new soul from amara…this is so ridiculous and confusing. i have so many questions
  • when are we gonna get the flashback of dean taking cas to the dentist
  • dean is the number one bitter!cas stan i love my mans
  • he’s three days old and he’s already self loathing. wow he really is cas and dean’s child
  • why did we never see dean reacting to jack choosing cas as his father :(
  • it’s only been 23mins and im so bored. let it end.
  • “not many women period since the wars began” oh of course all the women were wiped out during the wars because they’re sooooo weak hahah ffs thx bucklemming
  • wait for it. ah yes there’s bucklemming’s special sexual assault segment of the program! no warning for that!
  • that bro talk was so underwhelming
  • do they ever think about the amount of property damage they do
  • “you’re hurting my friends”
  • consistency who?
  • wow. wOW. let’s just not put a trigger warning for that ending even though half our audience has suffered from depression and probably is triggered by that sorta of thing. haha yolo
  • also f u. i know dean is at a really low place right now but he would never walk in on someone who’s self harming and tell them they’re an idiot when he himself has self harmed (not in the same way i know) and then go on to tell him he’d kill him. of course bucklemming would take dean’s grieving and use it as an excuse to make him say something awful. they’re such shit writers 

one word: boring. typical bucklemming ep. i liked michael tho so that’s something. and jack is still a sweat bean. cas is back next week!!! probs only for one scene but still! and missouri, jody and patience! :D 

Neon Odyssey art style & design

Today Marks the beginning of the third week of the 2D side scrolling shoot em’ up game that I am currently making with a team of programmers and artists. At the moment we are still in the pre-production stages of the project however, this is the final week of pre-prod and there has been some great progress. 

This is a paint over mock up of a level (Art by Jessica Murphy)

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Sollux [x] Gamzee [x] Photographer [x]

Two assholes stand before you, ready to take you to the Winter Formal.

Who do you choose?

Our First Tickle Fight

Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!

Summary: Mark and Jack are members of the tfb community. They meet in person for the first time and have their first real-life one-sided tickle fight together. [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated!

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Sorey or Mikleo

Wow, first ask you drop this into my box. You guys aren’t holding back, are you?  And really, I love both of them, I really do, but if I had to choose, I’d go with Mikleo.  I mean, look at him:

No, really, look at him some more:

Like, really, one more just for Rule of Three:

Not to mention how supportive he is, how hard he works, how dedicated he is, how strong he is (emotionally and physically) … just, look, Sorey’s wonderful and all, but I’m sure he’d agree with me when I say Mikleo’s the best.  Yes, he might be my current overall character.  Mikleo’s elegance and grace and smart and beautiful and … and … he’s just amazing okay?  (Sorry, Kurama, you had a great 15 year run, but I’ve got a new favorite now.)

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Hey Hypaa! New to the blog! So lemme ask you something--when is the first time you met Iggy and how did you fall for him? And what makes you fall for him? Serious question here!


It only took maybe five minutes for me to fall for Ignis because I’m trash. Also, love at first sight is a thing when it comes to fictional characters.

Me: Wow, look at this traveling boy band, lookin like they came straight outta high school with they Hot Topic gear on but-

Me: … alright so… he’s… pretty attractive… *fidgets nervously, keeps looking at him as scenes go by* Ignis, huh? Okay it’s too soon to be choosing a favorite they barely got out of Insomnia and you don’t know what he’s really like-

Me: *swallows tightly* Okay, British voice actor for the English dub, I’m liking it… a lot, but keep your pants on Hypaa it’s not that deep, why is he wearing gloves all the time? Not like I’m looking that hard at his hands or anything like that-


… so yeah, an abridged version of how I became ultimate Ignis trash.

