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Probably how this encounter went:

Tater: Zimmboni getting his first NHL playoff beard!!! Too bad it not that great

Jack: Haha shut up tater yours doesn’t look much different from mine

Snowy: Jesus, at least mines better than you two

Thirdy: You guys know you can never beat Marty here right?

Marty: *Too busy admiring his own beard*

Kappa AU

Nobody asked for this but how about I do it anyway. One of my many AU revamps I’m doing, this one’s one of my favorites. 

(Excuse the old-ish art, but I really don’t feel like redrawing it right now. I’ll update it later.)

While watching “Tails of the Yokai” I had a thought that basically went ‘what if the turtles actually were Kappa and not mutants?’ and thus here we are. Basically, the four brothers are actual mythological Kappa, Kraang never existed, everyone lives in Japan, and Karai is happily living with her real father and the turts. Ok, ok, let me get a little more detailed than that. 

(It ended up getting quite long, however, so I put it under a cut.)

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Okay, so upon request I have tagged [most] of my asks! My computer fucked up probably ¾ of the way through so I don’t know if I got all of them, but I certainly got a lot! 

Wow! This took longer than I expected. I wanted to make a picture with A Lot of Sans on it, I put ones that I know/and or like so not EVERY Sans is on here! I added my AU Sans as well. I had to color Ink in color pencil since u don’t have a brown marker.

Error Sans, Fresh, & Geno Sans - @loverofpiggies
Yandere Sans - @ammazolie
Underswap Sans - @underswapped
Underfell Sans - ?
HarmonicTale Sans - Me
Gaster Sans - @borurou
Ganz - @bladedee
Ink Sans - @comyet
Underlust Sans - @nsfwshamecave
Undertale Sans - Toby Fox
Swapfell Sans - @oftheforests
Outertale Sans - @outertale

Squid Fighter V

I’ve been wanting to make another one of these since my Squid Kids Go To A Bar post was so well-received. With the recent asks about squids fighting eachother, I finally found inspiration to put another fanon list together. @cafe-cardamari, this is for you!




Clementine - A returning fighter from Squid Fighter I, this classic character retains much of her moveset and specializes in creating and maintaining space between her and her opponent with her wide variety of ranged moves. In close-range, Clementine defends herself without punches or kicks, instead using her tentacles for those jobs. Many of her close-range combos end with throws that are weak in damage but high in knockback, allowing the Clementine player to create distance once again. She is a popular pick all around, for her ease of use and versatility. Her Special is Sniper’s Snare. Celementine drops 3 splat bombs all around her opponent, effectively trapping them while she takes aim from high ground with her Charger, dealing high damage.

Tanrine - This crowd favourite from Squid Fighter III sees her return in Squid Fighter V after fan backlash over her removal in Squid Fighter IV. She has been almost entirely reworked, retaining only her fast movement speed and dangerous approach moves. Her arsenal has otherwise been expanded with a variety of ground-based attacks that combo well and allow a good Tanrine player to almost literally dance around their opponent, despite the character’s relatively low damage. Easy to learn, but difficult to master, Tanrine is a popular choice with players that have some experience with the game already. Her Special is Tanrinado. Tanrine moves evasively to get close to her opponent, then jumps. While in mid-air, she pulls out her Inkbrush and begins spinning rapidly, flinging ink everywhere to damage her opponent. Her spinning continues when she lands behind her opponent, dishing out multiple rapid hits that quickly rack up the damage.

Angelo - A returning character since Squid Fighter II, Angelo has consistently seen competitive use among the playerbase. He is favoured for his unpredictable dodges, his deceptively powerful short-range combos, and his bird-based ranged attacks. In casual play, Angelo is a strong choice, but his movement can be incredibly unpredictable, even to the controlling player. Veteran Angelo players are often prepared for his random movement, and will almost always have a combo in mind depending on where he shows up relative to his opponent. His Special is Birdy Bombardier. Angelo whispers something to Mirabelle and hands her a Disruptor. Mirabelle swoops overhead and drops the Disruptor on Angelo’s opponent while he closes the distance to deliver a series of hard-hitting punches and kicks. 

