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i love your account so much!! can you come up with some cute little moments and headcanons for simon and izzy just all the little things they do for each other please? love your work xx

Wow wow this took me forever to make, but here you go!

-simon does their cooking because (well everyone knows why do I even have to explain I’m pretty sure izzy would poison him)

-but when he’s too tired or forgets izzy has packets of ramen that she’ll make for them

-whenever there’s been a really long day fighting demons they’ll come home and give each other massages

-Netflix and Chill that becomes Netflix and Cuddle while being too invested in the show they’re watching

-they went to midnight the force awakens showing and cried

-izzy also went to hot topic and bought them matching couple shirts

-simon makes it his personal goal to introduce izzy to modern culture

-yes this means Denny’s at 3:00am

-izzy loves horror movies so she took simon to see IT and was like “I could have dispatched IT by now what amateurs”

-cards against humanity games with clace and malec

-also monopoly that resulted in knives being drawn

-simon’s that boyfriend that will most definitely accompany izzy while shopping and offer his opinion and carry some of her bags (and they say chivalry is dead)

-snapchat king and queen? actually Izzy’s the queen simon’s the type to respond with a shot of the ceiling

-when izzy has nightmares about max dying or simon has nightmares about being buried alive they’ll wake the other up and talk for hours until they feel better (or just lean against each other and cry whichever one)

-“damn I look sexy today” “hell yeah you do”

-they’re both the embodiment of the “you’re doing amazing sweetie” meme whenever the other does something

-they’ll bring each other drinks when they’re working

-izzy has most definitely done makeup for simon more than once (he loves it) (also I love the concept of izzy putting makeup on him? Like how fucking cute ahsjsksd)

-simon! kissing! izzy’s! scars!

-simon braids Izzy’s hair when they’re lazy lounging in the sun

The Promise

Summary: Moving is always sad when you leave things behind. When you have to leave Beacon Hills, you’re more than demolished. You force yourself to forget to be able to move on, but you regret forgetting the day you come back to town, years after your departure. What did you forget? And why does it seem so important for Scott?

Word count: 2070

Requested? Yes, by @5sospoplikerock

Pairing: Reader x Scott

A/N: Wow this took long. Sorry for the wait! I hope you like it! Thanks to @maddie110201 who helped me with this story as well!!

Forever tag list: @rosecoloredshawn @multilovee (you can still ask to be in this tag list!)

“Promise me!” You asked, crying, your little fist constantly wiping away the tears from your cheeks.

“I promise you, one day I’ll marry you, Y/N.” His voice rang against your ear. You can’t help the little laugh that escaped your mouth.

“I’ll come back. I’ll come back, I swear, I promise, Scott, I’ll come back and make you hold your promise.”

“I can’t wait. I miss you already,” Scott mumbled, passing his hand on your soaked cheek and then on your ear to replace a lock of hair behind it.

And then, even if you two were young, you knew what to do. You mouth already closed as you keep getting closer until your lips collided gently for a deep and painful goodbye kiss. You didn’t know if you were going to see him again.

But you made a promise. And he made one too.

It’s been years. Years since you left, left Beacon Hills behind because your parents had to move for work. You had been so sad, demolished, cried for weeks over this city, all your friends, and especially him, your best friend. Scott. You had missed him so much, especially at the beginning. His absence was worse than a hole in your chest; you had so much trouble making new friends. But you had succeeded, over time.

And now, 18 years old, your parents were moving again.

To Beacon Hills.

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New dad Liam Payne speaks about fatherhood for the first time
Liam Payne, 23, couldn't resist gushing about his newborn with Cheryl, 33,, as he took time to speak to fans outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Fans went wild after Cheryl’s hairstylist Dayaruci shared a snap of a baby clutching his hand - fuelling speculation as to whether it was her child. 

And elsewhere, Liam Payne, 23, couldn’t resist gushing about his newborn, as he took time to speak to fans outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday. ‘He’s great, he’s good. I love him and I miss him a lot,’ the One Direction star, who is currently working on new music on the west coast, reportedly told a fan. 

Liam’s gushing comments over his new bundle of joy was made during his outing to Beauty & Essex restaurant in Hollywood. The British hunk looked incredible as he displayed his extravagant body art in a silk bomber jacket and skinny jeans.

After months of swirling pregnancy rumours, Liam and Cheryl confirmed the birth of their son on Saturday 25 March with a sweet Instagram of him cradling the tot. 

And now fans are eager to catch a glimpse of the new arrival, which caused them to melt down as they took to social media to question the identity of the infant uploaded onto Instagram by hair stylist, Dayaruci.

Cheryl’s mane expert wrote 'Sweetest’ across the snap of the child in a baby carrier, adding some Easter themed emojis. 

