wow this took so long to make jfc

“Yeah, can you believe my dad got this for me? It’s so awesome. He’s been giving me the same lame pen for three years in a row.”

Oh Adrien, if only you knew.

Oh my god guys this took me so long to make I hope you like it! Let me know if I should draw Marinette like this as well. ((And maybe LB/CN?? Who knows.))


Nightwing’d (Dick Grayson x Reader)


PROMPT?:  “I don’t think we can be friends anymore” in a romantic way with Dick Grayson please 😊 Btw I loved your last imagine ❤️

A/N: Wow, this isn’t smut? For DICK GRAYSON? I’m shocked. Actually nah haha, this sounds really cute so I’m excited to write this! (Also you have no idea how FREAKING long it took me to find that gif jfc. But, I kinda found what I wanted so success?) **post write** wow i’m so sorry if this doesn’t make sense. I love you and really, I hope you like it!

WARNINGS: yelling/arguing, fighting (between Dick/Bart), cursing, fluff

You were confused. Dick had been distant while Bart had been closer than ever. You weren’t too happy about either. Sure, Bart was well, Bart, but Dick was your best friend. And him all of a sudden going away wasn’t going to fly. So, you tried your hardest to leave Bart behind, trail Dick like a lost puppy, but to no avail. He always pulled the classic “Bat Disappearing” move like always. So, after a week or so, you thought maybe you had done something wrong. He usually didn’t brood this long and when he did? He always came to you. You started thinking maybe it was your fault. That was, until, the fight started.

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