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Headcannon or drabble on the chocobros seeing a girl that they are like "love at first sight" for, but she speaks a different language and hardly knows any English or whatever language they know? Thanks ❤❤❤

I’m gonna be honest with you anon, that is the CUTEST effin thing I have ever heard! My heart is just WOW. I legit had to hold my heart and stop from crying. o(≧∇≦o)

I’m gonna make you proud! (I hope :P) This went a little longer than I thought it would…that’s why it took so long. ❤❤❤



“An escort mission, seems simple enough.” Ignis stated, holding a piece of paper.

“Iggy’s right Noct, with that money we won’t have to worry about anything from here to Tranbene.” Prompto added, looking into the backseat. “Please it’s on the way, so we can technically kill two birds with one stone.”

“It would add a little excitement to this 2 week bachelor party you wanted to go on.” Gladiolus chuckled.

“If I recall correctly, I didn’t want a party at all.” Noctis groaned.

Now here they all sat in the Regalia, a young woman squeezed between Future King and Shield, a long veil over your face. You never responded to any of the banter, making the car ride rather uncomfortable.

The mission was simple, drive 2 days east, and drop you off to your future husband.  About an hour out of your old city, you shocked the entire car as you uttered your first words.

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(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 3 541
warning : smut
summary : (based on the song ‘’Fuck Away The Pain” by Divide The Day)
* not my gif
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note : (to the anon who requested it) it’s the first time i am writing something like this 🙈 hope you like how it turned out 😅…

Y/N sat on the bar , her finger tracing the edges of the glass in front of her. It wasn’t how she had imagined spending her evening but having your entire life turn upside down in an instant demanded drastic measures. Usually drinking would never be her solution for dealing with pain , only this time it was all too much for her to handle with a pile of rocky road ice cream. No. The events from the past few hours had broken her in ways she never thought existed.
“Seven months.” she said gulping her third glass with bourbon at once , motioning to the bartender for another. Her left elbow resting on the bar as her fingers rubbed her tempels. “You date someone for seven months. This person - becomes your entire life. You move in together and everything is perfect… He tells you he loves you and then all of the sudden - he starts fooling with other girls behind your back as if you are nothing but a - a toy to be used and thrown away until you want it again. A slave , not a human being. ” The bartender kept drying the glasses , only raising his eyebrows and nodding from time to time. “Not to mention the way he chose to break up with me ! Absolutely unbelievable that guy …” said Y/N pulling out her phone. “Listen to this ‘Sorry babe. It’s over. What we had was fun but I’m not into it anymore. P.S. I’ll be coming to get my xbox tomorrow.’ … Fun ?!? He talks about our relationship as if it was a trip to Disneyland ! Who knows , maybe to him that’s exactly what it was.”
Y/N left her phone on the bar smashing her fist angrily on it. “Hit me again. Something stronger … whiskey , tequila. Mix it up I don’t give a damn what it would be. ” she said starting to slur her words. “I need it all erased from my head otherwise I might feel sorry for smashing his precious xbox to bits with a hammor and buy him a new one…and that idiot doesn’t deserve anything from me or anyone else.”
“I think you’ve had more than enough to drink.” said the bartender.
“You think ?!” she said incrediously. “My life is over. O-V-E-R , over ! He ripped out my heart from my chest without even blinking and trust me , I’ve seen that happen more times than you can imagine. Only then when those idiots lost their hearts - they died permanently the second time around. Instead I am stuck living with the pain of everything he had done.”
“Yep. You are cut off.”

Kai sat at the far end of the bar , listening in with his vampire hearing. It appeared Y/N was going to try and drink her way through every single bottle with alcohol in the bar and wasn’t planing on taking a ‘no’ as an answer. He was all for it except she was a human and he wasn’t planing on letting her ruin her life because of some ass who couldn’t appreciate her for the kind person she was and broke her heart. No. Y/N reached behind the bar grabbing one of the bottles , slapping the bartender’s hand away as he protested and tried to take the bottle away.
“Oh-kay. That would be my cue..” muttered Kai , briskly shortening the distance between him and Y/N.

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Next milestone will be a group pic too…But quite a dark theme. So people who have those more, tomato red prone muses, please be prepared >;3

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hey i wanna request something where the reader gets called a mudblood behind her back multiple times and fred weasley like always gets back at them because he actually likes her a lot? but at one point she gets into a fight with one of her bullies and fred saves her and takes the hits for her and after that like fluff and her taking care of him because he doesn't want to go to the hospital wing? does this even make sense? i love love love your writing so much!!!

WOW, this ended up being longer than I anticipated. I’m a little rusty since I haven’t written in a while so I hope you like it!