The image has since been reposted by several fan accounts, with followers commenting in their droves about whether the picture could be of Cheryl’s child.

Fans shared, 'Is this baby Liam and Cheryl’s son?’, and 'So, it is real?’ and 'OMG! I’m so looking forward to seeing your face.' 

The star opted for an unusual jumper for his latest social media post, which appeared to be printed with the images of cartoon pirates and monsters all over. Sweeping his hair to one side, the new dad then appeared to grab onto his the middle of his trousers as he smouldered for the camera. 

Clearly feeling fierce as he posed in his bathroom, he captioned the shot for fans with the alluring words: 'Gucci on my…’

One fan posted: 'That’s not their baby. It can’t be. It looks too big to be their baby who was just born.' 

A representative for Cheryl has confirmed the child is not theirs. 

 Meanwhile, Liam has been sharing a number of edgy selfies to his Instagram page over the last week. The One Direction star, 23, clad himself in a baggy sports hoodie for a brooding snap on Saturday - which saw him pose in the mirror with his hand clutching his crotch.

Perhaps experimenting with a new look now he has become a changed man as a father, Liam has shared a number of grungy selfies for fans this week.

 In another snap posted on Friday, the star powerfully stared down the camera from the comfort of his car, with his hair coiffed high above his head. 

Meanwhile on Wednesday, the Wolverhampton native appeared to channel his inner Ali G as he posed in a varsity jacket, beanie and his beloved gold chain. Pulling the hat across his face, to flash a chunky watch to fans, the singer wrote playfully beside the image: 'Mask off ayy’

Liam has been displaying a grungier look as of late - just three weeks after the birth of his first child with girlfriend Cheryl, 33.

The Promise This singer had gushed beside the image: 'On Wednesday 22nd March Liam and I became parents to an incredibly beautiful, healthy baby boy, weighing 7lb 9 and looking like a dream. Although he still doesn’t have a name he is already stealing hearts. We are all madly in love and overwhelmingly happy with our little arrival. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers around the world. A day that now has a different meaning to me forever.’

Liam then took to his own Instagram to share the same snap, writing a touching tribute to Cheryl beside the same candid image. 'My close friends and family know there are very few times when I’m left speechless… wow! I’m incredibly happy to welcome our new baby boy into the world, it’s a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life and my favourite memory I have so far. I’m completely in awe of his incredible mother and how she has been the whole way through this, she’s really made my dreams come true. We haven’t named him yet but he’s already capturing hearts including mine. I feel very blessed.’

Liam and Cheryl first met on the X Factor in 2008 when he was auditioning at the tender age of 14 while she was a judge - before embarking on a romance at the start of last year.


Lizzington week: day 1, 2 & 3.

Since I am very late to the party, I decided to make one post for the 3 days that I missed. 

This is one of my favourite quotes and some of my favourite scenes.

She is his second chance, his ray of light, his Polaris, his way home. The woman he loves, his life, his heart.  

Four Days

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Cheryl x reader

request: Can you do a soulmate au with Cheryl x fem!reader

written by Jasmine

Everyone had one, a soulmate. Well, almost everyone. Almost everyone was born with a timer on their wrist, ticking down. The moment it hit zero was when you met your soulmate - you could only hope that their’s would hit zero too.

Some were born with timers that never started; some timers stopped randomly. But the worst was when your timer reached zero and the person you just met still has time on theirs.

You had never really worried about your timer, as there was nothing you could do about it except go about your life. That was until you reached the end of eleventh grade, your final year in Sonoma with your dad. His job was forcing him to move across the globe, and your mom had many things against you going with him. She was pushing you to move to Riverdale to live with her, a small town that she had grown up in.

You had packed up your things and said goodbye to your friends after spending the entire summer with them. It was just now on the plane ride that you glanced towards your wrist, making your eyes widen.

0004 days - 16 hours - 52 minutes - 27 seconds

The timer stretched all the way around your wrist, flashing. You hadn’t even realized that you had less than a week until you would meet the person you were supposed to be with for the rest of your life. The thought terrified you, mainly because you didn’t know what people from Riverdale were like.

You raced up to your mother at the airport, excitedly shoving your wrist in her face.

“Look mom! Only four days!” You exclaimed, making her sigh.

“You know that means nothing,” She said, grabbing your suitcase from you and dragging it outside. You nodded, you knew that just because they were your soulmate doesn’t mean you would last. Your mom and dad had been soulmates, but now they were divorced and could barely look at each other.

“I know,” You began. “But it’s still exciting.”

You mother nodded, placing your suitcase into the trunk before hopping into the car. You joined her, not saying another word about your timer for the entire ride.

