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His Life (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Request: Hello love, how are you doing? May I request something with Pietro where the reader is returning from a mission that lasted a couple of months and he is eagerly anticipating for the reader to return. And the day the reader is returning he sets up a romantic date for them and it’s all cute and fluff and just adorable and a lot of hugs and cuddles please!

Requested By: Anonymous

Word Count: 2, 331

Warnings: Slight Swearing, Fluff

A/N: Wow. This is my longest imagine yet, I think. All of my Pietro ones are super long, has anyone else noticed that? I guess I just get swept up in the idea of Pietro. Why can’t I have a Pietro in my life? That would be amazing. Anyways, this one won the vote, so here it is! FYI, ‘printesa’ means ‘princess,’ ‘draga’ means ‘darling,’ and (Y/F/S) means ‘your favorite show. If you would like to be added to my Tag List for all future updates, just let me know! Well, I hope you enjoy!

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Pietro was nervous. Excited. Overjoyed. Practically bouncing off the walls with energy, more so than other days. He could feel his heart soaring. He felt like he had just won the lottery. Why, you may ask?

You were coming home.

You, his Printesa. His Draga. His Love. His Heart. His Life. And you were coming home.

Finally, you were coming home. Pietro had been waiting (somewhat patiently) for this day. The day where he can see you step off that quinjet. The day where he would run up to you, pick you up, and twirl you around as if you were lighter than a feather; because to Pietro, you were. The day where he could finally kiss you, after not being able to for the past four months. Those four, painstakingly agonizing months where he couldn’t feel your skin against his, couldn’t taste your lips, couldn’t smell your sweet scent. But today, today was the day where he could do all of it and more.

And he was beyond ready to have you in his arms once again, safe.

Unfortunately for Pietro, you wouldn’t be arriving until around dinner time. But since his nerves and excitement decided that he wasn’t going to get a good night’s sleep before you got home, they woke him up at six in the morning. A whole twelve hours before he could see you, his ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Staring at the ceiling of his bedroom, Pietro’s mind was racing. This had to be the best welcome home anyone has ever received, that way you wouldn’t want to leave again. Shutting his eyes, Pietro tried to will his mind to shut off and let him get more sleep. Every time he was close to that blissful rest, he received a flash of your scent, or an image of your lips that he would soon be kissing in eleven hours and fifty-seven minutes; and he would start the vicious cycle all over again.

Sitting up, Pietro checked his phone to see if you had sent him any messages. Not a single one. She probably wants to make me wait, Pietro thought with a small smile. That little minx. Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, Pietro made his way to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Grabbing the clothes that he set out the night before, (All your favorites, of course. Especially the tight gray and blue shirt that you loved. He had made sure that they were all washed the day before, courtesy of his wonderful sister, Wanda) Pietro quickly showered and changed. Slipping on his tennis shoes, Pietro sped off to the kitchen where the rest of his teammates sat.

“Whoa,” Tony shouted after nearly being ran over by Pietro. “What’s got you excited, Speedy Gonzales?”

Smiling brightly as he grabbed the cereal box, he placed a kiss on his sister’s forehead. “(Y/N)’s coming home today!”

“Really?” Natasha said, looking up from over her phone. “Hadn’t noticed.”

“Yeah, not like you’ve been telling us every single day for the past month,” Clint grumbled, taking a bite of his cereal. “‘Only twenty-six days until (Y/N) is back!’” Clint said in a horrible Sokovian accent, obviously trying to imitate Pietro.

Eyes turning into slits, Pietro glared at him. “I do not sound like Dracula, old man.” Scooping up a spoonful of cereal, he shoved it into his mouth. “Besides, what’s wrong with me wanting to see my Printesa?”

“Nothing at all,” Vision replied, phasing through the kitchen wall, scaring Scott. “It is perfectly normal for a human to miss their partner and want to be with them.” On the word ‘partner’ Vision had moved next to Wanda, causing her to blush slightly.

Eyes turning into slits once more, Pietro sent daggers towards Vision. “Get away from my baby sister, Android.”

Scoffing, Wanda pushed away from the table. “I’m not your baby sister! We are only twelve minutes apart. And besides, I don’t complain about your relationship with my best friend.”

“(Y/N) isn’t red like a tomato and came from a computer program and a rock!”

“That’s besides the point, and I’m done arguing,” Wanda said, putting her foot down. “Now, do you need help planning her welcome home party?”

“Yes, please,” Pietro said, kissing his sister’s hand.

“Great!” Vision shouted, clasping his hands together. “I’ll help.”

