wow this is such a mess

ok ceo!tom being such a stubborn and usually assertive/dominant guy in general buT THE MOMENT HE MEETS YOUR PARENTS THAT ALL FLIES OUT THE WINDOW, he turns into a stuttering mess and his demeanor does a complete 180 because wow these are your parents and they raised you and wow he needs to make a good impression if he wants to remove their last name from you one day 

For the first time ever, I think I found someone who wasn’t going to just be impressed with my 3k Instagram followers. I spent so much of my time racking digits and because of that minutes felt like hours when I tried to think of something deep and serious to talk about… But all I could think about was how cigarettes were bad for you and how I should nag you about that before it’s too late.

(An AU?? This was just me messing around and I got way more into the drawing than i thought i would-)

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its literally so fucking funny and hypocritical that edward avila is out here fat shaming kyla bc she doesnt look like the "typical idol" when that is the literal reason he fawns over wonho bc hes thick lmfao what a joke

someone end him please i’m fed up. also he probably thinks everyone watched his video for like ten seconds and decided to be defensive because he’s mentioning a sensitive issue, but nope. i watched that entire mess of a video (wish i hadn’t). like wow, he is so superficial. also some people are like “she’s only 15″ but that isn’t the only reason he shouldn’t be making comments like that. he should just worry about himself, honestly. you can be the “typical idol” and still be healthy, you can be “thick” and still be healthy or anything in between. and even if she isn’t healthy, that’s her problem. why is he making that his business…. idk why he thinks he can run his mouth about her needing to lose a few pounds and how she could’ve because she practices so much. he’s acting like she opted to not be skinny because she’s lazy or something. i hate the idea that if you aren’t skinny, you aren’t maintaining yourself. there’s plenty of skinny people that don’t maintain themselves well, and there’s fat people that maintain themselves very well. you shouldn’t need to be skinny to be liked in the industry. sadly, a lot of people give her crap for being “fat”. like idk maybe she is… i don’t know the medical definition of being fat. but why does it matter??? she sings and dances fine.

edit: omg, i was just reminded about his little comment about how he doesn’t understand the argument that girls get bigger during puberty. like that is one sign you don’t know what you’re talking about and shouldn’t make a video about this

people need to stop telling others to lose/gain weight all the time!!!!! i would understand if he made a video about what the haters have been saying to her. but he literally said everything they’ve been saying + went in detail. he literally is one of them. what a disgusting guy…. also who makes a 20 min video about an idol he barely knows. and him talking about how limiting calories could help her lose weight??? like shut up who does he think he is lmao

im moving to a forest to start a weed and bee farm. only women can come work and hang I’ll have a huge yurt and lots of instruments and dogs. farm dogs..

cuddle parties will be optional but sing alongs will not be 

no men im broken and life is shit

mssg me if ur interested i want only pure girl souls to surround me and we can bring each other up and fill each other with light and love!!:)))


I survived all my exams ♡ I’m done with University - wow! I can also call myself a pharmacist now, though I still need to do another exam after my practical year to get a licence. Still, it feels like a great achievement :)

On this note - I’m back! And I’ll go back to giffing (and a little writing too) very soon. Still need to unpack my moving boxes first - I moved right before my exams (great timing… :D), so everything is still a mess.

I’ll also answer all my asks and all the stuff I’ve been tagged in this week! Great to be back! :)

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OMG! I just hit 0.5k the other day and I couldn’t honestly believe it  ✨ I thought it was one of those tumblr bugs that’s been messing with me since the beginning. But, I checked again and again and it was still 0.5k and Wow! Wasn’t I over the moon?  😚Thank you so much everyone for this! I have spoken to some wonderful people here and I’m so thankful that I started this blog, so here is another celebration, the last one went so well though! This will be going on for a few days 🌸

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cbcbc1 replied to your post: Some thoughts on Hillary Clinton on The Graham… 

   Wow thanks for sharing. I am very excited for Friday night and usually i never watch the show… Compared to her US late night appearances( colbert,fallon) how does the Graham Norton Show compare? 

Norton is a pretty relaxed affair, although the show tends to film with multiple guests on the sofa together, interacting, messing around etc - it can be gloriously mad, bawdy, and spontaneous. They’ve only done maybe a handful of solo guest interviews during its entire run. Maggie Smith was kind of one (she had her co-star Alex Jennings with her, but ultimately I think you could class it as a solo given the normal multiple guest format of the show wasn’t used), and Hillary of course was one today - a complete solo. It probably came closer to the usual US format today than normal, but I think there tends to be more freedom with Graham, and more flow. As it’s on the BBC, there’s no ad breaks, so he can talk away with guests, get them to progressively relax (sometime ply the wine, although Hillary was on water today) without worrying about finding a moment to cut to commercial. In a way, Graham reminds me a bit of Letterman - witty, easy going, can be serious as well as very irreverent, and he’s always super prepared. And he can be naughty as hell too. He didn’t veer into that today with Hillary, but he was witty, and he seemed so touched that she’d soldiered on and came to the show after the horrid morning she’d had. I think Norton’s interview style is more organic than the US one - he has his questions, but he doesn’t rigidly stick to them, he lets the conversation take its own path.