0002 days - 01 hours - 06 minutes - 46 seconds

You had accepted the fact that you would meet your soulmate at school, as you started in two days. You had calculated it out, you would meet them at precisely ten-fifty four, in your second period.

You had spent the last two days unpacking and wandering around, not that there was much to see. You had met a few people, and you especially loved the diner that was in town. It was nothing like Sonoma, but you didn’t have anything against the town so far.

Reggie Mantle and Veronica Lodge were two friends you had already made, and Veronica had convinced you to try out for the River Vixen’s once school started. She had come to Riverdale only two years prior, just before the start of sophomore year. She still had four years left on her timer, which made her incredibly excited about the fact that you merely had a couple of days.

0000 days - 02 hours - 53 minutes - 12 seconds

You clutched your books tightly to your chest, the straps on your backpack digging into your shoulders. Veronica had given you directions to your first class, but you hadn’t listened too closely. You had other things on your mind, and being the new kid was harder than you thought it would be.

Everyone was staring, whispering as you walked by. It only made you more self-conscious than you already were. You finally glanced to the right, seeing the classroom Veronica had told you about. You rushed inside, quickly finding an empty seat and pulling out a notebook.

0000 days - 00 hours - 9 minutes - 39 seconds

The bell rang throughout the school, signalling your first class was done. It had gone by far too quickly, and you felt the pit in your stomach grow as you walked towards your math class. You sighed deeply, running into Reggie on your way.

“Reggie!” You called, running to catch up with him. He turned around, smiling at you.

“Ready to meet your soulmate?” He asked, gesturing to the short amount of time you had left on your watch. You shook your head rapidly, clutching his arm.

“Please tell me you or Ronnie have math this block.”

He shook his head. “I don’t; I’m not sure about Veronica.”

“Okay,” You sighed. “Thanks.”

You released your grip, continuing down the hall. You rounded the corner, entering the large classroom and finding a seat. A blonde girl sat beside you, making you jump. She reached her hand out, grinning.

“Hi! I’m Betty Cooper, Veronica’s friend. Usually, I give the new kids tours, but Veronica told me not to worry about it,” She introduced, still smiling widely. You shook her hand slowly, pulling away after a moment.

“I’m (y/n). (y/n) (y/l/n),” You greeted, glancing down at your wrist for a second. Betty followed your gaze, her eyes widening.

“Four minutes? Wow, I remember the feeling.”

She held out her wrist to you; the timer had disappeared.

“How long ago did you meet them?” You asked, attempting to make conversation to distract yourself.

“Forever ago, when I was just a kid. We grew up together,” Betty explained. “Jughead Jones.”

“Wow, I wish I had gotten it over with then,” You admitted, realizing you were shaking. You rechecked the time, sighing.

0000 days - 00 hours - 01 minutes - 06 seconds

Betty took her seat, pulling out her textbook and preparing everything for the class. You began to do the same, taking deep breaths as you did so.

0000 days - 00 hours - 00 minutes - 08 seconds

Your eyes were fixated on your desk, and you heard someone move the chair in front of you. You glanced up, seeing a girl with long red hair and perfectly painted red lips.

The familiar beeping of the timer went off, and the two of you looked at your wrists.

Cheryl bit her lip for a moment, looking you up and down. “Cheryl Blossom. And you are?”

“(y/n) (y/l/n),” You introduced. She nodded, smiling for a second before turning back around.

She’s your soulmate?  

The lost years

Promp:  Hi! Can I have a really fluffy/angst one shot of Chris Evans? 😊 The reader is overweight who is dating Chris and gets bullied and harassed by alot of the people. The reader than goes to a Food shop and there are some guys that make fun of her weight and laughing of what she’s ordering. Chris also comes to her rescue And tells her that shes beautiful And years later, she manages to lose weight and Chris and the reader get engaged Im so sorry about this request, I was in a situation like this.

A/N: This kind of broke my heart. Hope you like it.

Warnings:fluff, angst, breakup.


Fear is a funny thing, you know? We can be scared by something we don’t even know. And when we’ve got to face it, it wasn’t a big deal. I’m convincing myself of that. I’m trying to figure out this. How can I beat the fear of letting him go? Right now, a pair of blue angry eyes are looking at me for answers.

“You can’t tell me that all has been a lie, y/n. You can’t fake the love. You…” I sighed. He is out of his mind. So am I.

“Chris… it wasn’t a lie. My feelings for you have always been pure. But I’m holding you back. You deserve the world. I’m not going to make you chose, I’m making this decision. We’re done” I punt out. I feel my heart breaking inside my chest.

“What the hell?” he screams.

