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Pairing: USUK/Libertea
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 3,238
In progress/Complete
Misc: Omegaverse AU, mpreg, weird pregnancy cravings, terrible treatment of pancakes
Summary: Alfred would do anything for Arthur. Even if that means putting up with his really, really, really gross pregnancy cravings.
A/N: @bluekujira wanted omegaverse pregnant pancake fluff so we doin it lads. Several weeks late.

Alfred had read up a lot about pregnancy since he and Arthur had decided to have children. He knew the best techniques to reduce back pain, he knew the best medicines and teas to soothe morning sickness, he’d even started looking up the best foot massages for when Arthur’s ankles inevitably began to feel the strain of carrying a watermelon around. But at eleven thirty on a tuesday night he was starting to wonder why he hadn’t looked into cravings more seriously than browsing a chatroom of alpha fathers talking about the odd things their mates had eaten. Alfred at least thanked whatever powers there were that Arthur hadn’t demanded he retrieve pickles and custard like some poor guy on the chatroom; the very thought of it made him gag.

But that didn’t make Arthur’s sudden sitting up in bed demanding pancakes any less inconvenient.

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Pairing: Tim/Damian
Theme: Fear


After that night, neither one mentioned what transpired. A week later, Tim was passing Damian down the narrow, poorly lit hallway. Damian kept his gaze pointed forward, focusing on a spot beyond Tim’s head and Tim only spared the other a second’s glance before crossing paths and continuing his decent downstairs.

At dinner, they argued like normal. Tim thinks it was Damian that started it this time. Bruce didn’t even bother shooting them his stern look. He merely sighed, leaving the table and the bickering for Dick to handle, their older brother obviously trying to cater to both sides, but Tim always thought he was more bias towards Damian.

“He’s ten, Timmy. You have to remember that.”

It annoyed the living hell out of him. The insinuation that since Tim was older, he should be the mature one and “let Damian win”, per say, and how Dick would call him Timmy as if the warm, pet name could soften the betrayal.

He always chose Damian over him. Even though Tim was there first.

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3. warm sunsets full of love

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 2.7k

Genre: Fluff (So much sweetness your teeth will probs rot)

Author’s Note: Inspired by a post made by a blog that no longer exists, this was so long overdue, but wow, I finished a series!! (sort of, let me just have my moment here). Hope you enjoy the cheesiest three part series I will ever write, and thanks for reading!

First in the series: sweet raspberry lemonade in the summer
Second in the series: fleeting goodbyes and hasty kisses

Music Recommendation

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Timmy Todd - Part 4

Yay!! Part 4!! Timmy and Jason finally meet!


Driving to the Manor was one of the most terrifying things you have ever done. It was more terrifying than taking on the Joker while pregnant, then facing Bruce’s wrath, more terrifying than seeing the love of your life for the first time in almost four years.

“Are you okay, mommy?” Timmy asks from the back seat

“Yeah, pumpkin. I’m just a little nervous about having everyone together”


“Well, because it’s been awhile since your daddy saw Grandpa, and this will be the first time you have ever seen him”

“Why haven’t I ever seen daddy before? Doesn’t he love me?”

Pulling over on the side of the road, you turn around to face your son, “Of course he loves you, sweetheart. I don’t want you to ever doubt that. We all love you so, so much, Timmy. Your daddy had to go away for a while, so he didn’t get to see you, but he’s back now”

“You said that daddy was dead” Tim looks at you, confused.

“I know, I thought he was dead for a very long time, but he isn’t, he’s alive, and he wants to meet you”

“Why didn’t he tell you?” You son tightens his arms around his bear, the same bear that Jason had when he lived at the Manor, “Why did he stay away? He hurt you lots, mommy”

“I know he did, baby, but we have to forgive people that we love.”

“You still love, daddy?”

“Yeah, I really do love him, and I love you”

Tim grinned and leaned forward, wrapping one are around you, and giving you a peck on the cheek, “Love you too, mommy. Can we go now? I wanna get to Grandpa’s house ‘fore Uncle Duck eats all o’ Papa A’s cookies”

You chuckle, “You promise to make sure I get a cookie too?”


“Alright, then we can go! We gotta beat Uncle Duck!”

You were the first to arrive at the Manor, and as soon as Tim was unbuckled Dick pulled up on his motorcycle. The two boys took one look at each other and took off toward the house.

“Don’t run inside!! That goes for you too, Dick”

Bruce is the one to greet you when you finally make it into the house, “I received a call from Jason last night”

Feigning innocence you glance up a Bruce, “What did he want?”

“You are a terrible liar, I know you talked to him. He said that he would be coming to dinner tonight, and that he wanted to have a talk. He hasn’t even wanted to be in the same room as any of us since he got back, and now all of a sudden he wants to talk”

“I don’t know what to tell you, B. Maybe he’s finally ready to man up. I mean he said htat he wanted to meet his son, and I had a few conditions. Just be grateful and try not to mess any of this up”

You walk away, you really don’t want Tim to eat too many cookies, it would spoil his dinner.

Dinner was almost ready and there was still no sign of Jason. You were starting to doubt that he would even show up when there was a knock on the door.

“Mommy, is that daddy?”

“I don’t know, sweetheart. Wait, Timmy!!!”

Your son took off toward the front door, skidding around the corner, and barreling into the back of Alfred’s legs. “Master Timothy, I do believe that your mother has told you not to run indoors, correct?”

“Yes, Papa, ‘m sorry”

“You were eager, I will allow forgiveness just this once, but in the future be mindful of the rules”

You look past Alfred and your son to see Jason standing awkwardly on the front porch, “You should know that you don’t have to knock, Jay”

“Wasn’t sure how welcome I was” he mumbled trying to see around Alfred.

“Mommy, is it daddy?”

Jason’s eyes widened when Timmy stepped out from behind Alfred. Seeing the two next to each other made their similarities much more noticeable. Anyone could definitely tell that Tim was Jason’s son, and you watched as that realization hit Jason.

“Yeah buddy. I’m your daddy”

Tim gives Jason a shy smile, before hiding behind you. You crouch down, “Why don’t you go and give your daddy a hug, sweetheart? I think he would really like that”

Your son nods and turns toward his father, “Can-Can I have a hug?”

“Of course you can, you can have as many hugs as you want”

The joy on Tim’s face breaks your heart. You hadn’t realized just how nervous and afraid your son was until he wasn’t anymore

Jason looks up at you over your son’s head, “Thank you” he whispers. Quickly scooping Tim up, Jason heads into the house, pausing when he sees Bruce, Dick, and Damian, but giving them a nod and a small smile.

Dinner was, thankfully, uneventful. Timmy ended up sitting between you and Jason, and had decided to bring his father up to speed with everything that he had missed.

“Sometimes mommy gets really sad, and Uncle Duck and Uncle Dami have to come get me so we can have a sleepover. Grandpa says that mommy is sad because you died. But you’re not dead, so now mommy doesn’t have to be sad anymore!”

“What did I tell you about talking to people about mommy’s sad days?”

Tim immediately averts his eyes and mumbles out, “’m not supposed to tell people that mommy gets sad when she doesn’t take her candies”

“That’s right. Now, since everyone is done eating, why don’t you and Uncle Duck and Dami go watch a movie, while daddy and grandpa talk.”

Tim sniffles, “’m sorry, mommy”

You sigh and pick Tim up, “I know, but you know that I don’t like to talk about it, and I’m so sorry that you have to see me like that sometimes” ducking your head down you catch Tim’s eye, “but I love you”

“Love you too, mommy. Can you cuddle with me?”

“I have to help Papa clean up, but after that we can all watch whatever movie you want. Does that sound good?”

Timmy sniffles, “yeah” He reached toward his Uncles, “Come on Uncle Duck, you promised to help me build Legos!”

You can’t help but chuckle at how easily distractible your son is. Turning back to the two men still sitting at the table, you raise one eyebrow, “So am I going to have to lock you in a room together, or are you going to talk out your problems like civilized adults?”

Jason is the first to speak, “Well, old man, it looks like we are going to be having a pow-wow.”