This is going to be a long day, Pietro thought to himself, groaning at the thought of spending the day with Vision.

Placing the last touch on your welcome home party, Pietro stepped back and looked proudly at his work. Wanda and Vision had helped him put together his masterpiece, to which he was beyond thankful.

“She’ll love it,” Wanda breathed out, looking at all the hard work they put in.

“Oh yes,” Vision added, surveying the room. “Knowing (Y/N), there is at least an 85% chance that she will enjoy what you have set up.”

Eyes rolling at Vision’s statistics, Pietro opens the door. “Lets go wait for her. Only one hour left until she is home.” Nodding at his words, they all exited to await your arrival. Some more than others.

“Calm down, will you? You’re driving me insane,” Wanda scolded, pinching the bridge of her nose in annoyance. The quinjet was landing in five minutes, and Pietro was so nervous that he kept tapping his foot. Because of his enhancement, his foot tapping was accelerated so much that his foot was a blur.

“Sorry,” Pietro mumbled, brushing his hand through his silver hair. Eyes trained on the sky, Pietro anxiously looked for the familiar shape of the quinjet. The wind on the roof constantly kept blowing his hair in his face, along with his sister’s long brown hair. Swatting away his hair, Pietro almost screamed when he saw the familiar black shape along the horizon.

“SHE’S HERE!” Pietro yelled, running towards the edge of the roof. As the black mass moved over his head, Pietro ran back to his sister’s side to wait for you to finally step off the platform, reuniting the two of you.

Landing gear deploying, Pietro’s accelerated foot tapping started up once again as the doors opened.

Stepping out of the jet, your eyes adjusted to the light. Looking down, you saw your best friend, Wanda, waiting for you with a smile. Immediately next to her was Pietro, his face lighting up when he saw you.

“(Y/N)!” He shouted, speeding up to you. Smiling brightly, you laughed as he scooped you up into his strong arms and began spinning you around.

Setting you down, you were met with Pietro’s smiling face and bright blue eyes. Tears welling up in your eyes, you placed your hand against his stubbly face. Oh, how you missed that stubble.

“I missed you,” You croaked out, voice laden with tears.

“As did I,” Pietro whispered, pulling you even closer to him. “Four months was way too long.”

Chuckling slightly, you ran your fingers through his thick hair. “Yes. Yes it was.”

Forehead resting against yours, Pietro leaned in slightly, brushing his lips against yours gently, igniting a fire inside of you. Impatient, because dammit, you’ve waited too long, you pulled your boyfriend to you, crashing your lips against his.

Smiling at the contact, Pietro pulled you close to his body by your hips, resting his large hands on your lower back.

“Get a room!” Clint yelled over the dying engine of the quinjet, joining the welcoming group along with the others. Releasing one hand from Pietro’s hair, you flipped off the whistling group, causing laughter to erupt among them. Feeling only one hand on your waist, you opened your eye just a tad bit to find Pietro’s hand right next to yours, flipping them off as well.

Pulling back from lack of oxygen, you turned towards your group of friends, all of which you missed dearly. Hand intertwining with Pietro’s, you walked down the ramp to be swarmed by your friends, each giving you a hug.

“Missed you, kid,” Tony said affectionately, pulling back from the hug.

“Missed you too,” You responded as you felt a tug on your hand. Looking back over your shoulder, you see Pietro motioning towards inside with a smile.

“Sorry, everyone,” You said with a small smile as Pietro pulled you into his side. “I promised I would spend time with him.”

“Aw, can’t you share?” Steve joked. “We missed her too.”

“No. Mine.” Pietro replied as he swung you up into his arms. Knowing what happened next, you placed your arms around his neck.

“Bye,” You said quickly to your friends, knowing that you would catch up with them later. Pietro then speeded into the compound, turning everything into a blur. Stopping abruptly outside of his bedroom, you looked at him suspiciously.

“Why here?” You asked as he set you down. Shrugging, Pietro took your hand once more as he opened the door. Walking in, you laughed as you felt Pietro cover your eyes. “Pietro…”

“Shh,” Pietro whispered, guiding you into the room. “Okay, Draga,” he said, removing his hands. “Surprise!”

Opening your eyes, your breath became caught in your throat at the sight before you. Pietro’s room was covered in candles, casting everything in a warm and comforting glow. On the bedside table were all of your favorite foods, waiting to be eaten. Next to his TV were all of your favorite movies and shows, some of which you only watched with him. What really made your heart stop though was that the room was covered in rose petals, filling it with a sweet scent. Sure, it was cheesy, but it was perfect to you. Because Pietro did it all.