“I’m not for you, Chris, for fuck sake. You’re so perfect, I’m not. You can deal with the press, I can’t. They’re right, I’m too fat, too simple, too… nothing for you. And I love you, but I made my decision”

“You can’t do it! That’s bullshit! Listen to me, y/n, please, I’ll leave everything. We’ll get to be a normal couple, we’ll buy a house in the subs.”

“This is what I mean, Chris” I say with tears falling down my cheeks “I’m not going to be the woman that makes you chose, I’m not going to take away the work you’ve been doing, I won’t be responsible for making you quit the dream of your life. I… I’m sorry” I turn my back. I’m about to leave.

“You are the love of my life, y/n. I don’t want you to change. We’ll work on it, we’ll ignore the paparazzi and the press. I don’t want to lose you” I feel his body behind me. God. He’s bigger than me, he leans and his forehead is on the top of my head. There’s wetness falling down my neck. He’s crying.

“Chris…” I can’t even speak. I don’t know how I get the strength to move. So, this is it…

“If you walk through that door, we’re over, y/n. Do you hear me?” I can’t saying anything else. I’m holding into the research of that peaceful moment after facing the thing you fear the most. There’s a moment of silence. Then, nothing.


I still feel his hand combing my hair after a long day. It’s been almost three years. A lot of things have changed. But not the love that I have for Chris. He was right, he used to tell that I was the love of his life, he was mine. I advocate myself into work and I even dyed my hair. I still don’t know how I survived. Maybe a breakup involves living one day at the time. Baby steps.

After the breakup, I decided that I needed to set up all the energy. Otherwise, I would’ve stayed at home crying. So I started jogging. Then, I lost appetite, but realized I could get healthier stuff. So I did it.

I found myself. I realized I wanted to achieve many things and through the many months and years, I did. Most of it. There was a missing piece. I know what that piece is. Or who, is it.

And in days like today, I just lay, imagining how it’d ended up. Wondering if I made the right choice.


It was a boring day. But one of those where you want to go out despite of it. I decided to take a walk to my favorite café. I love it here. I’m reading Jane Austen when I feel the heavy glance. And I obviously look up. Chris. My heart is racing. I wave and he smiles as he walk towards me, what should I do? First, breathe.

“Hey” very clever, y/n…

“Wow, you look great, if there wasn’t for the book I wouldn’t recognize you” the book? Oh, yes, he gave it to me. It took them forever to find the edition.

“Oh… yeah. Hum, how are you? You look great too!”

“Here’s your coffee, sir” someone handed a cup to Chris.

“It’s been so long, are you with someone?” I denied with my head. “Would you mind if I join you?”

“Of course”


We had been in touch for a few weeks now. Chris was practicing some lines for his new movie that evening. I slightly suggested that I could help him. He took my word. I didn’t know if I was being polite or if I really didn’t want him to go.

He’s in front of me, tracing his lower lip with his finger, he does that when he’s focused.

“Ok, ready?” I nod. He starts reading and I can’t follow. “I know that time has changed, but not my feelings. What happened to us?” I look for that part but I don’t find it.

“Hum…” he’s not reading, therefore, it’s not part of the script.

“Y/n, please, tell me. What happened?”

“Do you remember the time you fought for me?” he nods “I realized that you couldn’t beat the whole world just for me, because the people would keep saying that I’m fat and you couldn’t punch all of them. I guess I wanted to protect you. There was a lot of negative things and I feared that you could believe on it and realized that I wasn’t good enough for you. I thought it was the best because I love you”

“You said in present, y/n” I shrugged.

“I did”

“So… do you love me?” I’ve never been able to hold tears. I nod looking down.

“Yes” I murmur. I feel his hands on my cheeks. He’s crying too.

“Silly” and then, he kiss me. There’s a lot in that kiss. The lost years, the saltiness of our tears, the new beginning.

The Perfect Solution

Dean Winchester x Reader

1800 Words

Summary:  Life is stressful. Especially when you have bills to pay, and little cash flow coming in. When your friend Dean stops by for pizza and a movie, he stumbles upon your bills, coming up with a solution that suites the both of you just fine.

Author’s Note: Requested by @iwriteaboutdean. Hope it’s what you wanted!!!

You wouldn’t call your life normal. It was far from that, but you still tried hard to live a normal life. A small apartment, a compact car, a job that you hated. These were things that kept you tied to the rest of the world. Then there were the things that were far from normal. It usually included Dean, a close friend, who had a life as far from normal as it could be.

Dean was a hunter, killing monsters alongside his brother Sam. He had saved you from a ghoul over a year ago, and had stayed in touch ever since. Many times he would show up on your doorstep, bloody and bruised, and you would guide him in, taking care of him, and he would spend the night. Many times, you wished for more, but you understood he was a no commitment type of person, and you would take the friendship over nothing.

