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Junghope in Memories of 2015 // for @hopekookofficial



Tom/Harry AU: Harry didn’t expect to face Tom Marvolo Riddle again, not after what had occurred in the Chamber of Secrets. Four years later, however, he was proved wrong. This version of Tom wasn’t part of Voldemort’s split soul any longer—instead he appeared to be tied to Harry, who was far from pleased by this development.

Me: Wow I really think I could actually sleep well tonight I’m gonna go to bed now.

My brain: He will never be satisCOULD I BE ENOUGH to be satisfied SatisfIED SATIS- history has it’s EYYYYYYYYES OOON YOOUdo you write like you’re running out of NON STOP look arOUnd look arOUnd SATISFIEEYES OONN YOOUU why do you write like HISTORY HAS ITS EEEEEYYYYEEES ON YOOOY i am NOT throwin away my JUST YOU WAIT i am NOT THROWIN AWAY MY JUST YOU WAIT I AM ALEXANDER HAMILTON HAMILTON JUST YOU WWAAAAAaaaaaAAAIIIIIIITTTttT



Bts reaction to you their girlfriend getting a piercing


To that say that Jin would be shocked is an understatement I mean you left the house with no hole in your eyebrow and then you come home with a mental hoop through it jin:Y/N-ah what happened to your eyebrow not that it looks bad or anything but wow I actually really like that on you.You look even more beautiful if that is possible.

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rap monster:

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He would be one hundred percent supportive  in fact I think that he would go to the piercing shop with you and pay for you to get your tongue pierced Y/N:Oppa should I get a tongue piercing? Rapmonster: Yes if you really want to I will pay for it in fact come on let’s go to the mall right now to get it done princess.


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suga I feel would be unsure of your lip piercing at first but he would learn to love it because when you guys make out it gives him something to play with suga: Y/N what is that thing on your lip? Y/N: It is a lip piercing Oppa please don’t be mad I have always wanted one. Suga: I don’t know what to think what if it gets in the way when I try to kiss you? 

J-hope: Just ignore jungkook lol 

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I wouldn’t be able to tell you is J-hope would be more proud of you for actually following your dream of getting your belly button pierced or be able to take the pain of the needle going through your skin J-hope: Wow jagiya I am so proud of you,It looks really cool see I could never take a needle going through my painful was it. Y/n: aww thanks oppa and it didn’t really hurt that bad but I will most likely feel it later.


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V would be surprised because you and him talk about you getting your septum pierced but he never thought that you would actually do it but he would highkey fanboy over it  V:Omg Jagi you actually did it omg it is so cute. Y/N: you like it right oppa. V:like it I freakin love it Y/n it is so cute OMG.


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Jungkook wouldn’t be with you when you decided to get your nose pierced, he would be on tour with the boys however you post a selca on Instagram and he will see it and brag to the boys about how badass his girlfriend is Jungkook:Omg guys I have the most badass girlfriend ever look at my Jagiya’s new piercing isn’t it cool guys.


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Jimin would be touched that you decided to get your cartilage on your right ear pierced just to match him but be careful he may be a little cocky about it. JImin:Y/N did you get that just to match me that is so cute but if you want to be just like me you could have just asked then I would have told you. Y/N: Jimin oppa  yes I did get it to match yours but I also got it because I wanted to and at least I have jams you would say while laughing that would shut him up lol

A/N okay peoples this is just something that i came up with right now while i was bored I don’t own any of the gifs credits go to the rightful owners if you have any questions about what any of these piercing are not that you will but if you do just google it lol I hope you enjoyed them and if you like these reaction things just let me know and the same rules if you post anywhere please ask and give credit~Zero 

I’ve seen so much darren hate in the tags lately cause of his cameo on the flash and supergirl?? and it’s just so wild? that there are actually people out there hating him? 

It’s at that point again where the canadian branch of Bioware makes Bioware Austin look super competent and user friendly in my eyes - this happened last at the end of 2014 when DAI came out and Shadow of Revan was released as a 15$ MMO Expansion and was actually better then their triple A title…


Shimono and Terashii after finding the key to the lock while in the middle of answering a question..

