wow this video was so low quality


i made this because wow i am in pain but also high-key loving how jemma is on fire.

(WARNING: kinda heavy flashes if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing)

A/N: i worked so hard and then in the end i got lazy but it was still fine and then i swear youtube makes it look worse somehow. I guess that’s the price i pay for low quality clips to start with. so use as much HD as your internet will let you.

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So natalie portman in the past criticizdd Hollywood for being misguided on feminism and how people view a woman kicking ass(like black widow) as feminist. She says it's macho, not feminist. Why is it not considered feminist when we are action heroines? Isn't it pretty awesome to see women in charge or do you girls actually think that it's something men want to see(women kicking ass) and they think women like that are hot. But even if men wanted to see boss women why isn't it feminist??! 1/2

2/2 and if men didnt want to see women action heroines and didnt find them sexy would it still be not feminist? Also I see some men who now find it really sexy when a woman is intelligent is it bad thing and are intelligent women being put in movies just to please men!? Then how can we ever consider anything empowering(like intelligence) if men start finding these things attractive and want us to be these things?if men originally found intelligence hot & if we showed it,it wouldn’t be feminist?!

Okay, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, but in the documentary Miss Representation, one of the women interviewed talks about this Hollywood trope—dubbed “The Fighting Fuck Toy”. Sorry about the absolute shit quality of this youtube video, but it’s the exact excerpt I was talking about, so there’s that.

What The Fighting Fuck Toy is, anon, is a female action hero who appears to be empowered while at the same time being packaged for a male audience.  Think of Black Widow, of Electra, of Cat Woman and  Black Canary, and what do you see?

Wow, look at that practical costume. That dangerously low-zipped PVC suit is so perfect for crime fighting!

There isn’t a single villain who could get their fingers in her hair! How utilitarian! It’s just what every heroine needs!

A woman crawling on her hands and knees, her shoulders lower than her hips in a submissive pose that also highlights her nearly-falling-out-of-her-top breasts. So feminist.

This is the most disgustingly macho superheroine who has ever existed!

All of these women exist to be lusted after by male comic book readers. There is nothing feminist about one-dimensional fuck-dolls throwing some titillating high kicks at bad guys while they pose sexily in impractically high-heeled boots while the hero saves the day.

I know you’re trying, but you have to understand that feminism is like negative 1000000% about what men find sexy. 

I don’t give a shit about what men find sexy or hot or appealing.

tl;dr: Natalie Portman is wrong. There is nothing feminist about appealing to the male gaze. 

Thanks for the ask, though!


Alpha Bake Session.

…Minus Roxy.

You think the three of them would learn to get along by now??

Carouselmafia, niduss, and I made cupcakes a few weeks ago in our Alpha cosplays. We recorded while baking so I figured I should make a video, as well as count how many times we curse while doing it. I accidentally skipped the very first curse word wow go me so the counts incorrect by one. I was too busy being flawless to realize sorry.

Please watch in HD because the quality is stupidly low rn.