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minhyun and baejin recreating guanlin’s iconic rap


How The Brothers Ask Someone To Prom

An Osomatsu-san thing!

Osomatsu: a pun

Karamatsu: something dramatic, of course

Choromatsu: a poem since he’s too nervous to ask in person

Ichimatsu: a stuffed bear or cat, somethin cute (also because he’s too nervous to face-to-face)

Jyushimatsu: written on a baseball (how sweet)

Todomatsu: on a Starbucks cup (*slow clap*)


Concepts for a new dragon :3
The wings are not colored, the colors are there to tell each pair apart.

His name is Pathchanger, the Rebel
Or Path for short
He’s a god, basically, although still a pretty young one. He’s around 10 as big as Cherokee, wow

Will post more info later and maybe his backstory if anyone wants it

((Sorry for the shitty pic quality))

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Check Please! Fic Rec List

Listen, at this point I’m not even going to apologize for going on a massive fic binge for a new fandom, this is just who I am as a person. Descriptions here are by me, with apologies to the authors. Anyway, ~enjoy~

(This is only slightly @gayblackgeek‘s fault, mostly it’s just how amazing @omgcheckplease and this fandom is.)

Best Laid Plans (series) - Lardo/Shitty, Eric/Jack, Ransom/Holster, 30,750 words, Explicit - I adore this series so much. A triple get-together fic which gives equal weight to all three ships, each of which is so complex and satisfying to read. Excellent friendship feelings, team dynamics, plot, and porn. Everything I could ask for, basically.

You Never Said You Wouldn’t So Here I Am - Eric/Jack, Eric/OMCs,10,656 words, Explicit - one of the tags on this fic is “Eric is hot and other boys notice” and I am such a sucker for this trope. Jack cockblocks Eric’s attempts to get laid, until Eric finally catches on to what’s happening. Sweet, funny, hot, and with excellent team shenanigans.

Exeunt, Pursued By Heteronormativity - Shitty/Lardo/Eric/Jack, 35,786 words, Mature - I had no clue I wanted this ot4 but holy shit this author makes it work. This remarkably witty, layered, Shitty-POV roadtrip fic is about self-acceptance, identity, endings, friendship, and asking for what you want. I just can’t do justice to the in-depth characterization of all four of them in this story. Also, there’s a bear.

deets - Eric/Jack, 23,104 words, Mature - a well-characterized, bittersweet get-together fic, in which Eric and Jack hook up at EpiKegster and are outed in a gossip rag as a result. Focuses on the journey of being outed for both of them, with a well-earned happy ending.

Make it If We Can - Eric/Jack, 5651 words, Explicit - my notes on this one say “So. Cute.” and it’s true. I mentioned earlier that I’m a fan of the “Jack gets annoyed at other boys hitting on Eric” trope, and this fic is one of the best examples of that. College shenanigans, pining, and very good porn occur.

Positive Image - Eric/Jack, 10,436 words, Explicit - a slight AU get-together in which they meet when Eric is hired as the social media manager for Jack’s NHL team. Blessedly free from angst, this is essentially an adorable, sexy romcom, and, let’s face it, we all need that once in a while.

Hockeyed Up - Eric/Jack, 14,366 words, Mature - a Jack-centric character study + get-together fic that’s lovely in its ambivalence and awkwardness, in a way that makes so much sense for their relationship. Jack is characterized as basically “awkward canadian robot whose emotion chip is malfunctioning,” which is, actually, perfect.

…okay, let’s have some fluff…

I never saw the signs - Eric/Jack, 3217 words, G rated - an adorable get-together fic which also embraces the jealous!Jack trope, in an utterly fluffy way. Eric tries to figure out why Jack is so annoyed at a cute boy asking him out.

on the sidelines wishing for right now - Eric/Jack, 2652 words, G rated - this lovely, family-centric 5+1 fic involves a lot of Eric (accidentally) bonding with Bad Bob. May have the side-effect of giving you feelings about a certain living hockey legend.

Winter Clothes - gen, Eric/Jack, 2493 words, G rated- if you like Chowder, this is an excellent fic for you. (If you don’t like Chowder, please take this time instead to examine your life choices.) Chowder & Eric friendship fluff + background Eric/Jack; this fic is a ray of sunshine and a joy to my heart.

…let’s wrap this up with some pwp’s…

Positive Feedback - Eric/Jack, 1602 words, Explicit - listen, sometimes you just want to read a hot, funny, cute, well-characterized bit of porn, and this fic provides in spades. Eric accidentally reveals one of his kinks, and Jack takes immediate advantage.

can’t breathe with these words in my mouth - Eric/Jack, 3559 words, Explicit - another excellent pwp, this one features a slightly dom!Eric in a way that’s totally in character and very hot. Jack-POV get-together in which they hook up at a party and it goes slightly differently than he might have expected.

if there’s anything on my face you put it there - Eric/Jack, 2132 words, Explicit - speaking of slightly dom!Eric, this is a super hot and sweet bit of established-relationship porn. Check the tags on this one to make sure it’s for you, but it’s sure as hell for me.