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Beauty and the Beast - Ch. 2

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Beauty and the Beast: Star Trek AU. Leonard x Reader. 2,312 word(s). No warnings

Chapter 1


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You followed James and Spock as they tinkered down the hallway, still trying to process this whole bizarre situation. Jim’s candlesticks being the only light as they glowed brightly in the dark hallway.

“Oh no, my horse” you say suddenly, feeling guilty for forgetting about Quinto out in the storm.

“It’s alright miss, we’ve already gotten him sheltered in our barn in the back. He’ll be perfectly safe and warm” Spock replied as he slipped inside a doorway.

“Come on, just in here” James said as he waved you over through the door. You followed them through the door and shut it softly behind you.

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Title: all our yesterdays
Pairing: Ladynoir, Adrienette, and MariChat was thrown in there because I am trash.
Rating: T
Warning: angstangstangstangstangst
Summary: He’s getting used to this pretending thing.
Author’s Note: Why do I hurt the people I love? I’ve been in an angsty mood lately, and so then this happened. I have no excuses. Only apologies.


He’s six and he’s singing.

His mother- the center of his secluded world- is there and she’s humming through her smile. Her eyes that look so much like his own are narrowed from the grin and he can feel his chest lighten at the sight.

It’s their song and he could sing it in his sleep. The words are gentle and the melody soothing and he thinks this is when he’s happiest.


He’s nine and it’s family night.

Father’s home and has no prior obligations to detract from their time together. And it’s selfish but Adrien keeps looking at the phone as if daring it to interrupt these precious moments.  

He knows Gabriel Agreste can be harsh but he looks at his wife with so much affection and he rests his large hand gently atop Adrien’s mop of blonde hair and Adrien is certain his father loves him, too.

Tomorrow when Father’s once again behind the wall that is his steel desk he’ll still be holding onto these moments, anxiously waiting for the next rainy day when his parents let him win at whatever game he chooses to play.  


He’s fifteen and he wonders if he’s holding her back.

He knows he’s been given this gift for a reason but he also knows he can’t live up to her potential. He always gets stuck and she has to save him and he think it might be best if he wasn’t around to drag her down.

Then he thinks about what would happen if he’s not and he decides to stick around just a little bit longer.

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Monster Movie - Part 3

Word Count: 3520

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, cheesy fluff. 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

You waved Sam back when you saw him walk into the bar. You were in a booth toward the back with Dean and a very shaken Jamie, trying to figure out how to explain everything to her, including the bet which you thought would piss her off but only served to make her laugh.

“Hey. You guys alright?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, I think so.” Dean nodded. “And we think we know what’s going on.” Dean pulled a towel out and laid it down on the table. “Part of it, at least.” Sam opened the towel to find Dracula’s ear.

“Uh, the ear part?” Sam asked in confusion.

“I ripped it off Dracula’s stupid head.” You grumbled. “Touch it.” Sam touched the ear with the tips of his fingers and scrunched his face in disgust. “Feel familiar at all?”

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Wow. 6 months. A half a year. Looking back it seems like the time flew by, but living it everyday felt like it took forever sometimes. 6 months without so much as a drop of alcohol. I stopped cold turkey on that dreadful night in February and haven’t even considered picking up the bottle again. My life has completely turned around in every single way. I was staring down a divorce, my bipolar was out of control, I was an angry mother and a terrible friend. I now have gone back to work, my marriage is better than its ever been, my home is peaceful, and my brain is functioning as it should be. I’d like to thank all of you. The love and support you have shown me has helped me every single day. The countless comments, messages and reblogs are what has encouraged me to stick with it as well. Here’s to the first 6 months, half a year of sobreity. Anything is possible, I’m living proof.