Taloupe - Brand new to Squid Fighter V, Taloupe was originally intended as a weaker character, meant to be a joke for the players, or as an easy first fight for newbies. With weak melee and ranged attacks, most players would write off Taloupe as a useless addition to the game, despite his unique mechanic to leave suction bombs behind him with every dodge. However, through some glitches in the game, players have found ways to make Taloupe unintentionally powerful. In the right hands, Taloupe can easily deplete an opponent’s health bar without being touched. Because of this he has quickly earned himself a place in the competitive meta, and most tournament matches feature this character. His special is Panic Fire. Gripped fully with fear at the prospect of being in a fight, Taloupe pulls out every Suction Bomb he has and throws them all at once, immobilizing the opponent in a pile of Suction Bombs, which explode for very high damage.

Marian - Another veteran from Squid Fighter I, her rivalry with Clementine is well-known, as it birthed the series. To this day, the two are included in the game’s storyline. Marian uses a lot of mid-range attacks, many of which can also function as anti-air attacks if given the correct inputs. Her attacks combo well but as they require good spacing to be effective and are fairly weak unless chained well, Marian players require a great deal of concentration and a cool head to play their chosen character correctly. Marian’s special is Bucket Bully. Marian pulls out her trusty Slosher and kicks it in a high arc. The Slosher lands on the opponent’s head, blocking their sight entirely while Marian closes in and hammers the bucket with a series of flying kicks. The attack itself deals relatively low damage, but it leaves the target stunned once it is finished, allowing for a great deal of damage to be dealt with combos.

Whinter - Returning from Squid Fighter IV, Whinter remains a popular choice for players of all skill levels. His balanced stats make him highly desirable in most situations, and his healthy mix of close and long-range attacks allow him to hold his own against most characters. Simplicity also plays a factor. Most of his moves have simple button combinations and deal good damage, but combo poorly as a result of heavy knockback. Many players have been asking for more approach attacks for Whinter to combat his poor combo abilities, saying it would be enough to push him into competitive play. Maybe in Squid Fighter VI. His Special is Agent Three. This Special can manifest in one of two ways, though it should be noted that they both deal equal damage. In the Agent 1 version, Whinter calls the mysterious Agent 1 to his aid. Teaming up, they attack from above, sandwiching Whinter’s opponent between their two rollers for moderate damage. In the Agent 2 version, Whinter calls the enigmatic Agent 2 to his aid. As if from nowhere, she appears suddenly behind Whinter’s opponent, her Charger pressed to their back as Whinter readies his Roller. Agent 2 fires, propelling the target towards Whinter, who knocks them away like a baseball for moderate damage.

Logan - A new addition to Squid Fighter V, this character is a master at dominating opponents through his hard-hitting long-range attacks. This character actually benefits from being at maximum range, his damage actually receiving significant penalties the closer he is to his opponent, until they will simply “whiff.” This makes Logan a popular option with veteran players who know how to keep their spacing, though he has gained a small cult following of players who find enjoyment in only using his few Burst Bomb based close-range attacks as a method to humiliate lesser players. Logan’s Special is Krak Shot. Logan sets up his E-Liter, then takes on his squid form so he can load himself into the Charger’s barrel. The Charger fires him out toward his opponent. Mid-air, he reverts to kid form, cannonballing directly into his opponent for high damage.

Vadelma - Squid Fighter II brought Vadelma to the field. She was removed in Squid Fighter III but found her way back into Squid Fighter IV, and now Squid Fighter V. Her moveset has changed drastically over time, morphing from straightforward to her current aerial-based style. This character has a lot of close-range attacks that move her around in different ways, depending on the player’s input, and many of her combos bring her into the air, where her powerful Blaster techniques are enabled. A good Vadelma player will stay close to their opponent while also remaining just out of arm’s reach in order to maximize damage. Opponents that close the small gap may find themselves in for a surprise as well, as Vadelma also has many grabs at her disposal, thanks to her long tentacles. Her Special attack is Lunar Bombardment. Vadelma wields her Luna Blaster with unseen skill, using it to propel herself up and above her opponent, where the weapon is stowed in favour of the more powerful Inkzooka. She takes a moment to aim then fires the powerful weapon straight down as a more powerful and accurate version of an Inkstrike. 