(A/N: So, for this made up Daniel character, I just looked up a random name generator and just took a name from there! Sorry if any of you are named Daniel! I’m sure you’re all wonderful people! Enjoy!)

=Protective❀Fred Weasley imagine=

Originally posted by hp-wizardingtrash-1

You sadly dragged yourself into the Gryffindor common room, dropping your books on the floor, and slumped yourself into the couch in front of the fire. Your best friends, Fred and George Weasley, shared a concerned look. The two of them immediately came to your side and sat down with you.

“What’s got you down, sunshine?” Fred asked, placing a hand on your shoulder.

“Nothing. I’m fine,” you answered quietly, keeping your gaze on the fire.

“Nice try, (Y/N). We’ve known you for years,” George chimed in, placing his hand on your other shoulder.

“Yeah, we know when something’s wrong,” Fred added.

They were right. You’ve been friends with the twins for as long as you can remember. Your father worked with their father, Arthur Weasley, and became good friends with him. You remembered all the holidays spent with the Weasleys and how much fun you always had with them.

You hit it off with the twins the moment you met them. They were both just as mischievous and fun-loving as you, and the three of you have been friends since childhood. You all told each other everything. They were your best friends.

A sigh escaped your lips. “It’s Daniel,” you revealed.

“Daniel Paisley?” George questioned, furrowing his eyebrows.

“That pompous creep who acts like he’s better than everyone?” Fred commented.

“That’s the one…” You brought your knees up to your chest. The twins shared a look once more.

“What did he do, (Y/N)?” George asked softly.

“He called me a…” you closed your eyes and took in a breath. The thought of the word alone made you want to cry.

“He called me a mudblood,” you choked out. “In front of everyone! A-and this isn’t the first time he’s done it! Every time I walk by, or I’m near him, he’ll shout it out at me!” you were fuming.

Fred and George were silent for a bit, unsure of what to say.

“Want us to sneak some of our test products into his morning tea?” George asked.

A smile crept its way onto your face. “No, don’t do that. I just… I don’t understand what I did. I’ve never spoken to him, but ever since he found out that I’m a muggleborn… It’s been non-stop…”

The twins sat with you and comforted you, cracking jokes every now and then to try and get you to smile.

No doubt, George was upset about it, but although he didn’t show it, Fred was seething with anger.

Fred loved you. Not only as a friend, but so much more than that. He fell in love with how adventurous you were and how you always laughed at his jokes, even if they were bad. He loved how happy you’d get when the three of you would plan a prank, and it would make him smile watching your eyes light up as the prank would be executed.

He loved you, and hearing that Daniel hurt you made his blood boil.


You were walking back to the common room with Fred after dinner. George stayed in the Great Hall with Lee for a bit. As the two of you were walking, Daniel crossed your paths.

“Well, if it isn’t Fred Weasley and (Y/N),” He sneered.

“What do you want? Run out of first years to bully?” you scowled, crossing your arms.

“No, I just saw you two walking, and I’ve always wondered why a pureblood wizard is associating himself with the likes of you.”

“The likes of me?!” you shouted, angrily drawing your eyebrows together.

“I think you need to take a step back, mate,” Fred growled at him, stepping in between you and Daniel.

Ooh, is Weasley here your little boyfriend?” Daniel mocked.

You felt your face heat up.

“You know what I want to know, Daniel?!” you paused, stepping out from behind Fred.  “What is it that makes you think you’re somehow better than everyone else?!”

“I don’t think I’m better than everyone else. However, I know I’m better than you, you filthy mudblood,” Daniel spat in your face.

Those words hit you straight in the chest.

But as those words left his lips, you saw Fred punch Daniel straight in the face.

Your eyes went wide and your jaw dropped.

You thought that would be the last of it, but this began to turn into a full out fight. Students began crowding around Fred and Daniel, trying to see the action. You tried to reach in and hold Fred back, but you felt someone grab and pull you into the crowd. You turned around to see Ginny with a worried expression on her face.

“Fred! Stop, please! You’re gonna get hurt!” you cried out, but he couldn’t hear you over the roaring students.

Out of the way, all of you!” a voice boomed.

Everyone turned around and immediately moved out of the way once they saw Professor McGonagall approaching. Students began to scatter to avoid being lectured by her and knocked you out of Ginny’s grip, giving you the opportunity to yank Fred away from the fight.

You looked over at Daniel. He looked like a mess; his face was red, covered in cuts, and he had a busted lip. Then you looked at Fred.  

He had only gotten two cuts.

“Weasley! Paisley! Come with me, now!” Professor McGonagall demanded. You let go of Fred and the two boys immediately followed Mcgonagall. You watched as Fred walked behind her. Suddenly, he turned around, and his eyes locked on yours.

In that moment, you felt your heart leap.


