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Contains :  bestfriend!junhui, SMUT !  


Member : Jun/Wen Junhui

Words : + 2,8k

Summary : Junhui was a cocky guy, that was for sure, but you never thought that he was that cocky, as you glare at your phone screen, a shaky finger pressing on the imagine of his smooth torso, his hand wrapped around his cock.

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A/N : For all my babies suffering from the lack of seventeen smut, there you go ! + I’m writing this now instead of after my exams because I was revising and my friend sent me the video of Jun dancing to Who and yeah I couldn’t.
+ someone told me it was similar to other smuts and yes it is, I red other writings with the same plot so this smut is inspired by them

[11:06] you : jun, leave me alone

A sigh left your lips as you placed your phone beside you, trying to focus on the papers all over your desk. Fingertips rubbing your temples, you closed your eyes, trying to remember the things you were reading a few moments before. You hated it, you hated having to learn things by heart, just to recite everything like a robot in front of a teacher, as if it would prove that you were intelligent or something.

On top of that, your best friend was texting you non stop. You were already a pretty distracted person, but with him making your phone buzz every minute, it was even worst. He was a year above you, and didn’t have to pass any exams. His school year was over, and he was celebrating it tonight, in a party thrown by someone from his class.

But apparently, the party wasn’t that amazing, since it seemed like he wasn’t leaving his phone to go grind on some girl.

 [11:07] junhui : talk to meeeee :(
[11:07] you : omg jun why are you like this, leave me alone
[11:08] junhui : its boring without you :(

A laugh escaped your lips, he was probably at least a bit tipsy. See, Jun was your best friend, but you both had this thing were you acted like you hated each other. But when alcohol was running in his system, Jun was the first to spill his feelings, and it was always so rewarding to see his face the day after when you red him his drunk texts.

[11:08] you : you know i have my last test soon
[11:08] you : are you already drunk ? its not even midnight omg
[11:09] junhui : no shit i fucking know you have a test
[11:09] junhui : i cant believe you left me like that

You rolled your eyes at his text, before typing. Yeah, you could understand him. You two were ready to leave, because you were supposed to go with him, but you decided to stay at the last minute, quickly leaving your tight dress for your large pyjama shirt.
Jun had tried to convince you to go with him, after all, the test was only in a week, but you didn’t want to waste time partying while you could use this time to work.

[11:10] you : dont be like this, you know its an important test
[11:10] you : go dance or something, we’ll have all summer to party together
[11:11] junhui : i dont want to dance :( :( :(
[11:11] you : im gonna study byyye

For a moment, the boy stopped texting you, and you thought that maybe he was finally dancing and having some fun. Going back to your notes, you tried to memorize everything, repeating the important points to yourself.
A tired smile stretched your lips when you finally got everything right, moving to the next text. Rolling your eyes, you groaned, seeing how long the plan you had to memorize was, and how depressing the text was, talking about how Humans were damned no matter what.

You took a deep breath, sitting comfortably before starting reading every point, then, your phone buzzed again.

[11:25] junhui : hi
[11:26] junhui : answer me
[11:27] junhui : y/n
[11:27] junhui : :(
[11:28] junhui : i wont stop until you answer
[11:29] junhui : thats the worst party ive ever seen
[11:30] junhui : and i cant even leave because mingyu is the one driving
[11:30] junhui : plus im kind of drunk
[11:30] junhui : wow i cant believe you did this to me
[11:31] you : omg wen junhui ill kill you

You sighed, he wasn’t going to leave you alone, you had to navigate between answering him and revising, rolling your eyes, maybe going to the party was a better idea.

[11:31] junhui : i like when you call me by my full name thats hot
[11:31] you : wtf you have weird kinks
[11:32] junhui : wow cant believe my best friend is shaming me for my kinks !
[11:33] you : find mingyu, maybe he will drive you home
[11:33] junhui : nah i saw him going upstairs with some random girl
[11:34] you : gross
[11:34] junhui : i cant believe u did this to me
[11:35] you : omfg junhui how many times are you going to say that ?
[11:35] junhui : until you apologize ???
[11:36] you : fuck you this exam is more important than an obviously shitty party

You breathed, all your focus now on the coversation with your best friend. He would distract you anyway, and you wouldn’t be able to get any work done, so what was the point. Giving a last look at the pile of paper, you moved from your desk to your bed, trying to find a decently cold spot.

[11:37] junhui : ohmy god your test is in a fucking week
[11:38] you : fuck its just a party why are you getting mad about it ?
[11:38] junhui : because
[11:39] you : you’re a child
[11:39] junhui : whatever
[11:40] you : omg

You growned, dropping your phone on your side, your arm resting on your eyes. He didn’t respond, and it was for the best, when Jun was drunk, he could either be super whiny for nothing, or super angry for nothing, and you would rather stop talking to him for the night than have a conversation with an angry stubborn guy.

The summer night was growing hotter, your shirt starting to stick to your body. Tugging at it to let some air hit your skin, you thought for a moment that Jun finally gave up, maybe finding someone to drive him home.

[11:55] junhui : im in the bathroom
[11:57] you : k
[11:57] junhui : i have a boner
[11:58] you : dID I ASK

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, drunk Jun could be either way super whiny, super angry or super horny, yeah you forgot about that.
See, another thing in your friendship was how comfortable both of you were when it came to sex. Junhui was already super comfortable talking about it, and so, you grew more and more confident talking about it with him. That was one of the few things you were grateful for.

