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Some quick musings on the new update

Here is the text, with my first thought comments in bold:

I was going to draw this out longer but the truth is, I’m bored.


There is no Lost Special. There never was, and there never will be.

And you know this objectively?

Once again, in their need to keep this midnight train going, TJLC fans created something out of nothing.

Even if that is that case, why do you care?

Seeing this obsession with “The Lost Special,” even though series 4 was clearly over, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to run a sociological experiment with a vicious fandom in denial.

Steven brought it up, not us.  Also, even if the series is over, that doesn’t mean it’s over.  They’ve repeatedly said they have through series 5 mapped out. It was only in December 2016 they started hinting at “we don’t know, this could be it.” Sure Jan.

My poorly assembled website took not more than twenty minutes to cobble together (as some people rightly pointed out) and very little effort to maintain.

This is a lie.  

“By the pricking of my thumbs (something wicked this way comes)”- I edited an ominous message into the code and title, referencing the Macbeth quote used in The Six Thatchers. It was strange to see how many people didn’t recognise the “pricking” quote and even criticised the website because it allegedly didn’t call back to Sherlock in any way- except that I was directly quoting a series 4 episode.

Except most of us did recognize this?  What about your dancing man code reference to Unto the Breach?

Watching fans defend how shoddy the website is, in their need for thelostspecial to be real was especially funny. It was also funny to see the people who guessed the website was fake and said as much, but didn’t even care because they desperately needed something to hold onto, with Sherlock over.

Whichever, why do you care?  Why would it be funny to you?

Then there’s the people who clocked that wasn’t “real”… and yet never question their own dedication to TJLC and/or the existence of a fourth episode of series 4, concepts entirely created by Tumblr.

The lost special site was only one of hundreds of indications something is fucky.  

 Anyhow. Next, I threw a random bunch of numbers and photos out there to see how people would scramble and react, and you didn’t let me down. Mostly I chose the first photo I found of a character that I liked the look of, in Google; there wasn’t real logic. I re-used some images out of laziness. I used an online generator to make the Dancing Men/Henry V code post.

So the meanings we found in everything, tying it somehow back to Sherlock, or ACD canon, or anything else were all coincidences?  

What do we say about coincidences?

40, 27, kra, the various “hints” you think you found on the website and found countless possible meanings of, they were chosen at random. Even the elephant photo was chosen at random. It wasn’t until after I edited it into the main website photo that I discovered the poor thing was named Mary and had been shot and executed for killing a man (on 9.13.16. Everyone overthought that one too much.)  So I used that info because it was serendipitous. “The universe is rarely so lazy?” Friends, the universe is often lazy.

“They were chosen at random.”  “The universe is rarely so lazy?

Sure Jan.

When I added a black image with five pixels of colour to the website, you did not let me down. People played with the image until they became convinced it was QR code spelling something out. It was just five meaningless pixels of nothing, created in MS Paint.

Yet you did the whole thing in 20 minutes.

The static gif was taken from a YouTube video of TV static from some movie, with an old Moriarty close-up thrown in.

We know, 28 days later.  With Moriarty loaded in.  Again, whole thing in 20 minutes.

The photo of John and Sherlock sitting in the watery 221B, I got it from, and scaled it down a little because the photo was large. That’s it. I didn’t change the proportions in any way, or alter the colours, or add anything to the photo. Anything you saw in it, you imagined. I left the big black header on the website as a hint to keep your eye on those, since the thing I changed on 2/11 was in the similar Twitter header.

”That’s it. I didn’t change the proportions in any way, or alter the colours, or add anything to the photo. Anything you saw in it, you imagined.”

Like Murderous Mary being photoshopped into the back picture? Sure Jan:

I changed the plain black header of the Twitter to a black one with a word embedded in it. The profile photo was changed to a plain black photo with XX hidden in it. No one bothered checking it, though clearly the account was active again, so I changed the profile photo to show the Xs, as a hint to look deeper. Finally people found the “clue” today, not that it matters. The word spelled out there is another blind alley that leads nowhere.

Then accept all our follow requests.  

MMTE: The source code message was a hint toward Murderous Mary the Elephant, which some of you guessed but no one looked for it.

(Don’t bother trying to access it, there’s nothing in there.)


There was no set schedule for changes to thelostspecial. I used intermittent reinforcement to keep people frustrated but coming back for more. That’s why I added and removed things at unexpected times. There is no pattern.