You sat in front of the fire with George in the common room, waiting for Fred to come back.

“I can’t believe I missed Freddie fighting that git. I bet that was a sight to see,” George said.

You nodded, but didn’t quite respond back. You were too distracted.

Your mind was racing with questions. Why did Fred fight Daniel? Why did he get so protective of you and put himself between you and Daniel?


As you gazed into the fire, you heard footsteps approaching. You quickly turned your head to the source of the sound, and felt an overwhelming feeling of relief when you saw Fred standing across the room.

“Fred!” You shouted, running over to him. You immediately threw your arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug. He smiled to himself and wrapped his arms around your waist, hugging you back.

“Are you okay?” you asked once you pulled away, looking at the injuries on his face.

“You’re lookin’ pretty rough, Freddie,” George joked, walking over to the two of you.

“Yeah, but I’m still better looking than you, Georgie,” Fred smirked at his brother, and then looked back at you. “I’m fine, (Y/N).”

“Good,” you began. Then, you smacked him hard on his arm, causing Fred’s eyes to go wide. “What the hell were you thinking, Fred?!”

“I was thinking Daniel was running his mouth too much and that someone had to shut him up,” he shrugged, placing a hand on the spot on his arm where you hit him.

You looked down, rubbing your temples before looking back up at Fred. You locked eyes with him again and felt your heart leap again.

George noticed something was up.

“W-why aren’t you in the hospital wing?” you stammered, breaking eye contact with him.

“Well, McGonagall told me to go there, but I’d rather not have Madam Pomfrey poking at my face at this time of night, so I just came back here,” Fred answered, getting a small smile from you.

“You’re lucky my parents sent me to this school with a first-aid kit,” you chuckled. “I’ll be right back.” You then walked up to your room to find it, Fred watching as you left.

George narrowed his eyes on Fred, searching his face for an answer.

“You’re hiding something from me, Freddie,” George crossed his arms.


“You fancy (Y/N), don’t you?” a grin began to form on George’s face.

“What?! No! We’re friends, that’s all!”

“Mhm, sure. I knew something was going on! Admit it, Freddie old boy, you’ve got the hots for (Y/N)!”

“Shh! Okay, fine! I do,” Fred whisper-shouted.

George’s eyes got wide. “Oh. I was actually joking with you.”

Fred rolled his eyes.

“You really love (Y/N)?” George whispered.

“Yes! Why do you think I got into a fight? No one deserves to be called what he called her, and (Y/N) definitely doesn’t deserve to be attacked by some creep like Daniel! She’s so good to everyone she meets and she’s funny and bloody brilliant and…” Fred sighed.

“She just doesn’t deserve to be unhappy, George. She’s such a wonderful person and just… Hearing what Daniel did-”

“It’s okay, Freddie, I get it. You did a good thing.” George placed a hand on Fred’s shoulder. “You have to tell her.”

“You’re barking. I’m not telling her that I love her, she’ll be freaked out,” Fred walked over to the couch and sat down.

I found it!” you shouted from upstairs. You began to run back down to the common room. George walked by Fred and quietly said:

“If you don’t tell her, nothing will happen.”

And with that, he went up to his dorm.

You reached the bottom of the stairs and saw only Fred sitting on the couch.

“Where did Georgie go?” you asked, making your way over to Fred.

“Oh, he-uh-went to bed.” Fred stuttered, staring into the fire.

“Okay…” you set down the first-aid kit, pulled out everything you needed, and sat down next to Fred. You grabbed a cleansing pad and slowly began to disinfect his cuts.

As you cleaned his wounds, Fred didn’t take his eyes off you. You pretended not to notice, but you did, and your heart was racing. Your faces were so close.

You’ve always loved Fred. He was always there when you needed a friend, he made you laugh even when you didn’t want to, and he always knew how to make you smile.

But you were never sure of how he felt towards you. Sure, the two of you had moments where you thought there was something between you both, but they were just moments.


You finally finished cleaning his cuts and placed band-aids on them. You put everything back in the bag, and sat back on the couch.

“Don’t get into any more fights, Freddie,” you sighed, looking over at him.

“I’ll try. But if I do, at least I’ll know that I have someone to look after me,” Fred smirked, sending a wink your way. You felt yourself smile and your cheeks heat up. You turned back to the fireplace, but Fred’s gaze lingered on you for a bit before he looked away.

Silence filled the air between you two. The questions in your mind from earlier began to swarm your head once more.

“Fred?” you asked, breaking the silence.


“Can I… Ask you something?”

“Of course. What’s up?” Fred turned his face to look at you.

“What happened today? You were just… Really protective and when Daniel called me a… Mudblood… You snapped.”

Fred took in a breath and stood up, running his fingers through his hair.