“Pietro…” You breathed out in awe. Arms wrapping around your waist, Pietro hugged you from behind.

“Just wanted to treat you. Welcome home,” Pietro whispered in your ear as he placed a kiss on your neck. Turning in his arms, you smiled up at him as you laced your fingers through his thick locks once again.

“It’s perfect,” You replied as you pecked his lips. Pulling away slightly, he pulled you back to his lips, not quite done kissing you yet. Giggling as he continued to kiss you, your giggles turned into laughter as he kissed all over your face. “Pietro!”

“C'mon,” He said, halting his attack. “Let’s eat.” Dragging you onto his bed, you ate almost all of the food set before you, with the help of Pietro and his fast metabolism. Kicking off your shoes, you laid back onto his bed, completely relaxed.

“What are you doing?” He asked, Sokovian accent prevalent.

“Resting,” You answered, eyes closed.

“Oh no,” He said with a grin, pulling you up by your arms. Laughing, you sat up. “You’re going to spend time with me. I haven’t seen you in four months.”

“Can’t we do that after a nap?” You pleaded, giving your boyfriend the puppy dog eyes.

Shockingly, he resisted. “No. We are going to cuddle while we catch up on (Y/F/S). I haven’t been able to watch it for four months!”

Shaking your head whilst laughing, you look at your boyfriend. “You could’ve watched it without me.”

“It is our show. I couldn’t watch it without you,”

“You’re too sweet,” You blushed, pecking his cheek. “Set it up. I’m going to get into comfy clothes.”

Nodding at your orders, you got up from the bed and grabbed some of Pietro’s sweatpants and one of his shirts. Quickly changing into them, you jumped back onto the bed, with Pietro following suit.

Cuddling up to your boyfriend, you sigh in bliss as the familiar theme song began. Wrapped up in his arms, you smile as you feel him kiss your forehead.

I am never leaving him again, you thought as you breathed in his welcoming scent.

After three episodes, Pietro looked down at you. You had fallen asleep halfway through the second episode, but Pietro didn’t have the heart to wake you up. You looked too cute. Smiling, Pietro turned off the TV. Brushing away a strand of hair that fell into your face, Pietro pulled you closer to him.

“You are never leaving me again, Printesa,” Pietro whispered knowing that you couldn’t hear him. “That was way too hard. Every morning, I found myself walking towards your room to wake you up, since I was your personal alarm clock. But you weren’t there. Every morning I had to go through the realization that you weren’t here, with me. And every morning my heart broke. Because all I wanted to do was wish you good morning, to kiss you. In those four months I not only lost my girlfriend temporarily, I lost my best friend. I missed just talking to you, seeing you smile. I don’t think you realize just how much of a hold you have on me, Printesa,” Pietro smiled. “You are my life, my whole life. You are my love, my heart, my world. Do you realize that, Draga? Because you are. Without you, I am nothing. I love you so much. More than you ever know.”

Kissing your forehead once more, you stirred in your sleep. Freezing, Pietro waited to see if you had heard any part of his confession.

“…Pietro?” You mumbled, blearily blinking away sleep.

“I’m here, Draga,” Pietro whispered, brushing away your hair.

“Good. I missed you,” You sleepily muttered, already drifting back to sleep.

“I missed you too, Printesa. Now, sleep. I’ll be right here,”

“Good,” You replied, burying your face into the crook of his neck. “I love you.”

“I love you too, my Life,” Pietro whispered, kissing your forehead one last time. Already feeling your breathing slowing down, Pietro smiled to himself as he too drifted off to sleep.

Those four months were hard, but you made it. The lives the two of you led were difficult, extremely difficult. But you could get through it, as long as you had the other. Because true love endured all.
BBC to adapt Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy as its first period drama with a non-white cast
The BBC is to screen its first period drama featuring an entirely non-white cast after securing the rights to A Suitable Boy, Vikram Seth’s sprawling novel set in post-colonial India.
  • but how can they possibly fit it in just 8 parts????
  • apparently Ofcom told the BBC they needed to chill out with the whole all white people all the time deal AND I’M SO HAPPY THEY DID
  • but also how long do I have to wait for meta on this Indian novel written in English and taking place in a newly independent India being adapted into a British series?
  • because I need that meta a lot
  • my head is full of nine million gorgeous incidental moments from this book and I assume none of them will make it in because it is immense
  • but all of them are necessary and I don’t know how to feel about this
  • like of course it’s an adaptation it’s gotta adapt I understand this but I also dON’T QUITE KNOW HOW TO FEEL
  • I wonder if they’ll keep the canon bisexuality, I really hope they do???
  • but seriously how are they fitting this in eight parts, they do know this is one of the longest novels ever published…?
  • nvm though it looks like they did War & Peace in just six so yolo
  • seriously though wow just W O W
  • I mean I basically can’t even imagine this? but damn it’s going to be incredible
ohcaptaiin’s one year anniversary giveaway