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which songs do you think have the most meaning out of all the songs bts has sung/made/whateve u wanna call it?? or like choose a few of them if u can’t choose one.

wow choosing one is really hard lol. but really i think that people will choose whatever bts song they find to be the most ‘’meaningful’’ based on what they themselves value the most. so personally for me i find whalien 52 to be the most meaningful, bc i can relate with that strange internal feeling of loneliness even if i’m not alone? there’s no answer to fixing that emotion. it’s just there, even after you’ve spent hours with your friends or whoever, once you’re alone and by yourself again, you almost feel even more lonely than before. so whalien 52 is definitely the most meaningful to me. but as for others, sea is definitely one that i find really meaningful bc it shows bts’ worries. bc yeah we’ve got our mic drops and our baepsae’s but beneath all of that they are still very much aware of where they’ve come from. bc like yeah it’s a nice, beautiful ocean right now where they get to play spin the bottle with what gucci outfit they want to wear today, but they can’t help but remember that it was once a desert where they were so broke that they had to all sleep in the same room. so i love sea bc it just shows there worries and i just find it so nice that they’re willing to share those with us. others that’re really meaningful are tomorrow and move. they sort of show this strange feeling of knowing that things are always changing, but also that that can be a good thing bc maybe you’re moving onto something great, but it can also be a scary thing bc no one likes uncertainty. lastly i think that spring day is really meaningful as well. it’s lyrics can seem more leaned towards a love song if you just take it for surface value, but if you interpret it in other ways it’s very meaningful. also just saying when yoongi said ‘i want to see you, but i’ll forget about you, because it hurts less than hating you’ i felt that shit ricochet through my soul guys for real

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Could I please get a fic where reader is the object of both Stan's and Cole's affections and while they try and stay friends on camera, it's tough when she's on OTS with them? Preferably smut but fluff is fine too! I love your work!!!

A/N - Oh man, I know I say this a lot (because I do in fact have a lot of things that I would classify as ‘‘my jam’‘) but one of my numerous jams is boys being super competitive over a shared lady-interest! And this was a damn good team-up that I’ve actually thought about before! I had to hold back a little, mainly just to keep the fic at a reasonably length, but I hope this is still good for you, friend! Also, hey, savour my awful attempts at switching perspectives, as though I’m trying to be a real writer or something!

Pairing - Cole x Reader x Stan

Warnings - Swearing, sex, a poor suffering OTS host.

Word Count - 2, 386

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How did you do the announcements/rules images? Because they look so cool!!!

Hey friend!

Wow, I’m so glad you like them!! I’m working very hard on them! So I have multiple templates laid out for the different social media, because they require different sizes and resolutions. The first thing I did was choose a color palette, the blues and greens that are from the site. From there I just went to google and downloaded a bunch of “seafoam green” and “teal” aesthetic backgrounds that were marked for use with modification. From there, I apply filters, play with transparency.

It’s about layering things and using the color palette, and picking matching fonts! I’m really happy you noticed!


Six movies I’ll always watch

I was tagged by @imrollingmyeyes. Thank you, Sara! <3

my list is so boring! and sorry there will be more than 6 movies lol

1) Dunkirk (i haven’t seen it yet. But i have to ‘cause my bae Harry is there);

2) Back to the Future 1, 2 *yup*

3) Guardians of the Galaxy 1, 2 (i love my space losers);

4) The Matrix (all parts *oops*); 

5) The Mummy (1999);

6) Charlie’s Angels 1,2.

I tag: @yofriesenburg, @accordingtomel, @dylobrians, @chelseamariep, @blastobutter,  @complexbitcheve24.

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Hello, you have been identified as An Awesome Fic Writer™. Congrats, you rock! So that all of your readers can shower you with some extra love today, please tell us your favourite five stories of yours and why you like them and then send this to another five fic authors you think deserve this title!

wow, er, wow!
well. hem. first, thank you; and now for the flailing - i really suck at choosing, so… it’s going to be hard. i can be very critical of my stuff, and when a story of mine is jossed because canon moved on i want to throw it all away - if i don’t it’s only because 1/ i try to tell myself it would be cowardly (but what i actually do is think very hard about other stuff) and 2/ i can enjoy jossed stories as a reader, although not always and 3/ i remember as a reader being so often disappointed i couldn’t find a story someone had mentioned… i don’t know if mine are *ever* mentioned, but who knows! 
anyway, this is why it’s taking me so long to answer this… and also most people i could think of tagging have already been, so… oops. sorry again.

