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“It’s them, but it’s not them !” 2/2 -Bruce Wayne x Reader

@m-fairbank also asked the same thing, things happening on Batmom’s point of you, and also some of the batboys…and I kinda planned something like that anyway. So here’s a sequel for “It’s her but it’s not her”, and I hope you’ll like it (and hope the “mixed feelings” were still good ones ;-)) AGAIN felt like I could write something better, might re-write everything…I rushed a bit writing it cause I’m in L.A but I also wanted to write something and…I guess it’s this kind of time eh. 

Summary : Batman and his kids accidentally got send in an alternate dimension, and Batmom has the displeasure of realizing that her Bruce from this other world is…not hers at all. 

PART 1 !


When your husband and kids came home with Diana and Clark, you didn’t think too much of it. It wasn’t unusual for your friends to come over to the bat cave and work, or even just chill. 

But when you went to kiss Bruce, and you felt him stiffen under your touch. When he didn’t kiss back, and even moved away, his head moving back and forth between you and Clark, stunned. When your sons stared at you with wide eyes and open mouthes…you realized something was wrong. 

-Wh…what is it ? 

Bruce didn’t say anything, he found he couldn’t say anything. The Hell just happened ? Clark’s wife just kissed him ! And…What was she doing in the bat cave anyway, at this hour ? 

Under your husband’s gaze, you felt uncomfortable for the first time in your life. Usually, he had the opposite effect on you, you were always so relaxed around him. Even during charity balls or such obligations you had as Waynes, when your introverted self felt awful, his mere presence calmed you down and helped you get threw the night. 

But right now, the way he was looking at you made you shiver. You didn’t recognize his usual look…In his eyes right now, there were no love, no relief to see you well and alive, no joy, no slight impatience to finally get to bed with you. Instead, there was confusion, embarrassment, and a slight touch of curiosity maybe ? 

And your children…None of them rushed to hug you first, or to tell you who’s ass they kicked this time. 

Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. 

Clark approached you, and laid a soothing hand on  your shoulder. 

-They…Hum…They’re not who you think they are. 

Diana rolled her eyes, leave it to Superman to not be able to actually explain something properly. She came close to you too, and said : 

-There was an…accident with the League. A portal open and your family went threw, they came back, and they’re not…

-I understood what Clark meant. 

Even though the situation was serious, Superman couldn’t help but give a look at Wonder Woman that meant : “See, she got it”. Diana stuck her tongue out to him. Those two could sometimes be so childish. And cute. But right now, you weren’t feeling like you could appreciate how cute they could be together. 

You looked at Bruce, and you were sure everything was true. This wasn’t your Bruce. And they weren’t your children…You felt sick. And you fainted. The Batman was the fastest to catch you, and you collapsed in his arms. 

You were as light as a feather, and holding you like that made him feel weird…he just couldn’t pinpoint what exactly were those feelings. 

Alfred rushed toward you guys, and said : 

-Oh my oh my oh my, let’s take her to your…hum…Her room I guess. Follow me…Master Bruce. 


Bruce, not your Bruce, another one, took you to the room you shared with your husband. You were still unconscious. Too many emotions at once. What if this “portal” couldn’t be re-open, meaning you’d never see your family again ? No. That couldn’t happen. And yet…

Batman laid you down delicately in the bed, noticing that it was left undone and that there were definitely two people usually sharing this bed. He didn’t really know what he felt right now. So, in this World, you weren’t his best friend’s wife, you were…His. 

-Come Master Bruce, let Lady (Y/N) rest, it must be quite a shock to…Well, you know. 

He definitely knew. He couldn’t believe it, in his World, you and Clark were so in love…Yes, he knew you had a crush on him years ago, and he liked you too, but he also knew that in his line of work, there was no time for serious relationship and all…Was he wrong ? Did he make a mistake ? According to what his friends from this World’s League told him, everything was fine here too, mostly thanks to the Batman, to this other him who was…married. To you. His best friend’s dear wife. Who used to like him, and vice versa. He just couldn’t wrap his head around that.

