wow this turned out way better in my head


Okay I watched it. And here’s my little review. Ost sounds perfect and I will be posting it here where to download it when it comes out. Sumi-senpai looks, well different. First I was like what, nooo way he doesn’t look creepy anymore so that was a big surprise. I love Todo’s voice, just omg. I was kinda afraid that season 3 would turn to look exactly like Sekaiichi Hatsukoi but it didn’t which is good. And I really appreciate that Nakamura-sensei has got better with drawing Junjou so the animation is better too. The animation was so differently new so I was like a puppy and watched it my head on a side like: “Wow… It’s so different.” I like both opening and ending but more I like the ending. I like the song better and ending looks so lovely! And I love Usagi-san and more Hanada Hikaru cause he stayed to be Akihiko’s voice actor. I don’t know where it was but someone said that Usagi’s voice is orgasmic. It fucking is!<3 Now I just wait to see Egoist&Terrorist couple. And final picture is just cause Akihiko is exactly same with kids like me XD