“It’s just… I hated how he talked to you. When you told us about how he was hurting you… I was already angry about it. And seeing him actually talk to you like that… I couldn’t stop myself. It all happened so fast and I didn’t even think. I just hit him.”

“Wait.” you got up and stood in front of him. “You did that because he was upsetting me?”


“Fred, why-”

“(Y/N), you don’t deserve to be hurt. You’re kind-hearted and funny and beautiful and the fact that Daniel is so close-minded and can’t see how amazing you are just boggles my mind.” Fred blurted. His eyes became wide once he realized what he said.

Your face turned red. “Do you really mean that?”

“I do.” Fred paused, letting out a breath. “I guess now’s a better time as any.”

Fred took a step towards you, making your heart speed up. You felt him gently take your hands in his, confusion taking over every fiber of your being. His hands were soft and warm.

“Fred, w-what are you doing?” you squeaked softly, gazing up at him.

“I need to tell you something…”

“Say it, then. You’re making me nervous,” you chuckled. Fred awkwardly chucked back and looked down at his feet.

“Okay…” he breathed. You anxiously waited for him to speak.

“(Y/N), I love you.” He said.

In that moment, every question you had about Fred was answered.

You felt your eyes widen, heat rising up your face. Your heart was racing, but you felt relieved. A smile began to form on your lips and you let out a little giggle.

“What? Say something,” Fred looked nervous, but tried to hide it with a smile.

“Fred, you’re so thick sometimes,” you laughed.

Now Fred looked confused. “Come again?”

“Fred, I love you, too.” you brought your hand up and rested it on his cheek.

“Yeah?” he placed his hand over yours.

“Yeah.” you smiled.

He let out a loud sigh of relief, causing you to laugh again.

“Why didn’t you say anything, Freddie?”

“Because… We’ve been friends since we were children. I thought that you’d only ever see me as friend,” he paused to slowly put his hands on your hips. “I didn’t want to ruin that.”

The two of you gazed at each other in silence for a few moments. Suddenly, you saw Fred’s eyes flicker down towards your lips. He saw you do the same.

There was no speaking. The two of you just slowly started leaning in towards each other. As your faces got closer, you felt his breath against your lips. You saw Fred smirk.

“What?” you murmured.

“Now I know why you were so upset that I asked Angelina to the ball last year,” He whispered, moving a strand of hair away from your face. “You looked gorgeous that night. I mean, you always do, but-”

“Fred, just kiss me.”

A wide grin formed on his face. He then immediately crashed his lips into yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. Fred snaked his arms around your waist, closing the remaining space between you two.

Everyone always talked about how they felt fireworks when they kissed someone they really clicked with.

You were feeling more than just fireworks.

After what seemed like forever, the two of you broke apart, completely breathless.

“Wow,” you breathed, resting your head against his chest.

“Yeah, wow,” Fred smiled to himself.

“Thank you, Fred,” you looked up at him.

“What for, love?”

“For sticking up for me. I don’t know what I would have done if you weren’t there today…”

Fred cupped your face in his hands, gazing at your features.

“I want to make you happy. I want to be the reason for that gorgeous smile of yours, and anyone who wants to do the opposite of that is an idiot.” Fred rested his forehead against yours.

“I love you, (Y/N).”


Bonnie Fanfiction

As promised, here’s the list of Bonnie fanfiction I’ve been reading. I have a bunch more bookmarked that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet so this will be updated at a later date. This list is not organized so their are a lot of different pairings here. Feel free to reblog with your own favs since I love discovering new fanfics to read. Enjoy!