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Beauty and the Beast - Ch. 2

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Requested by: @yourtropegirl(forced =P)

Beta’d by: no one because @imoutofmyvulcanmind is grounded

Beauty and the Beast: Star Trek AU. Leonard x Reader. 2,312 word(s). No warnings

Chapter 1


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You followed James and Spock as they tinkered down the hallway, still trying to process this whole bizarre situation. Jim’s candlesticks being the only light as they glowed brightly in the dark hallway.

“Oh no, my horse” you say suddenly, feeling guilty for forgetting about Quinto out in the storm.

“It’s alright miss, we’ve already gotten him sheltered in our barn in the back. He’ll be perfectly safe and warm” Spock replied as he slipped inside a doorway.

“Come on, just in here” James said as he waved you over through the door. You followed them through the door and shut it softly behind you.

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Beach Day Surprise

Hubby and I decided to go to the beach this past weekend. It was still hot at the end of summer so we though we would get in one more day. A friend of mine was home alone that day because her husband was working so I thought it would be a good idea to bring her along.

Mary is gorgeous. With shoulder length red hair, medium sized breasts and a tight body. We went to school together. lost touch over the years, but reconnected on Facebook last year.

We have been spending lots of time with them. Dinners together, Double date movies nights, campfires, we have even gotten a lot of use out of their hot tub. Although I have often checked her out and fantasized about being with her, she has remained just a “friend.”

The weather at the beach as predicted was beautiful. Not too hot, it was a comfortable 22 degrees with a nice breeze coming off the water. She wore a tight fitting bikini that really showed off her curves well.

We were there very early and spend most of the morning sitting around chatting and getting some sun. Being so late in the season, the beach wasn’t as busy as it usually is. I think people thought it was closed.

Closer to lunch we decided to go for a walk along the water. Her tits looked amazing with beads of sweat between them as we walked in the sunshine. I would even slow down watching her ass as she walked ahead of me. When we returned from out walk, hubby had already laid out our lunch for us on the picnic table.

We went for a swim sometime after lunch as the weather started to warm up. The water was beautiful.  Mary was sexy as hell as we laughed and had a good time in the water.

Both needing to pee, we left hubby behind as he sat and read his book. The bathrooms were very busy, but after coming to the beach as often as I did, I new that the family washroom on the other side of the building next to the handicapped bathroom was usually quiet. As we made out way around the building, sure enough, that washroom was free.

To save time, we both walked in and locked the door behind us. I had yet to see Mary’s pussy, and often fantasized that she was shaved, but when she pulled her bikini bottoms down to pee, I saw her red landing strip, trimmed right down.

My pussy became instantly wet as I watched her. Even more so as she wiggled to put her wet bikini bottoms back on.

Suddenly the door moved with a bang as someone tried to get in. I jumped in fright and we both started to laugh.

Mary looked at her self in the mirror and started to fix her bathing suit.

“Your starting to burn” I pointed out

“Really?!” “Where?”

I moved closer and tapped on the back of her shoulder blades. Her skin was soft and hot.

“We will have to put more sunscreen on when we get back.” I said

“We red heads do burn easy.” she replied with a frown.

She turned to face me. She was so close, I reached out and softly started to touch her arm. She looked at me and didn’t move. Them I softly moved my hands over her breasts.

“You have an amazing body.” I said in a low voice. My hands continuing to touch her.

The door was tried again.

Suddenly we started kissing. Her lips were so soft. Out lips touching in a sensual manner. Our tongues touching. We moaned together. She tasted amazing.

I moved her backwards against the wall as we continued to kiss passionately. I moved my right hand down her body until reached her bikini bottom. Mary was breathing heavy. I put my hand under the waist band of her bikini and began to feel the wetness of her pussy with my fingers.

Mary cried out as my fingers entered her. Her tight wet pussy sucked my fingers in. We continued to kiss as I finger fucked her.

The door was tried again.

I began to quicken my pace. Fingering her faster. The sound of her wet pussy echoed in the bathroom as did her moans and cries. Suddenly she let out a really long drawn out moan that really echoed as she came on my fingers.

I moved on closer on her, my breasts pressed against hers, Kissing her until her orgasm faded.

“Omg.” she smiled at me. “I’ve never done that with  another woman before.” She confessed breathing hard.

I looked at her and smiled back. I took my hand out of her bikini bottoms and knelt down in front of her. I put both hands on her bottoms and pulled them down exposing her pussy. Her red landing strip was right in front of my face.

“Oh My God.” she whispered.

I stood up, leaned in, and we kissed passionately again. Mary moaned as my hand made its way to her her bikini top and took out her right boob. I instantly moved my head down and began licking all around her nipple. Tongue flicking it, making it grown in my mouth.

She was moaning uncontrollably

As i sucked on her nipple my hand made its way down to her uncovered pussy and I started fingering her again.

