wow this was long overdue


Wow this is long overdue so I hope you all enjoy this! ♥

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1715

“Don’t avoid me.”

“Are we really just friends?”

“What are we?”

“Look me in the eyes.”

The realization that you were being ignored by Jungkook came to you three days after him snapping at you. It’s now day seven of his perpetual efforts to ignore you, this was absolutely the longest you two have ever gone without speaking and it didn’t take long for all of the boys including your brother to figure out that you two were in a ‘tiff’ as he would say.

You didn’t know what to feel, sure you two have argued before but nothing has ever happened to make either of you completely shut the other out. Your stomach tightened just thinking about how you could’ve upset Jungkook, you didn’t think you said anything wrong. Just a friend. That’s all you two have ever been but now you weren’t so sure. Hell, after what happened you were pretty sure you two weren’t just friends but that’s what you had to tell your brother. Jungkook knew you had to tell Jimin that, Jimin suddenly flipped the switch on you telling you that he didn’t like the fact that Jungkook liked you and you panicked, you had to say something or else Jimin would’ve had you go back home to your apartment instead of spending the next week with the boys. You knew you had to go back home eventually, seven days exactly but you were more focused on getting Jungkook to talk to you instead of ignoring for what seemed like the rest of your known existence.

You sighed again as you plopped down against his bed, you decided that you needed to talk to him even if he didn’t want to. You weren’t in the mood to be around all of the other boys anyways, they were rather loud today and you were already feeling a headache form in the front of your head. You let out a yawn when you realized just how tired you really were. You didn’t get any sleep last night as you were up thinking, you honestly hated when you did this to yourself. You’d always end up staying up until the wee hours of the night thinking about things, whether it be things that happened in the past or whatever was going on in your life now.

The sound of the door opening and shutting instantly had your head snapping up and locking eyes with who you were waiting for. “Jungkook.” It took maybe a good three seconds for Jungkook to realize this is where you had been the whole time and instantly turned around to face his door, his door opened and you realized he was trying to leave. “God, don’t avoid me.” You snap, you didn’t mean to but you heard all of the attitude and frustration you had been trying to hold in come out in those four words. Jungkook just simply closed the door, switching the lock on the door and proceeded to lean against it. His arms crossed over his chest and you had expected him to say something but he continued to stay silent. You let out another sigh as you knew he wasn’t going to talk first.

When the frustration builds in you again you could almost feel as if you were about to explode, you bit down on your tongue as you let out a harsh breath of air. “Listen I’m sorry.” You start out, eyes leaving Jungkook’s frame to go down to your fingers. You wanted to whine and rant out how it wasn’t even your fault but you kept that part of you inside and refrained from another argument you literally didn’t have the time for. You didn’t want to say words you don’t mean and be hurtful causing you to end up losing him for good, or at least the remaining time you had in the dorm. “I didn’t think what I said to Jimin would cause you to ignore me for this long…or at all if I’m being honest.” You raised your head quickly to find Jungkook’s eyes plastered on you, your attention quickly went back to your hands. “I just don’t know why you’re so mad at me Jungkook, I know you heard what Jimin said so you knew I couldn’t say-”

“Are we really just friends?” Jungkook interrupted you easily, his words making you freeze for a second before you found yourself more interested in your fingers than him now.

You’re good at making distractions for yourself, if it was to distract you during school or in sticky situations that you always happen to put yourself in then you could easily get yourself distracted. The truth is you didn’t know what you were with Jungkook. Did you like him? Was what Jimin said true? You didn’t even get a straight answer from Jungkook when he was in your room a week ago, so you couldn’t help but have mixed feelings of the relationship you and Jungkook now have. Was this all leading to a friends with benefits type thing? You didn’t want that, you knew that already. You’ve dealt with stupid boys who just want sex with no feelings attached and you just weren’t the type of person for that.

“(Y/N).” His voice disrupted your thoughts, your head snapped up and stayed up as you stared back at him. “I don’t know, Jungkook.” You say.