Jonquil - A Squid Fighter I classic, Jonquil was the first character to move away from the standard style of the other fighters. With lots of flashy moves, Jonquil is comfortable with styling on opponents both from land and from air, his attacks coming out relentlessly fast. Each hit is weak, but due to low knockback and how quick each strike is, Jonquil has been hailed as The Combo King and it isn’t unseen for a Jonquil player to completely drain an opponent’s health bar without breaking his combo. Jonquil’s Special is Styling Splatling. The large gun appears in his hands, and he gracefully maneuvers through the air and around his opponent, firing shots all the while, dealing low damage per hit. The attacks ends with his trademark wink over his lowered sunglasses.

Daisy - Originally added in Squid Fighter IV as a replacement to Tanrine, Daisy’s moveset was nearly identical to Tanrine’s. Fans backlashed against this “new” character, and didn’t like how she couldn’t combo as well as Tanrine due to her increased knockback and attack power. Daisy returns in Squid Fighter V as her own fighter, ditching most of her Tanrine-esque moves for her own. Similar to Tanrine, Daisy has a variety of dangerous approaches, but once she closes the gap, her style is less about dancing with combos and more about juggling useless opponents with a variety of upward-sweeping attacks. While not technically good enough to qualify in competitive leagues, some players will choose Daisy as a way to rattle and annoy opponents both through her juggling ability and her obnoxiously lewd voice lines. Her Special is Kra-Konstrict. Using her Octobrush to approach, Daisy uses her large brush to pole vault into her opponent, changing to a Kraken on the way. In KRaken form, she slams her opponent for moderate damage, then squeezes the life out of them for another low moderate chunk.

Sorrel - Fresh out of the Squid Fighter V box is young Sorrel. His overall stats are relatively low, making him a less popular option. His moveset is decently varied, but isn’t overly unique, as much as he wants it to be. He can attack and combo almost as well as a Tanrine, but lacks the approach moves that make Tanrine so strong. Sorrel’s main draw is his ability to charge his Special much faster than other characters, sometimes being able to fire off two of them before the opponent can even put together one. Sorrel’s Special is Sneak Mine. Sorrel brandishes his Aerospray, firing it as he spins in circles. This part of the attack deals a very small amount of damage. After spinning three times, Sorrel disappears into his ink, using his Ninja Squid ability to swim right under his opponent’s feet, leaving an Ink Mine behind which explodes for moderate damage.

Cosmo - A crowd favourite in Squid Fighter III, Cosmo is another balanced fighter that specializes in speedy energy-drink-augmented close-range combos. He has a few aerial abilities as well, and can hold off more than a few characters with his small supply of music-based ranged attacks. He is a popular choice for most players, but he doesn’t excel enough in any one spot to make it into competitive. Cosmo’s Special is Mashup Remix. Straight from Octovalley comes the dangerous DJ OCtavio, and it’s up to Cosmo to fight back with his sick remixes! The unfortunate opponent will find themselves caught between the amps of these musical giants, helpless as a moderate amount of their health saps away.

Belladonna - Squid Fighter I was Belladonna’s home turf, and back in the day she dominated it. Even after a series of nerfs through the ages up until Squid Fighter V, Belladonna remained a powerful choice. Most of her attacks offer this character Super Armour, preventing her from flinching away at small jab attacks. This helps cover her slow, powerful, and wide-reaching attacks. Many online players will choose Belladonna for her ease of use, and she can be very frustrating to play against. She also boasts a fearful variety of powerful throws that will often leave the opponent vulnerable to a follow-up attack. This technique is popular as it appears to be her only viable combo option. Belladonna’s Special is Ink Struck. Belladonna produces an Inkstrike and sprints at her opponent, dropping into a slide as she gets closer. Her slide carries her through the legs of her opponent, and as she passes through, she stuffs the Inkstrike missile up the back of their shirt, launching them off-screen only for them to come crashing back down in this heavily damaging Special attack.

