wow this turned out not good

  • (Rob leaves cookies by Gumball's front door)
  • Gumball: (walks outside, sniffs around) Wow, cookies! Hope this turns out better than the last time someone left baked goods on my doorstep.
  • (cut to a flashback of Tobias popping out of a cake, holding sparklers; he and Gumball stare at each other silently for several moments, Tobias with a huge smile and Gumball with a bored expression)
  • Tobias: Awkward?
  • Gumball: Awkward.
  • (pause)
  • Tobias: It'll just be another minute.
  • (cut back to the present)
  • Gumball: (shudders)

wow i can’t believe the lengths people will go through to try and say harmonys Bad …. let alone just as bad as spike 👀👀 her biggest crime is what exactly??? being a teenage girl who’s a bit bitchy and then being turned into a vampire where she’s HELPING everyone (and then immediately being thrown into an abusive relationship and then she gets herself out of it and tries to become a good person WITHOUT A SOUL AND WITHOUT ANYONE THERE FOR HER ??? like she’s So Good!!!) and then betrays angel??? because she literally didn’t have a soul lmao get outta here .

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You don't have to write this but it's got stuck in my head like being bffs with Jooheon but obVs you're in love with him how couldn't you be but you realise you love him and ur like noPe bcos you don't wanna ruin your friendship so you try to distance yourself a lil but he notices that and confronts you and you're like !!! It's nothing pls but you end up telling him bcos he's stubborn and won't let up and wow guess what turns out he loves you too Yanno I'm sorry I just love jooheon so much cries

omg yesyes jooheon being so stubborn and pouty when he feels like you’re missing from him sdjfh he’d confront you in a heartbeat because he’d probably miss his best friend too much. I also feel like you two would be the only ones in the world not to know that you like each other lmaoo but everything would end up fluffy and happy so it’s all good

Sportacus is so pure I don’t think there’s an episode where he’s not anything but supportive and happy and open to trying new things. Hell, he can’t even be tricked properly. When he looses his memories and Robbie tells him he’s an ice cream man his immdedent response is “yeah giving out ice cream!!! I’ll make so many kids happy!!!” And when Robbie tells him later that he likes to stay in and knit, Sportacus knits a scarf that takes up his entire home with this big smile on his face. And in a different episode when he gets turned invisible he’s not mad he’s just “wow!! Invisible!!” And it’s so good and so pure he’s like an actual puppy always on the “!!!!!!!!!” setting and his accent makes everything he says sound adorable and I guess what I’m just trying to say is that Sportacus is the One True Cinnamon Roll

fifth harmony: *performs at a pride event*

me: *draws fifth harmony in a pride parade*

Sweatpants (M)

Originally posted by donewithjeon

pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

genre/warnings: smut, one shot

words: 1,168

summary: You’re playing on your phone until your best friend takes it from you. What happens when you try and get it back?

notes: please don’t be too harsh on me!! This is my first time writing fanfiction!

 “I’m bored” Jungkook whines, walking over to the sofa and sitting across from me. Turning my attention away from my phone and to him, I trail my eyes from his messy brown hair all the way down to the black t-shirt and grey sweatpants he was wearing. Saying Jungkook was attractive was an understatement. This boy was downright beautiful.

  I licked my lips, snapping myself out of my thoughts before shooting him a quick smile before I answered. “Then go do something.”

 He rolled his eyes at me. “Wow, I wish I would’ve thought of that one, good one y/n”

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poe dameron, age 11

shara: …and that’s the story of how cassian andor and jyn erso and the rebel alliance stole the plans for the death star and helped save the galaxy from the empire. the end!

poe: wow… did you know him? cassian? was he cool? was he good at fighting? does his hair look like it does in the book?

kes: oh, son. those are questions for another day. it’s bedtime now!

shara: good night, sweetie.

poe: night, mom. night, dad.

kes and shara: *leave*

poe: *lies in the dark until the sound of their footsteps in the hallway fades away* *jumps out of bed* *sprints to his laptop* *turns it on* *waits anxiously for it to boot up* *types DOES CASSIAN ANDOR IS GAY? into spacegoogle*

Mark Lee is doing so much as a 17 year old just to achieve his dreams.