      Wow, it’s been an entire year now… I’m proud to say that it’s my one year anniversary of this blog’s existence, and I would just like to say it’s been one hell of a run now. When I first started this blog I wasn’t sure how long it would last. But I’m glad I persevered long enough to see my one year anniversary. And also, that means that Ana is the muse I’ve had for the longest now. And seeing all the friends I’ve made along the way— I would like to say from the bottom of my heart— Thank you. All of you.

Now that that’s out of the way… Let’s start the giveaway rules, shall we?

1) Rebloging or liking will count as one entry, if you do both it won’t give you a higher chance
2) We must be mutuals for this giveaway.
3) If I contact you about winning and you don’t respond for a week I’ll draw again.
4) Entrance time ends on October First

and now the prizes

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want some samples of my stuff?

It's Always Been You

For the first time, I’m not writing with a prompt I found on the imagineyourotp blog. I watched Night of the Living Pharmacist and was squealing the whole time, and I really wanted to write about some of the after affects, since they didn’t forget everything like they usually do whenever Phinbella appears in the show. So yeah…here’s my take on what could have happened.

This isn’t related to The Little Moments Collection. Phineas and Isabella are about 14 in this story, and Ferb is 15-16.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Phineas and Ferb, and frankly I’m not too regretful or bitter about it. Can you even imaging producing such a huge franchise? I would have no life.

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Anon: “snowbaz prompt: Simon finding Baz’s bucket list with his name on top - Penny figuring it out and confronting Baz - Simon accidentally eavesdrop - Simon wondering why he’s so happy about it - and finally decides to just tackle Baz with a kiss and then - CUTENESS (please, you’re wonderful)”

I really love this prompt and I had a lot of fun writing it. I hope you love it :) (sorry it took me some time to get to it though)

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A/N: Wow guys…I wasn’t expecting that kind of response to ‘Wearing Red,’ honestly thank you so much it means the absolute world to me. Hope you enjoy this one :) Some sad fluff, but still fluff! 

…I think this is the longest oneshot I’ve ever written.

Rating: K+ - mild language

Pairing(s): NaLu.

Prompt/Summary: “I accidentally set your plant on fire and I felt super guilty so I went to the store to buy you another plant but they ran out of the plant that you had and I didn’t know what other kind of plant you liked so I may or may not have bought you enough plants to fill a small greenhouse?” NaLu. AU. OneShot. Complete.

Word Count: 3,623

Natsu had always loved fire.

Watching candles had always helped him to sleep, campfires always smelled really good––especially because of the food you could cook––and were fun to make, and learning to juggle and eat fire was something he was absolutely crazy about.

But in this moment, he’d never hated fire more in his life.

It always behaved when you knew how to tame flames, and was predictable under his conditions. But today?

Today fire decided to be a dick.

Natsu had no idea what did it, or what had happened, but one moment he was juggling five burning batons, and the next…

One was in his neighbour’s yard completely destroying her favourite flower.

How did he know it was her favourite?

Because of all the plants she had in the small garden of her backyard, this was the one he’d seen her spending the most time caring for.

The only one she’d nurtured from a seed.

When she first moved in, Natsu could barely even talk to her. She was so gorgeous he found himself too shy to say anything, so he either hid in his house or behind his fire.

But he’d notice things about her.

He noticed how some days she’d come home from work, too upset to change out of her waitress uniform and sit in the back with a book and a glass of wine and just read for hours. 

He noticed on how other days when she was more relaxed, she’d change into baggier clothes and work on the garden––pulling weeds, planting small potted flowers.

He noticed how she pulled at the ends of her hair when she was thinking, and gnaw on her lower lip when she was reading.

…man that made him sound like a creep.

All of these things made him want to talk to her so badly, but to this day in the three months since they’d been living side by side, he hadn’t had the courage.

The only thing they’d really communicated through, were smiles.

The few times she caught him looking, she’d light up with a brightness unmatched by any star, and all he ever wanted was to make that happen again.

And this was the exact way not to do that.

Within seconds of losing the baton, Natsu had hopped into her backyard and snatched the thing away, but a few seconds was all it took.