“Something that is long overdue, Jason”

You nod, watching as the two men walk into Bruce’s study and close the door. You really hope that they can get their problems solved. Timmy needs his father in his life, and Jason needs to start expressing his anger is constructive ways, ways that don’t involve killing people. Because you have already made up your mind. If this family doesn’t start fixing itself, you are taking your son and you are leaving Gotham. You would do anything for Timmy, even leave behind the only family you have ever know, and the love of your life.


Wow this is long overdue so I hope you all enjoy this! ♥

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1715

“Don’t avoid me.”

“Are we really just friends?”

“What are we?”

“Look me in the eyes.”

The realization that you were being ignored by Jungkook came to you three days after him snapping at you. It’s now day seven of his perpetual efforts to ignore you, this was absolutely the longest you two have ever gone without speaking and it didn’t take long for all of the boys including your brother to figure out that you two were in a ‘tiff’ as he would say.

You didn’t know what to feel, sure you two have argued before but nothing has ever happened to make either of you completely shut the other out. Your stomach tightened just thinking about how you could’ve upset Jungkook, you didn’t think you said anything wrong. Just a friend. That’s all you two have ever been but now you weren’t so sure. Hell, after what happened you were pretty sure you two weren’t just friends but that’s what you had to tell your brother. Jungkook knew you had to tell Jimin that, Jimin suddenly flipped the switch on you telling you that he didn’t like the fact that Jungkook liked you and you panicked, you had to say something or else Jimin would’ve had you go back home to your apartment instead of spending the next week with the boys. You knew you had to go back home eventually, seven days exactly but you were more focused on getting Jungkook to talk to you instead of ignoring for what seemed like the rest of your known existence.

You sighed again as you plopped down against his bed, you decided that you needed to talk to him even if he didn’t want to. You weren’t in the mood to be around all of the other boys anyways, they were rather loud today and you were already feeling a headache form in the front of your head. You let out a yawn when you realized just how tired you really were. You didn’t get any sleep last night as you were up thinking, you honestly hated when you did this to yourself. You’d always end up staying up until the wee hours of the night thinking about things, whether it be things that happened in the past or whatever was going on in your life now.

The sound of the door opening and shutting instantly had your head snapping up and locking eyes with who you were waiting for. “Jungkook.” It took maybe a good three seconds for Jungkook to realize this is where you had been the whole time and instantly turned around to face his door, his door opened and you realized he was trying to leave. “God, don’t avoid me.” You snap, you didn’t mean to but you heard all of the attitude and frustration you had been trying to hold in come out in those four words. Jungkook just simply closed the door, switching the lock on the door and proceeded to lean against it. His arms crossed over his chest and you had expected him to say something but he continued to stay silent. You let out another sigh as you knew he wasn’t going to talk first.

When the frustration builds in you again you could almost feel as if you were about to explode, you bit down on your tongue as you let out a harsh breath of air. “Listen I’m sorry.” You start out, eyes leaving Jungkook’s frame to go down to your fingers. You wanted to whine and rant out how it wasn’t even your fault but you kept that part of you inside and refrained from another argument you literally didn’t have the time for. You didn’t want to say words you don’t mean and be hurtful causing you to end up losing him for good, or at least the remaining time you had in the dorm. “I didn’t think what I said to Jimin would cause you to ignore me for this long…or at all if I’m being honest.” You raised your head quickly to find Jungkook’s eyes plastered on you, your attention quickly went back to your hands. “I just don’t know why you’re so mad at me Jungkook, I know you heard what Jimin said so you knew I couldn’t say-”

“Are we really just friends?” Jungkook interrupted you easily, his words making you freeze for a second before you found yourself more interested in your fingers than him now.

You’re good at making distractions for yourself, if it was to distract you during school or in sticky situations that you always happen to put yourself in then you could easily get yourself distracted. The truth is you didn’t know what you were with Jungkook. Did you like him? Was what Jimin said true? You didn’t even get a straight answer from Jungkook when he was in your room a week ago, so you couldn’t help but have mixed feelings of the relationship you and Jungkook now have. Was this all leading to a friends with benefits type thing? You didn’t want that, you knew that already. You’ve dealt with stupid boys who just want sex with no feelings attached and you just weren’t the type of person for that.