[11:59] you : go get some girl to grind on i’m studying

You lied, hoping and praying god that you couldn’t have to deal with a drunk and horny Junhui.
A few moments passed, and again, you thought that he was out of the bathroom dancing on some girl, because you knew that a lot of them were willing to do it. It wasn’t news that Junhui was pretty popular, his delicate features and sweet voice were enough for a lot of girls, but he also had amazing hands, and those thighs, god, the result of years of dancing.
In addition to all of this, the way his hips moved was sinful. You remember seeing him dancing to one the songs he made with his friends, his hips moving slowly, his hand resting on his thigh, so close to his crotch.

Yeah, these were one of these days where you asked yourself, how the fuck do I even contain myself. 

After moving his hips, you remember his eyes finding yours before he started body rolling, his shoulders broad, toned stomach moving.
And it wasn’t all, the choregraphy continued again until his hands made contact with the floor, supporting himself as he fucking grinded on the floor, powerful thrusts over the floor, and you cursed under your breath.

You couldn’t admit it to yourself, but you couldn’t stop thinking about how his body moved, and you blamed it on sexual frustration, yeah that was it.

But more and more, your breath strated inching everytime he got closer, or when his hands got too adventurous, because he also wasn’t helping it.
But soon, you convinced yourself that you couldn’t think about your best friend in such ways, it was weird. You were making it weird at least.

[00:05] junhui : sent a video

Your thoughts got cut by the sound of your phone, your hand grabbing it before tracing your password, and your fucking mind went blank.

Your eyes stayed glued to your screen, blinking a few times, before checking again the name of the contact, yeah that was Jun.
Your troath was dry, and you tried to swallow the built of saliva.

The thumbnail was enough to leave you breathless, and even more sweaty.

Fuck, what was that for ?

You unconsciously licked your lips, your eyes fixed on the image.

Jun’s was sitting in what looked like a bathroom, his black jeans tugged to the middle of his muscular thighs, his black shirt riding up, revealing a parcel of his skin. His hand was wrapped around his cock, tip already red, several rings hugging his fingers. You couldn’t see his face, the image cut to his sweaty neck, but you could understand that his head was thrown back.

You cursed under your breath, a shaky finger pressing on the message, the image filling your screen before starting.
And it started right away, the boy’s hand slowly pumping up and down, his thumb stopping to collect the drop of precum. Touching his sensitive head, you heard a hiss, your mouth falling agape, waiting for more, and it stopped.

Your eyes widen, still locked on the screen, before catching the small three dots on your phone.

[00:06] junhui : fuck, im so hard
[00:06] junhui : help me

You looked up from your screen, as if someone would suddently appear at the end of your bed to help you in this situation.
Your heart was pounding, what the fuck were you supposed to do ? He sent it like it was the most normal thing to do.

And fuck, you wanted to run away from your phone and hide, but on the other hand, your eyes were still glued to the small picture, your mind replaying the faint hiss.

[00:07] junhui : y/n
[00:08] you : you can’t send things like that omg
[00:08] junhui : omfg its okay youre my best friend
[00:08] junhui : just help me
[00:08] junhui : please

“Best friends”, was that a common thing to send nudes to your best friend ? You took a deep breath, before typing again, what the fuck were you getting yourself into.

[00:09] you : what the fuck do you want me to do
[00:09] you : you have a fucking boner its not my fault youre a horny fuck
[00:10] junhui : sent a vocal

You rolled your eyes, taking your headphones before playing the audio, and your heart sank. It started with a clear, deep moan, you could hear that he was trying to stay quiet, before muffling it, the sound of his hand moving in the background was faint, and he started talking. God, his voice was raspy, low, breathless, “What do you mean it’s not your fault ? I have a fucking boner because of you, fuck- That dress looked so good on you.”

Your breath grew uneven, catching your lip between your teeth. A breathy moan fell from his lips, probably picturing you in the dress you were wearing earlier, “And fuck- d-did you really have to start taking it off in front of me ?” You couldn’t help but smile as you remembered taking the straps off in front of him, letting him see a bit of your bra, but you couldn’t imagine that it had such and effect on him.

“God, please, send something, a picture, anything, I don’t care.”, he moaned, before ending the audio. You eyes widen, a picture ? Fuck, you wanted to continue whatever was going on, feeling the familiar discomfort between your legs but you really didn’t know how to take it.

Eventually, you moved your phone, stretching your arm above your head, opening the camera. Your moved to lay on your back, bending your knee up as your other hand tugged your shirt upwards, enough to show the right of your bra and your panties.

It was the exact same bra that Jun saw as you took your dress off earlier, the lacy black bra un panties hugging your body. You quickly took the picture, cutting it after your lips, your lower lip rosy after biting it, and you sent it.

[00:14] you : sent a picture

Biting your lip, you waited for his responce.