He was introduced in SMROOKIES at the age of fourteen, debuted twice when he was 16 and just as he turned 17, he debuted again as a leader. The first time he debuted in NCT U, Mark helped to write the lyrics to their debut song. He came out here with a verse and flow so good that everyone who heard the song was shocked and then even more shocked to find out that a 16 year old was the one who possessed all that skill. In NCT 127, Mark helped write the lyrics to the title song as well, with another iconic rap, then in that same album he helped write the lyrics to Mad City, the song that has everyone who listened to it on edge and eager to hear more. Mark delivered such skill in those songs I’m still amazed that he was 16. Just some days after he turned 17, he debuted a third time and once again wrote lyrics to the song but this time he didn’t write it in only Korean, but in Mandarin as well. I’m pretty sure he’s not fluent in Mandarin so he had to learn, mark sure his grammar was correct and ensure that his lines were rhyming and had a good flow. Mark did all that. Not to mention that those units were back to back, he debuted 3 times back to back with very little break. Mark undoubtedly gave up a regular sleeping schedule, a normal life hanging with friends, getting a regular education, years of spending holidays with family and relaxing together, so that he can fulfil his dreams. While some members would be doing promotions with one unit, Mark would have to do promos with all three, he’d have to perform all three songs, and if the schedule included once again and mad city then mark would have to perform 5 songs. Mark is really out here pulling thru all this handwork, at the young age of 17 just to achieve his dreams and goals. Mark is literally the definition of ‘work towards your dreams’. He’s never given up, he’s taken on the challenge of 3 units back to back and not once during a performance has he half assed it, nooo, Mark Lee puts so much energy and strength and determination into every single performance you can never tell if he’s tired. 

One day while he was a tiny, the thought ‘I want to be a rapper’ came into baby Mark’s head and every since then, he has worked towards it and has never given up. Mark Lee has made so many sacrifices to reach his dreams not even I think I can be that committed to achieving my own dreams. I’m just still so shocked that Mark Lee is only 17, and has done and given up so much for something he wants. He had the aspiration of something, and he’s paved his own way for it. I don’t think words can explain how proud I am to be supporting him. I am always going to support him 100% in everything he’s doing cause i know he’s making so many sacrifices and has gone thru so much just to live his dreams, he’s only 17 but he’s such an admirable person.
Mark Lee is truly a blessing and an amazing role model to any and everyone.

OK. Wow. That was NOT what I wanted to see.

By the end of TST Mary is dead, which is a good thing, I suppose. However….

* During the entire episode, Mary is characterized as this plucky ex-spy. One of her old 4-man-team cohorts THOUGHT she’s betrayed him, but it turned out to be another woman, someone in the British Government (Mrs Norbury) and in the end, when Mrs. Norbury fires a bullet at Sherlock, Mary dives in, takes the bullet, and dies in John’s arms after telling him how much she loves him, how “Mary Watson is the only person worth being” etc. 100% redemptive arc.

* No hint whatsoever that John never forgave her or that he was working against her or looking into her past. Instead, trashcan!John has an affair with a random woman on the bus and doesn’t tell Mary, so he has even more to feel guilty about after angel!Mary dies.

* In the end, John hates Sherlock. Why? Because Sherlock had vowed  to protect them and the great Sherlock Holmes failed.

* None of the scenes we saw in the trailer, such as John confronting Mary in Morrocco, are actually negative toward Mary. John “just wishes she would have talked to him”. It’s all happy couple.

* Sherlock is all “Mary is my friend” and “I made a vow to protect them” and loooves Mary.

* I imagine / hope this is setting up a rug pull later, but honestly, I’m rather disgusted at the moment.

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~I think I’m in love again
In my head yeah you’re in my head
I think I’m in love again
In my head yeah you’re in my head
I didn’t think it could be true
Let alone that it would be you
I think I’m in love again
I’m in love I’m in love I’m in love~

-Song: I think I’m in Love by Kat Dahlia

You see that face right there? That’s realization. That’s the face someone makes when they’ve been thinking about something and suddenly the find the solution. That’s the face of someone who has always had bad eyesight and suddenly they can see clearly. That’s the face of someone who’s entire world just got turned upside down.

He had his moment. Let’s see how it all plays out.