Him and his children followed Alfred threw corridors, and they couldn’t help but stop at almost every pictures hung on the walls. It wasn’t austere paintings like in their house, it was colorful photographs. 

Dick stopped in front of a picture where he just graduated from High School, and you and Bruce were on each side of him, arms around his shoulder. All of you smiled, even the bat. “I’m so proud of you son”, was written on the picture, signed by Bruce. A little cute heart followed by “I love you my wonder boy, you’re the most fantastic one ever !” was also written, with a signature he didn’t recognize, probably yours. His heart tightened, Bruce wasn’t even at his graduation day where he came from…

Jason’s eyes got attracted by a picture where he was sitting on Bruce’s shoulders. Bruce was looking up at him, a bright smile on his face, one of his hand holding his, while the other held the hand of Clark Kent’s wife…Apparently his wife in this world. You. Jason looked happier than he ever felt in this picture. In his free hand, the one Bruce wasn’t holding, he had some cotton candy. On the bottom of the picture was written : “Gotham Fair, summer 1996, picture proudly taken by yours truly, Dick Grayson”. How was this possible ? In his World, Bruce and Jason weren’t on the best terms at all. They actually rarely spoke, though they worked together…This was all so unsettling. 

Tim was in front of a picture of him, age 10 or something. Bruce was holding him in his arms, hugging him lovingly. You were next to him, holding a trophy in your hand, and Tim recognize the science fair. He won 7 years ago, but neither Bruce nor you (obviously) were there to congratulate you. He was smiling like crazy, his arms in the air as a sign of victory, and Bruce was raising him almost above his head, pride shining in his face. The caption under the picture read : “Timmy winning the science fair, 4th grade, picture taken by proud big brother Jason (Dick was flirting with Tim’s teacher, of course he would…)”. Tim felt tears welled up in his eyes, his life was so far from what he was seeing on this picture…

Damian stopped in front of one where it was just you and him. Outside on a snowy day. You were bending down a bit to be at his height, your arms slung around him, clearly laughing, and he was…smiling. Not of the fake smile he gave people at charity balls and such, no, a real, true, heartfelt smile. He never smiled like that…Also, he was holding your arms in a sideway hug. He couldn’t remember one time he ever hug anyone, or been hugged. Under the picture was written : “Damian and mom, Winter 2016, Dami’s first snowballs fight, picture taken by a very defeated Bruce”. 

Bruce was standing in front of a picture that made his heart beat faster than ever. It was you and him, he wore a beautiful suit, and you were in a wedding dress. Your foreheads touch, and the smiles on both your faces were the most broad and beautiful. “Wedding day, 1992, picture taken by little Dickie”. His eyes then went to the picture next to that, you were both in front of a Japanese temple, he was kissing the crown of your head, and you were smiling, your hand splayed on his chest, your head on his chest. “Honeymoon, 1992, Japan”.  Next picture, you and him at a charity ball. You were so beautiful. The entire wall was just pictures of the two of you, and another life he could have had unfolded in front of him. That other Bruce seemed so happy…Maybe he did make a mistake by turning you down all those years ago. 

Dick took him away from his sad thoughts : 

-Wow. It sure seems like we have very different lives here eh…

-No shit right ? Maybe I never got beaten by the Joker with a crowbar here…

Alfred jumped in, so far, he didn’t say anything and let them look at the pictures that littered the walls : 

-I’m afraid you did die, master Jason. However, Lady (Y/N) convinced you long ago to give up your…murderous ways you adopted after you came back to life.

-Oh…Well…Shit. That’s…That’s so weird. I feel weird. 

-I feel weird too. 

Tim said, looking at multiples pictures of himself and his brothers having a good time…Christmases, easters, birthdays…They were a real family here.