Requiem For A Dream by Lapis Love

A Snapshot in Time by irishcookie

Effervescent by RoseGoldExile

Adverse Effect by Farie Insignias

Switch by petrovascurls

The Devil and His Doll by xliterati

Wide Awake by Lapis Love

The Good Girl by Lapis Love

Thirst by jazzywazzy08

Klonnie: WonderWall by BanglerStill

The Bennett Chronicles by YumYumBamon

Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice by The Dead Masquerade

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell by Lapis Love

We’re Not Friends by TalulaJones

The Curious Case of Bonnie Bennett by TalulaJones

Resurrection by TalulaJones

It Began with a Dance by anneryn7

Preludio by Swamy

Let Me In by jazzywazzy08

Endgame by Lapis Love

Emote by jazzywazzy08

Young and Beautiful by jam2008

And Persephone Fell by Anastasia-G

Aficionado by Lapis Love

Down The Bunny Hole by Swamy

Bewitched by nicola de lenfent

Sir by Lapis Love

What Lies Beneath by Asher Monroe

The Sound of Silence by rebeldesigns

As We Were by The Dead Masquerade

The Bell It Tolls For Thee: The Second Life of Matt Donovan by jazzywazzy08

When the End Justifies the Means by isisgodiva

Team Klamon vs The Bennett Witch by irishcookie

The Switch by nicola de lenfent

Elijah’s Witch by yesbones

Indiscretion by Lapis Love

The Balance Of Things by irishcookie

Distortion by jazzywazzy08jazzywazzy08

Transference by jazzywazzy08

Dormiente by Swamy

Divenire by Swamy

Fallout by artemis-golden-arrow

A Goodnight Kiss by Lapis Love

Uneven Ground by irishcookie

Oblivion Has Her Eyes by Swamy

Beauty Within by tsforhokies

Forbidden Affair by tsforhokiestsforhokies

Spitfire by lildorkysue

VampireWitch Politics by charrrmed

Give In To Me by tsforhokies

Broken by artemis-golden-arrow

Prisoner by tsforhokies

Like the sacrificial little lamb you are by irishcookie

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Second Verse, Same as the First by IronyRocks

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Kaleidoscope by venusnv80

Stranger Than Fiction by norrific

Tear The World Down by IsisIzabel

Nightlight by JezziBness

Wow this took a lot longer than I thought it would. Hello everyone, I’m a fanfiction addict :)


*victor voice* “wow!”
I woke up to so many messages and asks, what a good start to my day! I’ve got a lot of asks to answer that are there from the start of my holiday too, I haven’t forgotten about anyone 😂 I’ll try to get back to everyone when I can.

But in the mean time thank you everyone for sticking by me for the length of the interlude, it took a lot longer than I planned and that chapter was the biggest update I’ve ever written. Not gonna lie I hated it by the end and just wanted to get it over and done with. So this feed back really means a lot. I love this fandom. 💕

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Wow I just came across this blog and I love it! <3 May I request #59 with 11th Doctor? In which he doesn't want to admit he has feelings for reader but then gives in after reader is kissing him on neck/face ? thank youuu I love ur writing <3<3

Hi! That took longer than I thought it would but here it is nonetheless!

59. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” with the 11th Doctor.

Master Prompt List (x)

The look on the Doctor’s face as Amy and Rory walk out of the room  and he turned to you isn’t like anything you’ve seen before.

You have only seen him that angry once before, in an incident you tried very hard to forget. Even then, it wasn’t aimed at you.

“What the hell were you thinking?” he growls. “Do you know how dangerous what you did was? How stupid?”

“Relax,” you say. “Everything turned out alright.”

“Relax?” he repeats. “Y/n, you offered yourself as prisoner for a race of aliens known for never leaving prisoners alive!”

“The leader had honour,” you dismiss. “You could see it in her eyes. She wouldn’t kill someone who offered themselves up.”

“They don’t have eyes!” the Doctor calls out.

“It’s a figure of speech!” you call back. “And, besides, me offering myself up saved the whole village, so I’d say it was well worth it.”

“You getting yourself killed isn’t well worth it!”

“In return for saving five thousand innocents, yes it is,” you say. “Let’s face it, Doctor, I’m not exactly innocent.”

“That’s not the point,” the Doctor mutters. “The point is that you keep doing those things, risking your life -”

“Oh, please,” you say, rolling your eyes. “You do it all the time. So does Amy, and I never saw you yell at her. And God knows I’ve already lost count of how many times Rory died -”

“This isn’t about them! This is about you, risking your life over and over again -”

“In order to save people!”

“And, what?” the Doctor asks. “Do you think if you’d save enough people you’d somehow be able to redeem yourself?”

The words hurt more than you let show, but he doesn’t needs telling to realize that. After all, he hit your sore spot for a reason, even if it didn’t have the effect he wanted.

“You know what?” you ask quietly. “Maybe I do. Wonder where I got that from.”

“Y/n,” the Doctor mutters, reaching out and grabbing your hand when you try to walk out. “Y/n, please, wait… I didn’t mean that.”

“Well, then what did you mean, Doctor?” you ask. “Because I really just don’t understand you anymore. What is it?” you question. “Why are you always… picking up on me and whatnot?”

“I’m not picking up on you -”

“Then what is it?”

“I…” the Doctor starts. “Well, I…”

You sigh, the nerves that had been bottled up inside you fading into tiredness. You have to stand on your tiptoe, but you manage to pull him into a hug with your arms wrapped around his neck.

“Just tell me, Doctor,” you say, pressing a light kiss against his neck. “I promise it won’t change anything between us.”

“I think I love you,” he says quietly, pulling away. “I… I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified. I am terrified because you keep almost getting killed and I can’t lose you, y/n. I just can’t.”

Of all the responses you imagined, this wasn’t what you expected, and you stare at him with shock for several long moments before speaking again.