[00:15] junhui : fuck, you look so good
[00:16] junhui : sent a video

And this time, you didn’t hesitate to open the video, your breath stopping. Fuck, if he was touching himself while looking at a picture of you, you could to that too, right ? Your hand traveled down your stomach, letting your finger press on your clit, a gasp leaving your lips.
Keeping your eyes open, you watched as the video opened on your phone, Jun’s hand moving faster this time, and holy shit, he looked so big.
His tip was red, a groan coming from his chest as he moved the phone and,

“Oh my god.”, you cursed under your breath as you took your panties off, your digit spreading your wetness. You gasped as Jun moved the phone so you were able to fully see his hand pumping his cock and his face, and god, he look amazing.

His lower lip between his teeth, looking straight at his camera through the locks of his back hair. His mouth suddently fell open with a silent moan as his head fell backwards, letting you see his Adam’s Apple bobbing and the video ended.

Fuck, you were keeping those videos, for scientific reasons.

[00:18] junhui : are you touching yourself ?

Your finger started rubbing your clit, trying your best to reply, but you didn’t even know how, so you took another picture. Quickly opening the camera, you took another one in the same position, your hand clearly visible in the shot.

[00:18] you : sent a picture
[00:19] junhui : i knew it
[00:19] junhui : fuck, i wish you were here

And then, out of nowhere, your phone rang.

You didn’t hesitate long before you accepted the call, placing your phone on your pillow beside your head.

“Y/N.”, he breathed as your finger started to work faster.

“Jun.”, you wanted your voice to be as quiet as his, but it came out in a moan.

“Fuck, why did you have to stay home.”, he gasped, breathless.

“Why did you have to go to this party.”, you replied.

“Whatever, be fucking prepared when I come home.”, a broken moan fell from his lips as you cursed under your breath, your imagination running wild. You allowed a finger to enter your heat, your digit easily sliding in. You moaned, your other hand gripping your sheet.

“God, I couldn’t stop thinking about you in that dress.”, the sound of skin clapping grew quicker as he continued, “I wish I could feel your lips around me.”, he gasped, before continuing, “You’re going to let me fuck your mouth when I come home, won’t you ?”

You moaned, his words hitting your core, but he wasn’t having it, his cocky self coming back. “Words.”

You opened your mouth, breathing heavely before answering, “Yes.”

“Yeah.”, and he laughed out of pleasure, the sound ringing in your ears, adding another finger.

“I’ll make you feel so good.”, he purred, a long moan tumbling from his lips. “You’re touching yourself, right babygirl ? Fuck yourself with your fingers, curl them, imagine my fingers instand of yours.”, he rasped, clearly reaching his climax as he was finding it hard to talk.

And you did, curling your fingers and moving faster, picturing your best friend between your legs, your hips bucking against your hand.
Your moans grew higher, more and more frequent as you moved your hips.

“Are you gonna cum ?”, he asked, breathless, groaning as he tried to wait for you.

“Jun.”, you moaned, unable to give him an answer, feeling the knot in your stomach ready to explode.

“God, I can’t wait to be inside you.”, he cooed, a broken moan filling your ears. “Come for me.”

And that’s all you needed, moaned, your back arching, a clear layer of sweat near your collarbones. Collapsing, you tried to catch your breath, closing your eyes, trying to focus on what was going on on the other side.

A series of curse words mixed with your name tumbled from his lips, before he came on a long moan, gasping every now and then.

“Fuck, fuck.”, he cursed, trying to process everything, before letting a long sigh.

Both of you stayed silent for a moment, before Jun moved the phone, before speaking in a breathless voice.

“Wait for me, I’ll be here soon.”

kic 3 update

so drinking last night was not the best decision?? i don’t make good decisions???

anyway i’m still fixing up this chapter because reading over it now there are a lot of problems lololol. i don’t wanna keep “dangling” an update in front of your faces though because i know it’s a bummer waiting for an update and not getting it so when the chapter does go up i’ll give like?? a one hour warning? as i put it into ao3 and give a final skim, yeah?? thanks so much for being patient!! i really appreciate not getting pitchfork-y asks about my horrible update timings. i can’t say if it’ll be up by the end of today since i’ll be working on it around my tutoring job so let’s just see how it goes. 

meanwhile, i’ve went ahead and tagged all the little prompts and drabbles i’ve written in kic verse! so u can still revel in kic verse while not really being in kic verse haha lol yikes

… i’m trying not to be an asshole about it, since it doesn’t personally concern me, but South Beach just issued an “apology” because they are so “embarrassed” that Adore stopped a free M&G after an hour of meeting people. what the actual fuck. after being overworked and dealing with a shitton of anxiety, Adore has finally set some limits on the amount of people she’ll meet at M&Gs and South Beach decided to pull a stunt like that? wow


The game wants us to hate Ryuji so much and I don’t???? get it?????? The whole beginning of the game when Morgana’s the only effin one “guiding” he’s BERATING the poor kid during every battle like “oh ya surprise surprise skull missed a hit cuz he is the literal worst person alive” and I’m so :( cause my boy tries so hard i genuinely don’t know how anyone could not feel bad for Ryuji

And if that’s not heartbreaking enough during *SPOILERS* the whole splitting up thing it’s like…I feel bad for Morgana but we ask him a thousand times what’s wrong and he won’t say and then he gets into that fight with Ryuji and SOMEHOW Ryuji is portrayed as the bad guy?? That fuckin video montage of the like, TWO times Ryuji said Morgana wasn’t as useful as he used to be baffled me because where was the montage of Morgana saying the same AND WORSE to Ryuji??? I can’t remember a single time Morgana said something even semi-nice to Ryuji. I like literally don’t understand how anyone can be like “wow how could Ryuji say that” when it’s VERY OBVIOUS HOW

