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I’m not sure why the first time they met took so long to appear to me but it did two days ago so I decided to quickly sketch it.

Over a screen of the game, one of the million that I took the past +10 years xD What Peregrïn loves the most is traveling, visiting the world, protecting it. Seeing new places, sitting to look at the sky, the ocean, the trees, the mountains. This is what she loves most. She’s an explorer.

I know, it sounds cliché, but somehow, she lives up to her name.

Anyway she ran once (in cat form, it’s faster) to sit on a high spot and look at the pink line in the sky and he saw her and was curious so he followed. She invited him to sit with her.

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Hit The Road

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Requested by anonymous:

“Sam Winchester X reader where they’re childhood bffs but dean makes them go on a hunt as a married couple?”

Warnings: Violence, fluff

Note: I have only watched seasons 1 & 2 and a bit of season 3 so I’m basing this one shot off what I have seen so far

“What do you guys want?” You asked glancing between the two brothers.

“Cheeseburger with the lot, extra fries to.” Dean ordered as he typed away on Sam’s computer. You folded your arms across your front as you jutted out your right hip, tapping your foot impatiently. You cleared your throat when Dean didn’t catch on. His eyes darted from the laptop to see you staring at him intently with your brows raised.

“Please.” He added, rolling his eyes. “That’s better.” You smiled before turning to Sam who was seated opposite Dean. “What about you Sammy?” You asked kindly. “I’ll just get a salad please *yn*.” He smiled politely.

“No problem. Your brother could definitely learn a thing or two from you when it comes to manners.” You spoke sweetly before glancing over at Dean. 

“Funny.” Dean grumbled sending you a mocking smile. “I’ll be back in a sec.” You laughed, poking your tongue out at Dean cheekily before heading towards the counter to order.

As you walked away Sam craned his neck to watch you make your way to the counter. His eyes lingered on you for a length of time that surpassed the appropriate time someone would spend looking at their best friend.

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Seth and Dean ± on their FCW matches
“I felt like we gelled very quickly, Ambrose is someone I’ve had chemistry with from the moment we stepped in the ring together.”

Fights (TylerxReader)

Plot: Tyler and Reader get into a heated fight. Reader than goes out to clear her mind.

“You could have done something about it! Instead you just sat there flirting? Wow.. how low can you get in a Matter of 10 minutes?” I yelled. Tears threatening to spill. I refuse to cry. I blink it back I was brave.

“Wow, I was flirting? What were you doing, just getting ‘Friendly’ with that other guy Y/N? I don’t think so!” He yelled trying to overpower my voice from being heard.

“Listen to me Tyler I was not flirting, I was trying to get him off me for your Information. I have nothing to prove to you because I did nothing wrong. What’s your excuse? Did undressing each other with your eyes not work?” I just wanted to run right now.

•♡•♡• Flash Back to the bar •♡•♡•

The man clearly wanted to go home with you. I didn’t want that. I tried pushing him off of me. He wouldn’t stop. I looked at(Okay this is not a thing Tyler would do but go with it) Tyler who was clearly getting comfortable with a blonde haired girl.

They were so close to each other that the only thing separating them was their clothes. I kicked the guy where the sun don’t shine and walked towards Tyler and the blonde. As I got closer I could tell he had Lust in his eyes. I was so pissed off that when I was next to the blonde I grabbed the girls drink and dumped it on her head.

“Welp looks like you can have him now since he’s single.” I stated. I looked at Tyler his eyes showed anger. Was he really going to walk out of the bar without me and with a different girl?

I walked out and held up my middle finger towards Tyler and smiled. I went to an alley just in case Tyler ran out to find you he wouldn’t see you. I called Josh to pick you up.

“Josh could you pick me up please?“ My voice was weak due to you are holding back tears.

“Yea, sure. What happened?” He asked truly sounding concerned.

“I’ll tell you later I don’t think I could talk.” I said as a single tear fell from your beautiful (Eye color) eyes, that we’re now clouded with tears. I hung up the phone after telling Josh where you were. I looked around expecting to find Tyler looking for me.

I found nothing. Not a soul in sight. The sun set was dark. Not as colorful as it usally was. Clouds forming and surrounding the sky blocking out the fading sun. As if on cue a rain drop fell from the sky.

Mixing my tears with the rain. Not more than two minutes later it was almost a storm. The rain was falling so hard it almost made me jump. It was cold the wind was blowing up my shirt making I shiver. I heard an engine roar. His car. You thought.

“Wow, not only did he do me dirty he left me in the rain.” I frowned.

Josh pulled up by the curve a few moments later. I was freezing. Josh jumped out of the car ruining his gorgeous brown hair. He ran towards you with a blanket.

“Y/n I am so sorry.” Josh didn’t know what happened and still was there for you. He was your best friend. I could depend on him to catch me if I were falling. He would always be there. If it took you a million years for you fall he wouldn’t move an inch.