Damian didn’t say a word, but thought the same things. He felt jealous toward the other version of him. He had a dad and a mom. Real ones…

Bruce’s harsh voice stopped all of their thinkings. 

-Let’s go boys, we have important things to do. 


You woke up during the night, alone, and remembered everything. You felt sick again, but didn’t faint. 

For the next two weeks, you tried to help them as best you could to find a way back home. You felt so strange, not being able to touch any of them without them stiffening under your fingers. You felt so strange, not being able to kiss your husband, or hold your children. You felt…incredibly sad. You missed them so much. 

And they were no better. They had a hard time handling their discoveries. That in this world, they were a family, they were happier. Everything was not always perfect, according to Alfred, but they were…together. 

Alfred’s heart bleed with the thought that somewhere, his Bruce wasn’t the one he raised at all. Somewhere, he never met you, and never got out of the dark well he fell into when he was 8. Somewhere, he was just The Dark Knight and nothing else…and apparently, he had a very difficult relationship with his sons. 

You intervened multiple times to stop a dispute that sprout between them. All of this was so wrong…

At night, Bruce couldn’t sleep. More than usual. Plagued with dreams about what his life could have been. 


Finally, they found a way home, though they weren’t sure they really wanted to leave. But they couldn’t stay, they couldn’t steal what their other selves had. It wouldn’t be right. 

You felt a deep sadness in your heart though, as you saw them leave. From your understanding, their lives weren’t the greatest, and you couldn’t help but feel terrible at the thought of your children, and him, your Bruce, being miserable…however, they weren’t really yours, and when your family went threw the portal to return to you, you forgot everything. It made you feel guilty for a while, but what could you do ? Bruce’s decision in the other World were his. You felt so guilty feeling like it was his fault if things went that way…but realistically, it was…He’s the one that didn’t let you enter his life. 

However, the thoughts of that other Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian never left you. From the day your family came back, you loved them even more than before, if that was possible, and took care of them even more too. Because you realized that without you, things would be very different, and you hated how things would be. You hated the fact that they all looked so sad and distressed. That they all seem to lack love and affections so much. It made you physically sick to think about those other boys…So you turned your pain for them into love for the one you had. For your husband. For your sons. Because here, they were yours. And they’d always be yours. 

However, you could just never forget about them, even though you thought it was kind of that other Bruce’s fault. You just couldn’t be that cold. Your heart went to those boys, and to the man that never married you. It might have been his fault if it didn’t happen, but you knew he didn’t deserve to be miserable…


Back in his dimension, he was thinking about it, and would definitely agree with you. It was his fault. And he knew now that he made a terrible mistake years ago. He should’ve never turned you down all those years ago. Maybe now, he wouldn’t feel so hollow, so empty…Maybe you were the missing piece. But he could never have you. Not anymore, it was too late. You just had Clark’s child…

He put his head in his hands, and let himself cry. For the first time in years. Because the thought of what he let go off was just too painful. Things could be so different, for him AND for his children. Especially for the kids…they deserved so much better than a broken man unable to show them his affection. 

They deserved you. But you were going to love that child you just got with Clark. His son was going to have the life his children should have had. 

And it was all his fault…

The End.


Part 2 is here! And my wrist feels like crap! :D Oh, what fun!


Little Jammy Hood - @blogthegreatrouge

Error - @loverofpiggies

Ink - @comyet

Goth - @nekophy (Wolf Design - @echoiart) (Aftertale - @loverofpiggies, Reapertale - @renrink)

Palette - @angexci (Inktale - @comyet, Dreamtale - @jokublog)

I Won't Say I love You (Part 2- Final)

Characters: Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader
Summary: Oh I guess we had an expiration date. So I won’t say I love you, it’s too late. Very much inspired by Nervous (The Ooh Song) by Gavin James.
Genres: angst
Word Count: ~1000
Warnings: induced vomiting due to alcohol
A/N: This is the last part!