EXO Reaction to seeing your (gf) natural curly hair for the first time

I really love curly hair! It is so fluffy n.n

I hope it is what you looked for and it is close to your imagination >< Let me know if you liked it and what I can do better, next time! <3

A. Myun n.n

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *You. Me.. Bed. Now!*

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Chen: “Omg, you look fabulous!” *amazed by your beauty*

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Suho: “Your hair is..amazing! Do you think I can get such hair too?” *is already at the hairdresser*

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Tao: “You look sooo cute! Let me kiss you!” *can not control himself*

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Lay: “I am coming for you, Jagi!” *ready for the night*

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Luhan: “Do you think it will suit me?” *needs it really bad*

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Sehun: “Y/” *can not stop staring*

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Baekhyun: “Oh Jagiya..damn” *tries to contain himself*

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Kai: “You look so cute, can I touch it?” *exited Kai*

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Kyungsoo: *realises how much he loves you* “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life, Y/N”

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Kris: “My Galaxy girl..” *imagine you are Xiumin*

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Xiumin: “Oh lord, you send an angel!” *super nervous*

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Remember this post going around about drawing your OCs in dorky 70s attire? Well, since I don’t have any cool OCs, and also because I couldn’t get it out of my head, I drew Geralt instead.

Serious. Artist. 


This is the fifty-sixth sneeze today, and Yaku is really fucking annoyed. Of course he had to catch the flu. Of course he’d wake up with a burning, raw throat and a swollen nose a few days before Christmas. He could be practicing right now, helping his kouhai and improving his own skills. But instead, he’s stuck in a nest of three blankets, with fuzzy socks on his feet and a soft scarf around his neck.

It gets a bit better, though, once afternoon comes around - and them, his mother peeks into his room. “Honey? One of your teammates is here, he wants to see you!”

Yaku’s heart skips a beat. Oh no. What uf it’s - “Who…” his voice cracks miserably. “Don’t - ”

“Yaku-san, it’s me! Wow, you look really bad!”

A giant, bean-stalky figure tiptoes through his door and slumps onto his bed. Lev smiles at Yaku’s mother as she’s leaving, and then he immediately cups Yaku’s crimson face with his large hands.

“I’m so sorry that you’re sick! I know you need a lot of rest, and Kenma-san said that I’d just exhaust you if I came over, but I just had to!”

Yaku stares. He’s curled into a small circle but Lev still manages to give him a warm hug, and Yaku’s heart beats like thunder, a thousand butterflies in his stomach. Stupid, stupid crush, why does he like Lev so much, why is he speechless right now when Lev is so close - his lips -

“I brought you soup!” Lev abruptly pulls back and rummages through his backpack, gently placing a plastic pot on Yaku’s nightstand. “It’s really good, I helped my mum with making it. I…” He goes quiet, and pulls Yaku into another hug. “I hope you get well soon, Yaku-san. I miss you.”

Yaku can’t speak. He watches helplessly as Lev nervously tucks the blankets back around him, and his fingers come to rest on Yaku’s shoulders. And then, Lev leans in and kisses his forehead. It’s soft and quick, a warm touch of Lev’s mouth on his skin.

“Please go out with me when you’re not sick anymore! G-get some rest!” Lev’s face has turned a wonderful shade of red, and he rushes out of the room without looking back.

Yaku sits on his bed, touching his forehead, and fails not to smile. Maybe it’s good that he couldn’t speak. He has to get well even sooner now.

let me tell you a story

it’s almost midnight and as im looking through my camera roll I stumble on a few selfies here and there and the first thing I think is, ‘wow my dark circles look really bad here… my bathing suit tan is really noticeable isnt it? why isnt my hair straight like my friends? I hate my hair.

and all of a sudden I’m almost wallowing in my own self hate. almost. in the midst of trying to pull myself apart piece by piece, in the midst of trying to edit away all the ‘uglies’ I come to a sudden realization.

no, my dark circles aren’t ugly. my dark circles tell the story of how I stayed up until 3:42am to finish that stupid essay, which, might I add, I got a fucking 95% on. I like my bathing suit tan because it shows that the sun has kissed my skin more times than any boy ever will and I have marks to prove it. I will learn to love my hair because it reminds me of the way the waves dip and curl at quarter to two when the tide is just right and I’m finally, finally, able to carve the inside of the swell with the underside of my board.

as a writer, I find that the more times I try to rewrite something, try to make it prettier, the more I begin to despise my work.

so, moral of the story:

if you ever glance in the mirror and frown because you hate the way your expression reads, take a good look at yourself and before you start trying to rewrite all the parts you hate, try reading the original; I promise it’s a lot better than you think it is.