The plant was burned beyond saving.


He turned and kicked the fence, hard. Hands balled into fists, the pinkette took a few deep breaths before sprinting to his car.

He only had an hour.

“Alright Lucy, you’re cut.”

The blonde did her best to keep a straight face, but she couldn’t help the small smile that crossed her lips. 

She was done for today.

“Thanks Mira,” she breathed, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Get home safe!”

Pulling the elastic from her hair, she ran her fingers through the long tresses to loosen them from her scalp. She’d just gotten to the best part of her book and really needed a glass of wine tonight.

There was just this one family who knew how to make her life hell. The kids screamed and disrupted the surrounding tables by running around the restaurant, and when she had to say something about it, the parents would yell at her and either ask for a different server, or leave no tip.

How in the world did people like that exist?

Lucy pulled open the door to her car and nearly collapsed into the drivers seat. Pulling her keys from her jacket, she jammed them into the ignition and turned the engine over. The sound itself calmed her down a bit as she pulled out and set her way home.

Fairy Tail wasn’t a bad place to work. She loved her manager Mira, and had really bonded over reading with her coworker Levy. The two of them had gotten close extremely fast and were excited to find out they were reading the same book and were nearly at the same part.

That was another reason she wanted to get home quickly. Aside from reading being her favourite way to relax, Lucy wanted to finish it by tomorrow so she and Levy could talk more.

The blonde had to avoid nearly ripping the door off its hinges once she pulled into her driveway. Eager to grab another bottle of wine, she shuffled in the direction of her front door.

A flash of white caught her eye.

Eyes narrowed, the blonde made her way back to her car and pulled the wooden baseball bat from its home under the back seat. Gripping it firmly, she snuck her way around back, ready to strike.

The sound of leaves crunching filled her ears, confirming her suspicions.

Someone was in her backyard.

Securing her hold on her weapon, the blonde jumped into view, rearing to pummel the thief––

She froze, the bat slipping from her fingers.

She was surrounded by flowers.


Ivy and blue geraniums hung from the hooks beneath her roof’s overhang. The troughs lining the fence that she’d already filled with petunias were now surrounded by pink and red dianthus. The rest of her backyard was littered with chrysanthemums, regular mums, hydrangeas, calla lilies, begonias, ixora, blue bells and so many others she didn’t even recognize. The flowers hung over her fence, nestled in the corners of her house and decorated the side of her back steps. There was even an orchid on her porch table.

“What in the world…”

Lucy’s jaw went slack as she walked into her backyard, filled with more flowers than she could ever possibly hope to have. The last time she’d been around this many flowers was when––

Her eyes began to water.


Her eyes landed on the body she’d seen dashing into her backyard.

It was her neighbour.

Before she could even get a word out, he started to talk.

“Okay, so I know you probably want to hit me right now since I’m in your yard and you don’t know me and this seems really really creepy and stuff but I swear I’m not a creeper––” he began to pace, pink hair falling in his eyes.

“––but I know how much you loved that plant and I honestly didn’t mean for that to happen and I tried to find you a new one even though I know it wouldn’t be the same since you didn’t grow it yourself and––”

“Hey,” she said softly.

He didn’t notice.

“––probably got the seed from someone important but I tried to go and find another one but I couldn’t so I just––”


The pinkette started, looking over at her shyly.

“What is it?” she asked, cocking her head to one side.

The man deflated, “I accidentally burned your plant, so I tried to buy you a new one, but none of the stores had it so I kinda just…”

“Bought me enough flowers to fill a small greenhouse?” she asked, a small smile playing at the corners of her lips.

He scratched the back of his neck sheepishly, “Yeah…”

His eyes seemed to dull as they focused on a certain area by her porch. Following his eye gaze, Lucy saw what it is he was talking about.

Her white magnolia had been charred severely.

The blonde’s heart sank.

Walking over slowly, she fell to her knees, tracing her fingers along the burned edges of the petals––white turned black. The silky feel to the leaves were now gone and there was no real way for her to save the plant now.

Tears filled her eyes.

“Ah, shit.”

She faintly registered her neighbour’s voice, but her mind was too focused on the plant in front of her.

“It was the last one from my mother,” she said aloud, “she and I used to have a greenhouse and garden all the time.”

Digging her fingers into the soil, the blonde pulled the flower out by the roots, “She and I always meant to grow this one, but didn’t get around to it before she got sick.”

She turned to face him.

“What’s your name?” she asked.