Even suspending my Ryuji-love for a minute, no one lets Ryuji off the hook like “oh man that wasn’t nice but it’s ok you’re not The Worst.” They act like all he does is be shitty when he’s constantly looking out for everyone EXCEPT himself???? The whole team is like wow fuck u ryuji how could you when it’s clear he feels bad that he lost his cool??? And EVEN WHEN HE APOLOGIES like ok sure not the greatest apology but my boy is TRYING (literally starting yelling HES TRYING at my screen ok) everyone is STILL like “wow fuck u ryuji how could you be so shitty to the cat that hasn’t been nice to you once in the entire game”


You know what’s always really funny… when one white says some fucked up shit and makes a shitty half assed “apology” and some other white comes up and is like “wow so rare to see people own up to their mistakes, I don’t agree with what you said but I commend you good sir” or some other corny shit

boyfriend! kim jaehwan

how kim jaehwan, the waiter, would confess

  • so you really really like this restaurant on the corner of this street
  • like it’s your go-to restaurant and you go there all the time
  • the food is a1 and super authentic,, definitely a 5 star review on yelp
  • but you like going at night time since there’s less people and of course since you go there so often, the wait staff and the owner recognize you
  • and the owner really likes you and tries to get you to work there, and low key sets you up with jaehwan :)
  • she’s basically like your aunt
  • and jaehwan is always your server,, like every single time you show up he’s always waiting for you
  • sometimes when there’s no other customers, he comes and eats with you
  • he started talking to you when you laughed at one of his jokes one day
  • bc nobody laughs at his dumb jokes lmao he’s stupid
  • jaehwan said something on the lines of “why is a circle so hot? bc it’s 360 degrees”
  • wow you’ve never wanted to shoot someone so badly, but you ended up laughing instead bc math jokes are fucking gr9
  • and shitty jokes are always the start of an amazing and idiotic friendship
  • jaehwan slowly started falling for you each time you swung by to grab a late dinner,,, like how can someone look so good in sweats and an old stüssy jacket??
  • you make beauty look effortless in his eyes and wow he even loves how gorgeous you look when you show up to the restaurant in pajamas
  • story time: jaehwan once spilled water over the front of your shirt one time, and he kept apologizing over and over but you just laughed and joked “i guess you made me wet ;)”
  • and that’s when he knew you were the one
  • lmao jk
  • but for real who tf would hire clumsy jaehwan as a waiter wth
  • good thing he’s not the chef bc my boy tries to cook without the fire wow so genius
  • work makes you really stressed and you tell him about your crappy day and he actually listens to your problems and offers his advice aw
  • but seeing jaehwan at the end of the day really makes things a lot better
  • sometimes you ask him to sing for you and wow
  • he truly has god’s voice oml 
  • his voice is so sweet and calming and makes you forget about your stresses,, it’s like honey 
  • the first time you heard him sing was when you were eating and you heard him mumbling the lyrics of seventeen’s boomboom under his breath as he cleaned tables
  • and wow even his half-hearted singing sounded like heaven
  • you fall for his voice and how caring he was since he would sometimes walk you to the subway station and give you his jackets when he noticed you shivering
  • yeah jaehwan really likes it when you wear his clothes
  • at this point y’all are already pretty much dating but jaehwan’s kind of confused bc you’re sending mixed signals 
  • like you hella flirt with him but you might just be a friendly person??
  • so one day he asks you out to dinner to determine your true nature
  • and you’re just like “wow is jaehwannie asking me out on a date?” bc teasing him is so fun lol
  • and he light weight is but he’s tryna play it off and go “no wth i’m too pretty for you hoe”
  • woW offensive,,,, we are hands thrown
  • so you just try to piss him off even more and say “bitch i don’t need you i already have a sugar daddy fuck off”
  • it’s all jokes to you but jaehwan is internally screaming like wtf do you have a side piece??
  • so after dinner jaehwan actually can’t take it anymore and when he’s walking you to the subway station, he’s like “what am i to you?”
  • and that question really gets you thinking bc what actually are you guys??
  • and you’re so flustered by how straight up this boy is and you can’t formulate an answer
  • so you end up spluttering some gibberish and jaehwan just laughs awkwardly and says “forget it” and bids his farewells
  • you end up texting him at night after thinking about jaehwan and thinking of a good reply to him for like 3 hours nice
  • “you’re someone i love, that’s what you are to me”
  • and jaehwan is all smiles and an actual blushing mess when he reads that and comes in the next day with his guitar, prepared to serenade you as if you didn’t love him enough already
  • he even prepared a confession song and everything which he totally didn’t have planned two months ago
  • you’re so fucking embarrassed that you don’t even go to the restaurant the next day and curl up in your blankets the whole day and bash your head into the wall repeatedly bc you’re so stupid and cringe-worthy yikes
  • and he didn’t even reply after your flat out confession, and all these thoughts go through your mind like what if he hates you?? 
  • this boy left you on read,, the disrespecT
  • but that’s only bc he wanted to tell you his feelings in real life bc he couldn’t find the words to properly convey his love for you awe
  • yeah you didn’t know that so you’re kind of angry at his dumb ass for not even replying,,, 
  • jaehwan knows something is wrong when you don’t come grab dinner at the restaurant, and he’s really disappointed and anxious bc what if that confession was a joke too?? like he knows you love teasing him so what if it was a rouse to make him embarrassed?? ;;
  • at this point, this poor boy is doubting everything, and you’re at home singing single ladies at the top of your lungs bc boys ain’t shit tbh
  • don’t worry bc hunger will get the best of you and you’ll end up going to the restaurant anyway
  • and your petty ass will dress up hella even though it’s 12am to show this bitch what he’s missing out on
  • when jaehwan sees you walk through the door while he’s cleaning up and ready to close, his jaw drops bc damn you look stunning??
  • and he already had your favorite meal prepared before hand since he was waiting for you all night scute
  • you walk straight up to him and glare at him 
  • “why tf did you leave me on read you dumb hoe”
  • and jaehwan’s at a loss for words bc he was waiting for you to say you loved him or some shit haha beT
  • “i’m sorry i wanted to tell you how i love you in person”
  • he starts singing crush’s beautiful and holY
  • wow you just melt and maybe start crying a lil bc it’s fucking beautiful
  • “just say you’re mine god you’re sO ruDE”
  • is what you scream to him in tears as you cry into his shoulder
  • jaehwan laughs and even his laugh is music to your ears and it makes you cry even harder
  • the owner of the restaurant was secretly recording this whole time and fangirling since she was shipping you guys since last year 
  • yeah that’s the start of a dysfunctional beautiful relationship
  • boyfriend jaehwan is 100% sweet and 200% stupid lmao
  • jaehwan’s psycho laugh is the best thing in the fucking world don’t @ me, we all know it’s true
  • 90% of the reason why you love his dumb ass
  • his laugh is the only reason why you laugh at his stupid puns
  • sings for you!!!
  • raspy singing at midnight to help you fall asleep
  • writes song lyrics thinking about you,, most of his songs are written for you or written thinking about you :’)
  • owns an instagram and 99% of his posts are those cute aesthetic couple pics of you two
  • selca king wow
  • knows all the right angles and lighting holy 
  • karoake dates!!
  • yes karoake dates at 2am are a thing,
  • you love watching jaehwan sing his heart out and your heart flutters when he hits those high notes 
  • nothing makes you smile more when you see your bby so passionate and happy doing something he loves
  • threatened his nasty ass that you wouldn’t cuddle or kiss him until he took a shower, washed his hands, and cleaned tf up 
  • sO exTra
  • thought he was getting murdered once but it turns out he was trying to sing i will always love you
  • actually an embarrassment wth
  • when you go put on dates with him, he’s always trying to act super cool like he’s not wearing the same jeans from the 10th grade and 2 inch insoles 
  • tried to perform seventeen’s boomboom in front of you to make you laugh and you use that video as blackmail now 
  • what a scammer,,
  • god of exaggeration
  • “yes i’m 239 cm tall come fite me”
  • “i can do kung fu watch me babe”
  • “i’m a rap god, call me kanye east”
  • “i’m the dance king, exo got nothing on me”
  • “if i were in a kpop group, i’d be the main everything”
  • yeah, you’re having serious regrets about this relationship
  • but he tries so hard to be a good, caring boyfriend and things just don’t work out lmao
  • he tried to buy you roses once, but accidentally bought purple cabbage gg
  • tried to buy you a new album but got finessed by an unauthorized amazon seller
  • and of course, who can forget the time when he tried cooking without turning on the stove??
  • “lmao jaehwan i thought you worked at a restaurant”
  • it’s okay bc it’s v cute and it shows he cares about you 
  • cooks you burnt pasta and rice sometimes but
  • “it’s okay babe you tried”
  • never let this precious idiot go! 
  • 12/10 need to marry now