For people wondering, wow, why would anyone take so much time to do this? Well, I didn’t. Creating the plain black squares with a few letters, throwing a message into the source coding,  and uploading the new website photo of John and Sherlock took maybe 5 minutes. Creating a side blog with no posts and keeping it private takes one minute.

Except the photoshopping you DID do as established would have taken more.  Even searching for the first image you found would have taken time.

Overall, it takes less than twenty minutes a week to do this, once it was set up, because really? You do all the work for me. You all did what TJLCers do best- you took a bunch of random data, inflated it into something much more complicated than it really was, and created your own narrative out of it. Even knowing it might be nothing, and was probably just a fan-made site, you’ve still allowed yourselves to get worked up over it and allowed yourselves to hope. You’re reading into nonsense and finding clues where there are none, and naturally most of those “clues” pointed exactly where you wanted them to point to. Confirmation bias at its finest.

Well all I get from this is that we’re smarter than you are.

Learn from this.

Stop falling into conspiracies. Trust yourself when you can see that something isn’t real or likely. Alternately, find something that doesn’t make you feel sad or heartbroken.

Seriously?  “Trust yourself when you can see that something isn’t real or likely.”

Instincts are to be trusted, John.  

Also, my instincts have gotten me into a pretty good place. I’ll keep trusting them, thanks, and they tell me something is fucky.  We’ve seen this episode before.  

Goddamn you’re arrogant.

A few final notes:

“And in conclusion *jerk off motion*

I was somewhat entertained by the several dozen times people attempted to reset the password for the website and access the control panel. If I was petty, I would’ve logged your IPs and reported you to your ISP. (Don’t worry, I didn’t. I don’t care that much.)’

You cared enough to look.  

I didn’t send the “mole” anons or any other messages on Tumblr. I think other fans decided to join the game. I imagine they’ll continue until they get bored, too.

Read: I can’t say why everything else is fucky too.  Must be more people like me.

The only twitter account connected to is I have no idea who runs the “contact” twitters but I’m positive they’re fan accounts. (If you think BBC-sanctioned accounts would post like that, I have a bridge to sell you.) As for my twitter, I set up the thelostspecial twitter account, followed some BBC-related accounts and left it alone for a week while TJLC fans went wild trying to suss out who I was following. That’s all I did with it.

Then accept my follow request.  Seriously, YOU’RE SO CLEVER I need to follow you to learn your secrets.

I didn’t start thelostspecial Instagram account. Someone else did that, I don’t know who.

Nobody asked.  Actually, I didn’t even know there was an instragram account.  Did anyone else know?

And if you enjoyed hunting, try a legitimate online riddle game, such as for a challenge! All the fun, none of the TJLC and fandom “fucky” business.

Well, since you brought up “fucky business,” why are they screenshots of the Shrewd Living posts in the “Museum?” Did you do that too? Wow.  In charge of a scam website.  Oh, you don’t know about that?  Then why put it in there?  Why, John?


Sherlock Series 4 is over. This is the end.

Thanks for playing TheLostSpecial! Goodbye and God bless.

Seriously, we’ve seen this episode before.


anonymous asked:

Are you saying partner instead of girlfriend because we can't assume his sexuality (which we shouldn't)? Wow, I don't know how to ask this without sounding super ignorant, so please forgive me if I do sound so. But he has said a couple times before that he's not gay. (And to be honest I wouldn't even think anything of it but remember that one radio show when he said later he wanted to marry a woman and Shinee members were like wow that's a surprise - maybe later on you'll be allowed to choose).

there’s certain conversations that i would rather not have here because: this is a fan blog that relies on source and not everything can actually be sourced. despite this: as someone who is a member of the lgbtqa+ community i try to keep everything as inclusive as possible, regardless of what information that we may have. my personal opinions are my own and i prefer to keep those in areas that aren’t here. i also try to remain neutral.

jonghyun and his sexuality is a topic that i would prefer not to talk about here, regardless of what how i actually feel on the topic itself. one reason for this is: despite what has been said in the past jonghyun, shinee and all other idols are members of an entertainment industry where they could be put as risk or lose their careers altogether if they were to seriously hint at or admit to being anything but cisgender or straight. so, of course all of the members have said that they’re straight or played into heteronormative stereotypes and standards - even though jonghyun himself is known for frequently using gender neutral terminology when writing lyrics. hetronormativity is the plague, anon, sad to say. and that’s the last time i’ll be discussing this topic here.

Just a little something to heat up you’re morning, afternoon, evening, late night…just any old time ;)! 

