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make sure you come back alive, all right?


all your gods are teenage girls: CERES, Roman goddess of agriculture

if she were any greener, you’d have to water her. the trees seem to sigh when she walks by, but it could be the wind. (no one really believes that.) she keeps her younger sister close, especially when boys in leather jackets crook their fingers at her from behind lockers, promise to turn her lips red bloody. she trusts no one but the denizens of the school greenhouse, the plants who soak up her secrets and tell no tales. she’s a benevolent spirit, content in the background. she with twigs in her hair and flower crowns wrapped around her heart like a shield. she is both the rose and the thorns. heaven help you if you meet the fury of mother nature.

Got7 Reaction to You Passing Out From Working Too Hard

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You have been studying like crazy for all the upcoming tests you have, forgetting about taking care of yourself. The stress has kept you awake, deciding to just keep studying.

Mark opened your door, walking towards the bed. He crawls on top of you and gives you a kiss.

Ah! Mark!

He freezes. “What?

Please get off carefully, you are going to mess up my papers.

He glances around to see your bed covered in notes and textbooks. He looks back to your face. “Are you okay? You seem really stressed, and you look pale.” He puts his hand your forehead.

You grab his hand. “I’m fine. Please leave.

Not until you eat something.

Fine, get off me.

Mark crawled off. You stood up, feeling super dizzy.


You clutched Mark’s arm. You grip loosened as you started to fall, your vision going dark. 

He caught you before you touched the floor. He sat there for awhile, patting your face to see if you would wake up. When you did wake up, he would be disappointed that you didn’t take care of yourself.

Y/n, your health is more important than some tests.

Mark, but these tests matter!

So do you! I want you to eat and go to bed. You need it. You can study tomorrow if you need to, but no more for now.


Take care of yourself.

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You and JB decided to go on a run together, since it was a nice day out.

Y/n, I really think you should take a water bottle.

I said that I don’t want to. Carrying that around is going to be a pain in the butt.

You know what’s going to be a pain in the butt? When you get dehydrated, and start complaining and begging for my water.

I’ll be fine! I have drank plenty of water today!

He rolled his eyes. “If you say so.


You were panting hard and cramping up, your pace slowing.

Do you need a drink of water honey?” JB asked smirking, holding out his water.

No.” You lied. You were way too stubborn to admit you were wrong, even if the world was kicking your ass for it. You felt dizzy and it was getting harder for you to breathe. Everything turned black.

Jaebum saw you starting to fall and caught you before your head hit the ground. “Woah.” He sat down and fanned you, waiting for you to wake up. When you did, he gave you a ‘really?’ look.

What?” You croaked.

He handed you his half full water bottle. “Just drink the damn water.

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You decided that you wanted to exercise with Jackson, and he was all for it. After all, you’ve been trying to be healthier.. you just might’ve worked yourself too hard.

You started off with a mile on the treadmill and moved to weights. You did a few stretches and decided to go back to the treadmill. Before you could make your way over, Jackson grabbed your arm.

Hey babe, maybe you should slow down. You don’t look to well.

Jackson, I’m fine. It’s not like you slow yourself down either.

I take breaks when I need to. I’m just telling you to pace yourself more or take a break here and there.


I’m just saying to be careful. If you don’t feel okay, stop.

Okay, Jackson.

You hopped on the treadmill and turned the speed up, Jackson’s words flying out the window. Your breath was staggered and you felt crappy, in a sick way. Your sight went black.

Jackson rushed over, turned off the treadmill, and laid you down. He checked for bruises and any injuries. He sat for a few minutes, waiting if you would wake up on your own. When you did, he would scold you.

What were you thinking? Y/n, I told you to pace yourself. Why didn’t you listen to me?

Tears started to fill your eyes and your voice was shaking. “I’m sorry. I-I just wanted to be healthy, a-and-” You began to cry.

Jackson pulled you into a hug. “You’re okay. You can be healthy, but when you push yourself to that extent, it is not healthy. Be careful y/n, if you got more hurt.. I don’t know what I would do.

Okay.” You said wiping your tears. “Did I fall off the treadmill?


Oh my god.. I probably looked like such an idiot.” Tears started to fill your eyes again, knowing that you most likely looked ridiculous.

Jackson started to laugh. “Come on y/n, don’t cry! Calm down, it was only us two. I mean, it didn’t look graceful, but you didn’t die! So, that’s a plus!

I guess.

He held up your hand to high five it. “That’s the spirit!

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Your work has been so demanding this past week, forcing you to bring some home too.

