wow this pun is terrible

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Different anon but: do you think Sarah Lance would teach Alex any... Other techniques? ;)

OH. I’m in my school’s library and took a peak at my asks while having my students’ writing open in another tab and saw this and I’m just like

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I mean for fucking sure like???

» Danny Phantom in - HIGH TIDE «

I had been wanting to make a fake title card with my OC Irirangi and Danny for ages and well, I finally got around to drawing one up! It was super fun~ I might even try and draw fake screenshots of this “Episode” sometime hahaha

So I met this Postman Link at Anime Boston 2015.  He handed me some mail after I asked to get a picture of him and his friend.

So let’s see what is inside…

Wow, a terrible pun.  But wait, what’s that still inside?

Props to this guy for the amazing costume and the props.  I can’t imagine the effort to make a ton of these cute little envelopes.  I hope to see what he comes up with for future events.