©detailsmagazine, source: google

Interview - Yokoyama Yu’s A-Studio Appearance, Part 2

Okay, finally. Sorry this took a while. This is kind of long too, but I promise it’s worth it. This part focuses on his brother’s trauma and wedding - the first time this has been shared to the public by Yokoyama-kun. Yoko makes this grimace whenever he’s trying to talk without crying and it happens a lot in this interview. You can find part 1 by going to my tag Yokoyama A-Studio Interview. In case you want it, here is the source video.

Tsurubei: So we’ve talked to your younger brother.

Yokoyama: What? Wow.

*A picture of his brother being interviewed (no face shown) is put on the screen. Yoko again looks close to tears*

T: Your brother who’s already married.

Y: Man, I can’t even…

T: [Referring to his brother] This guy is hilarious.

Y: *wipes tears from his eyes* Yeah – Oh gosh I’m in for it. You know, I’m starting to cry more easily these days.

T: Nothing wrong with crying! Cry with your heart! *The latter part is a joke and the audience laughs.* [Again about Yokoyama’s brother] Seriously though, this guy is so funny.

Y: Yes, my little brother. What a rough ride we had with this guy, though he is now married, which is a relief to me. When my mom passed, this guy was shaken up the most. He was the most depressed.

T: He’s six years younger, right? And your third brother is 8 years younger.

Y: That’s right.

T: So with your brother you went to this guy’s house, yeah? And his girlfriend was there. And you were all, “What are you going to do about marriage?” And the girlfriend who was living with him suddenly brought out Zexy [a bridal magazine].

*audience laughs*

Y: That’s correct. And I had always been nudging my little brother to get married. But the girlfriend would say, “It’s fine; I don’t want to,” so my brother would always respond to me saying that he’s fine, he’s not going to do it. But I felt that the girlfriend actually did want to get married. And so when I met his girlfriend for the first time, I asked, “Are you really okay not getting married?”

And she said, “Yes, it’s fine – if we are happy together then that’s enough for me.” So I was like, oh I see, that’s how you feel. But then when I wondered aloud, to no one in particular, “I wonder how much weddings costs?” she ran and pulled out a Zexy.

*audience laughs*

I was like, you really want to do it! And as I watched I saw that with a pink pen she had underlined a lot of it too!”

*audience and Tsurubei-san laugh*

So I was just like, wow, she really wants to do it. And so in front of her, I lectured my brother, like, “Look how much she wants to get married! Do it, like a man!” And I gave quite a scolding to my brother. So he said that he would think about it, then some days later told me, “I’m going to do it. Please, come see it.” I was really happy.

T: And at the time he was being hospitalized, right?

Y: My brother? What? Are you talking about the time my mom passed away?

T: No, the one before the marriage ceremony.

Y: Ah, that one.

T: Wait, which one is there?

Y: Okay, so there’s more than one, and um…*fights back tears again* You know how in what I just told you, my brother was very firm and stable? At that time, my brother, who never showed any tears – bam! he collapsed.

T: When your mother passed away.

Y: Yes, one week after she died. And he gave me a call, saying, “Brother, the doctor here is saying something absurd.” So I said, “What is he saying? What happened, you passed out?” And he said, “All the people around me are saying that Mom died.” And he was saying that kind of thing. So it turned out he had lost his memory.

T: It was that big of a shock.

Y: It was that big of a shock. And about a year later, I think, we went on a trip together, because I felt we had to make a lot of fun memories. So after the accumulation of several trips, his memory returned to him.

T: So for that whole time, he couldn’t remember at all!

Y: About two years, he had lost his memory. So he could only remember the times when Mom was alive. It was a trauma-related incident. So that happened. And then the marriage was decided. And then he was hospitalized again, and I was like whoa, overwhelmed.

T: It’s just one thing after the other for you.

Y: Yes. That sure made me panic.

T: So before his wedding, they went out to eat BBQ together, then on the train ride back home, they had to go get his brother’s appendix removed. So he was hospitalized.

Y: Yes.

T: And so your brother had to escape from the hospital to attend his wedding ceremony, right?

Y: Yes, he did his best to make it to his wedding on the day of the ceremony.

T: And then he returned to the hospital. But at the wedding you played the trumpet, right?

Y: Yes, as a surprised for my brother – ahaha!

*a picture of Yoko playing the trumpet at his brother’s wedding is shown and Yoko laughs*

T: As a surprise, saying, “Let’s become a family!” So he’s playing the trumpet, but since he’s crying, the trumpet goes piiii!