Originally posted by iblamebuckybarnes

Masterlist here | Part 1 (prev) | Part 2

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Meeting The Family

Prompt: “ Can u do an imagine that Y/N is dating Stefan Salvatore and he has to meet your parents and older brother for dinner at Y/n house?”

Warnings: None

Requested by Anon.

(Y/B/N-Your Brother’s Name)

You sit down on the couch next to your boyfriend Stefan and he puts his arm around you. “Hey, can I ask you something?” You ask as you lay your head on his shoulder. He looks over at you and smiles and nods. “Of course, what’s on your mind?” “Well, we’ve been dating for a while and..I want you to meet my family.” You ask with a nervous tone.

His eyes widen. “Oh..Okay, I’d love to.” He replies. You can tell he’s a little nervous and you breath a laugh. “Stefan it’s okay, you don’t have anything to be nervous about, they’re gonna love you!” You say before kissing your boyfriend on the cheek. 

You had talked to your mom about you and Stefan having dinner with the family, and she agreed that it’d be a great idea. Stefan still seemed nervous as you approached your front door. You took his hand yours. “Stefan, calm down, it’s gonna be fine.” You said with a smile before knocking on the door. Your older brother answers it and smiles. “Stefan, this is my brother Y/B/N.” You say with a smile.

Stefan shakes his hand with a smile and walks inside. “Dinner’s about to start.” Your brother says as he motions for you guys to follow him. You and Stefan walk into the kitchen and sit down. Your mother smiles at Stefan, but your father looks unimpressed. 

Your mom senses the tension in the room and clears her throat. “So Stefan, I’ve heard a lot about you thanks to Y/N.” She says with a smile. Stefan laughs. “All good things I hope.” Your mother laughs. “So, tell us about yourself, are you close with your family?” “I don’t have a whole lot of family, my parents passed away a long time ago, now it’s just me and my brother Damon, and I’d say we’re pretty close.” “Well, that’s good. Y/N is very close to her family.” “I can’t blame her, her family seems amazing.” “Cute and charming? Wow.” Your mother replies with a laugh. You and Stefan smile. “See? I told you they’d like you.” You whisper before kissing Stefan on the cheek. 

After dinner you help your mom clean up the kitchen, and Stefan goes in the living room with your dad and brother. “Y/N really seems to care about you.” Your dad says. “Well, I really care about her.” Stefan replies with a smile. “Good. Because if you ever, ever hurt her, I’ll kill you.” Stefan smiles and nods. “Point taken sir.” “Good.” Your dad replies with a smile as he pats Stefan’s back. Your brother breaths a laugh. “Sorry about that." 

After a while you and Stefan leave. "See! They loved you!” He smiles. “Yeah, I don’t know why I was so nervous, I really enjoyed meeting them.” You smile and lightly kiss his lips. “Thank you, for being so perfect.” He smirks. “You’re welcome.” He teases before crashing his lips into yours.

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i remember,,, a time long ago,,,,, when there was peace on this blog,,,it seems like lifetimes have passed since those days,,,,,,,these simpler times have since faded in my memory,,,,now i am plagued with worries, such as “what do i do with all of these snakes manifesting physically in my house holy fuck Free Me From This Please” 

petition to Let Me Rest, 

Jungkook Scenario: Cinnamon Sweet.

Request: Hey can u make a story where a girl who works a a bakery make super good cake and someone from Bangtan buys it Jungkook like it and goes back to see who made it and it his old childhood crush and he ends up asking her out. If u got time Thx!😄

Genre. Fluff / Romance

There was so much silence at the dorm, it only helped to pick up his curiosity. He knew some of the boys had gone to Big Hit, but he also knew for a fact that Jimin, Taehyung and Seokjin had stayed behind, mostly because the two younger ones didn’t stop bickering at the living room while Jungkook was lying on his bed.
They’d stopped so suddenly and not even Jin was saying a single word, so Jungkook stood up slowly, ready to see what they were doing.

