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Guys guys guys

I went to dinner with my mom last night (at a bar) where she wanted to meet up with some friends. I’m a social person and I like meeting others, but I always have to prepare myself to be misgendered and either suck it up because I’ll never see them again or go forward with trying to correct people and risking putting myself in danger.

So my mom introduced me to her friend and I shook his hand. He got all surprised and said “wow! You shake hands like a man!” And I just kinda…. “That’s because I am one”. He looked at me and I didn’t see any doubt or judgement in his face- I didn’t even see understanding. He just said “holy crap, dude, you’ve got a serious case of baby face. I bet you’re going to be carded forever.”

And that moment literally elated my soul. He legitimately took me as a cisgendered man1 a baby-faced cisgendered man. I’m so fucking happy and it totally made my night.

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