You sat at your desk staring blankly at the computer screen. You have a headache and feel weak. You would take a break, but you need to get this project done. You heard the door open.

Oh, hey Jinyoung.” You smiled.

Hi.” He bent down to give you a kiss. When he came back up, he expression became concerned. He lightly grabbed your face. “Are you okay? You look weak.

I don’t know what you are talking about.” You took his hand off of your face.

You’re eyes look bloodshot and you seem tired.” He put his hands up on his waist and straightened his posture. “Have you been eating? How long having you been doing this?

Not that long.” You lied, ignoring his first question.


Jinyoung, I have a lot of work to do, so I would really appreciate it if you left me alone.” You snapped, regretting it when you saw Jinyoung’s face become blank.

Fine.” He walked out, closing the door roughly behind him. You got up, going to apologize to Jinyoung. Your legs gave out beneath you, causing you to slam into the ground. “Y/n? Y/n!” When Jinyoung opened the door, your vision started to blur. “Come on Y/n! Stay-” Everything turned black.

You woke up in the hospital, lights burning your eyes. You look over to see Jinyoung with his head in his hands.

Jinyoung.” His head snapped up.

Why did you lie to me? Just so you know, I called in sick for your work for the next few days.

But Jinyoung, I have a job to-

Screw the job! You come first! Y/n, you could quit your job and live off me, as long as your healthy I’m fine. I care about you, you should care for yourself too.

That’s kind of selfi-

Eating and getting enough sleep is not selfish! It’s making sure you fucking live! I’m really concerned about you, Y/n. Please don’t do shit like that again.

Okay.” You whispered.

He sighed and pulled you into a hug. “Please, please take care of yourself.

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You went on a hike with friends, too bad it was really hot that day.

You and Youngjae were at the back of the group, since the heat was starting to slow you down.

Youngjae, why is it so hot?

It’s summer.

Yeah, well it’s too hot.

He smiled. “I’m sorry your majesty, is there something I could do?

Make it winter.

I can’t do that. Do you want some water? It looks like you need it.

Are you saying I look like crap?

You look sick.

After he said that, nausea hit you. The world spun and went black.

You woke up in a hospital. You turned to see Youngjae sleeping in a chair.

Youngjae.” You touched his arm. “Hey, Youngjae.

He opened his eyes and sat up. When he saw that you were up, his face brightened. “You’re up.” He gave you a hug and held your hand.

Yes. I am.. Why am I in hospital?

You fainted. Y/n, we are never going on a hike again.

Okay, fine by me.

He laughed. “Of course it is.

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You have been trying to get in shape for this past week. You’ve been going hard at it, this time it just caught up with you.

You were swinging left and right, each time slowly having less of an impact on the punching bag. You did a final punch and hung on to the punching bag, feeling weak. You sucked in a breath and fell to your knees, collapsing on floor. Your vision went black.

You heard a muffled voice, it started to clear up.

Y/n! Come on, wake up.” You opened your eyes to see BamBam’s face. “Oh thank god!” He pulled you into a hug. “What the hell happened?

I-I don’t know.. I was just exercising.

Are you working yourself to hard?” You looked down, breaking eye contact with him. “Y/n.. I don’t mind if you want to work out, but you should not push yourself that hard.


But nothing. There’s no excuse for that. Y/n, I honestly don’t even think it’s necessary for you to work out. You are perfect to me. The only reason I kept my mouth shut was because I thought you were trying be healthy. Be careful. Seriously, what if I didn’t find you so fast? What would’ve happened?

I don’t know..

Come here.” He pulled you into another hug.

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You and Yugyeom signed up for a hip hop dance class just for fun, and it was a way you two could spend time together.

You walked downstairs, ready to go and pumped for your first day of class. “Yugyeom!

You don’t have to yell, I’m right here.

You spun around, coming face to face with him. “Oh hey!” 

Yugyeom smiled. “Hi.

You walked away, grabbing your bag and slipping your shoes on. “Let’s get going. Seriously, we are going to be late!

His eyebrows knitted together. “No we’re not..

You giggled. “I know, I’m just excited. If we keep talking though, we will be late!

Okay, okay. I’m coming.

The class was fun, but when it started picking up pace.. you took a slap to the face. You started to go off beat and began to cramp up, to the point where the class was no longer that fun. You even felt dizzy, but were trying to keep yourself together since no one else seemed to be struggling.