Cyanthia - Squid Fighter II brought in this finesse-based character. Cyanthia’s attacks are most effective at a range, and she excels at keeping foes away from her. Cyanthia players benefit from many useful dodges and counters. Opponents will find her a difficult target, not only due to her dodges, but her flashy animations that are meant to distract and confuse the player. She has been seen in competitive play, but is not a popular option for it. Cyanthia’s Special is Bubbler Blast. Cyanthia lowers her fists and turns away from her opponent, daring them to attack. The opponent rushes in to strike, only for Cyanthia to activate her Bubbler at the last second, halting all of her opponent’s momentum in this low-damage special. It stuns the opponent, however, leaving them open to powerful combos.

Arnick - In Squid Fighter IV, Arnick made his first appearance. His style is a lot more rigid and disciplined than the other fighters, and he uses a balanced mix of long, medium, and close range attacks that all hit decently hard if landed precisely. Arnick is an intimidating character to learn, as he is entire based on hitting “sweet spots” in his attacks to do maximum damage, but once an Arnick player has mastered his moves, they are a force to be reckoned with. Arnick’s Special is Firing Squad. Using a technique straight out of military handbooks, Arnick throws down a Splash Wall behind his opponent, preventing them from escaping as he takes aim with his Bamboozler, nailing off several precise shots to rapidly deplete an opponent’s health with low moderate damage per shot.

Tetrox - Squid Fighter V sees its first playable Octoling. In previous games, Octolings appeared as NPC fighters, and Tetrox has already generated much excitement from the playerbase just by being included in the game. Her fighting style can be described as ferocious, with many tricky dodges that eat up ground deceptively quickly to allow the Tetrox player to get in close and land some combos. A good Tetrox player will see that her moves allow her to swap between aerial and ground combos rapidly, and even though the character is new, footage has been released of players simply stunlocking enemies by knocking them skyward, following them upwards into the air to knock them back down again, and repeating. Techniques are being worked on to counter this oversight int he game’s design, but a nerf is also expected. Tetrox’s Special is Octoling Auxillary. Unlike other Specials, this is not a damaging attack. Instead, Tetrox calls upon a small squad of Octolings to support her. They surround her and move as a unit with her. The Octolings increase Tetrox’s attack and defense, while also increasing her reach and granting Super Armour. Tetrox is a wider target while this Special is active, but most players have found the defense increase to mitigate that weakness.

Wow, this..took longer than I was expecting. I was hoping to start coloring stuff tonight but..I need to rest my hand. Gangora has a lot of detail and was causing me frustration lolol. Figured I’d share my progress. I think I am going to just draw a bunch of stuff, ink it and put it aside. So I have a nice little lineup of stuff to color and I can go through them one at a time. I still have art trades to get back to as well as my webcomic I REALLY would like to work on. Setting some stuff up for myself will give me something to work on when I want to take a break from a current project. Maybe I can dig out that list of stuff to do I still have lol Anyway.

This is my last art-related post for the night until tomorrow. Wolf has to get ready for work tomorrow. I really hate Mondays. Oh well, maybe it’ll go by fast so I can get all the not-so-fun things out of the way SO I CAN DRAW AT NIGHT. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Good luck tomorrow~

Mistakes and All | @Luke

Paige had been wrestling with it for a long time, and enough was enough. 

She knew Luke felt that way, had felt that way for quite some time. But she’d needed time to work it out for herself before she could go to him—to anyone, really. She was seeing someone to talk about it, but mostly they just talked around it. She’d told Louis some things, had to tell him some things, but nothing important. Nothing she couldn’t say out loud. And there was a lot, she’d realized, she hadn’t said out loud.

There had been times, hanging out with Avery, that she’d wanted to tell her best friend. But the person she needed to tell was taller, with shorter darker hair, and a lot closer to her than Avery could ever be. He had been amazing, and she had been less than so. But with a wedding to attend next week, with all this time between her and what had happened, with the man responsible in custody (at least for now), she had no more excuses. And if she really wanted to move on, she had to move through it.

She wasn’t really sure if Luke was reading or watching TV, though if it was the latter, it was awfully quiet in the apartment. The quiet had bothered her a lot more recently than ever before, if she was honest. She made her way out into the living room, pulling the sleeves of her sweater over her hands like she always did when she was nervous, or upset. She almost paused in the doorway but made herself continue, and took a seat on the couch. “Hey,” she greeted softly, orienting herself to look at him. Not wanting to bother him. A lot of the time, she felt like she was bothering him.