“Well why not!” Jungkook instantly snapped at you pushing himself off of the door and took a few steps towards his bed. He looked angry, the frustration was taking over his body, and you knew that just by looking at him. His hand clenched into a fist but you knew you had nothing to worry about, Jungkook has never laid a hand on you or any of the boys, even when he got angry he’d just blow off steam and leave the room. He had no choice to stay in his bedroom with you so he had to stay angry with you right in front of him.

“I said I don’t know, don’t you under-”

“Then what are we?” He interrupted you again huffing out the words in a single breath. He began to shift the weight from each leg, while you did this when you were either uncomfortable or embarrassed Jungkook did this when he was angry and couldn’t walk away from the argument he was in. He had to hold back the words he really wanted to say, he knew no good would come out of them and that he’d instantly regret them later. He also knew his anger was only coming from him being hurt. It wasn’t a lie that he had some sort of feelings for you, he admitted them somewhat to you when he ended up waiting for you in your bed last week but he even knew he wasn’t completely clear with you and the dream he had of you was the only thing that was stuck on his brain. “You have to know because you wouldn’t have waiting for me in my bed all this time if you didn’t-”

“I said I didn’t know!” You yelled now interrupting him, you slapped your hands against your thighs in infuriation of him. “If I don’t know then I don’t know!” Jungkook crossed his arms over is chest again and huffed out a sigh, his eyes narrowed sending daggers down at you and you just felt more anger fill up in you at the audacity he has at being angry at you. “You know what Jungkook, whatever.” You rolled your eyes and quickly got off of his bed. You didn’t want to deal with any of the argument that was still lingering in the room, you two have barely been in the room for longer than fifteen minutes and you already wanted to tear off his head as he just wanted you to answer him. He watched you as you made way towards him but was left dumbfounded when you passed him completely and reached for the door unlocking it and opening it slightly.

Jungkook’s hand easily slammed the door shut when you opened it. “You’re not leaving.” He spoke lowly, almost sounding like a growl. “You wanted to talk so talk.” He said moving in front of you relocking the door and putting his weight against the door now.

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore.” You simply said staring back up to him. The anger in you was gone and you simply just didn’t care anymore. All of the fight you had in you was drained out and that was something Jungkook instantly noticed. He exhaled while he let his head fall back against the door and close his eyes momentarily. Seeing you give up so easily caused his anger to diminish and the urge for an answer rushed back into his mind. He opened his eyes and looked down seeing you still in front of him. He pushed himself off of the door and brought his hands to you letting them drop to your shoulders and run down your arms. You felt the familiar feeling in your stomach and you wanted to step away from him but you couldn’t. The only thing you could do was divert your eyes from his and look at anything else but him. To your luck you couldn’t find anything so you did what you always did and looked down at your fingers. You felt Jungkook’s hands tighten around your arms slightly and you just sighed again.

“Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t have any feelings for me.” Jungkook said, his voice came out quiet almost in a whisper as if he didn’t want anyone eavesdropping to hear.

You didn’t know what it was that was inside of you but you couldn’t move, your whole body froze and you didn’t know what to say. Your eyes stayed glued to your fingers though nothing was running around in your mind. It was as if you completely shut down. You closed your eyes briefly and took in a deep breath, you exhaled slowly trying to get the right words to come out but you could only think of two before raising your head back up to Jungkook and took a step back. “I can’t.” You said before taking another step back. “I can’t because I do.”

hey guys!!! if you still haven’t gotten used to my new url, I used to be flowerboyeol! wow this is so long overdue but I honestly just felt like making this the other day so I did! my 2nd anniversary of this tumblr passed last month and so I would like to do this ff in celebration of that!! I honestly have no idea why I haven’t made this sooner! 

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I love all of the people who follow me!! thanks for sticking with me even though I have disappeared for an uncertain amount of time a couple of times! thanks for sticking with me even though I changed my bias groups so many times! thanks for sticking with me through 2 years of my life, especially those who have followed me for a while!

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