The door was tried again.

I walked her over to the side bench and sat her down, her ass and pussy just barely hanging off the front of the seat. I got down on my knees and began to lick her pussy. Christ, she tasted amazing! I spread her pussy lips with my hand and started licking and sucking on her swollen clit.

Mary moans and little screams echoed very loud as she shook against me. I looked up at her as I licked her. She had her eyes closed enjoying ever minute of her first girl on girl experience. Her mouth was open and I could tell she was in sheer bliss.

This edged me on further. I Fingered her pussy faster and teased her asshole with my other hand.

“Oh Fuck.” Oh Fuck!” Oh Fuck!” She was whispering as her orgasm started to build.

I pressed in closer to suck on her clit and I entered her tight ass with my finger.

“OOOHHHH GOD!” she cried out. Her juices filled my mouth as I licked and sucked. She could hardly breath so I stopped and stood up to kiss her. She moaned as she tasted herself on my lips.  

As we settled, we sat down beside each other and laughed at yet another attempt at someone trying to come into the washroom.

‘Wow, Dawn. I had no idea.” she said looking at me

“Surprise.” I smiled back.

I wasn’t going to push myself further by asking her to return the favor. I didn’t want to scare her or make fer feel forced into it. I’m hoping for that day, but until then. I’m going to enjoy tasting her any chance I get.

When we finally left the bathroom we got a few looks from other beach goers waiting to get in. When we returned to hubby, he said that we took forever, we smiled at him and I said we went for another walk.  

Orphic! Ong Seongwoo

Requested! Thank you for requesting!  ♡

Genre: Quick read! Straight up Angst.

Prologue: orphic -  mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding

The first time you saw Ong Seongwoo was when he saved you from the ocean. You were at the beach and decided to dip your feet into the water. Before you knew it, you were already on the deep end, you panicked, hoping the waves won’t bring you outer into the vast water. However, luck was not on your side, as a huge wave came crashing down on you and you fell into the ocean’s hands. 

‘I guess this is the end for me…oh well…it’s not anyone cares for me anyway.’

An hour ago, you were bringing home groceries for dinner that you had to cook for you and your boyfriend. Instead of coming home to a hug, you came home to a note, ‘Sorry. Let’s break up.’

As you looked at the shore, not even bothering to attempt to swim because you never even took swimming lessons before, you watched the beautiful night sky look completely different underwater. All the loud waves were mute, the water seemed like they were calming you down, making you let them lure you in.

However soon you saw another human being dive in and grab your hand, dragging you back up. Looking dashing as he flipped his hair back and looked at you.
“I’m sorry, but can you not contaminate the ocean with your dead body? Thanks.”

‘Where did he even come from?’

The second time you saw him was at a dog cafe. He was walking with too much bags, thus his bag of fruits ultimately fell. You went outside and helped him. You picked up the oranges that rolled too far away from him, “here you go.” You put the oranges back into the bag. “Oh, thanks!” He looked at you, “Oh- aren’t you that ocean girl who can’t swim?” You laughed at the nickname he gave you and nodded, “I’m y/n.” You offered your hand. “And it’s nice to see you again.” He smiled. “I’m Ong Seongwoo. Not On Seongwoo, or Gong Seongwoo. ONG Seongwoo, and I would shake your hand right now but they’re a little busy carrying these bags.” “I’ll help.” “Thanks!”

The third time you met him was an on accident, in fact, he asked you on a ‘date’ because after 4 months of continuous texting you guys were like peas in a pod. “Hey y/n. I need someone to go with to this party so that I can brag to them that I’m not going to grow old lonely.” “Okay.” He took you to the party to meet his friends, always introducing you as “Hello, this is my beautiful amazingly talented and gorgeous girlfriend, y/n.” and you would flash your most beautiful smile you can make before he pulled your hand to meet his other friend. Let me tell you, it seemed like all the people at the party were his friends.

The fourth most memorable day you remember with Seongwoo was the day he took you to an empty carnival and proposed to you, after one year of dating, in front of the lit up Ferris wheel. You immediately said yes!
“Seongwoo how did you get the carnival so empty?” “Oh, I had to contact some friends and twist some of my connections.” He smirked. “Really? Wow, it’s so nice. Thank you Seongwoo.” “You’re welcome love, anything for you.” and you guys kissed.