“(Y/N).” His voice disrupted your thoughts, your head snapped up and stayed up as you stared back at him. “I don’t know, Jungkook.” You say.

“Well why not!” Jungkook instantly snapped at you pushing himself off of the door and took a few steps towards his bed. He looked angry, the frustration was taking over his body, and you knew that just by looking at him. His hand clenched into a fist but you knew you had nothing to worry about, Jungkook has never laid a hand on you or any of the boys, even when he got angry he’d just blow off steam and leave the room. He had no choice to stay in his bedroom with you so he had to stay angry with you right in front of him.

“I said I don’t know, don’t you under-”

“Then what are we?” He interrupted you again huffing out the words in a single breath. He began to shift the weight from each leg, while you did this when you were either uncomfortable or embarrassed Jungkook did this when he was angry and couldn’t walk away from the argument he was in. He had to hold back the words he really wanted to say, he knew no good would come out of them and that he’d instantly regret them later. He also knew his anger was only coming from him being hurt. It wasn’t a lie that he had some sort of feelings for you, he admitted them somewhat to you when he ended up waiting for you in your bed last week but he even knew he wasn’t completely clear with you and the dream he had of you was the only thing that was stuck on his brain. “You have to know because you wouldn’t have waiting for me in my bed all this time if you didn’t-”

“I said I didn’t know!” You yelled now interrupting him, you slapped your hands against your thighs in infuriation of him. “If I don’t know then I don’t know!” Jungkook crossed his arms over is chest again and huffed out a sigh, his eyes narrowed sending daggers down at you and you just felt more anger fill up in you at the audacity he has at being angry at you. “You know what Jungkook, whatever.” You rolled your eyes and quickly got off of his bed. You didn’t want to deal with any of the argument that was still lingering in the room, you two have barely been in the room for longer than fifteen minutes and you already wanted to tear off his head as he just wanted you to answer him. He watched you as you made way towards him but was left dumbfounded when you passed him completely and reached for the door unlocking it and opening it slightly.

Jungkook’s hand easily slammed the door shut when you opened it. “You’re not leaving.” He spoke lowly, almost sounding like a growl. “You wanted to talk so talk.” He said moving in front of you relocking the door and putting his weight against the door now.

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore.” You simply said staring back up to him. The anger in you was gone and you simply just didn’t care anymore. All of the fight you had in you was drained out and that was something Jungkook instantly noticed. He exhaled while he let his head fall back against the door and close his eyes momentarily. Seeing you give up so easily caused his anger to diminish and the urge for an answer rushed back into his mind. He opened his eyes and looked down seeing you still in front of him. He pushed himself off of the door and brought his hands to you letting them drop to your shoulders and run down your arms. You felt the familiar feeling in your stomach and you wanted to step away from him but you couldn’t. The only thing you could do was divert your eyes from his and look at anything else but him. To your luck you couldn’t find anything so you did what you always did and looked down at your fingers. You felt Jungkook’s hands tighten around your arms slightly and you just sighed again.

“Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t have any feelings for me.” Jungkook said, his voice came out quiet almost in a whisper as if he didn’t want anyone eavesdropping to hear.

You didn’t know what it was that was inside of you but you couldn’t move, your whole body froze and you didn’t know what to say. Your eyes stayed glued to your fingers though nothing was running around in your mind. It was as if you completely shut down. You closed your eyes briefly and took in a deep breath, you exhaled slowly trying to get the right words to come out but you could only think of two before raising your head back up to Jungkook and took a step back. “I can’t.” You said before taking another step back. “I can’t because I do.”

Silver Spoon Pt.7

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Seokjin

Genre: Angst/ Romance

A/N: Wow this is long overdue, I apologize for this extended wait dhsfgghs anyways I um did some thing in this part 😳. BUT ALSO this series is coming to an end very soon. There’s a few pov changes, don’t get confused it was deliberate! Enjoy :)

Warning: Mature Content

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

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The Princess and the Pirate [Pt. 6] (Harry Hook x reader)

wow, this is long overdue. my bad! anywho, here it is! hope you all enjoy!