anonymous asked:

Can you believe that Taylor had to give a deposition last summer & recount this horrible act, w/Mueller sitting there watching her the whole time, meanwhile 2 days later some "fan", who was butthurt tay*vin broke up, had the fucking balls to send an "open letter to TS" to Seventeen to tell Taylor "I see why people I would have called haters six months ago said you were playing the victim. And that realization makes me so, I don't know... uncomfortable." & then signed it with +

Anonymous said:August 10th 2017, 12:48:00 am · “Love you Tay… but get it together.” Like Taylor needed that shit to add on to her growing pile of the shitty summer.

Taylor’s having to face this pervert in a deposition amidst everything else that was going on in her life last july and once that is finally over, two days later some “fan” is acting all judgmental as if they know all the details to how calvin and kimye went down, calling taylor fake and only interested in her image, and demanding apologies. 

wow. i hope taylor never saw it but if she did, i cant imagine how hurtful that must have felt.

im ??? i’ve had this blog for a little over a year and i remember when i bragged to my friends about having 75 followers, and i never thought id come close to 2k. my blog doesn’t grow very quickly but i’m still surprised when people follow me bc i post a ton of crap and spam my blog with alex almost every day ,, but i’m super thankful that people follow this blog and are there to see my stupid rants and i’m really glad that people come to ask me for advice a lot because it makes me feel like i’m helping other people and i hope that i’m doing a good job of it <3 thank u guys so much for following me , it means a lot :)))