*The audience laughs.*

Y: Oh man, you know, right before that, my brother had just read a letter of gratitude to me, like “I’m so grateful to you.” And he read that I just went waaah.

T: Perfectly natural.

*picture of an emotional Yoko at the wedding ceremony is shown, and Yoko laughs out loud*

Y: That’s embarrassing.

T: So there was a family introduction segment at the wedding right? And your brother introduced you to you.

Y: *laughs* So at the wedding, you know how there’s that thing where the bride and groom do first introductions? Well, my brother had been hospitalized so he couldn’t do any rehearsals for the wedding. So since he had to do it off the cuff, part way through he went up to me and said, “This is my older brother, Yokoyama Kimitaka.”

*The Audience laughs.*

Like dude, that’s me. It was so funny, though.

~ End of Part 2 ~

Please do not take my translation without giving credit.

Hope you enjoyed. Sorry for any typos.

anonymous asked:

So if islam is so sexist and against women, why was a woman (Maryam) given a whole chapter in the Quran and is talked about multiple times and put in a good light for all women? Plus she had no man in her life controlling her (she didnt even get married or ever have sex) so? How is islam so against women? Seriously enlighten me as i am confused to your whole blog.

Wow a wimmin got a chapter, I can’t believe muhammed invented feminism. 

The book itself is directed at men. I’m currently working on a masterpost of all the misogynist verses but it is taking time because there is a lot and I’m actually studying it and making research so I won’t take anything out of context. So I’ll be able to source them better when I finish.

If islam is so woman loving, why can’t they get equal inheritence? If you say it is because men are supposed to be leaders in islam(which is true), isn’t this reason misogynistic in itself? Why are there hadiths condemning lesbians? Why men’s modesty is looking away but a woman’s modesty is covering herself? Why does it preach marrying underage girls instead of adopting them(*cough* Aisha was prepubescent *cough*)? Why the multiple wives? Why were women not offered anything in paradise while men were offered virgins that were extremely detailed? There are many more but again, I’ll do a masterpost. Maybe in the mean time you can I don’t know, maybe read quran and listen to oppressed women sweetie? :)

And don’t be confused by my blog sweetie, I’m just an exmuslim lesbian living in the middle east, battling my internalized misogyny. Most of my followers are exmuslims and most of those exmuslims are women, so that tells you something. My blog exists because I want white feminists to STOP coddling islam and silencing us. They silence exmuslim women who try to speak of their oppression. Freaking white teenage girls from california call exmuslim women who were abused that they’re islamophobic and should be silenced. FUCK your garbage equality if you can’t pick up quran and read it for yourself.

this is just me rambling about the goldfinch, which is honestly a literary masterpiece to me in every single aspect, but i can’t even properly convey how strongly it has affected me. i read it during a very Dark and Depressing Time and i remember being constantly filled with anxiety and WOW this book… i’ve never felt so strongly about a book before. theo’s existentialist attitude, Life Is Meaningless, Why Am I Alive, and the combination of his trauma and illness and addiction are such a heavy weight on his shoulders that can’t ever seem to be lifted but this painting, The Goldfinch, lifts it up and is a comfort for him. the beauty he found in that painting was a source of coping for him, a source of comfort and hope and love and a reminder of his mother. theo essentially immortalized a piece of his mother’s soul in this painting. this book demonstrated how powerful the transcendence of art is… it allows our souls to live onto this world of inevitable mortality. as long as we have art and as long as we can have love within ourselves and also see that love and beauty in art, we are okay and we will survive. in this world of chaos and tragedy, there will always be beauty and love. i’m not kidding when i say that reading this book really saved me in a sense, to be honest. i hate to sound cliché and dumb but it really fucking did wow

  • Jellicles: Surprise!
  • Rum Tum Tugger: Oh wow!
  • Munkustrap: That's what you wanted right? Everyone in the same room, at the same time?
  • Rum Tum Tugger: I can't believe you. We're all together in the same room. This room. I don't think I could be any happier!
  • Munkustrap: Wanna bet?
  • Mistoffelees: Hi!
  • Rum Tum Tugger [very over-excited]: Oh Mistoffelees is here! Mistoffelees is here!
Not an ordinary damsel || 0.2


Summary: Y/N Y/L/N is one of CCPD’s best detectives, and Barry Allen being the only one in the forensics department, causes them to interfere with each other more than they like. You see: Y/N and Barry doesn’t like each other so much. But when Y/N suspect Barry to be the Flash, she gets herself into a bit too deep trouble.

