wow this was really hard to choose


So everyone knows that there are a ton of people on (mostly) Instagram and other places that post other peoples art without giving them credit (sometimes they even refuse after you ask them nicely), so heres a little tutorial for all you guys out there that “found the drawing on Google and couldnt find a link or any kind of source to the original artist” 

heres just an example :) 

wow look at all that art to choose from!

Is it really that hard to do?


Some FrUk at war practises

Get to know me

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Name: Fiona
Nickname: non
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Scorpion
Height: 5′4
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Favorite Color: red, green and purple
Favorite Animal: all kind of cats
Average Hours of Sleep: 9
Cat or Dog Person: Cat definitely
Favorite Fictional Character: wow thats a hard question… there are soo many….but if I really have to choose…maybe Hermione
Number of Blankets I sleep with:One blanket
Favorite Singer/Band: Itchy Poopzkid
Dream Trip: Probably to Ireland, Scotland and England
Dream Job: something with books
When Was Your Blog Created:January 2017
Current Number of Followers: 14
What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: Books and fandom stuff

IKE: I’m not saying they like me, but if I really had to choose…
IKE: Let me think…
IKE: On the one hand is a guy that barely talks to me…

IKE: And on the other hand is a guy that always calls me ‘nerd‘…

IKE: Wow. What a hard decision.

IKE: Really?
RUBY: Yeah, he pretty much confirmed it.
IKE: … Oh. Well, that’s, uh, kinda cute.

youaresoooloved  asked:

What's your favorite place in the Netherlands and why?

Wow this is really a hard question! I really can’t choose just 1 place, I’m afraid. 

I am completely in love with Amsterdam, our capital. I love to roam that city and browse shops there.

I also love all the nature around my hometown, because it’s such a great variety. We have lakes, rivers, forests and meadows. So as a runner and hiker, for me the possibilities to discover a new spot or visit an old favourte one are just endless! 

It’s truth hour! Ask you questions you’ve always wanted to - anon or not.

I didn’t answer these because it’s honestly too hard on my mobile and I’m too lazy to usually sit at my computer…but I have time now! Sooo here we go:

Name Your Favourite:

  1. Place - NYC
  2. Person - My husband and my son
  3. Color - Green
  4. Food - Oh man…ummmmm…my husband’s tuna pasta bake
  5. Smell - Riley’s breath
  6. Book - Wish You Well by David Baldacci
  7. Movie - Forest Gump
  8. Music artist - That’s too hard to choose, but I really adore Lior
  9. Genre of music - Acoustic
  10. Genre of literature - Lame chick lit
  11. Magazine - Natural Parenting
  12. Texture - Squishy grass
  13. Time of day - Early morning
  14. Day of the week - Saturday
  15. Tumblr - Probably Sophie’s piece of shit blog; I check it every day…
  16. Thing to do when bored - Tumblr, Facebook, catch up on the blogs I read, nap…it’s hard to be bored with a 15 week old
  17. Celebrity - *shrug*
  18. Class in school - Ancient History
  19. Website other than Tumblr - Facebook I guess…
  20. Drink - Lemon, Lime & Bitters
  21. Precious stone - Rose quartz
  22. Animal - Dog
  23. Flower - Gerbera
  24. Time in history - Prehistoric
  25. Font - Not comic sans baha
  26. Video game - Mass Effect
  27. TV show - Also really hard to choose…at the moment Falling Skies and iZombie
  28. Play - The stage production of The Lion King was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen
  29. Sound - Riley giggling
  30. Fruit - Oranges, nectarines and berries
  31. Vegetable - Cauliflower
  32. Store/shop - ASOS, free postage, weeeeee
  33. Article of clothing you own - My Fallout New Vegas hoodie
  34. Fashion/style - homeless hippy chic
  35. Pattern - Paisley
  36. Workout - Hiking
  37. Quote - “ Your name is a golden bell hung in my heart. I would break my body to pieces to call you once by your name.”
  38. Historical figure - Mary Read
  39. Boy’s name - Riley hehehe
  40. Girl’s name - Willow
  41. Potato chip flavor - Original
  42. Meal of the day - Breakfast
  43. Ice cream flavor - Hazelnut chocolate
  44. Soda - Lemonade
  45. Popcorn flavor - salty buttered original
  46. Season - Winter
  47. Month of the year - the coldest one…fuck you Queensland heat
  48. Word - I don’t know…
  49. Disney princess - Merida
  50. Insult -  “I’ll explain and I’ll use small words so that you’ll be sure to understand, you warthog faced buffoon.” - The Princess Bride
  51. Joke - Sophie’s face
  52. Cussword - Fuck
  53. Letter - …I don’t have one
  54. YouTube channel - Umm…my drunk kitchen is pretty funny
  55. Eye color - Blue
  56. Memory - My wedding day
  57. Dessert - All of them
  58. Candy - Sour things
  59. Restaurant - Pawpaw Cafe
  60. Lifehack - Practice gratitude…doesn’t sound like a hack but it really helps me when I feel like shit
  61. Language - Hawaiian 
  62. Thing to learn about - Peaceful parenting
  63. Thing about yourself - My compassion
Pugardens’ Faves !!

wow okay it was really hard to choose a decent amount of blogs because each blog was so wonderfully amazing (this was rly difficult for me yikes) and i ended up picking 30 blogs instead of 15 bc wow so many nice blogs but anywayyyyyyyyyyyy here are my faves !! (alphabetical order ofc)

aliiens almondfriend arthsybee artpuppies artsloot beegogh beegonia bpddad cactuzkid cheerrywine cinemapal cutegogh emotionalpeach florahlkid gardence lattesprout milkshakecult moonybud nectarain nectarineking pastel-poetry plantbear pugfuhl ricebud saltyqueer soykidddo suckulentkid sunnysprout wildflowerkid

woo !! I’ll make the actual page when I change my theme (so like @ 1am)

everyone should go follow them bc they all have A++ blogs !!