* i want to give a special shoutout to @peppermint-lester because alex is my best friend and one of the main reasons i dont regret joining tumblr. if you’ve followed my blog for more than a week you can see how literally half of my blog is made up of them. we’ve been mutuals for a long time (except when one of us unfollows the other one), talked on tumblr since the summer (honestly idk when) and i started kicking your ass at 8-ball around september and we had our iconic 14 hour facetime and got matching necklaces to finally become more domestic than dan and phil and honestly if someone can name a more iconic duo then i will congratulate you. i love you so much and idk where i would be without you, thanks for sticking around through my rants, keeping me company during physics, and watching the bee movie over facetime with me (and so much more but that would take forever to type out) *

now on to the follow forever! everyone on here are my mutuals, faves/people that ive talked to are bolded <3 im sorry if i missed anyone or tagged someone that im not mutuals with ,,, just let me know!

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gaylobos  asked:

lmaoooo did you see that Kephrii called out a 14 yr old for "hacking" when the kid was literally just a better widow than him and then Keph gave a shitty ass apology

i jus watched a recording of his tilted breakdown and 1. im not surprised that he’s still alive and kicking but im very disappointed that only a handful of people seem to recall that this guy like, harassed women for nudes and cheated on his wife,

and 2. oh my god wow this 14 year old kid streams and spent a whole game just saying out loud LIVE “im literally not cheating, this is a stream, im not cheating???” as kephrii was going “enjoy the ban lol!” like. please. youll be fine. hes made a fuck ton of accusations towards players of supposedly cheating as widow when they beat him too so who gives a shit lol

anonymous asked:

What is the top thing that messed you up and made you super angry with tmnt 2012? I know there are loads but what ranks at the top for you? This isn’t an accusation post or anything, mine was how Splinter treated every non-Leo and raised soldiers and called them sons (side eyeing the lone rat and Cubs episode and setting it on fire 🔥) so just curious on your one.

wow okay that’s a loaded question. i have a lot of issues with 2012, but i’ll give you my highlights. (long post, apologies.)

big starting issue: bad interpersonal dynamics. 

they started so strong with the brother-brother relationships, and over time they dissolved into something that barely resembled familial closeness (i’ll talk even more about that later). there were multiple instances where serious fights and conflicts between the brothers got swept under the rug and ignored, and that is a major failing of writing.

also, shitty romance attempts. i ship capritello, but the individual components of that for capril and apritello were presented blandly at best, and uncomfortably at worst. and don’t even get me started on all the hinting and teasing with leorai, which, by the way, is incest no matter how people spin it.

they started good with all of these things (if heavy handed with apritello) and by the end of the series… nothing was given any resolution! there was no awkward talk between Leo and Karai to put to rest their weird relationship, no final sit down and conclusion to the capritello trio’s mess of feelings, and on the topic of romance, “ramona” her name is Y’Gythgba dammnit was a flaming disaster from start to finish.

so family relationships went bad, romance went bad, and none of the fights or overtures were every concluded.

next issue: the absolutely minuscule pool of reoccurring female characters and their treatment.

is it honestly so hard to give another five or so female characters, when the cast is made up of like sixty+ men? or!!! let any of them do things in the show besides be sometimes literally plot devices? even Karai, who had spent all of the seasons building up to taking revenge for what Shredder did to her, and was an incredibly dangerous and highly independent fully trained kunoichi, got her character arc stolen by Leo. or, you know, was reduced to being a damsel in distress every time Leo so much as breathed in the same scene as her.

And let’s not even talk about how Y’Gythgba, this badass soldier of a warrior planet, was similarly reduced to a romance object; who got to fire her gun like twice a scene and then wait for the turtles to save her. OR, how they claimed Shinigami was younger than all the cast members, (17), and yet endowed her and sexualized her like she was 20+. (and she hardly got to do anything cool, either.)

and April, sweet glorious murderous April, who was literally designed to conquer entire worlds, who did Some Cool Shit, but was never treated with the proper fear or respect she deserved. i wanted less of her being fawned over as a romance goal and more of her punching people in their teeth. (actually, i wanted that in general for all the ladies of the cast.)

they could have done so much more with all these wonderful ladies (and given us MORE OF THEM, THANKS) and they did not. assholes.

issue three: dropped plot lines.

i’m not the best at remembering every single dropped plot line in tmnt ( @hotmilkytea has an entire post for it and she has blessed us with that) but there was a metric fuck ton of unresolved plot and character arcs. the writers left so many loose ends you could make a wig out of them. (not just the romance ones i mentioned above, but ones that had world scale effects. just dropped and never spoken of again. shameful.)

they had an entire board of writers working for them. keeping continuity should not have been so hard for them.

biggest issue i had, and still have: abusive familial relationships.

now i know a lot of people might disagree with me on this- heck, majority of those people would strongly disagree with this- but i have my opinion and this is how i see the big picture.

they didn’t start out like that, certainly. they actually had very realistic sibling-sibling dynamics in the first season! it was only after that that things started to go downhill. but as the seasons went on, a lot of the fun and love of the Hamato family dynamic got written out.

there was a steady increase of physical violence, especially towards Mikey, and a steady increase of emotional manipulation, especially towards Donnie. and, it became very clear that Splinter only put real effort into teaching and loving Leo, somewhat towards Raph, and nearly nothing to Donnie and Mikey. its neglectful, how Splinter treated the B-team, and its downright abusive, how the A-team treated their siblings.