Pairing: Barry Allen x Sarcastic!Reader

Warning: Zoom’s involved, therefore we don’t know about Kid-Flash yet, and Jessie Quick isn’t a speedster yet either;) And to those who are sensitive to swearing ‘n such, I’m sorry?

A/N: So because I have tons of requests, I will mash some of them up if I think they will work out nicely (and hopefully they will!). In this case, I hope it’s ok for you, galactichoran and lisagust14 <33

“Are you alright?” A vibrating voice made it impossible for Y/N to get any picture in her head of whom the man behind the mask could be.
“Uhm… I thought you just did the huge stuff,” was the first thing that popped up in Y/N head, which happened to be the lamest thing to say to a superhero of all the things it could have been. No no, save the wittiness and such to non-metas, Y/N, nice work.
“You don’t think a possible rape is worth stopping?” When Y/N didn’t have anything to say back – which rarely happened, Flash just smirked at her and sped off.


Yes, even the queen of sarcasm, the witty detective, Y/N Y/L/N had a soft spot for The Flash. Though because of her encounter with the superhero of her beloved city, her deep respect for the guy had turned into something bigger.
‘The Flash Daily, by Iris West’, after reading several articles, Y/N finally found a reliable source – it was unbelievably how many fanfictions one could find by searching for The Flash on the web.
West, as in detective Joe’s daughter?

For the first time in a long time, Y/N didn’t get Phillip the intern to bring her a Belly Burger for lunch but decided to go for a cup of coffee. That is if you count deciding for not taking a cab, but to walk to meet her mother at Jitters…
“Y/N! There you are!” Y/N’s mother looked thrilled to see her daughter again, after all: It had been months since they last met.

“His mother must be so proud of him,” Y/N had almost forgotten the part of her mother being one of the older admirers of The Flash.
“Yes, I’m sure, mom,” Y/n sipped her coffee, not noticing her green-eyed colleague entering the café with his own company.
“Have you ever met him? Oh dear, I hope not Y/N, you need to be careful here in the big city – you are careful, right?” Being raised half an hour outside Central City, Y/N always counted the minutes before her mother would start on the topic of her security.
“Mom, I’m a cop, I don’t need a hero to save me,” Y/n referred to The Flash: her mother’s only reason for not monitoring her so far away from home.
“You’re a detective that solve murders, Y/N, you’re not Superman," 

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anonymous asked:

So there's an update on the storry with Charlie. It seems like it's all a misunderstanding. He took two drug tests today and both came back negative, urine and hair test. You couldn't get rid of the cocaine if he did take it any time last week within that amount of time. It's not possible. So the fact he did that and they both came back clean means he truly was not in any way shape or form connected or even took the drug. It was just in his persons, likely scraps from party he went to.

I HEARD NONNY. Now that’s the kind of news update I wanna hear. I’m going to check the sources before I go to bed just to see what comes up but wow. So fucking refreshing to hear this.

#180 - For anonymous & Eloise

Filling the prompts “one where a girl is flirting with Van all night at an after party or a bar but the reader doesn’t really care because she knows he loves her, and the girl who’s flirting is being rude and cutting reader off all night, Van and the lads are annoyed but keep quiet. Reader goes to get drinks and whilst she’s gone the flirter insults her looks and calls her annoying or something, reader hears when she’s like behind her and starts to cry and Van snaps at the flirterer?” and “one where y/n is dating van and they go to a friends reunion and they are having a lot of fun ;) but van’s ex is there and there’s a lot of tension and they fight but he makes sure she knows she’s the one he wants to be with”

By the time you were finally ready, the sun had gone down and Van and Larry had finished a couple games of Fifa. If you fucked around in front of the bathroom mirror any longer you’d make everyone late. There was already enough anxiety coursing through your body, you didn’t need that compounded by guilt. Your winged eyeliner would never be perfect and your hair would eventually curl where you didn’t want it to; a fact you’d have to come to terms with if you planned on leaving the house at all. Out in the lounge room you stood quietly and waited for one of them to notice you.

“Good, Y/N?” Larry asked, only glancing up at you for a second.

“Yeah,” you replied in a hushed tone.

Van paused the game and looked up. How quickly his face broke into a toothy smile was enough to lift a little of the weight on your shoulders. He put the controller down and stood, walking to you and pulling you into him. Showered and clean clothed, he was warm and pretty and yours.

“Lookin’ gorgeous, love,” he whispered.