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DeanCas Interlude/Coda to 12x09 (wow this staying away thing is really working out great)

Castiel does it purposely, still shaken from a worry that refuses to leave him. It’s subtle, he hopes; the sliding of his hand across the seat, the brushing of their hands. He doesn’t push—Dean is ornery with affection in front of others on a good day–and so he leaves their hands touching, face turned resolutely front. He can be happy with this, for now. He wants to hug dean; to hold him, and kiss him, and spend a week in bed just confirming his existence and okay-ness… but for now, this is fine. They’re fine.

Dean’s pinky wraps around his thumb, and in his peripheral vision, Cas can see his hunter turn towards him. He looks, too.

The other’s hand moves, flipping Castiel’s palm up and tangling their fingers together tightly. He looks away.

…But his thumb rubs lightly against Castiel’s own and the angel knows Dean’s meaning:


I missed you.

I love you.

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Hi! I just read the scenario of MC introducing RFA to MC's parents and i loved it! How about RFA introducing MC to their parents but the parents disapprove of their relationship??? Especially Jumin's father???? :)

wow I only realised how complicated the entire RFA’s family lives are after I started writing this? So I have to kinda go with their family situations, meaning there are major spoilers below, be warned!!


  • It took so long to re-establish any sort of relationship with his parents
  • So the initial rejection definitely hurt him
  • But the work he’d put into reaching out could never be as important as having you in his life
  • And as hard as it could have been, he’d be willing to turn his back for good if he had to
  • You’re in love, and if his estranged family don’t like that then it’s their own issue to deal with


  • His family is so close, and them not approving of you being together was like a kick in the face to him
  • It would have meant to much to him for you all  feel comfortable together
  • But now that can’t happen
  • He’d try to convince them that you’re both happy together, and that’s all that should matter to them
  • But honestly, he’s independent enough so can make his own decisions regardless


  • We all know how important family is to Jumin
  • So his father not approving of you was very tough to deal with 
  • He’d do everything he could to sway his mind and would really want to keep the relationship as strong as possible with his father
  • But overall he’d never leave you over this disagreement, especially since his father wouldn’t do the same for him


  • Bringing you to meet her uncle and aunt-in-law was a difficult decision
  • Especially because of the way she was treated by her aunt when she was younger
  • And to be shot down for the relationship she was in as well was pretty much the final straw
  • She’d pretty much walk away and never look back, since she never really needed their approval in the first place


  • One day he sits you down, and says he thinks it’s time to introduce you to his parents
  • So he turns the TV on to a political debate and gestures to one of the men taking part
  • “MC, meet my dad”
  • Gives you a thumbs up
  • “also yeah my brother probably killed my mother so”
Dean Ambrose ~ Hall of Fame

Wow.” Dean turned around, soaking in my appearance. I felt like I was going to prom.

“Wow yourself, Ambrose.” My boyfriend looked good in a suit.

“These are for you.” He kissed my lips softly, aware of my lipstick and handed me a beautiful bouquet.

At the ceremony

“(Y/N)!” Nikki pulled herself out of John’s embrace and ran over to me. “You look absolutely stunning!” “Hmmm. Doesn’t she?” Dean nuzzled against my ear.

Hall of Fame was basically like the Grammys for us WWE Superstars. It was the one night were we could break kayfabe and be ourselves, dress up and interact genuinely with one another. It was fun.

Hey pretty baby with the high heels on.” Galina sang to me, Roman shaking his head at her. We engaged in small talk while our husbands/boyfriends stood on the side in their own little conversation.

“You’re presenting tonight, (Y/N)?” John slipped his arms over Nikki’s shoulders. I nodded in response to his question. “How’re you feeling about that kid?” Roman looked at me concerned.

The entire locker room knew that I could NOT do formal speeches. I would sweat or stutter or both. Perform in a ring – sure. Do promos – sure. Interviews – sure. Hiding behind my character - that was easy. Formal speeches? Gowns? Myself? No.

I gulped. “I’m nervous. I mean I have the Shawn Michaels presenting with me. So that’s pretty major.” I fiddled with the embroidery on my waist. “But that’s amazing! Like that’s such an honor!” Nikki rubbed my arm, trying to reassure me. Her attempts were failing and Dean could see it.