just…. the things that used to be gags got very serious in implications, and there were never apologies for hurtful words or actions. Mikey actively was flinching away and getting ready for hits by the third season, and Donnie just accepted every criticism given to him, as well as keeping quiet when his glory got stolen. (Donnie’s brothers claiming victory with his inventions, and Mikey burying his anger and hurt not five seconds after each conflict. that happened at least every two episodes.)

its not that hard to write a loving family that teases and roughhouses without it going bad. i’m very disappointed in 2012 for failing so thoroughly on that highly vital aspect of the turtles.

i wrote a fanfic that really expresses my views on things, which is still ongoing and will go into deep depth on all of these issues. check it out if you want a better idea.

i think that’s all my biggest problems with tmnt, though i know i had a few more about stereotyping and lack of true racial diversity.

honestly, after the disappointment tmnt 2012 turned out to be on almost all accounts, i’m very concerned how 2018 tmnt is going to go. i’m sincerely hoping i don’t see any more of what i listed above in the next animation, but considering my doubts about Nickelodeon, i am not overly hopeful.

my least favorite thing in the world is when a straight screws up and then they try to apologize but it comes out like “I am so HURT that some people called what I said homophobic you guys are so MEAN and you have made me feel so shitty oh wow I can’t believe you would DO this to me when you know you KNOW I’ve been the best lgbtq+ ally since 1997 I honestly cannot believe your audacity I do not deserve this it was just a simple JOKE how dare you call my jokes ”“homophobic”“ I am HURT because you guys don’t UNDERSTAND ME”

Anger (Dean Winchester x Reader)

Length: 1942+ words

Genre: Angst

TW: Sexual Assault / Rape / Suicide / PTSD

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5

“So?” Lisa asked, sitting beside him on the couch. She handed him a beer, and he nodded at her in appreciation before she sipped at her own up of wine.   

He hummed a questioning response.   

“What do you think of Y/N?” She asked. 

“She’s,” Dean started, pausing to think of a neutral response that sounded natural. “A very nice girl. A little closed off, but you guys seem to get along very well." 

Very well,“ Lisa emphasized, laughing a bit. "We just clicked you know? From the moment I talked to her in our cooking class, I knew we would become best friends. Oh, speaking of cooking class, I signed us up for a class this Friday. You can get off early, right?" 

He nodded. "Yea, of course."  

"You don’t like her, do you?” Lisa asked, analyzing his face, obviously disappointed.   

Dean shook his head. “It’s not like that. I just- I don’t know- Maybe I just don’t trust her as much.” And that was an honest response. Dean had no idea who she was anymore, after leaving him.   

“Give Y/N a chance, Dean,” Lisa said softly. “She’s been through a lot.“ 

Dean raised an eyebrow, waiting for her to continue.   

Lisa sighed, shaking her head. “She was hurt before. There was this guy, Richard, or as I like to call him Dick." 

The green-eyed man tried to hide his confusion, in all his time knowing her, she’s never mentioned a Richard.   

“She dated him before she moved here. They were together for a long time." 

Then he got angry. Did she cheat on him while they were in a relationship? Of course, their relationship was never ideal, but he never thought she would have cheated.   

“She said he wasn’t much of a relationship-person. He kind of reminded me of you early on in our relationship. He was so unwilling to put effort into the relationship, but Y/N was a romantic. She never gave up on him. Even though he didn’t give her what she deserved- the flowers, the dates, the compliments, nothing like that, she still insisted that there were other ways he showed his love, but to me it looked like he was just using her for sex. She said that was when he lowered his defences, and showed her how much he loves her, but I thought that was ridiculous- You can’t just say ‘I love you’ to a person after sex, and then ignore them the very next day! It wasn’t a healthy relationship, but she always defended him- even now. I think she still loves him, if you ask me. When I asked her why she never left, she told me she thought he loved her too.” Dean swallowed thickly, having flashbacks of their time together every time he blinked. His heart felt like it was being squeezed, remembering how much pain he made her go through. He had insisted that it was for her own good, that he was protecting her from the demons that have haunted him. And seeing her in this part of town, with a normal life, he thought he’d done his job. He succeeded.   

“But something happened.” Lisa paused, sighing sadly. 

Dean tried to think of an event that was horrendous enough to end their relationship. He always thought it was a long-time coming. Months of ignoring her, and being cold to her had finally gotten to her, and she ended things. Panic struck in his heart.   

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ALRIGHT ELLA SINCE I GUESS I’M SUCH A  BIG NAME FANDOM BULLY ,   I’M GONNA BE THE ONE TO MAKE THE   CALL OUT POST !!!   are we ready guys ?   this one is gonna be a doozy .   hold on to your seats ,   because  @LEGILLIMENCYY  is definitely a  stealer ,   and i’m sick of the way she has treated my good friend  ally ,   as well as others on this stupid fucking website .

i had made  a smaller post  about this last night for my followers ,   but since this problem has  continued  to escalate ,   ella has given me  no other choice .   we are here now ,   in this  toxicity  called  call out culture .   i’m normally not a fan of it ,   but this time i had to speak up .   ally is my  friend ,   a long time friend at that .   and when you fuck with her ,   you fuck with me .