He opened his door as carefully as he could, peeking first into the proximities but finding no one, he headed to the living room which he found empty so being a little annoyed, Jungkook finally moved towards the kitchen.

His hyungs were there around the table, hovering over something Jungkook promptly found to be a cake because they were all taking bites from it.
He crossed his arms on top of his chest, that’s what the mystery was about, they were trying to sneakily eat it all without offering him a single bite.

-That’s no way to treat me – he said, making the others jump in their spots. They turned around startled, Taehyung still holding the treacherous spoon with a big piece of cake centimeters away from his face.

-Jungkookie! – Jimin chirped in and laughed, looking to the other boys for help

-Jungkookie anything, you were trying to eat all that cake by yourselves – he walked closer to the table, staring better at it. In all honesty, if he had a cake that looked as tasty as the one that was placed in the middle of them, he would try to eat it by himself too.

-We thought you were asleep – Jin said with a little smile and Jungkook hummed.

-You didn’t even bother to check –

He sat by Taehyung’s side, not bothering to take a spoon first and picked some of the cake’s cream with his fingertip.
When he put it into his mouth, it was the best one he’d had, the dark chocolate ganache was smooth and perfect with a hint of cinnamon and something else he couldn’t quite place but that tasted just as good.

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((Written long ago for a prompt; minor editing to repost. Once upon a time, WoW paladins had to undergo an epic quest at lvl 60 to earn their fast mount. By the time I changed my paladin to Alynore in Wrath, one could simply learn the mount spells from a paladin trainer. I took Nore through the Charger quest chain for fun and to see the lore. The quest was removed in Cataclysm, but elements remain in game (the Equine Spirit is still in Dire Maul!). Seems like we’ll have a new, similar quest in Legion for the class mount.

For this story, I combined the Expedition Armory quests in Hellfire Peninsula with elements of the Classic paladin charger quest. Hopefully it works, along with the idea of Nore’s own faith being a merging of the two religions of the Light she was raised and trained in.))

“Are you certain you wish to do this, child?” Varduun asked as he drew his elekk to a halt, letting Alynore slide off first. Her boots landed in the red dust of Hellfire Peninsula, kicking up a cloud that the constant wind dashed away.

The seventeen-year-old patted the elekk’s shoulder as she looked up at her mentor. “Much as I love ol’ Duvrefen here, I’m a human, and humans ride horses,” she said. She brushed back a loosened lock of auburn hair. “A horse of my own is probably the earliest thing I can ever remember wanting, actually. Sounds stupid, I guess.”

Varduun chuckled, his giant gauntleted hand briefly squeezing her shoulder. “Not at all.” The draenei vindicator looked past her. “This will be dangerous. I can help you to a point, but—“

“I know. This is all me, and nothing the draenei have tried before.” Nore pulled her pack off the elekk. The eternium barding could stay on Duvrefen’s back for now. She held the exorcism censer High Priestess Ishanah had given her. Wielding it instead of her shield would be interesting, to say the least. Nore drew her mother’s mageblade, reinforced with her own enchantments, and looked across the ruins.

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TheMorganiser’s 2000 Follower Forever!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

Wow! It doesn’t seem like too long ago that I had only just reached 1000 followers! I never really know what to write so I’m just gonna go with a bunch of thanks you’s :D Thank you to everyone who has clicked that follow button! Thank you to everyone I am following that has made my dash the weird and wonderful place it is! Thank you to all my mutuals! Thank you to all my non-mutuals! Thank you to everyone who has followed me and made my time on tumblr so far as fun as possible ^_^. Below are the blogs that I think are pretty cool and are all worth following:

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Once again, thank you to everyone who has followed me! :D

Guardian Angel

“Bye!” You wave at your friends as you leave your school campus. At the gates you see Byun Baekhyun, a boy that you are close with, and comes to pick you up everyday after school.

