wow this was hard to draw but it was fun!!!

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The Owl City albums as cute girls

June (Of June) is a shy and reserved girl, inexperienced in life and innocent as few. She’s not very confident, but dreams big and longs to walk the streets of big cities and experiencing the world one day.

Mei (Mei-by I’m Dreaming) is also quite shy. She’s a daydreamer and a hopeless romantic. She would rather spent her days in her thoughts, than in reality amongst others. She’s often called ‘emo’ because of her sentimental and poetic nature, but does things her own way regardless of what others say.

Ocean (Ocean Eyes) is a peppy and much adored girl. She’s popular with many, though some may say she’s too weird and that they just can’t make sense of her. She’s smiles in the face of difficult times and tries to do the best she can in any situation.

Bo (another version of Beau, as in All Things Bright and Beautiful) is wise and sophisticated - she has her feets on the ground and she’s fond of nature. She’s deeply religious and looks at life as one big blessing. She finds joy in the simpler things - she’s constantly grateful for being alive. She likes thinking about the big questions in life.

Summer (The Midsummer Station) is dynamic, bold and daring. She’s confident in her ways, strongwilled and does what she pleases. Because of this, she’s often the target of criticism, but criticism doesn’t bother her. She’s a free, optimistic soul who loves to dance, sing as loud as she can and live her life to the fullest.

Greatly inspired by Rose’s idea!


Various doodles from my Twitter. An afternoon walk (with a stolen book, wow), wing AU Gogo, and Honey! I get requested to draw Honey a lot, so there’s that.

Also, to the anon who asked what Gogo is in Wing AU - she’s a peregrine falcon. Very fast. Very hard to catch.


Wow, it’s been an incredible Fest. We’ve had stunning art, all sorts of compelling fics/hcs/tag games/memes dedicated to our favorite Ladies, and have all around had a ton of fun!

But before we draw the fest to a close, we must give a shoutout to our translators this year! 

These guys work hard to make sure our posts get translated quickly, so we can keep the fest running smoothly and ensure everyone can enjoy big announcements for the fest.

Not only that, they also help pitch in ideas and create lots of the content you see here on the blog. 

This fest couldn’t be run as wonderfully as it does without them, so please give them a round of applause for their hard work!

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As we draw the formal fest to a close, we’ll end on the words we do every year: This fest is dedicated to the Ladies of Saint Seiya, but it’s our hope that you keep the spirit of the fest alive all year round. 

As our favorite Gentlemen of Saint Seiya start to come back onto our dash feeds, let’s keep the strength, integrity, and spirit of the Ladies in our hears, and celebrate them whenever inspired. 

Let the spirit of the Fest persist long after it’s over!

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kishibecore  asked:

Ur art is so fun and seems carefree. I love it 😭💖 honestly it inspired me a lot ? You seem to Not pressure yourself about things being perfect in others eyes and do what makes u happy and what could spread smiles !!! I honestly want to be more like you!!! Do you have any advice for not being so hard on yourself ? It’s my goal to be more bold and brave when creating !!!!

wow!!! goodness!!!!!!!! this is a really nice message…!!!! Thank you so much for telling me!! I really like making nice and fun art..! When I was starting out (drawing anime style), I did agonize a lot!!

It wasn’t until I let myself draw in a more simple style that I had more fun with art, since I had also been inspired by kids shows and characters a long time too(!) It’s fun to draw pointy fingers, and spiky hair, and big circle faces..

So, I would say, try drawing in different styles! You might find how to maximize your strengths (for me, bright bold colors! happy nice scenes!) and minimize your weaknesses (anatomy details, realism, haha!!)

Even now, I still have to redraw eyes or fingers, since even though they’re simple, they have to be pleasing! So don’t think of changing styles or drawing more simple as a cop-out, all art styles have their own difficulties!

I hope this can help you out a little!!! Keep drawing and have fun with whatever you draw!!!!! : ^ )

There was a fic in the terumob tag which i can’t find anymore but it inspired me to draw a similar AU with wings…
EDIT : Here it is !
I don’t know if anyone has done this yet but in my AU can kinda everyone grow wings(it’s complicated)..but not everyone can see them

- They exist in all kind of shapes
- Nobody can see their own
- It’s unknown if some people just don’t have wings or if the others around them just can’t see them
- The most say people with white wings are pure and the ones with black ,rotten..but that’s also unkown actually

- Reigen can mostly see the wings immediately on People
- His own wings are dark grey and big

- Mob is able to see tiny black wings on Teru recently
- Why they’re black is unknown

- The wings from Mob have a regular size but are really fluffy
- Mob got a black feather and some grey ones recently
- He needs mostly a long time til he can recognize wings on somebody

- Spirits don’t have wings and can’t see them
- Idk this is kinda fun

- I want to draw more
- But does it make any sense tho

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Jealousy, carousel, and crown for the 3 words thing :)

Wow this sounded so fun in my head, but ended up being so hard. I won’t give up tho. I’m sorry my imagination isn’t that great, this is the best I could come up with.

I know there are obvious problems with this drawing, but oh well. 

Request from abelmontinthecastle: Your drawings really make me happy, wow ;A; and now, a challenge and then I will cease for a while: 5 Belmonts of your choosing playing Twister ahahhahahahahhaa.

Awww, thank you! I love doodling silly. XD 

This was really hard to choose five Belmonts. Ahaha. I was torn between Julius or Leon for the last spot, but ended up drawing Leon because he fit better. This was really fun~! Thanks for all your requests! 

Edit: Oops, I noticed I forgot to erase something. Fixed. xD


Some FrUk at war practises