“You should have said so instead of yelling at me, you idiot,” you say with a sigh. “I can’t promise I won’t be reckless again,” you add, “but I won’t offer myself up for murderous aliens.”

“That’s enough for me,” the Doctor replies and you nod, starting to walk towards your room only to stop right before you exited the Console Room.

“Doctor?” He looks up at you and you let out a small smile. “I think I’m in love with you, too.”

It’s not even about Ganondorf being in the game or not, but more or less how Calamity Ganon as a whole was handled.

In one sense I understand that they were trying to go back to their roots with the original Legend of Zelda, where Ganon was just this brute beast who kidnapped Zelda and rampaged across Hyrule, and the focus of the game was on discovering and exploring what the overworld had to offer. However, after coming along so far with so many other entries in the series, with characters both heroes and villains that have been written with motive and character, this is a bit of a disappointment. I mean, I’ll be realistic here and say that Ganondorf has always been a pretty one dimensional character, with his primary motive being the hunger for power and sovereignty over Hyrule. Wind Waker did give him some background for his aspirations, which I will be forever grateful for, but the point is that he had enough in any game he’s appeared in thus far that made him feel like a personal threat to you. It made him feel like an antagonist, a sentient being working against you that had to be stopped. Even Zelda 1 had this in some capacity, with Ganon actually having kidnapped Princess Zelda as opposed to Zelda going after him to keep him at bay, making him feel like a true antagonist.

However, Calamity Ganon just feels like the evil that is there just because. His evil destruction is akin to something a hurricane or an earthquake would be described as. It appears now and then throughout the land, destroys everything in its path with no regards as to who and what it destroys, and will probably come back again sometime down the line despite any measures taken against it. I mean I’m sure people feel anger and loss towards the devastation left behind by natural disasters, and Calamity Ganon pretty much invokes the same sort of feeling. The only reason one might feel something beyond this is a long time Zelda fan who knows who Ganondorf was, and would come to think like “wow, look at what he has become.” Maybe that’s the angle they were going for, but as a stand alone villain he’s not very villain-y, if you get my drift.

I suppose I’m just salty because they clearly wrote a very good Zelda in this game, who showed weaknesses as well as strengths despite her title. It would have made for a good opportunity to write a villain that a player felt motivated to go after, someone with cunning and manipulative tendencies that just made you want to send him back to the hell he came from. I mean, for myself playing the game, I feel absolutely no urgency to go and fight Calamity Ganon at all, as he doesn’t feel all that threatening to me. I suppose the key point of Breath of the Wild was about exploration, which is what I’m doing. It’s just disappointing that, with what we’ve been given so far, that they’ve sort of took some steps back in this department as opposed to improving.

Causing Trouble - YoongixReader (Delinquent!Au)

Requesthey hey hey! i see that ur request are open!! whaddya think of a delinquent AU with yoongi? like the boys and him are delinquents who think theyre real bad and all that ish but then meet the reader whose a real mafia boss (not the seductive one but a dangerous one which immense power in the underground world her name is feared by everyone but the boys dont know dat ) anyways they get into trouble and the reader has to come in between cuz the other gang is the readers target. she just has unfinished business with the gang that has problems with the bts boys so she steps in and “saves” them sorry if it’s a bit vague but what do you think? ~ sora

Words: 5.3k

Warnings: a little violent I guess?

A/N: wow ok, this turned out longer than i expected. I had a bunch of fun writing it though, I don’t usually write this kinda style. Also I live in a town with more cows than people so im v v sorry if it’s super cheesy i know next to nothing abt city life. and I hope its what you wanted! I think I stuck to the prompt pretty well. 

P1 P2

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I Thought You Were Different (Part 16/?) (Rogers/Romanoff x reader)

Part 15

The entire flight home was silent.  You were grateful that Tony didn’t push you for any information, though you really could have used someone to sort out the flurry of thoughts going through your head. You had spanned the full gamut of emotions, from sadness that Steve couldn’t come to you with the PTSD he was struggling with and your broken heart at what that must mean for him to acknowledge it, to the shamefulness towards yourself for your own words and actions directed at him.  Ultimately, you were so immensely proud of him that it paled everything else, and you only wished that you could tell him so.  

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stellarstar21  asked:

I'm a big fan of your work, keep on the good work but don't forget to also rest we wouldn't want you to get all work up, I have a scenario request for doflamingo, luffy, kidd, law and ace when their s/o are busy and they wanted attention so badly

(Thanks for the concern! Sorry this took too long! Wow… This was longer than I thought…)

Donquixote Doflamingo: He frowned as he watched his partner walk back and forth from room to room. A vein throbbed against his forehead as his eyes narrowed at his partner’s form. They, on the other hand, were extremely busy but still caught the frustrated look that their love was giving them and they found it extremely amusing. As his partner continued to do their responsibilities, Doflamingo growled under his breath. 