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Blue Eyes

A submission by @maroon-kirisame

There had been a change with Takumi when he joined the army. No one was sure what it was at first. Not even Takumi himself knew what was different. It wasn’t until he had come home from battle one day that Corrin had noticed what was different.

It was his eyes. They had turned blue.

Takumi initially didn’t believe her. When he looked in a mirror later that night, his eyes were the same amber as always. Pfft. Blue eyes. Yeah, right. Besides, if they had changed colour, wouldn’t Oboro or Hinata have said something? Regardless, he dismissed her odd claim. Maybe his big sister was just exhausted from the long day and even longer battle.

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Time is a River We Can’t Stop

As a villain, hearing the words on their body meant one less connection to the world. They never thought that heartbreak would become associated with the words they were born with.

Soulmate AU where someone’s soulmate’s last words are tattooed on them.


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SaveWOY - a month on..

First be warned, this is a long, text heavy post.

So after seeing @oocwoy‘s post about SaveWOY.. 

Wow, has it really only been a month since the cancellation announcement? Seems like only a few days ago I was spewing out loads of SaveWOY posts while hugging my Peepers plushie and sobbing after reading the announcement at 1 in the morning, haha. Good times. I just practically poured my heart out when writing the petition and those savewoy posts trying to rally people. I’m surprised I didn’t need to go back and edit them. I can’t believe it’s only really been a month.

We’ve all been fighting so hard this last month and wow, what a fight it’s been. We’ve achieved so much in such a short amount of time. It’s been an absolutely incredible month for Wander Over Yonder. In fact here’s a list of what we’ve accomplished! Now hold on, it’s a long one!

We’ve received the support of the WOY crew and Craig’s thanks.

We’ve gotten 12,070 signatures on one petition alone. 

Animators from Boulder Media (who animated season 2) have been signing the petition.

The fandom has grown so much in a month.

SaveWOY has gathered a following on Tumblr, Twitter, Deviantart and Facebook.

The SaveWOY Tumblr has accumulated 968 followers.

We’ve got multiple groups all dedicated to getting WOY a third season.

Cartoon Brew took notice of our petition after it hit 10,000 signatures.

We unleashed a SaveWOY Thunderclap on the Internet.

We held a T-shirt Give-away which raised a lot of awareness.

We’ve gotten the support of Save Disney Shows.

Who knows how many letters Disney have actually received. They are probably drowning in them.

Disney have received at least 12,070 emails, one for each signature on the petition. That’s without all the emails everyone has been sending on top. Just try to imagine the final number.

Fandoms such as Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Undertale and more have lent us their support.

The fans have shown their undying loyalty to WOY and that they’re not going to give up without a fight. 

and it’s not over yet!

We have Project Fanboom on the go.

Operation 200 Reasons To SaveWOY is kicking off on the 9th April.

ChannelFrederator will be making a 107 facts about WOY video.

A volunteer will (hopefully) be picked to make a SDS website for SaveWOY and lead the campaign.

The SaveWOY world map is still in progress.

The number of signatures on the petition continues to rise.

We still have a few more WOY episodes to go and then the finale which will hopefully lure in more fans.

There’s probably more that I’ve just missed!

These are just the plans that have been announced. I can’t speak for anyone else but I can say that I have 4 more project ideas in my head and more just keep popping up that I need to make a note of. Peepsqueak will be taking you all on a feels roller coaster over the next couple of months. You’re gonna need tissues.

Things are slowing down a bit sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. The SaveWOY fight is still going strong. Look at just how much we’ve accomplished! We are not going anywhere any time soon, the SaveWOY fight will continue on, even after the finale has aired. It will continue for as long as it is needed.

So continue to stay positive, just keep fighting, keep pushing and never give up. Hard work pays off and good things come to those who wait and we will wait for however long we have to for Season 3. and finally please remember, It Never Hurts To Help.