Words: 1,930

Warnings: Voodoo, violence, angst ;)

A few days earlier…

The sunlight streamed through the stain glass window that decorated the wall of the empty classroom, bathing it in an array of colors. The dazzling scene left y/n speechless as she walked into the room. She stepped from the pink to the blue, balancing lightly on the balls of her feet as she spun around and took in her environment.

“Ye haven’t been in here before.”

Harry said it as a statement rather than a question. He could tell by Y/n’s wide eyes that this was new to her. The way she practically floated across the room was more than enough evidence that she was entranced by the room.

Y/n shook her head. “This is the debate classroom. I’ve never been much of a debater.”

Harry raised an eyebrow.

“Public debater.” She clarified with a laugh. “Why are we here?”

The blue-eyed boy dropped his bag with a thud on the color-splashed floor and promptly took a seat beside it. “I have a test tomorrow on the history of Auradon, which I know nothing about. Ye’re goin’ to help me.”

With a roll of her eyes, y/n sat down beside his bag. Harry sat down next to her and presented her with the study guide that had been handed out to the class. She took the papers from his hands and scanned the pages, recognizing the material almost immediately.

“You really don’t know anything about Auradon history?” Y/n asked, setting the study guide down in front of her.

Harry scoffed. “The only thing I know is that the villains were banished to the Isle of the Lost. The people of Auradon lived happily ever after.”

He said it without any anger, but Y/n could still tell that it bothered him. He never talked about his life on the Isle with her, or with anyone, for that matter. Now that they were here, in this all-too-perfect setting, she decided that then was as good a time as ever to try to learn more about him.

“How about this,” she proposed, snatching the study guide. “For every question you get right, you can ask me a personal question that I have to answer honestly.”

Having already thought of a question, Harry began to agree.


Harry frowned.

“If you get a question wrong, you have to honestly answer a question that I ask you.”

“Deal.” He agreed without so much as a second’s hesitation.

As the game got warmed up, they asked each other rather innocent questions. ‘What’s your favorite movie’ or ‘When is your birthday’, those kinds of things. Soon, the questions became more personal.

Harry had a triumphant grin on his face after having correctly answered three questions in a row.

“Alright. How do ye feel about me?”

Y/n floundered for an answer, stammering and blushing like mad. “Well, I think that you’re protective, which is nice. You’re very pleasant to look at. You make me feel…adventurous.” She concluded.

The rebellious boy chuckled. “‘Pleasant to look at?’”

“It was a moment of desperation.” She couldn’t help but laugh with him.

When Harry got the next question wrong, a volley of curses and threats to the testing system were thrown about. Y/n laughed as, at one point in his small but mighty rant, he swore that he was being blinded by the window’s light, at which point y/n explained to him that being blind didn’t stop him from hearing the question correctly.

“Okay, my turn to ask a question. Why don’t you ever talk about your life on the Isle?”

He let out a tense laugh. “I should’ve figured ye’d ask that.”

“The Isle is a place where I never want ye to be. It’s a mess. People rob each other just for the fun of it. It’s dirty and…scary. I’m scared that ye’ll think that I’m scary or dirty because I come from there. I also don’t like talking about it because of my, er, all of the villain kid’s parents. There isn’t much for a pirate to do on the Isle, so me dad took advantage of all the evil-doing he could. He mostly kept it quiet, a few bruises where people wouldn’t think to look. Of course, other’s have it worse. I mean, I can’t imagine being Claudine and having that creep Frollo for a father.” Harry sighed. “To summarize, I don’t want ye to pity or fear me, but I have reasons to fear that place.”

Harry sucked in a heap of air as y/n crossed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around his neck. He gingerly placed his arms around her and, when he became more comfortable, he held her close to him.

“I don’t pity you.” She whispered in his ear. “I don’t fear you, either. It’s okay to be scared of something.”

She pulled away from him with a laugh. “I mean, imagine being the poor fool who’s afraid of frogs.”