“This is okay, then? Not too much? ‘Cause I don’t want all your friends to think-”

“Y/N. Do I care what anybody thinks? You look amazin’. Don’t stress,” Van interrupted. It really was that easy for him. Say 'don’t stress’ and he wouldn’t. If only the rest of the world could be like that.

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Peacock and Painwheel have skipped school

Ileum: Mrs. Victoria says they never came in this morning.

Big Band: I just don’t know what would possess them to do this.

Stanley: Don’t be so hard on the girls. A nice spring day is tempting for any kid. Even I skipped school a few times in my school days.

Ileum: You?

Big Band: Oh, wow.

Stanley: Sure! I’d sneak into the New Meridian public library or to the park for some bird watching.

Big Band: Oh, no.

Stanley: One day I even went to the museum!

Big Band: I’ve got to stop getting my hopes up over your stories.

When Phil panics before sleeping with Dan for the first time
  • Tyler: You okay, Phil?
  • Phil: I messed up. He ran away. He got scared.
  • Tyler: Why would he be scared?
  • Phil: Because I choked him. I lightly choked him.
  • Tyler: Wow... that's what happens when you listen to the Phandom.

Grenda is NOT offensive. All the jokes that the show has involving her that you claim to be transphobic is just   you being way too sensitive. All the weird stuff that she does that some people can claim is Alex being transphobic is just Grenda being Grenda. She’s silly, rash, emotional, and boy crazy. Those traits of her’s can make some pretty funny moments in the show, but she’s not just comedic relief.  That’s shown in the episode, Northwest Manor Mystery.

In that episode, Mabel, Candy, and Grenda go into the mansion and meet Marius von Fundshauser. All 3 girls are infatuated with him but, they decide that he’s out of their league and vow to not flirt with him However, Mabel and Candy break the vow and flirt as a team, leaving Grenda out because her flirting is too aggressive and it might scare Marius away. Grenda also held to the pact, she never betrayed Candy or Mabel. Grenda finds out and is outraged and demands to know why they broke their promise. They tell her that she’s too aggressive and Grenda, offended, flicks Marius’ nose (which is how she flirts). Later, the girls make up with a hug and Marius confesses his sudden crush on her, saying that he finds her personality to be bold and daring.

In the episode, we find out that Grenda is proud of who she is. She refuses to change who she is no matter what people think about her, as shown by flicking that Austrian hunk’s nose even though that might scare him away. She also values her friendship with Mabel and Candy way more then she will never love boys. Overall, that episode shows that Grenda is what Marius said about her, bold and daring, as well as caring about the people who really matter, her BFFs. Northwest Manor Mystery isn’t shittly written, it developed characters and left you at a heart shattering cliffhanger. Also, Grenda got the love interest because she didn’t change herself, she was liked for who she is, which btw, is a great message to send to anyone, especially those who are transgender.

Finally, In the episode, Love God, this was Love God’s original design

His necklace has the transgender symbol on it. Alex fought to have that design stay on the character but, unfortunately Disney forbade it.

Now, can you please stop making false accusations?

The extent of reposting

You’ve been warned

This will be a really long post, and I’ll be addressing one account in particular, but will be referring to multiple accounts along the way. This is just a small, tiny part of the reposting community, and if you’re an artist who wants to protect their art, please continue reading as I will be showing proof that, reposters do not win. This is your art, your creation. Not theirs. 

Let’s say hello to this person:

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just remembered one time like six years ago.
my mom was reading an article about a young savant kid that was really good at painting (at this point i didnt know shit about autism at all and so my first thought was obviously also what) i said “wow that sounds pretty awesome” and so immediately afterwards she says that apparently being autistic is like one of the worst ways to live or some shit and now, being self-dx i feel like one of the main sources of my doubt is just how horrible she made it sound. even my therapist only ever gave me an example of a person that could barely “function in society” so like anyone else get self doubt about any disorders because people made it sound terrible? cause i remember that at the time she even told me to “be grateful, i’m not autistic” and i mean here i am o-o like yeah self-dx but for serious that is one hell of a coincidence.


This is one of my all time favorite videos of Olicity ever. Here you can see how unadulterated their love really is. All the important foundation building blocks of what makes Olicity a relationship to aspire and root for. Trust, respect, and friendship. The look of pure wonder on Oliver’s face when he meets Felicity for the first time. I mean wow. This is THE LOVE STORY for the ages. They truly make each other better. Even from the very beginning, they have always been a team. I miss them so much and can’t wait for the next chapter of their lives together.

Credit and source to the wonderful and talented Shipper Heart. Check out other videos on her channel.