So from the bottom of my heart, to Craig, the WOY crew, every single person who has signed the petitions, every person who has reblogged a SaveWOY post, everyone who has shared SaveWOY on other websites, to everyone who has sent Disney a letter, or an email, to those who have been making fan art, fanfiction, videos and more to spread the word, to the SaveWOY mods, to the other fandoms who have supported us and to every single fan out there.

Thank you so very, very much. 

I hope you will all continue to support #SaveWOY and I couldn’t be any prouder of you all. 

Now let’s continue to fight for WOY Season 3!

"Hope" - Kurt/Blaine

An AU where only opposite-sex relationships are accepted by society.  

Orphans in the foster care program are institutionally instructed to date in their teens with the goal of being married at age eighteen.  Kurt is dating Brittany when his foster family “adopts” Blaine, who is paired up shortly after with Santana.  Brittany and Santana are more interested in each other than the boys, and the boys are more interested in each other than the girls, but things get complicated when Blaine asks Kurt to “practice” intimacy so that they might do better with the girls.  

Warnings for: societal homophobia, some Kurt/Brittany and Blaine/Santana non-platonic interaction (faked because they aren’t actually into each other and no actual sex), and pseudo-incest but only if you squint.

Kurt only risks introducing himself the day that Blaine moves into the house because he hears the soundtrack to Rent playing in his new foster “brother's” room.

It’s been well over a year since the last boy that his host family had adopted had lived here, and he had been a nightmare for both their “parents” and Kurt: a sloppy, loud, rude teenager with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove, though what exactly that had been Kurt had never quite figured out. So he is understandably wary. But—show tunes. This boy has to be, at the very least, more musically evolved, and therefore more on Kurt’s level.

And besides, at seventeen Kurt is bolder and more confident than he had been at sixteen. He can do this. He’s better prepared, now that he has some experience. It’s always awkward the first few months, especially after that first enforced double date that he knows must be coming if his host family had decided to adopt another boy. Orphans like himself and Blaine always end up getting adopted by the more strict families (their hesitance to court girls at a younger age usually gets them in trouble, and he’d already overheard his parents saying that Blaine is like him in that way) who do it as much for the annual stipend and the tax break as they do for the “good work” mark in their morality column.

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Hi, everyone!

“My, it’s been a long, long time”! I’m completely WOWED by the fact that everyone is still here, I mean all my followers after all this time! When I logged in here, it seemed like my last post was yesterday and everything was exactly how it was 4 months ago, I’m truly amazed. Thank you so much everyone who did stick around! Like, I had no idea when or if I would come back, I had a lot going on during the past few months and I wasn’t doing my best because I didn’t have the time, and there were some things that were bothering me so I decided to shut down the blog for a while it was all of a sudden, I know but by doing that, I had the time to sort things out until everything was settled. I deleted other 2 blogs that I had for the same reason, the Lisa Marie blog and my personal. I intend to post more about the Presley family on this blog, so I don’t have to take care of too many blogs at the same time. Now I started my Post-Graduation. Yep, responsibility is growing faster than I expected, but so far, it is good enough for me. I believe it will take some time until I adapt again to the tumblr routine so please bare with me ’-’

I can’t promise that I’ll post everyday but at least it will be me posting, not a queue running the blog for me, and it feels a lot better. And of course, I’ll have to get myself a new theme and everything, which, I’m certain, is going to take some time.

Hope everything is okay with you guys!

ardenkai  asked:

Hi Jugband! ☺️ Prompt time. If you haven't been asked yet... How about a “Remember Me” where Gail or Holly get into an accident and one of them have amnesia.

Angsty Ardenkai. No idea if all this is medically feasible at all.

 The counselors did prepare you for this. But nothing can really prepare you for this, nothing can prepare anyone for this. So you tell yourself it’s Ok to be human for a moment, just a moment before you go in and see her. But that isn’t going to be enough. So you take your time. A minute to tell yourself that this could easily could have been worse. Your wife could have died, but she didn’t. She survived serious damage after the accident, and here she was.