With a small laugh of his own, Harry smiled. He didn’t have any reason to be afraid anymore. Y/n was there, and just like he promised to keep her safe from her demons, he knew that she would do the same for him.

It was a perfectly serene moment. They were just normal kids, not having to deal with the stress of impressing an abusive parent or escaping the clutches of an obsessive villain.

Oh, how they wished that moment would last.

The grin on Harry’s face sent shivers down y/n’s spine. He took another step closer to her, ignoring her obvious discomfort. Purple eyes shot down to stare at her lips. Y/n pushed him away, trying her best to keep her composure.

“This isn’t you. Harry, this isn’t you.”

The laugh that ripped itself from his throat was completely unnatural. It was the cackle of a beast that had cornered its prey.

“Oh, this is me. Come on, did ye really think that ye could change me?” His hook found its way to her waist where the sharp end pressed into her skin. “I’m a bad guy, Y/n. Always have been.”

Uma was quick to draw her sword and hold it between Harry and y/n. Her eyes narrowed, she maneuvered herself between the two. The tip of her sword pressed against his chest as she stared at him so intensely that y/n thought that Harry might have cowered had he not been under a monster’s control.

Drew scoffed as he approached, a twinge of pleasure etched onto his sharp features. He slithered behind Harry and wrapped an arm lazily around his puppet’s shoulders.

“This is boring. I need to return to the Isle soon, or my father will throw a fit”

Drew’s eyes glowed as he gave his command. “Harry,” He pointed at y/n with a poison grin. “Fetch.”

Harry’s face dropped as he pushed Uma’s sword away. Uma took a step back and threw y/n a look of panic. Knowing that Uma couldn’t ever hurt her friend, y/n decided to run.

She kicked off of the muddy earth and sprinted into the small hut. The flaps closed behind her and rubbed against her calves as she searched for a weapon, serving as a constant reminder that she was running out of time. Desperate hands flew around the small space, finally resting on the spine of a textbook.

Harry burst into the hut less than a second later, dangerously excited.

Y/n’s stomach turned as she thought about how he had comforted her after her nightmare, how he had held her close and told her that he would protect her.

With a snarl, he lunged for her. His hook grazed her cheek and caused her to stumble. As he swung again, y/n held up the solid textbook and blocked his attack. Y/n took his moment of surprise to push as hard as she could against the book and, once he had begun to regain his composure, to kick him in his ‘special area’. Hard.

Harry groaned as he fell, burying his face in the mud. Y/n leaped over him and immediately found a disgruntled looking Drew, arms crossed and tense, staring daggers at her.

“You debilitated my puppet.” His voice was perfectly even despite his tense posture.

“I did. Now let him go.”

Drew raised his arms in surrender. “I can’t. You see, you’d have to defeat him in order to do that, and, well…” He gestured to a space beyond her.

“You suck.” She grumbled to Drew as she turned to face the infuriated pirate.

“C’mon doll,” Harry growled, grabbing y/n’s arm and pulling her against his chest. “Let’s play.”

She pushed away and searched desperately for Uma. Drew, seeming to have just realized that the pirate captain was gone, cursed colorfully and began to search for her. Unfortunately for him, she had found him before he could find her.

Her aqua hair spun around her as she tackled the puppet master to the ground. He kicked out and landed a solid blow to her shoulder, throwing her off balance and leading her to topple into the mud.

Y/n seized the quick moment of surprise and spun just far enough from Harry to be able to scan his body for any obvious weak points. Realization hit her at the same moment Harry did.

The punch to her cheek threw her off her guard and she fell to the ground with a grunt. Not wanting to show any weaknesses herself, she shook off the blow and ignored the blood dripping down her chin.

Harry popped his knuckles and tilted his head. “I guess we’re playing dirty.” He gestured to y/n’s muddy clothes.

With a stiff laugh, y/n stood. “Just wait until unpossessed you hears that you made such a terrible pun.”

The clash of thunder that sounded acted as the unofficial starting signal for y/n and Harry. Both lunged for each other at the same time, hands reaching out with the intent to harm. Y/n grabbed a fistful of Harry’s hair and, gripping the chunk tightly, spun around Harry and kicked his legs out from under him, leading him to fall flat on his back.