The fifth memorable day for you was when you guys got married. With your friends and family around to celebrate the most amazing day ever that will forever change your single status to now a married woman. And Seongwoo was the one who brought you this beautiful moment. After the oaths and ring placements and the kiss, you guys partied with your guest until it was time for the honeymoon and away you guys went to the airport! Looking out the window of the plan, you turned to Ong who was looking at the map of the place you guys were going to. He even made a list of places and famous attractions and good food just so you can experience the best of the best.
“Ong, thank you for everything. You are literally the best thing that happened in my life. Thank you for saving me. I’m glad I fell in love with you.”
Seongwoo was taken aback from your sudden confession before smiling his handsome smile and pecked your forehead. “I love you too silly, now go to sleep. It’ll be a while till we get there.” You smiled back, “Okay… good night babe.” He held your hand. “Good night.” You turned your head and looked out at the window one more time at the stars before falling asleep.

“y/n! y/n! Can you hear me?” ‘Huh? Why am I hearing someone else’s voice-’ You opened your eyes, trying to adjust your vision to the bright white light. You looked around the room, before looking at the person in white. “Where am I? Where’s Seongwoo?” You touched your head, it felt like something was pounding their way into your brain. The person in white sighed in relief. “It’s good that you finally awake y/n.” “Where’s Seongwoo?” You repeated yourself. “Umm… y/n.” You nodded for him to continue despite it hurting your head.

“There was never an Ong Seongwoo… you have been in the hospital ever since you almost died in the ocean.” You looked out the window. Stars were in the sky.

unedited. 900 words. just a little quick angst.
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Welcome to the Industry: Lee Chan (Dino)- Seventeen

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marogochii asked: aaaa could I request a dino scenario wherein you debut with your group and met seventeen on show champion ( so like seventeen is the sunbae ) plus they watched your group’s performance but dino was focused on you ?? thank u!!

Hello Hello~ Thank you for sending in this request! I’m sorry both admins have gotten caught up in their school work [one of us is a freshman in college, while the other is a senior in high school] so we had to put off on writing/ posting this~ but nonetheless I hope you enjoyed!

Genre: Fluff

Word Count:1209

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“Finally! the Hot Debut of the week! Here is G-Fire!”

This was it. You were finally debuting, after years of training and months upon months of preparing. You were making your debut on Show Champion with your group G-Fire. Your debut song was called Fight and it was a hard hitting dance number showcasing your talents as the groups main dancer.

“This has been, F.I.R.E G-Fire-imnida. Thank you.” after finishing the pre-recording the 5 members of your group began to walk back to your dressing room. Before you could reach the designated era you ran into a person.

“Oh my I’m so sorry-” you looked up only to have your breath hitch in your throat, pausing you took in the features before bowing your head and apologizing more.

“It’s okay, your group just filmed your debut stage right? We were watching it in our dressing room. I’m Mingyu from Seventeen.” You bowed taking his outstretched hand before replying.

“Hello I’m (Y/N) the main dancer and sub-vocalist of G-Fire.” the rest of your group introduced themselves after you.

“Uh, excuse me. Sunbae.” Your leader, Jiyun spoke up catching Mingyu’s attention.

“Do you think. If you guys have time, could we bring you a copy of our debut album before you leave for the next schedule.” Mingyu smiled and nodded,

“Of course. Our dressing room is the third door on the right, just pop in and come say hi.” he said before saying his farewell and walking off. Your members turned to each other before squealing softly.

“Do you guys wanna go now or we-”

“Girls girls, come we need you to do an interview really quickly.” The 5 of you turned to see the Music Program’s PD running up to you.

Your group followed the PD into a room and they sat you down in some chairs that were lined up.

“Okay this is gonna be really simple so don’t worry too much and answer with what you’re comfortable with saying okay?” You nodded with the rest of your members as the staff smiled at started to record.

“Favorite Song at the moment?” “Hidden talents that a member has.” “Express your feelings about debut with your body.” questions and requests similar to this started out the interview, your group was having fun and you were enjoying yourselves.

“Alright, what is a senior group you guys look up to?” Your leader took the mic and began to answer,

“As a group musically we look up to every senior group, we learn so much from every group out there and we are proud to be able to stand on the same stage as people we’ve idolized ever since entering the company. Personally one of my favorite groups is Topp Dogg.” You were at the end of the line so you would be answering last.

Heaving a sigh of relief you began to think of what group you would choose, there was so many and you couldn’t just choose.

“I personally really look up to HOTSHOT and NU’EST they inspire me so much and I always love to watch them.” Your group member passed the mic on to you and you froze muttering the first words that came to your mind.

“Dino Sunbaenim ah-  I mean Seventeen sunbaenims I’ve been a fan for a while and I especially like Dino Sunbae’s dancing and I take inspiration from all of them.” Your members chuckled discreetly at your attempt of a cover-up

“Would you say Dino is your ideal type?” The PD asked causing your members to burst into laughter, you followed awkwardly as your face flushed red.

“Uhh.. I guess so? I wouldn’t really say I have an ideal type though, if I like someone I like someone I guess.”