Yugyeom saw that you were struggling and was about to ask if you were okay, but you already started to collapse. He grabbed your arm, keeping you from hitting the floor by an inch. He set you down carefully and the whole class stopped to help you. When you woke up, he would be confused that you didn’t tell him you were feeling bad.

Why didn’t you tell me that you weren’t feeling good?

Everyone seemed fine, and I didn’t want to be the little sissy who had to take a seat! Also, it seemed like you were having a good time, so I didn’t want to ruin it..

Y/n, telling me that you feel like shit and sitting down would not have made me annoyed or upset. Your health is my number one concern. It should be your’s too.” He sat closer to you. “Honestly you are so stubborn sometimes, it gives me a headache.


You’re fine. Just use common sense, I don’t want you to get hurt again.

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  • Someone: you should let your guard down sometime! We're your friends! You can trust us! We're always going to be there for you!
  • What I Want to Say: Okay, but if there's anything I've learned in my too many years on this planet it's that people only value your friendship so long as it is convenient and does not require any actual work. The moment you actually ask someone for help or to listen to an issue you're having is the moment you find out just how shallow your bonds are.
  • The fastest way to lose my trust is to use hyperbolic descriptors to describe our friendship. When you say that we're *best friends* and that you'll *always* be there and that there's *nothing* that could ever scare you away, I know that you've not thoroughly thought through what this entails and that you'll be the first to bolt when I inevitably become trying.
  • Don't promise your friendship lightly to people who have learned time and again the cheapness of words. When you hear someone's history of abandonment and isolation, choose the descriptors of your relationship precisely because if you fail to live up to them then you will watch me quietly withdraw into nothingness.
  • What I actually say: Thank you, I really appreciate hearing that!
Privileged (1/?)

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“The 100 are sent to the ground along with some unexpected ‘delinquents’ including *yn* Kane, the rebellious daughter of the infamous councilmen Marcus Kane. *yn* meets Bellamy Blake and the two take an immediate disliking to each other as their battle for power over the camp begins.”

Warnings: Swearing, violence

Notes: Based on 1x01 “Pilot” of the 100.

Series Masterlist

“Prisoner 321 stand up and face the wall.” 

*yn* looked up from the floor and flickered her gaze to the familiar guards that were entering her cell. “I’m quite comfortable where I am, actually.” She replied from her spot on the bed.

“Now Kane.” One spoke gruffly which made her roll her eyes. “Fine.” She huffed as she stood up from her bed and made her way to the centre of the room.

A guard roughly grabbed her arm and shoved her sleeve down, exposing her wrist. “What is that?” She asked as he produced a wristband of some sort. She immediately flinched away as he brought it closer but the other guard held her in place. She struggled and let out a grunt of pain as he clamped the device around her wrist which illuminated the second it was in place.

“Lets go.” 

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AU time! This one I came up with while making my entry for the discord server run by @ask-protobendo and @blueberrytartz .
The run down is that Inferno (bottom) and H.M. (Top left) are now dogs. Not just any dogs, mind you. Mythical ones. Inferno is a Kludde, and holly is a telekhine. PB, the mun, (top right) is unfortunately stuck with training the both of them.
(These guys are open for questions too, but keep in mind they are from a different universe)

WOW. This… turned out really well. Especially that eye.

Yeah uh so I had checked out a big book that was basically just full of references for birds of prey, and I KNEW I had to draw Taka. 

One thing to note is that I used a red-tailed hawk as the realistic ref, and I used Taka’s DD design for his ref. I like that design better than the SoJ one.

It’s funny because even though I don’t draw birds all that often, I still tend to be really good at drawing them! I guess they have similarities to some other things I draw (dragons and dinosaurs), but it’s still weird :p

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How would Cruz react to finding out that Lightning has a severe allergy to something? Like she hands him a candy bar and he doesn't blink twice, its just Cruz, so he takes a big ol chomp, and is like wow that tastes kinda weird oh well. Turns out it was like peppermint or something and something starts to happen and Cruz is just screaming and panicking as he calmly pulls out an EpiPen 😂😂

“Hey Mr. McQueen! I got you something!”

“Oh, thanks Cruz. That’s nice of you. Wow, this is good!”

*nom nom nom*

“Huh, that’s weird. Cruz, do I look different? I feel funny.”

*Cruz’s eyes widen.* “Uh, are your cheeks always so puffy? Oh… Oh no… HELP!”

“That’s what I thought.”

*pulls out a EpiPen and jabs it into his leg*

*Cruz screaming bloody murder, running in circles shouting for help*

“Chill out, Cruz, it’s okay.”