wow this pigeon is so fancy

Since you asked


yea i was actually wondering about some of these breeds as im interested in getting a pigeon in the future and looking at some of these breeds…and wow why would people even find some of these to be even remotely acceptable let alone desirable

I have no problem with embellishments of color, fancy feathers, and little tweaks to posture, so long as the bird is still bird shaped and able to function comfortably.

But yeah! There are SO many breeds of pigeon so drastically misshapen that they can’t function as birds! Going down a list of pigeon breeds and looking at photos of each one, you would be amazed and disgusted by how low the ratio of bird shaped to detrimentally outlandish is.

You would probably be straight up sickened to know that there are over ten beakless breeds.

The African Owl, the Turbit, The Modern/Oriental frill (The COF is to those last two what the Retro Mop is to pugs, one more reason I SO enthusiastically support the breed.)

The American Fantail’s head is supported by its fan of tailfeathers. It’s neck curves back so drastically that its head LITERALLY sits on its ass.

The Short Faced Budapest has eyes bigger than its skull.

The Barb’s cere (the flesh around the eyes) is SO large and swollen that cocks usually don’t make it past three years because is grows completely over the eyes, mechanically blinding them and culturing bacteria in the moist crevices.

There are SO many… 

And if you talk to their breeders, what they are interested in is the challenge of breeding a bird into these shapes.

They are the equivalent to genetic modern art, and that is ALL they are.

Their breeders see themselves as sculptors, and see the consequences to the birds (ranging anywhere from being incapable of sitting eggs or feeding young to blindness to being basically unable to MOVE) as an exciting challenge. “Only the most advanced breeders can successfully rear these~”

Also, I am happy to report that after SO MANY YEARS one brilliant Templar probably thought:

If Assassins can do all that fancy parkour stuff, what if we put some spikes on the windowsills and walls? It works on pigeons, it may work on them!