“Natsu,” she said softly, walking up to him and holding out the flower. “Can you get rid of it for me? I just…I can’t bring myself to.” The tears that had been brimming felt warm against her cheeks as they fell.

The pinkette tentatively took the bundle of roots and leaves from her.

He watched as she looked around her overwhelmingly full flowered backyard.

“It’s beautiful,” was all she said before walking back into the house.

He hadn’t seen her since.

Nor had he wanted to.

Well…that was a lie. More than anything he wanted to go and talk to her, to go into his backyard and see her. It was killing him more than usual to keep to himself, especially after what she’d told him.

But there was no way she’d want to see him.

He’d managed to find out that it was an extremely rare magnolia flower that bloomed as a plant instead of a tree––nearly unheard of in the botanical community––and extremely difficult to maintain and nurture once harmed or neglected, which explained why the blonde had been so quick to toss it.

But where as Natsu’s fire was strong, Natsu himself was stronger.

Taking a deep breath, he walked up to her front door to see her for the first time in about a month. Her car was in the driveway, so he knew she was home. Whether she’d decide to answer the door or not once she saw it was him, he didn’t know.

He rang the doorbell.

Footsteps echoed through the house and paused behind the large slab of wood in front of him. Bouncing on his heels, Natsu did his best to keep his stomach where it belonged.

The latched clicked and the door swung open.

“What is it, Natsu?” she asked, breathless. She didn’t look like she’d been running, but it was obvious to him that she was exhausted in every definition of the word.

Wordlessly, he handed the box in his hands to her.

Brow furrowed, the blonde pulled the top off to reveal another potted magnolia plant.

She sighed, slightly annoyed, “Natsu, I don’t want another one. I love the ones in the backyard, don’t get me wrong, but you have to sto––”

“It’s not another one.”

She blinked.

He reached into the box and pulled out the plant. Holding it with one hand, he picked out a small leaf, running his thumb along the jagged edges.

“It’s the same one,” he whispered.

She just stared.

“I couldn’t throw it out…” he said softly, “not without trying everything I could to save it, and especially after you didn’t even get mad at me for it.”

He felt her fingertips slide along his palms as they cupped the pot and tentatively brought it into her body.

Her eyes glossed over as she headed back into her house.

Sighing deeply, Natsu turned to head back in the direction of his house but was stopped by two arms wrapping securely around his waist. He could feel his shirt dampen between his shoulder blades as he felt her convulsions and heard her sobs.

“Thank you,” she whispered, tightening her grip. “Thank you so much, Natsu.”

He brought his hands up from where they were at his sides to weave his fingers through hers and squeeze.

“Anytime,” he whispered, rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb as she cried.

And boy did he mean that.

Her name was Lucy.

Since that day, they began to talk a bit more when they were both in their backyards, or when they’d get home from work at the same time. Sometimes about the weather, other times about a trick he was learning or about a book she was reading.

She even started reading to him sometimes when he was practicing, or he’d show her a few tricks as she gardened.

Her magnolia was back in its spot, surrounded by the flowers he’d gotten for her.

She hadn’t returned a single one, though she’d tried.

“You have to let me take these back,” she’d told him, looking at all the plants, “there’s no way this didn’t cost you a small fortune.”

But Natsu would refuse blatantly, even going so far as to burn the receipt in front of her so there was no hope of him ever getting his money back.

“They make you happy, right?” he’d asked, dark eyes boring into hers. When he looked at her like that there was no way for her to lie.

“Yes,” she’d blushed.

“That’s all that matters then, Luigi,” he teased, a smirk playing across his features.

“It’s Lucy!”

He knew it was Lucy, but he loved to tease her anyway. That smile lit up his whole world, and he’d’ve bought her another bunch of flowers if he could see it one more time because of that.

There was one morning where he came outside to see her in the backyard with the magnolia once again uprooted in her hands.

Natsu was frantic.

“What happened?! Did I do something wrong?! Is it dead?!”

Her musical laugh silenced his ramblings as he watched her nestle it into a small pot.

“No,” she smiled, “I’m just moving it somewhere else today.”

Natsu let out a gush of air as his anxiety dissipated.

“You can come with me if you want?” she offered, dark eyes looking to him.

He found himself nodding.

It wasn’t until he pulled up to their destination that the pieces fell together. Why the flower meant so much to her because of her mother.

Her mother who was sick…

Natsu’s stomach sank as she pulled into the cemetery parking lot.

He didn’t like where he thought this was headed.

With a pot in hand and a shovel in the other, Lucy lead him through hundreds of tombstones before coming to a dark grey marble one.