“Guys don’t scare her. You look good. Now you need to feel good. C’mon let’s get you a drink and then get you backstage.” Stephanie joined our little circle of conversation, giving them all serious looks before turning to smile at me. “Alright. I’ll see you guys in a bit.” I pecked Dean and gave a little wave to the rest of the group before walking off with Steph.

On Stage (His POV)

“She looks so beautiful.” I heard Natalya whisper in front of me. “That’s your girl man!” Kevin Owens put his hands on my shoulders, giving them a tight squeeze. He was seated behind me. The smile on my face just grew as i watched my girlfriend. She can do this.

(Y/N) and Shawn walked towards the podium and everyone went wild. They looked incredible. I couldn’t take my eyes off (Y/N), she was glowing.

Their speech was a success. She did way better than i had expected her to - to be quite honest. I couldn’t even hear nor see any signs of nervousness from (Y/N). Which was really surprising since everyone knew how timid and anxious she gets.

I sneaked out of my seat and told Roman that I would be right back. I went to wait for her backstage. She walked behind the curtain and hugged me, I shook Shawn’s Hand, while still holding her in my embrace. Oh now I could feel it – (Y/N) was trembling. “How did you compose yourself on stage?” I pulled her arms to create distance between our bodies, forcing her to look at me. I looked into her eyes , sort of searching for her secret. She giggled.

“Vodka.” Shawn raised his glass from the side. “I should’ve known.” I smirked down at (Y/N).

Carl the Animator: “Hey, we totally know how!”

Ted the Animator: “You in no way know how.”

Carl the Animator: “I’m great at smears, and smears are the best for showing motion and stuff.”

Ted the Animator: “You have a smear addiction, even in simple scenes. You’ve used them for Shaggy turning right while eating pancakes, for goodness’ sake”

Carl the Animator: “It didn’t look too crazily weird, though.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, then, two words: locker room.”

Carl the Animator: “…meh.”

Ted the Animator: “You’re an addict. A terrifying-smear-drawing addict.”

Ted the Animator: “Wow, that’s high praise, how nice of them to say!”

Carl the Animator: “Beakman’s show was a little before my time, but I actually saw him do a collab with CaptainDisillusion on the topic of free energy devices. Really incredible video, people should check it out.”

Ted the Animator: “Alright, but… why are you bringing it up now?

Carl the Animator: “…’cause it was super cool and sciencey?”

Ted the Animator: “Eh, fair enough, I guess.”

Ted the Animator: “Oh, absolutely, that would be fun.”

Carl the Animator: “You’re welcome to, as long as I save the day in the end… and fall in love, and stop some evil robotic mastermind, and–”

Ted the Animator: “I don’t think you’d be a side character in that situation.”

Carl the Animator: “Good point… in that case, we’d better be the main characters of the story.”

Ted the Animator: “…sorry, Anonymous, he’s always like this. Just do whatever you want.”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, fine, I’ll settle for just destroying the robot overlord. Is that too much to ask?”

Carl the Animator: “…huh.”

Ted the Animator: “I wasn’t aware the lunar year was so short in 2017.”

Carl the Animator: “Maybe the moon got hit by something, and it sped up so much it’s only 18 days now.”

Ted the Animator: “…oh, wait, here’s another message, looks like it was just a typo.”

Carl the Animator: “Dang, I was starting to get excited about the lunar cycle bein’ all weird. Humph.”

Ted the Animator: “Either way, do you have any goals for 2017?”

Carl the Animator: “Well… I guess I see this year as a new opportunity. A clean slate to leave the failures behind, and build on the successes. It’s a chance to enhance my artistic skills, and commit to reaching more people whose lives are enriched by them.”

Ted the Animator: “…wow.”

Carl the Animator: “I need to get my art out to people who find value in it… the world needs tiny positive impacts in its daily lives now more than ever. Actually, a photographer I follow is doing that on Instagram this year, and I want to follow suit… you never know what person you might inspire.”

Ted the Animator: “…that’s shockingly introspective of you, Carl. I’m seriously proud.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, and in 2017, I also want to try those little bite-sized pizza things. That’s my second goal.”

Ted the Animator: “…ok, I’m marginally less-proud now.”