“Not now, Doffy!” Another vein throbbed against his forehead as his partner rushed past him with a stack of papers. He cleared his throat and tried to keep calm.

“(Y/N).” Again. He got the same response. He hated being ignored and his partner knew that. After seething in anger for a long while, he finally got up and took fast long strides to them. He walked up behind them and picked them up, throwing them over his shoulder. He ignored their protests and grumbled angrily as he took you to his office, ignoring the amused expressions on his subordinates faces (this time). He smirked but his partner could feel that his form was tense.

“I don’t like being ignored. Out of everyone, you should know that. Now, you’re going to sit and spend the rest of the day with me. That’s an order.”

Monkey D. Luffy: He was not making this easy for them. His partner was given a long list of errands that they needed to buy by Nami and they had to buy all the things before they got back to the ship. Luffy wasn’t happy about this. He followed behind them, pointing at restaurants and stores that caught his attention but puffed out his cheeks when they continued their fast speed down the street. He tried to gain their attention and was getting more and more annoyed. He jogged up to catch up to them and hugged them tightly from behind.

“(Y/N)~! Come on~ I’m bored~” He whined, pouting. His partner however continued walking, albeit with some trouble, and shook their head. He continued his tight grip while following them around. They groaned after literally dragging Luffy for a good 10 minutes. They turned around and cupped his face to look him in the eyes. He blinked as he saw guilt, love, frustration, and worry all mixed into their beautiful (E/C) eyes.

“Luffy, please! I need to get this stuff for Nami or she’ll kill me!” They smiled a bit and ran a hand through his hair. “I promise to spend time with you when I’m done, okay?” He nodded after a while but his eyes narrowed in determination.

“Cuddles later, then.” They blinked and laughed at his proposition before nodding. He grinned before kissing them briefly before sprinting off to do something ‘fun’.

Eustass Kid: His fists clenched as his partner continued to help Killer with his weapon. On the previous island, there was a huge fight and Kid wasn’t complaining about it. He loved fighting but now that he looked at his partner sharpening the blade on Killer’s weapon and laughing at something that Killer said…. well, he wasn’t happy.

“Oi, (Y/N). Aren’t you done yet?” Kid barked. His partner jumped a bit from the sudden voice and looked at him.

“Sorry, captain! I don’t know how long this will take!” Kid felt his eye twitch but he grumbled a ‘whatever’ and turned away. He would have left the room but he didn’t want the two of them to be alone. After a while, he heard his partner laugh again and a vein throbbed on his forehead. He couldn’t take it anymore and turned around. He moved the weapon out of his partner’s hands and lifted them up over his shoulder. He looked at Killer and scowled.

“You do it.” He growled before stomping out the room with his confused partner whining and protesting. Once they realized that he felt ignored, they smiled and spent the rest of the day with the grumpy captain.

Trafalgar Law: His eye twitched. This was getting ridiculous. His partner was determined to make Law proud of them by studying medicine and basically learn how to be a doctor alongside him. He was amused at first but now that the studying took up all of their time, he wasn’t so amused anymore. He was writing something down in the infirmary when he groaned in frustration and stood up. He went over to his partner’s room and opened the door without knocking. They looked up at him and he kept the smirk from appearing on his face. They held a pencil inside their mouth with a textbook open and papers surrounding them. They tilted his head at him and he couldn’t help but think how cute they were.

“Law?” They asked, muffled, when he walked over and closed the book they were reading. he stacked the stray pieces of paper on top of the book. He put the book aside on the desk and sighed.

“Well. Looks like you’ve been spending more time with these books then with me.” They blinked as he laid down next to them on the bed. He let out a grunt as he got himself comfortable. They smiled and laid back against his arm that was stretched out for them. 

“Were you lonely?” He rolled his eyes and pulled them close to his side.

“No way.” They laughed against the fabric of his shirt and he smirked slightly as they hugged him tight.

Portgas D. Ace: He was sitting on the deck, pouting, as his partner ran back and forth. He wanted his partner to pay attention to him but they were busy with helping around the ship. They had decided to take on Marco’s ‘chores’ since the first mate got a cold and could barely get up. Ace grumbled annoyed as his partner ran past him again. The crew would describe him as a pouting child from how his bottom lip stuck out and how he glared at the deck. He watched as they ran past once again.

“(Y/N)-” He growled under his breath as they ran past again. He stood up and got in their way. “(Y/N)-” They had just ran around him and he tugged at his hair in frustration. Right as they ran past again, he tackled them to the ground, hugging their waist tightly.

“Ace?! What are you-” He nuzzled his face against their chest while letting out a whine.