                                               Layla Heartfilia


                                        Beloved wife and mother.

Of course.

“That’s why you didn’t want another one,” he muttered to himself as she kneeled beside the grave.


Lucy looked at him with inquisitive eyes.

Natsu shook his head, “Nothing.”

He watched as she dug into the ground with the shovel and carefully set the magnolia within the hole.

“We said we’d grow it one day,” she started, lifting up the leaves to press down on the loose soil, “but never got around to it.

“So,” she whispered, brushing a few specks of dirt from the petals, “I decided that I’d grow them to plant here.

“But,” she brushed the dirt from her hands and stood up, “I failed each time until I only had one seed left.”

The blonde turned to him then.

“You’re the reason I can plant this here now, Natsu.” Her voice cracked as her eyes began to water once again with a smile ghosting her lips.

He couldn’t take it anymore.

He pulled her into his chest.

He rested his cheek atop her head and rubbed her back as she cried.

“I miss her,” she murmured, as he held her tighter to him.

“I know,” he whispered, pressing his lips to the top of her head. “She’s with you though, watching over you. She loves you.”

He felt her nod into his chest and grip harder at the fabric of the back of his shirt.

He just hugged her.

Her tears began to slow and he heard her breathing return to normal and her muscles relax. She turned her head to the side, now resting her forehead in the crook of his neck.

“Thank you for coming here with me today,” she muttered.

He rubbed her cheek with his thumb, brushing the hair and tears from her face.

“Anytime, Luce.”

He drove her home, taking care to hold her hand and rub the back of it just below her knuckles. Before he knew it, there was a faint snore coming from the passengers seat.

He pulled into her driveway and––without waking her––carried her into his house and up to his bed. He thanked himself for not making his bed so he didn’t have to disturb her more than necessary getting her under the covers.

He undid the laces of her sneakers, pulling them off her feet and setting them beside the bed. Once he was sure she’d be comfortable, he pulled the covers up and over her shoulders beneath her chin.

He then pulled off his shirt, tossed it into the corner of the room, and lounged back into the chair in the corner of his room.

He wasn’t just going to disappear after all.

The first thing Lucy smelled, was warmth.

She didn’t know what that really entailed exactly. There was cinnamon in there somewhere with campfire and a slight tinge of burning food. An odd combination, sure, but for some reason made Lucy feel comfortable.

She cracked her eyes open.

She wasn’t in her room.

Her heart leapt in her chest and her began to race as she tried to figure out where she was, how she got here, and what the last thing she remembered was.

Her eyes landed on the pink-haired hunk in the corner.

Yes. He was a hunk.

A faint snore echoed from where he lounged in a leather chair, and she didn’t fail to notice the shadows that emphasized the muscles beneath his skin.

She ran her tongue along her teeth.

His chest rose and fall, eyes closed and jaw slack. He had a faint smile turning up the corners of his lips as he slept, and Lucy’s heart went from racing to aching.

Aching because he was so kind to her.

He’d done more for her in only a few days––she didn’t count the time they weren’t talking or when they were at work––than so many others had done in the months or even years she’d known them.

He was the highlight of her day, and now here he was watching over her as she slept.

What could she do for him?


She pulled the covers back and tiptoed out into his house, looking around.

She felt something soft brush against her ankles.

The blonde blinked as she looked down to come face to face with a blue cat. Bright eyes followed her as its tail flicked back and forth, seemingly taking in her every movement.

“Hey you,” she smiled, extending her fingers toward him.

The cyan feline sniffed her fingers before pressing its face into her hand for a moment. His eyes closed and Lucy heard him purr slightly before walking away back in the direction of Natsu’s room.

She shook her head slightly while continuing to explore his house, eventually finding the kitchen.

It was a mess.

How did he even take care of himself in this state?

Lucy shook her head again and got to work.

Thirty minutes later, the room was free of all dirty dishes, strewn boxes and snacks, and she’d set the table with an array of breakfast foods on the table. Judging by the light outside, they’d gotten to sleep later than she’d initially intended––Natsu probably got lost on the way home, that cemetery was hard to find and even harder to get home from––so breakfast seemed like her best bet.

She was flipping the last pancake when a loud bang came from the direction of his bedroom.


She barely got time to answer before pounding footsteps powered their way through the hall toward the kitchen.

He was out of breath.

His eyes came into contact with hers, and within seconds his hands were on her face and he was checking every part of her body.

“Are you okay? What happened?”

Lucy giggled.

“Yes I’m okay,” she snickered, reaching up to curl her fingers around his and pull him toward the table, “I just wanted to thank you by making you breakfast.”