Harry grabbed y/n’s ankle as she moved away from him and twisted it hard, leading her to twist and fall, a strangled cry escaping her lips.

“Harry is such a strange human.”

Wisps of shadow danced around Harry’s fingers as his eyes flickered from bright purple to black. He stood up shakily, his breath coming in short bursts.

In a voice that seemed to echo off of nothing, Harry continued. “He says that he loves you. That he won’t let anyone hurt you.” A smirk made its way onto his face. “It’s too bad he can’t help you.”

“No,” Y/n said, crawling up on her knees, “but I can still help him.”

And with that, she lunged forward and slammed her shoulder into his gut. He fell back with a grunt, mud splashing into his eyes as he tried to climb back up onto his feet.

But it was too late. Y/n had already grabbed hold of Uma’s sword and had it pointed right at his heart.

The purple-eyed Harry only laughed as he stared at the end of the weapon, even sticking his tongue out at it. “Oh please, I know you won’t use that thing. It’s a bluff.”

“Killing you with it? Yes. Hitting you really hard with it? No.”

The once frail and scared girl, with perfect precision and power, slammed the hilt of the sword into the side of the demon’s head and watched her favorite person crumble.

anonymous asked:

In your ml witch AU tikki is a high council witch but also the broom? Can you elaborate? I'm a bit confused.....

of course! so the story goes, each of the high council (aka the kwamis) choose an apprentice who they think is strong in magic to train. magic, however, isn’t something know to the public, which leads to tikki having to disguise/ hide herself. she normally goes for the broom form, especially when mari is going on witch quests, her and mari’s combined magic leads to simple travel through the air (and tikki likes the cliche broom-flight trope the humans made up, she thinks it’s cute)

however tikki can’t always be a broom, because it would be a bit strange if mari was seen carrying a broom around with her everywhere, so when going out, she can transform into something small and simple like a brooch or even a little ladybug, of course. there are a few setbacks of this, one- magic is limited. even though tikki is extremely old and powerful, she has her breaking points. she can’t stay transformed for more than 13 hours at a time, and is her normal self as much as she can be when her and mari are alone. two- she has to really concentrate on what she wishes to become, the broom is easy for her by now but if you ask her to become something on the spot it can lead to some…weird circumstances 

honestly i don’t know how they haven’t been busted yet, haha! it can be confusing, i didn’t get to put much backstory and lore (especially about the council!) in the first post, i hope this clears things up a bit! thank you so much for the ask!

Wow… This is long overdue, but I felt like this had to be done somehow. In November it marked two years since I first made Jack and actually stuck with him, lol. And wow—it’s been an amazing journey. I’ve met so many wonderful people, and I’m continuing to meet so many wonderful people, and on top of that I’m at 830+ followers?? I… honestly don’t understand that lol. I don’t feel like I deserve it, but I’m so grateful that you guys decided to follow me, even during my dry spells. ( And for those who unfollowed during my dry spells — I don’t blame you one bit lmao. )

I’ve done canon muses before, but I haven’t gotten any to stick the way that Jack has; which I’m still trying to figure out how lol. I’m rambling now, but like—I’m so grateful to be here. I might feel insecure here at times and I’ve considered leaving a couple of times because of it, but I’ve made so many friends through Jack and I love it. And I love you guys. I’m mushy, I know – it’s past midnight here lmao – but I appreciate every single one of you. Thank you so much for making these two years on Jack so amazing. Here’s to another year of the soft Frost boi!!

Some of the people that helped make this experience amazing:

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Like I said, it’s past midnight so there’s a strong chance I’ve missed a bunch of people – I feel like the number I’ve mentioned is way too low?? – but anyway Thank you all. And here’s to another year of making new friends and connections with you guys! <3

wow ok so this is long overdue and i never had time to make it (i’m on break now so it’s fine)! i can’t believe i’m over 10k, about a year ago i hit 1k, so i’ve grown a lot over the past year. i appreciate every single one of you who decided to follow me and i hope you enjoy my blog!

i love everyone on here, so consider checking out their blogs!

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