“Josh…H-he almost took someone else home.” I looked deep into his puppy eyes. They looked sad at the words that just came out of my mouth. He looked at me with the same amount of sadness and just kept hugging you. He kissed my forehead and rested his chin on top of my head whilst keeping his arms secure around my waist.

~{♡-♡}~ End of Flash back~{♡-♡}~

“Yea, whatever you say!” He said sarcasm dripping from his words. “Y/n sure this was all a misunderstanding, right? I don’t think so.”

“Tyler, I really don’t care if you believe me right now. I just want you to understand that I did nothing wrong and you tried to take matters into your own hand and tried to get back at me for something I didn’t even do. That hurts. That hurts like hell.” I said letting rears fall freely from your eyes.

“Why are you such a pain in the ass Y/n?” He asked “That’s what I hate about you, you over exaggerate things that are so little.

Than you try and accuse me of flirty whilst you were sluting around with some other dude.” I knew he didn’t mean it but it hurt like hell to hear those words from the one you loved. I looked at him. Not believing what you just heard.

“Y/n I didn’t mean that!” He yelled as I ran out the door and jumping in the car. My tears were once again coming out for the second time tonight.

“Please, I love you Y/n” was the last thing I heard before driving off into the foggy night. I just needed time to cool off. I wanted this to work but I just didn’t know anymore. He’s been so distant lately and going to the bar was your idea. All I wanted is the Tyler that told you he loved me every night and morning.

He would always cuddle you like it was the last thing he’d do. He’d kiss me on my lips than my forehead and lastly on top of my head before saying I love you and going to sleep. He would wake me by showering you with kisses. Until I would wake up and have a laughing fit.

Then he would pull me into a hug and say “Good morning princess.” He didn’t do that anymore. He would barley even stay in the same room as me.

I turned into the motel. I was a couple of cities away. I knew he would tried to find me. Hopefully. If not Josh. I knew that I was taking a risk. I didn’t care because my number one priority right now was to get away from Tyler. I wanted to work things out but I was having second thoughts. Was this relationship really worth saving? Am I going to fight for him? Or simply sit there and wait for it to pass?

I love Tyler, no doubt about it but does he return the feeling? I hated the night. That’s when I are most alone. There could be hundreds of people in the same room and I would still feel alone because of the thoughts that flooded my mind. Some people were a daydreamer,

I wasn’t. I was a night thinker. Yes, I had a history with running away because I couldn’t handle certain things but things felt different. Out of place even. As soon as I floped into the cheep motel bed I turned around to the sound of a door opening.

There stood Josh. His eyes fading from bright to dark..

“So what brings you to my humble abode.” I smiled. “Y/n why are you here and not with us?” He asked.“I followed you and drove here and you didn’t lock the door.”

“Well you see me a Tyler got into a fight and I wanted to be left alone and stay on the low for a while but you ruined that so plan B.” You stated.

“What’s “Plan B?” “Nothing you need to know about.”

“Oh well then.” Josh looked like he was pissed off by my carelessness and was ready to go.

“Hey, at lest there still a shoot for Joshler.” I winked. He rolled his eyes officially done with my crap and pick me up and put me in the car along with my stuff. Next thing I knew I was back at the house. Great. I sighed.

Not wanting to deal with anyone I started walking to my room.

To my luck Tyler came in the room with a glass of water and red sore eyes and looked at me. As soon as he recognized me he dropped his glass leaving it on the ground in a million shattered glass pieces. He grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. I could tell there was tears spilling from those beautiful eyes.

“Please, for the life of me don’t you ever leave again.” Tyler pleaded.

I looked at Tyler carefully making sure to look at every last detail of his face. His gorgeous eyes now seemed dark and red.

His face seemed tired as if fighting for consciousness. His hair was in every direction. He looked like he hadn’t slept for days. I didn’t care. He was still Tyler and I loved him to death. Even if he hadn’t returned the favor you would still love him no matter what.

(Okay confession. I cheated. This was one of my old Supernatural writings I just changed the names. But I did 100% write this)


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Still in shock that this dork (@bientist) and I actually met dan and Phil. Tldr: it was a really freaking fantastic day. 

 Sooo so so I go to college in Pittsburgh, but I’m from NYC and I heard about this event weeks ago after someone on tumblr stealth found it on the b+n events page. I frantically checked all of my schedules to see if it was possible, bought 2 overnight bus tickets within barely 24 hours of each other, and DID THE THING (because turns out I’m a little crazy). I got to the line around 7 AM, having underestimated how many people would already be there. It was around the block, and I was fucking freezing, but I made some line friends to dork about d+p with and pass the time. Waited in line for like 2.5 hours, really worried i wouldn’t get a wristband after all, but I was finally able to buy one for me and @bientist and it felt like a rare and valuable treasure. 

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