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The best party

So me and my friends were playing DnD for the first time and we had some characters the DM had laying around. I was a white dragonborn mage, one of my friends was a half elf bard, a blue dragonborn fighter, high elf mage, and a dwarven paladin.

DM: So what’s everyone’s character.

(Everyone explains backstory and blah blah blah)

DM: So basically, you(pointing at me) hate him(pointing to blue dragonborn) and vice vesa. And you two (pointing at the elves) hate each other and the dwarf hates everyone because you don’t follow his fate.

My favorite line:
“Wow you actually did something useful.”

hey everyone!! so i finally hit 2k, which i never really thought i would do!! i’d just like to say thank u so so much to all of u bc ur all the sweetest and u honestly deserve everything. thank u and bless u!!

also!! some of u might be wondering why ur on this aha. (bc these are all mutuals!!) when i make follow forevers, i usually just put the mutuals from which i actually reblog things onto my main blog. but this time, i wanted to appreciate everyone!! this odd assortment of people comes from the fact that i was an atla blog, then an anime blog, and now finally a kpop blog!!

( i’d also like to thank @bwemin for making such a lovely graphic!! it’s everything i could have ever wanted and more!! )

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and finally, i wanted to tell u guys abt what’s gonna be happening w my blog after this!! hopefully in a few days (or sooner omg) i’m gonna be changing my url and reblogging more than just pastel things. it’ll still be kpop and random aesthetic posts tho. i’m excited to be able to put more content on this blog, so please stick around!!

(( wow…I lost followers, quite a few actually? I must have really offended some of you. I am sorry.

…I am actually sad? That’s so weird..but it’s like loosing friends in a way? I guess. 

Well to everyone who might leave or left..

Thank you! Thank you for being here and following me, thank you for taking your time and either reading my fanfictions, asking me things (advice, chat or whatever) and just being here! Hopefully you had fun!

I will not answer any more - Saeyoung /I don’t like him/ related things. I will write fics about him - in the near future, don’t worry. Just because I don’t like him, doesn’t mean I won’t write things for YOU. I love you and I will try to make you happy with what I like to do and that is write!

Have a lovely day all of you cuties! ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁) ))

So, since @zmite is too chicken to make a post calling everyone a dick without blocking them first, I can’t reblog the most unfriendly, bitchy post I’ve seen in a long time for you all to read here. Instead, you’ll have to follow this link:

Wow, and I thought Zmite was nice! Turns out they’re actually a passive-aggressive saltmine who will subtweet about an entire community behind their backs while being nice to their face!


It’s a nice day outside… birds are singing, flowers are blooming…. perfect wheather for a picnic with the bae <3 

It is also kinda sad, ‘cause it is them both spending some sweet time on a date in Frisk’s dreams (they can be together like this only when Frisk is sleeping)

I found some cool grass brushes and decided to add some crappy background to them xD! I adore the buttercup pattern I created for this, may use it later in some other stuff <3 <3 

Btw… WOW! It’s almost 100 followers! Crazy, isn’t it? I actually expected no one would ever notice my stuff this much x’D! Thank you everyone! I’ll try making an special Undertale fanart to celebrate it…. Though I’m not sure of what should I draw ;v;

Have a nice day!


I am still honestly shocked that 6000 people follow this blog, like has it been that long already!? People actually this blog!? Wow! I hope that everyone’s summers are great and that everyone is having a fantastic week! I can’t express my thanks in words, but thanks for everything you guys have done! You guys make running this blog all the worthwhile! I hope guys get everything you could have ever dreamed of!


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so i hit 300 a couple days ago (a milestone i thought would take me ages to get to, if ever-thank you all so much!!) and i thought this would be a great time to do an official follow forever with everyone who brought me here! ☺️🐝

🐝the amigos🐝

@culverton oak thank you for being a gift on my dash everyday and i can’t wait for our wedding! 😍💍
@lestrde lucy ilysm and thank you for being my first friend and always being there, and also posting that aesthetic ☺️👌
@sonnet57 anna(bel) you’re super cool and sweet and it’s actually scary how much we have in common 😱
@bebybee mads you’re literally the best and i can’t believe i’m actually friends with you wow omg 💖
@boffinholmes ankita you’re super sweet and tysm for trading fic recs/prompts with me 😊
@daveynellist eliza your text posts are 🔥 and thanks for being icon buddies with me when those setlock pics came out 😂
@localgaybeekeeper seb your blog is so adorable and you have great aesthetic 🌸👍🏻
@johnlockisses lorcan thank you for literally being a ray of sunshine and being an amazing artist 💕
@softejohn shrey you’re an inspiration to us all thank you and bless 👏🏻
and, most of all, @quietlyprim, rebekah you’re the only reason i’m here and the only reason i got to meet all these lovely people. truly a blessing to the fandom ☺️💖🐝

🐝the treasured mutuals🐝

WOW this is a lot of people but to everyone here i love all of your blogs so much and would love to get to know you better! 😊

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i think that’s everyone (sorry if i made any mistakes! 😁) thank you for following lovelies! 🐝

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Hey everyone! How are you guys doing? (Yes, message me and tell me! I’d love to hear from you guys n.n) Anyways, it’s around that time for me to post about my May BOTM again haha. So, here goes!

To Participate:

What you get:

  • A link on the front page of my blog (two, actually)
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  • A new friend! (Hey, yes, that would be me! but only if you want :3)
  • Advice (on your blog or just anything) if you want; HTML help if I can!

What else:

  • Optional: Talk to me! (I don’t bite, I promise :D)
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Have a great day guys! Remember to check out my April BOTM! Happy reblogging xx