wow this turned out nice


hello hello so i was tagged by the lovely @wooziology and @jisoostar to make a mood board using only pics on my phone!!

all of these were on my phone i just used instasize to make them all fit nicely, and i used a pic of me and had to include a pic of my dear jisoo 🍃

i’m tagging @jayparkk @dinope @booseuksoon @omgbigbangtanboys @hanbit @cappukkino @xoxo-vernon @cabbageshua @deer-dances @jisoopreme @ethereal-youngjae @willowshiine @mans-ayyye @wonwootie & anyone else that would like to, just say i tagged u!! 💞

“Orange is not, and will never be, my color.” -Nathalie Sancoeur, probably

Decided to include the sketchy lines because I thought it looked neato, and look at that! An attempt at a background! You can probably click for more details.

Don’t edit or repost


*screams loudly and for several minutes*

so I’ve been working on lining This Motherfucker for at least three days. Three days of nothing but lining. I normally wouldn’t even post a WIP but I just. I fucking. THREE DAYS. This is the longest I’ve ever spent on any single piece of work ever in my lifetime and it’s not even done.

Anyway, opposites time. On the one hand you have Sigrun, who could probably kill a grown man with both hands tied behind her back. On the other, Reynir, who has the battle capabilities of a slightly damp rice cake. 

So it's gonna be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames