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Calvin X Reader - Distraction - Chapter 2

A/N Hey guys! This took me forever to write so I hope you enjoy! Requested by anon.

Chapter 1

The bell sounded, causing you to look up, having been laying your head in your arms, eyes shut, and trying your best to nap. You stood, watching as the students around you began to pack up their bags and walk out of the classroom, chatting up a storm.

Being new to this school, you didn’t know near enough to take this first test, so Mr. Myers gave you the option to take the test if you were confident, or stay quiet. You chose the latter, having little to know knowledge on the subject, especially since you and Calvin’s last study session didn’t go quite as planned, since you spent hours talking about yourselves rather than world history.

Though you were glad that you had the entire period to sleep, you felt groggy as you stood, slinging your backpack over your shoulder, and looking back at the desk behind you, a lanky boy passed out in the space.

Rolling your eyes you put your hand on his shoulder and shook him lightly but got no response, just a small murmur from his sleepy lips. Looking at the boy laying there, face wrapped in his arms, you wondered if he had gotten any sleep the night before, seeing he was out cold.

You shook him a few more times to no avail, before finally banging your fist on his desk and calling his name in a final attempt to wake him up, “Calvin! Wake the fuck up. It’s time to go!”

Quickly, the boys head shot up, looking from you to the empty desks around him. At the realization that the school wasn’t under attack, and the world wasn’t ending the boy calmed, letting his body relax, and flashing a glare in your direction.

“What the fuck, [Y/N]? I was sleeping good.” Calvin whined, reaching his arms behind him to stretch out his aching limbs.

You rolled your eyes, and flashed a sly smile, “Well I’m glad you slept good, but its time to go. Did you even finish your test?” you asked, realizing  how the boy had been sleeping much like you, though he had a test to take while you didn’t.

Calvin shrugged, looking done at the paper that had been smashed under his face, the test slightly wrinkled.

“I mean I took it, but I didn’t know anything.” Calvin confessed, standing up, and slinging his book bag over his shoulder.

You gawked at the boy, watching as he picked up his test and walking over to the teachers desk, where he set his paper on top of the stack, you trailing not far behind him.

“You didn’t know anything?” you repeated, shocked by the fact that Calvin didn’t know a single thing about the topic he had been studying for weeks.

Not a week prior, the messy haired boy had taken you to the library to study, and though not much studying got done, you were still surprised to hear that he actually knew nothing about the topic he was supposed to be helping you with.

Following right by his side, Calvin lifted his shoulders in a shrug, walking out of the classroom and into the busy hall, students walking in every direction.

“I thought you were supposed to be helping me that day in the library. How could you help me if you didn’t know anything?” you asked, still perplexed by the situation.

Calvin looked from the hallway in front of him to his side, anchoring his attention on you as you spoke.

“I don’t know. I thought you were cute and you looked confused. Thought I could get to know you or something, I guess.” the boy explained, his face slowly drifting into a light smirk.

You face became hot and you looked to your shoes as the two of you walked towards the building exit, Calvin pushing open the door for the two of you. Though you had some idea of how Calvin felt, it caused your stomach to spin hearing it from his own mouth. You hadn’t known the boy for very long but still even after the first day you knew the brown eyed boy and you clicked.

The two of you walked in silence for a few moments before Calvin stopped in his tracks, causing you to walk forward a bit before looking back at him, in confusion.

“What’s up, Cal?” you asked curious as to why the boy had stopped.

“Do you want to go get some ice cream?” the boy asked, seemingly out of the blue, “There is an ice cream shop no to far down the road.”

Calvin, looked at you with a hopefully look, a smile plastered on his face, overly excited about spontaneous ice cream.

Though you wanted to spend time with Calvin, you thought about the homework you had for your math and health class, face dropping at the thought.

Calvin noticed your shifted in mood and frowned as well, grabbing your hand and swaying your arm in a desperate attempt to swayed your decision.

You took your free hand and pushed a stray piece of hair behind your ear, looking away from the boy now in thought, “I don’t know, Cal. I have a lot of homework, and I just don’t think I have the time.”

“Common, [Y/N]. It’s hot and ice cream sounds so good.” Calvin whined, puckering his lip in a pout, acting as if we was a child trying to persuade his mother into buying him a toy.

You sighed, knowing that Calvin knew you couldn’t say no to him when he acted this way, and though you did have homework, you decided it could wait, just as long as you didn’t stay out too long. Your homework would just have to wait till later.

You sighed having given into the boys begging, mumbling a barely audible “fine”, causing Calvin to physically jump in excitement, his mouth curling into a wide smile.

“Let’s go!” Calvin cheered, pulling you by your hand down the long sidewalk outside of your school.

While you walked, you looked at Calvin, the smile never leaving his face, your hand wrapped in his. Though you had only know the brown eyes boy for a short period you already felt as if he was one of your better friends at this new school. When you had first transferred you were worried you wouldn’t make any new friends, it being in the middle of the year and everyone having already established there friend groups. But Calvin made that fear disappear when he had begun to talk to you, taking you to study, and continuing to pursue a friendship even after. You were just flattered that he even took the time to get to know you, seeing as little to no one else had even bothered.

“So what kind of homework do you even have?” Calvin asked, drawing your attention back to him.

You looked from the sidewalk in front of you, to the boys eyes that starred back at you questioningly.

“Some math and a project for health, I think,” you explained, swaying you and Calvin’s conjoined hands, as you ambled along, regret sliding off your tongue, “I really wish I had started that project sooner, honestly. Its due tomorrow and I didn’t start till last night”

Calvin chuckled to himself, looking to his feet as he walked, his headphones beginning to hug up his neck, “Procrastination is my bitch. I know all about that.” he admitted with a smirk.

You laughed lightly, nudging him to the side in a playful manner.

As you continued walking, the two of you finally approached a small building which looked no bigger that a single room with a sign hanging that read, “Izzy’s Ice Cream”

“Is this the place?” you asked hesitantly, releasing your hand from Calvin’s and approaching the ice cream stand.

Calvin nodded confirming your assumption and followed you to a small window in the stand that was just big enough for you to see inside.

When you looked in you saw lines of what seemed like freezers and a few tins that were filled with clean ice cream scoops. As you continued to scan the area your eyes soon fell on a figure standing in the back of the shop in front of a cash register.

Before you could call to grab their attention the figure whipped around to reveal a small woman who looked to be in her late 60’s seeing as her hair was graying and wrinkles were painted across her face. Her attire also screamed old fashioned as she sported a plain printed dress, covered by an apron, spotted with small faded ice cream cones, and short heeled shoes.

As she approached, the sound of her heels clicking as she walked across the tiled stand, you looked outside the shop to see a large poster that named every type of ice cream the shop served, pictures accompanying each name.

“Hey y'all, I’m Izzy. What can I getcha?” the woman sang with a thick southern drawl.

You looked to Calvin, his eyes plastered on the poster. He seemed to be thinking deeply, his finger placed on his face as he thought before smiling and looking towards Izzy.

“Could I get a scoop of birthday cake ice cream on a normal cone?” he requested, teetering on his heels as he stood, looking into the woman’s gleaming eyes.

Izzy nodded before turning towards you a smile still plastered on her face.

“Um, just a scoop of strawberry ice cream please,” you decided before stammering, “Oh! With sprinkles on top please.”

Izzy nodded again before turning her back to the two of you and walked over to a freezer in the back, grabbing a ice cream scoop as she made her way.

As you watched the woman do her job, you felt Calvin nudge you causing you to look at him, a smile spread across his face but his eyes still locked on the shop.

“What?” you questioned, eyebrows narrowing as you chuckled.

Calvin just smiled wider before muttering, “Loser, likes sprinkles.”

Your face dropped before you processed what Calvin had said, causing you to hit him playfully.

“Yeah and you like birthday cake ice cream. Who’s the real loser, here?” you bit back, a smile dangling on the corner of your lips, and your arms crossed across your chest.

Calvin just smiled back, rolling his eyes before turning to see Izzy approaching the counter once again, but this time with two cones in her hands.

“Here, you go love birds. I hope you enjoy.” Izzy chimed, and hands a cone to each of you, in exchange for a handful of money from Calvin.

You grinned back at the woman, a light blush creeping upon your cheeks before turning around and looking out into the road behind you, a small parking lot separating you from the on coming cars.

You brought the ice cream to your lips, sticking out your tongue for a taste test. As your tongue met cold cream the flavor overtook your mouth and you couldn’t help but lick at the dessert a few more times before looking to Calvin, who also had his face engulfed in ice cream.

The sides of Calvin’s tipped up in a smile, licking his lips, removing the remaining ice cream that surrounded his mouth.

“You hear that [Y/N]? We’re love bird.” Calvin teased, putting his mouth back to his ice cream as he chuckled.

You laughed along with him, still blushing from the woman’s statement. Though you and Calvin weren’t together you still felt like there was something there and though you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, ‘love birds’ did have a nice ring to it. You had only known Calvin for a short period of time but still, you felt as if he could be something more than a friend, even if it was just for a short while. You could use a presence like him in your life.

“You wish,” you muttered into your cone, continuing the joke.

Calvin just rolled his eyes once again before taking his hand in yours and beginning to walk back towards the school, occasionally bringing his mouth back to his cone.

As the two of you walked, it was silent but comfortable, and you couldn’t help but take the opportunity to look at Calvin, and notice things you wouldn’t have the chance to on a normal day. You noticed how his hair framed his face perfectly around his hat, how broad his figure was compared to your small frame, and how his nose pointed to the sky as if he were an elf, your eyes scanning him up and down. Taking the time to notice the small things really made you feel things for the boy that you couldn’t say you’d have the ability to feel for anyone else, and you wanted to take full advantage of that.

You were snapped out of your thoughts when you heard Calvin say your name, it sounding so much prettier out of his mouth, causing you to look up at him, diverting your attention away from your half eaten cone.

“Do you think we could do this again sometime?” Calvin asked, licking the side of his cone as the ice cream was starting to dribble.

Your heart jumped at the offer and you turned to him, with a toothy smile and exclaimed, “Of course! This was really fun. Maybe one day I don’t have homewo-”

You cut yourself off as you felt a drip of water hit your forehead, causing you take your hand away from Calvin in attempted to rub the moisture from your skin, but moments after another drop replaced the first.

Before you could get a word in inch wise, the drops almost instantly began to fall at a constant rate, catching both you and Calvin off guard. You looked at the boy, a face spewing disbelief, the two of you now standing in the middle of the rain.

“Great.” is all you could mumble, before trying your best to cover yourself from the drizzle, pulling your 15 pound backpack over your head, in a poor attempt to save your hair.

Calvin just laughed as he watched you struggle, putting no ounce of effort into staying dry, just letting the rain fall upon him, a smile spread across his damp face.

Feeling there was no way you could shield yourself, you gave up throwing your backpack over your shoulders and looking at your now mangled cone, having been covered in rain water and previously you mauled by your mouth.

“Fuck it,” you deadpanned, through the ice cream into a near-by trashcan that sat outside a news paper stand.

“Come on. Lighten up, [Y/N]. Don’t let a little rain ruin your day.” the brown eyed boy urged, approaching you slowly.

As he walked up to you, you could feel your breath hitch in your throat, his eyes looking from your eyed to your lips. Only inches from your face, your body becoming stiff. The boy bend down a bit, leaning his head forward towards your ear, a smirk resting between his cheeks as he did so.

“Bench is base. Your it.” Calvin muttered to you, tapping your shoulder before dashing off, dropping his cone as he ran. You stood still for a few seconds, jaw having dropped in disbelief.

Looking in Calvin’s direction you saw him stop running and look towards you, motioning with his hand for you to follow.

You smacked your lips and began to run after him, splashing in new formed puddles, as you ran down the sidewalk towards the boys, looking towards the sky as the ran hit your face.

Watching you catch up, Calvin turned around once again and sprinted back into a full speed run, his backpack hitting his back every time his feet met the pavement.

Though you were still far behind you could feel yourself gaining ground, and this only motivated you to run faster though you could feel your lungs beginning to burn, and your muscles growing tired.

Once your school came into view you noticed you were only a few yards away from Calvin and he noticed as well, seeing as his head was propped on his shoulder, looking back at you, his expression scared.

You could see the benches now, closer to the boy then ever before, your legs burning and close to giving out, but still you pushed on. Just as you felt yourself about to be within arms length of him, Calvin turned, cutting through the court yard towards the benches, leaving your arm extended but now nowhere near him as he touched the first bench and turning around to watch you slow to a stop.

“I’m safe!” Calvin cheered, expelling and inhaling air rapidly.

Both of you now stood in front of the benches, both breathing heavily, and soaked from head to toe. You could feel your hair clinging to your face, and could see it on Calvin’s, his exposed hair drenched, and pressed to his forehead in every direction.

You let out a breathy laugh, before putting your hands in front of you, proclaiming defeat.

“Okay, okay. You win.” you confirmed, blinking a few drops of water from your eyes, a smile never leaning your face.

“What’s my prize then?” the brown eyes boy asked, smirking lightly. You thought for a moment but had little time to think before Calvin continued, “A kiss?”

Your stomach twisted as Calvin spoke, and you could feel yourself burn fire red, watching as Calvin approached you once again, his eyed diverting slowly from your lips to your eyes, his own filled with desire.

Now only inches from your face, he began to lean in, his eyes floating shut, as well as yours. Just as you pushed yourself onto your tippy toes you felt your lips meet Cavlin’s and him kiss you softly, taking a hand and holding one side of your face for support. The word around you became a blur as kiss deepened and the two of you stood in the pouring rain, Calvin moving his lips in rhythm with yours, before you moved your hands to Calvin’s jaw. Your hands resting there, feeling the wet tips of Calvin’s hair brush against them, as the two of you held your lips together.

After a few seconds you felt Calvin pull away and your eyes fluttered open to meet his soft brown ones, a light smile on his face, and a blush across his cheeks. The two of you stared at each other for what felt like hours though only seconds, before you felt a harsh buzz in your back pocket that caused you to jump.

Quickly, you yanked your phone from your back pocket, to see “mom” plastered on the screen. Instantly panicking as you read the name, you slid your finger across the scream and brought the phone to your ear.

“Hey mom… Yes I’m at school… With Calvin…” You spoke slowly, looking down at your shoes and placing your free hand to your lips where Calvin’s had sat just moments ago, “I know… I’m sorry. I’ll get going right now… See you… Bye.”

Once you pressed the large red button on the screen, you looked up at the boy in front of you and shrugged, your mouth now slanted in disappointment.

“Hey, I gotta go. Mom’s order, but I’ll text you tonight.” you explain to Calvin, shifting your book bag on your back.

“Alright. Well see you tomorrow,” Calvin huffed with a slight wave, “I had a really good time.”

You nodded turning your back to the boy, before looking back for just a moment longer, looking at the boy before rushing up to him and placing a light kiss on his lips, lingering for a few seconds before pulling away and looking into Calvin’s soft eyes.

“I did too. Thanks for the ice cream by the way. We should do that again sometime.” you suggested before smiling lightly, and walking away from the boy and towards your parking spot, in the large school parking lot, nothing more than Calvin and how his soft lips fit perfectly together with yours on your mind.

Shutter (Yoongi Smut)


Thanks again for the request, dear! I hope you like it!

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Originally posted by monchims

You clenched your hands into a fist for the umpteenth time today as you watched the scene before you. Crumbles of the cracker you had just pulverised fell onto your lap. A shame really, as they were actually quite appetising and you were sure Jin would be upset and tell you to treat food with respect but you couldn’t care less at this moment. All you could care about was the distance -rather, lack thereof- between your boyfriend and the girl he was posing with in front of the camera. With every flash of the camera you could see the girl inching closer to Yoongi, her hand on his shoulder but slowly making its way to his chest before she flashed a bright smile at the photographer. When the photographer told Yoongi to put his arm around her, you were sure the entire photo studio had heard your irritated huff. Your significant other eyed you curiously before grinning, obviously finding the way you impatiently tapped your foot on the ground while glaring daggers at the girl rather amusing to watch.

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(first part)

GOSH ! This took me forever to complete and it’s only the second part of the comic … well the third one will be shorter … I think. 

I hope you like it even though my backgrounds look really weird, hey those are ny first backgrounds so I wasn’t expecting to be very skilled at that XD 

It’s still based on @genothecreeper ‘s lyrics to @skelebros-covers-nobody-wanted ‘s cover of “I can’t decide”.

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