“Quit ignoring me~!” His partner blinked as he nuzzled even closer. They smiled and sat up with the grown man child, hugging their waist.

“I’m sorry.” He looked up at them and pouted again.

“Love me.” He muttered with a small pink tinge on his cheeks. They laughed and cupped his face, pressing a small kiss on his lips.

“Alright, alright. I will.” He grinned and hugged them tightly, making them fall back again.

Inking Hearts

This is a short story I wrote a couple months ago that I finally decided to post. It’s inspired by a prompt I got from @a-writers-insanity.

The prompt is:

Every morning you wake up with a new talent. The catch is, you aren’t told what it is. IF you discover what talent you have, you get to keep it. The talents NEVER repeat.

I’m putting it under the cut cause it’s pretty long - 2,476 words.

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anonymous asked:

I remember you saying years ago (I don't even know how long time flies) that Dylan wrote the essay and said you'd post proof :D glad it's up! Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy reading ur lengthy posts :) thanks ec

Yassss. You remember that huh.  Wow, good memory…  Yeah, I’ve been wanting to do that ‘Just a Day’ A Case for Dylan post for what seems like agggeees now. FINALLY.  Took a bit longer to piece together than I thought it would too..because more clues popped out at me while typing it up.

You’re welcome and thank you!  Glad you enjoyed!  :) 

Now, on to the next one that’s been brewing in my mind. ;) hehe.

Mina informed me that today was National Hug Day so uh *slides this in here*

I… did not mean to make this so complicated, but I kinda had this animation/animatic idea for a while. The Yacht Club Twitter hit like 40k followers a couple weeks ago and they posted this image and it looks like Plague Knight is gonna tackle Tinker off that tiny tank.

Also if I actually fully animated the first half of this, it would’ve been way too big to put into gif form, trust me.

anonymous asked:

romanogers/capwidow (???) + 16 pls

i lowkey ship this hardcore bless your soul for sending me this prompt

Sam leads the two of them to a single bedroom. “Bathroom’s that way,” he indicates with a tilt of his head. “I’m right across the hall so give me a shout if you need me. Make yourselves at home, guys.” He leaves without another word.

Steve stares at the one bed in the middle of the room apprehensively, wondering if Sam was making assumptions. The thought doesn’t bother him as much as he’d have expected it to, if he’s honest with himself. He tries to remind himself that it’s Natasha, that they’re friends, that this probably won’t be the first time she’s shared a bed with someone on a mission. That thought doesn’t help.

“I’ll sleep on the floor,” he tells her, praying that his voice is steady.

“There’s no need,” she says quietly. He turns to look at her for the first time. Her eyes are red-rimmed, her shoulders slumped forward. She’s not the confident woman that stalks down SHIELD hallways with her trademark confidence. She looks defeated.

“Do you want to talk?” he asks gently.

She shakes her head, mute.

“Okay. What do you need from me right now?”

“A distraction,” she whispers. It’s raw and it’s honest and it’s authentic, and so very few things about her are real that he finds himself needing this.

“Distraction,” he says, taking a step towards her. “Coming right up.” He rests his hands on her waist lightly, reveling in the lack of space between them, in the electricity of her body pressed up against his.

She looks up at him. He looks down at her. And suddenly he’s uncertain, doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do, doesn’t know if he should wait for her or take the lead himself.

“I lied,” he blurts out abruptly.

Natasha raises an eyebrow. “About?”

“It was my first kiss since 1945.”

The ghost of a smile flickers across her face. “I figured.”

“Was it really that bad?”

“Could have been better.”



He pulls her closer, locking his arms around her waist, pressing his forehead against hers. “Show me.”

Wow! This took longer than I expected. I wanted to make a picture with A Lot of Sans on it, I put ones that I know/and or like so not EVERY Sans is on here! I added my AU Sans as well. I had to color Ink in color pencil since u don’t have a brown marker.

Error Sans, Fresh, & Geno Sans - @loverofpiggies
Yandere Sans - @ammazolie
Underswap Sans - @underswapped
Underfell Sans - ?
HarmonicTale Sans - Me
Gaster Sans - @borurou
Ganz - @bladedee
Ink Sans - @comyet
Underlust Sans - @nsfwshamecave
Undertale Sans - Toby Fox
Swapfell Sans - @oftheforests
Outertale Sans - @outertale

My New Stepbrother Pt.6 (M)

                          Please read Part 1!/ Part 2!Part3!Part 4!/Part 5!

a/n: Seriously guys! Thank you so much for 1400+ followers! Thank you for sticking by us (Admin T& Me) even when we go hiatus w.o notice and pop back in your dashboard. We really love you all and we really hope you continue to love us and RealGotMarkson<3

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