this is probably Lucifer-related, so i’ll just sweep the one Good Omens story and the very, very old (& old skool) Kirk/Spock ones under the carpet, mmmkay ;-) and while I’m at it, my older Lucifer stories? canon has made them irrelevant or at least feel wrong to me.
as a reader, i enjoy longer fics with plot, but i usually write Deckerstar-ish, short-to-medium-length fics even if the relationship is not necessarily the focus of the story but just a consequence, a side dish or even only a background thing.
i like and hate my fics all equally at the same time, so i really don’t know what to say, but i’ll try. it just feels like i’m always writing the same stuff, more or less… so i don’t know which ones to pick, especially since i’m never able to make up my mind for anything as a rule and saying anything positive about myself feels like shameless self-aggrandizing behaviour.

so let’s see… maybe sand castles and building blocks, because it’s the first de-aged Lucifer I remember in the fandom and kid!Lucifer was fun to write?
well i also like whumping him, and while finding the balance between believable & story-justified whump and comfort while not steering too far from RL plausibility can be hard, i did like sending him to a hospital. I’m uncomfortable physically hurting Chloe because she’s already ended several times in hospital in two short seasons and she’s more breakable than him, so… he’s my fave woobie, i guess.

i often get comments about how sad readers were / how much they cried because some people seem to think my stories are often sad - i insist they aren’t and that there’s always a happy ending, even if it’s set in the afterlife ;-) but i tend to like fics that tackle those big issues - death, aging, and what happens when people of different natures are friends or lovers, when you see them die and when they don’t age. And also, the general suckiness of life.
but, otoh, i don’t see death as necessarily a sad ending; not in a fandom where the afterlife is canon and - more than that - where if you go the Lucifer/Chloe route you have to find a way that does not lead to everlasting sadness when one goes to heaven and the other… can’t. and Chloe choosing hell or eternity on earth, meaning she’s apart from those she loves? Lucifer becoming human is a thing that gives me the creeps too, so… nope, not for me ;-) so i try to find ways for the gang to have a happier ending that “everybody died, Lucifer angsted over his piano for the rest of eternity, the end.”

so anyway, because of those SAAAD comments, i tried to fluff too but apparently even when i fluff as hard as i can it’s not pure fluff. oops? so, er, maybe the valentine story or the Lucifer baby-sits Trixie one? i don’t know. the ending of the first blind-sided everyone including me, and the second felt terribly tooth-decaying, but i think it was the first time i purposefully set out to write properly fl00ffy fluff and it was part of the month of fluff i did last December to try and make myself, well, stop making the readers who wandered on to my stories leave “i am SAD” comments - it was not 100% successful but i did try my hand at fluff and humour that month (okay, i giggled while writing Nyarlathot’elf but really i didn’t know about these eldritch horrors and they are now one more reason for me to fear and dislike that season… so thank you for that, @benfael ;-) 

i should add ora pro nobis because i almost managed to insert an actual investigation plot (well, the closest i’ve ever come to at least) in there, among the religious nods and the usual feels… i was happy to manage to write a few longer (for me) fics lately, especially this summer. i didn’t think i could do several.

i committed some not Deckerstar-centric fics too, and i’ve really liked trying to delve into other characters’ heads. It feels strange at first, less familiar than my usual version of Lucifer and Chloe - am i doing Amenadiel justice, does Ella sound like Ella, what about Maze’s voice, is Linda the right mix of insightful and fun with hidden depths, is Dan sufficiently Dan-ish? (yes, sorry, i love bad puns) so while i’m not necessarily happy with them, and while they can be a challenge, i’m glad at least i tried?

i usually try to give screen (page?) time to all the characters as in the show, to give them quirks and things to do and say. I tried to do that with Candy before 2x14 aired, so of course now it’s totally jossed but it was nice to try and imagine a Candy and her motivations. i also sometimes have fun with recurring OCs like Ebony or Jesus (under several aliases), Jesus’ mum, and even Candy herself (gave her a son once because why not). but i also worry i’m overdoing it, going too far from canon, into topics no one cares about, or that i go overboard, or not enough, when trying to be more inclusive. how much is too much? how little is not enough?

right, so i totally didn’t do what i was asked to do, imma post this and forget about it now, sorry about this pointless logorrhea…