‘She’s still there, she’s still the same person.’

It’s something you’ve been murmuring to yourself over and over from the moment you were informed of the news. That calms you down a bit. A tiny bit.

But then the overwhelming sadness overcomes you. That she doesn’t remember your name, the color of your eyes, their little escapades in the interrogation rooms, all were going to be nothing now. Nothing to her. In this very moment, you were no one to her. No you can’t think of that again - You tell yourself you have to get this over with and see her. And it’s your wife, your loving, adorable wife - but you’re dreading this moment.

Composing yourself, you approach the door leading to her room. You don’t want to cry infront of her, you don’t want to lose it in front of her, so you take a second to see her looking at the window, squinting at the bright sunlight and you can’t help but smile at that.

'She’s still the same person.’

You step into the room, with the best smile you can manage but the sight of her brings tears to your eyes. Tears that you try your best to stop from falling and trickling down your face. She turns to see you with a smile, that soft smile that kills you. A smile of peace and tranquility, one you’ve seen only when she wakes up after blissful sleep.


This breaks your heart. All you want to do is hug her, feel her breath on your skin, feel her hands on your back and feel her lips gently kiss your cheek as you calm down. But you can’t. And you find yourself struggling to not let your tears fall and your voice break.


'I’m sorry I’ve bit of a problem remembering who’s who and …yeah.’ she trails off with a little smile. You can see it’s killing her to be this vulnerable. You know she’s not used to this. But you don’t really know what to do. You truly don’t.

'I’m your wife Holly.’ you say with a little smile of your own, and you can’t help it as a tear does manage to slide down your face.

'Oh.’ she states back in surprise, her eyes widening as she takes it all in.

'Yeah.’ you lick your lips and wipe away your tears, slowly approaching the hospital bed and you give your wife a moment to ponder it.

'I married you?’ she asks, her clear voice cutting through the silence, and it truly hurts you. A part of you wants to sink to the floor and cry, but you’re trying, trying your best to not break. You nod, without a word, half ready to run out the door.

'You seem like a nice person, I can’t believe I married someone like you!’ she starts rambling a little and you break into a little laugh hearing that. She’s still the little goofball you fell in love with.

'You did.’ you say back with a smile, but she hasn’t stopped her rambling.

'I mean you’re gorgeous and wow…. you’re stunning and I am - surprised. I’d never thought I’d marry someone as amazing as you.’

You smile at that, recalling her rambling when she was high on Oxy a long, long time ago. She’s still rambling the same way she did, though she doesn’t realize it.

You sit down on the chair next to her bed and slowly hold her arm. You would gladly climb into the bed and lie down next to her, but you don’t want to overwhelm her, not now. You slowly run your fingers along her skin, to reassure yourself that she’s here. With you. In this moment, she’s right here.

As if out of habit, she takes your hand and threads her fingers through yours and the simple action calms you down. She’s eyeing the platinum band on your finger and plays with it gently. You smile at her, and you allow yourself to just revel in the moment.

'I got you that?’ she questions, motioning to the ring.

'Hmm Mmm.’ you really don’t want to say anything, just allow yourself to feel peace now.

'That doesn’t look like something I’d like.’ she says, her voice laced with a hint of surprise, squinting as she stared at the ring.

'It isn’t.’ you reply with a smile as remember the time she proposed to you.

'No?’ she stares at you with those guileless, blue eyes and you want to just curl up next to her.

'You want to hear this story?’

'I do.’

'Ok, one day - this was before we were together - we went out shopping - and you saw me looking at this ring - and I wanted to buy it but I didn’t because I didn’t want to splurge so much on a ring and you didn’t even pretend to care and —’

You stop short to see her eyeing your every movement, as if in a daze and you feel so much better. This feels like her, this is the woman you fell in love with, eyeing your every gesture with such adoration, that you can’t stop yourself from blushing.

So what she can’t remember the old memories, We’ll make new ones.