The interview went on as you guys answered more questions about being the first girl group from your company and what is was like to have the males in your company be so protective over your group.

“You’ve worked hard. Thank you.” You bowed to all the staff as your group slipped out the door.

“If we hurry now we can probably still catch Seventeen’s stage and then we can give them a signed album or something.” Your leader said as you all rushed to your dressing room.

“Are you gonna write Dino sunbae a love letter Y/N?” You scoffed shoving her playfully and turning your head to hide your blush from your members.

“Shut up!” You exclaimed while your members continued to tease you.

Upon entering your dressing room your group gasped in shock.

“Say the name. Seventeen!” The 13 boys greeted the 5 of you and you hurriedly looked to your leader to start your own greeting in return.

“Hi you guys were probably startled. I’m Sorry, Mingyu told us about running into you guys so we came to talk to you guys ourselves, but when we got here your managers said that you guys were in an interview and they let us in.” S.Coups explained as the group chuckled.

“Oh no! of course! Thank you guys for coming to us. We wanted to give you a signed album and if it’s alright with you do you think you guys could give us some advice about the industry?” Jiyun asked sheepishly and the boys smiled and nodded eagerly,

“Of course!” Jeonghan smiled and you rushed to grab an album for the group.

“Here you guys are..” You trailed off as the person that came to claim the album from you smiled,

“Thank you! Vernon hyung and I watched your Music Video and we wanted to buy the album because we liked it so much! we were really looking forward to your debut stage and now we have a signed album too!” Dino’s eyes smiled as he spoke and you felt your knees get weak.

“Well you could always buy another album and help us in the charts.” You mumbled but froze upon realizing that you were thinking out loud. The boys chuckled and Seungkwan patted your shoulder,

“That right there is what get’s you far in variety! You’re a natural.” You bowed and said thank you while your members giggled at how flustered you were.

The members began to mingle and make small talk between themselves. As you were going to sneak away to the corner you felt your arm being tugged and soon you were face to face with Dino.

“I really enjoyed your debut. I kept finding myself looking for you on stage.” Your cheeks heated up at his voice and he smiled too.

“Do you think we could maybe get together and dance sometime? I’d love to collab” At a loss for words all you could do was nod silently causing Dino to chuckle. He grabbed your arm before scribbling something onto it.

“Chan come on we gotta get going.” Dino looked at you one last time and winked before running out the door.

Quickly you glanced at your arm to see Dino’s Kakao, Line, and phone number along with some words: Welcome to the industry - Chan

wow wow wow I’m so sorry that took literally forever (I think it was like longer than a month) I seriously apologize! I’ve been really busy with school and prep for college. I graduate in 2 days so everything has been really stressful and overwhelming but with summer approaching quickly I should be back. I’m so so so sorry again and I hope you enjoyed this even though it was centuries late!

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Lance x Pidge AU idea / Fanfic idea

Alright so call this a school AU - whatever you want but here are my idea’s;

- Pidge is somewhat well know at school; she’s not incredibly popular but also isn’t completely at the end of the scale.

-She’s Good friends with a lot of people but has a couple close friends, one being Keith.

- She’s also captain of them mathletes and is a straight A student

- Then the principal assigns her to tour some of the new kids transferring to the school; This is how she meets Lance

- Lance, being new to the school, takes time to let his true, flirty, personality show - Although within a couple of seconds of seeing and meeting Pidge, he already knows he’s screwed.

- She’s cute, small, but confident, strong-minded, smart, witty, and is quick to comeback at anything Lance says in a sweet and joking manner.

- Pidge doesn’t feel anything for Lance straight away, nor does she realise Lance’s all too obvious crush on her

- They have lockers next to each other he makes sure he’s at her locker whenever class ends

- Lance also meets Matt; Pidge’s brother; and he can already tell by the way Lance looks at her that he really likes her

- Lance’s grades are average and has no actual need to raise them - He then comes up with a way to get closer to Katie and see her more often - He asks her to tutor him in both Math and Science

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Long Live the Queen Pt. 4 (M)

Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 5  Pt 6 Pt 7


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: Rated M for possibly mature themes in future updates, probably smut, swearing, murder, violence. I might get a little crazy with this

Summary: Jungkook’s name on the streets is the ‘Golden Prince’ for all the fanciful things he’s taken as his own. As a thief he can steal anything, even when he’s propositioned to steal the Queen herself. Stealing her heart however, will prove to be another matter completely.

A/N: Wow, I feel like this took me forever to finish… I just- I struggled a lot. The first part was easy, but I got really stuck at the end. Story idea credit goes to @baepsaeboyss​ and this chapter is in dedication to them since I don’t think they’re having too great of a time right now, so cheer up! ^~^

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