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Different anon but: do you think Sarah Lance would teach Alex any... Other techniques? ;)

OH. I’m in my school’s library and took a peak at my asks while having my students’ writing open in another tab and saw this and I’m just like

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I mean for fucking sure like???

Drabble: Puns

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMO!!!! I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS DRABBLE!! I couldn’t do a very long one because I’m the not the punniest person around and this is the most puns I’ve come up with in my life, wow. Anyhoo, hope you have a great day dear!! ^^ 

WARNING: Contains terrible puns and jokes. Read at your own risk. 

Saeran was at his limit. 

“Hey Saeran!” 

Closing his eyes and raising the glass of water to his lips, he tried to ignore that stupid, suspiciously gleeful voice. Nothing good ever came out of Saeyoung using that tone around him, and Saeran certainly did not want to stick around to find out. Hastily, he turned on his heel and began marching back to his room, but it was too late.

Water you up to? If you’re free, could you help me find my quench? It should be in my workroom but I can’t find it in anywhere even with my glasses on.” 

The younger twin choked on his water, and it was incredibly tempting to spray his mouthful of water in his annoying brother’s face, but that would be too disgusting to clean up. So he forced the water down his throat, coughing a couple times after.

“Oh no, Saeran, are you okay? Would you like me to cough-fer you any assistance?”

Tears sprang to his eyes as his coughing fit worsened, but Saeran managed to set the glass down on the counter and land a haphazard kick in his brother’s side. That made Saeyoung lose his balance and fall on his butt with a resounding thud. A soft groan followed shortly after as he winced and rubbed at the new sore spot on his posterior. 

“Shut up, or I’ll fuckick make sure you regret it,” Saeran muttered, glaring at Saeyoung. “You’ll end up more than just butthurt.”

Butt, all I wanted to do was help…” Saeyoung whimpered pitifully, before releasing an exaggerated sigh. “Ass I always say, this world is unfair.” 

True to his word, Saeran kicked him once more, harder this time, his food connecting with his brother’s calf. And as the drama king that he was, Saeyoung instantly recoiled, hugging his legs to his chest and making fake crying sounds.

“I think you’ve been drinking too much with Jumin. Quit wining. I didn’t even hit you that hard.” 

Grape, critical hit!” Saeyoung gasped, clutching onto his chest now and breathing erratically. “HP going down! Mayday mayday!” His body began to spasm and jerk, resembling a fish flopping about on dry land. 

Saeran watched him continue this for a few moments before thinking that he should put a stop to it before Saeyoung actually broke his spine or something.

Just as he bent down to help his brother up, the sound of footsteps and a new voice filled the living room. 

“…What are you two doing?” she asked, folding her arms across her chest and chuckling at the ridiculous sight of her husband lying on the floor in foetal position and his brother standing over him. Judging from the chuckles spilling from her and the amusement on her face, she must have overheard their exchange. 

“Shoot, it’s MC,” Saeran blurted, face starting to turn a light shade of red. 

Son of a gun! It’s MC, she’s come to save me! Take that, Saeran!” 

“Don’t jump the gun, Saeyoung. Who said I was here to save you?” she grinned, stepping over and linking arms with Saeran, whose confusion was slowly dissolving into triumph. A smug grin started to form on his face when he locked gazes with MC and she winked at him playfully. 

“Time for the Defender of Justice to meet his end,” Saeran chuckled darkly. “This pun war is over.” 

Saeyoung gave a weak gasp at that, and pretended to wipe a stray tear from the corner of his eye. “I guess I can’t pun away from this… Goodbye…”

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yo hey this is Mega Dumb but can i get some hcs for anduin and a s/o who's a massive jokester? not exactly pranks but seems to find humor in a lot of things and cracks a lot of dumbass jokes, even at really bad times. i need my sad muffin king to lau gh

Your request is not dumb at all. In fact, I thank you for giving me an excuse to look up terrible WoW puns

SFW Anduin x Jokester!Reader

- Though Anduin would never fully admit it, he loves the terrible and poorly timed jokes. You will get scolded for them, but it’s easy to tell that he’s forcing himself not to chuckle.

- Angry faction leader being mean to Anduin? No problem. You’ll find something to joke about the race just to get a smile out of Anduin. Even if it’s in front of the said angry faction leader. Greymane has had so many puns launched his way that he’s given up on even trying to end them.

- “Why are werewolves thought of as quick-witted?”  “Y/N…”  “Because they always give snappy answers!”  “Y/N, NO.”

- It isn’t hard to make him laugh at all. You just have to make the joke as dumb as possible. Extra points if it’s so dumb that it takes him a minute to figure out what the joke it.

- “Okay, so, a dwarf walks out of a bar.”  “I don’t- Oh.”

- He loves every minute of it because he knows that you do. The light in your eyes as you wait for your chance to say the punchline is honestly so adorable to him. You always look so excited to tell him a new pun that you figured out.

- “What do you call a psychic gnome that broke out of prison?”  “…What?”  “A small medium at large.”

- Some things you say makes him feel awful about laughing at but are too funny not to.

- Let’s just say that it’s a good thing people are used to the jokes. Otherwise, there would be a lot of very offended people that Anduin would have to save you from.

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» Danny Phantom in - HIGH TIDE «

I had been wanting to make a fake title card with my OC Irirangi and Danny for ages and well, I finally got around to drawing one up! It was super fun~ I might even try and draw fake screenshots of this “Episode” sometime hahaha

So I met this Postman Link at Anime Boston 2015.  He handed me some mail after I asked to get a picture of him and his friend.

So let’s see what is inside…

Wow, a terrible pun.  But wait, what’s that still inside?

Props to this guy for the amazing costume and the props.  I can’t imagine the effort to make a ton of these cute little envelopes.  I hope to see what he comes up with for future events.