The pinkette’s eyed widened in awe.

“Oh my god I think I love you,” he nearly yelled before dashing to the table and starting to shovel food into his mouth.

Lucy knew he was just joking, but the more she watched him––and ignored his less than attractive eating habits––the more it dawned on her.

…I think I love you too.

She shook that thought out of her head as she sat down to join him.

They’d finished within the hour and though Lucy offered to clean up, Natsu refused.

“You made the best food I’ve had in months, Luce,” he grinned, smile lighting up his aura, “the least I can do is clean up.”

She nodded as he saw her to his front door.

She was about to walk out when his hand found hers, stopping her from walking out onto his front porch.

“Hey, Luce?”

She turned back to him with a raised brow.

“Uhm,” he blushed, looking down and scratching the back of his neck with his free hand. “Can I make you dinner some time?”

Lucy’s heart warmed.

“I’d love that.”

He beamed.

“Good. Come over after you finish work!” 

“Wait, wha––”

“I’ll do something special for ya,” his gaze left hers as he seemed to go off into his own little world, muttering about meats and spices.

Lucy found herself hugging him tight.

“Thank you, Natsu,” she smiled, looking up at him.

Natsu’s brow furrowed, “For what?”

The blonde raised onto her tiptoes, placing a chaste kiss at the corner of his mouth.

“For being you,” she said, squeezing his hand before walking out the door.

For being my sun.

~ JekyllAndHyde ~

There it is :DD ! the actual birthday drawing for Lawless bday ~ LLLLICHTAN AND LAAAAWLESS 8D ! or subliminal Jekyll and Hyde xD


Ok, it was really enjoybale coloring this :D but THE CHAINS…! every single one of them… it’s exhausting :’D but everything turned out ok xD I was wondering if the Chains actually glow violet ? >.>)“ I mean, Lichtans boots glow violet, but Lawless rapier glows yellow…… idk, my bad x’D I just use violet more than yellow :’D


And my Speedpaint is stiiiiill loading >w>)’… for 4 hours now… >w>)” and now it’s like…. 30% !  - wow, that Progress x’D!  but this Video is the longest I’ve ever made xD 13 min or sth. - soooo the Speedpaint will be submitted laaater :‘DDD

hope u like it,doe :> !  

inkstainedcoffeecup  asked:

Hello, my darling! I'm going to be mean and nasty and horrible and ask if you could give me a list of fics I can read as a bedtime story? So between 5k-35k-ish words in length, and my main criteria is that they must be complete. Also, no death fics - angst is ok, so long as it gets resolved by the end, and fluff is good. Fics that will give me nice, sweet, Casketty dreams... hopefully ones that I haven't read yet. I've read a lot. Can you help? <3 YOU'RE AMAZING AND I ADORE YOU! (AND THIS BLOG!)

Wow Lou you are so mean how dare you ask me of this 

haha kidding thank you!! you are so wonderful!!

Bedtime stories coming up. I’ll try and do ones that you might not have read, but then also chuck in some other ones that I know you’ve read but I’ll include them cause I think they fit in well, and other people might not have :) 

I’ll go from longest to shortest

Just Another Layer by greymind (35K)

Enough For Now by SongofJoy (35K)

Touch by Trapped in a MatchBox (34K)

Fertile Imagination by Liv Wilder (34K)

Making The Call by DocNerd89 (31K)

California Dreaming by Kavi Leighanna (30K)

A Winter Wonderland by Jessimicah (29K)

If by superlc529 (28K)

Fluff by International08 (26K)

Precious Things by The Little Monster 1024 (25K)

Convinced by seilleanmor (21K)

In The Gym by tiff098765 (19K)

Not Supposed to Feel This Way by E.Limberg (19K)

Fractured by Cartographical (18K)

A Christmas Bet by blue252 (18K)

Change Your Mind by Miss-HL (17K)

To Love by softer (16K)

Expectations by AlyssaLucyAnne (13K)

Tequila and Tacos by demuredemeanor (13K)

kairos by ColieMacKenzie (12K)

In A Place Like This by Phoebe Dynamite (12K)

I Do by Norah Rose (12K)

The Fast Track to Us by TappinCastlefan (9K)

Alternate Always by The Keddster (9K)

Homemade Soup and Extra Blankets by katieupatree (8K)

Never Let Me Go by easiertolie (7K)

Wake Up by surrendersomething (6K)

Ok I’ll leave it there, cause I’ve gotta go out soon, but hopefully there is at least one fic that you haven’t read!