so let’s start at the  beginning ,   shall we ?   the basis of everything you’ve  stolen ?   i say your   theme insp.  is as good a place to start as any :

i just …   wow .   that is …   that is some  damn good   inspiration  you stole there ,  huh ?   ripped off practically her entire edited agirlingrey code ,   right down to the  font styles and link placements .   i can’t even give you ps credit because even your bg image looks extremely similar to ally’s .   so i guess  kudos  to you for knowing how to steal other people’s codes .

but you didn’t  stop  there ,   did you ?   no ,   of course not !   why  would you ?   you were already stealing her code ,   why not go ahead and steal some of her  headcanon’s  too ?

wow dude .   just wow .   did you even  rewrite  it ?   or just  copy / paste ?   and yes ,   please make sure to look at the  hovered dates  on each :   ally’s is from  6 months ago ,   while ella’s  copied version  dates back less than a week to even  HOURS  at least .   you even stole her  tag name ,   which is pretty  sad .

and then ,   when you were finally called out on your stealing ,   you  BLOCKED  ally for calmly trying to talk to you ,   for  ASKING  you to take down  HER  content .   it was only after  i and a few others  started sending messages that you  BLOCKED US AS WELL ,   and then  messaged  ally with the most   insincere ,   bullshit excuse ever heard ever up to date :

i see  a lot  of things  wrong  with this ,   so let’s just name them off ,   shall we ?   1 .    and none of us  –  with the exception of oc blogs  –  actually created these characters so to claim any kind of originality to anything is honestly bull.          i just …   what ?   what kind of  fresh hell  is this ?   that is like ,   the  shittiest excuse  ever made up ,   like ever .   that’s like a  7 year old  who knows they did wrong trying to  back track  and get out of the blame .   i just want you to know ,   that every writer is laughing right now .   we are all laughing ,   because that is honestly the  stupidest  thing i have ever fucking read in my entire life .

2 .    but since you and your little group of friends are all worked up about it i’ll delete my headcanons and kind of start my blog over.          fuck ,   i would  love  to stop you right there ,   but there’s  so much more  i need to get to .   um .   ally’s friend group  ISN’T  little .   there are  loads  of people on this site that have her back ,   and  love  her for being the person she is ,   not the   fake sickly sweet  bitch you think she is .   oh ,   and  yes  ella ,   i have the screenshot  of that ask ,   too !   you know ,   the one you  deleted ?   let’s post that too ,   huh ?

oh wow ,   and look at all those  vague posts  there too ;   newsflash ,   ella :   that anon on the right ,   the one who called you worthless ?   that wasn’t ally .   ally doesn’t stalk your blog .   i think you kind of have that  backwards  huh ?   considering all your headcanon posts are hers from what ,   6 months back ?   i think that seems a little  stalkerish ,   hmm ?

but i digress ,   getting back to your  shitty excuse of an apology :   3 .    but whatever. i’ll  [ delete ? ]  my headcanons and start fresh …          so …   they’re  not  technically yours ,   considering you weren’t the one who thought of them .   and if you were going to  delete  them ,   why are they  still  on your blog ?   why did you lie ?

listen ella ,   none of us wanted it come to this ,   but  you made this .   you did this to yourself .   not only did you steal ally’s things and take extreme inspiration from her ,   but you lied about it ,   and dragged her name through the proverbial mud ,   and i  for fucking one  will not  take that sitting down .   so take down your stolen headcanons ,   make a theme that isn’t based off of someone else’s ,   and come up with your own goddamn things ,   or face my wrath .   the next time i see this happening with you ,   i  will report you to tumblr for  theft  and  harassment .   what you’ve done is  childish ,   it’s  pathetic  and  immature  and  unbecoming .   i’m  not  sorry to drag your ass through the fucking dirt like you did ally and present you to the public :   a dirty fucking thief with the attitude to match .

get off your goddamn high horse .   no one here accepts the shit that you’re pulling ,   so there’s no need for your shitty self entitlement ,   k ?   k .

Dear Evan Hansen Head Canons: Evan Hansen

;; wow look a new dear Evan Hansen writing blog, heads up my writing is shitty in my opinion so here we go

• I know, everyone does this but you guys meet by accidentally bumping into each other in the halls

• Like,,, its such an Evan thing to do??

• and for about five straight minutes he’s frantically stuttering and apologizing

• mostly because he low key admired you from the side line

• and this is the most embarrassing way to start talking to someone as attractive as you??

• You find it the cutest thing though and kinda shrug it off, telling him it was okay before walking off

• this kid is like, head over heels for you. He just swoons as you walk away, Jared taking notice of this and using it to tease him

• “ dude your so in love how even-”

• “ sssHHHH n o o n e asked you Jared-”

• one day you guys where partners for a science project

• and Evan added a bit too much baking powder

• and the whole project just exploded, and he’s just standing there shook as you laugh your ass off

• seeing that you needed to make a new project, you gave him your number

• after that project incident, you guys casually started to talk more, and become a bit closer as friends.

• he ended up asking you out a couple months later, asking if you wanted to go see the power Rangers movie ( cause he’s a dork you can fight me otherwise )

• and honestly you guys had a great time??

• he walked you back home and at the end of the date you gave him a little peck on the cheek

• and holy shit you have never seen someone so red

• when you went to walk inside and closed the door you heard him go “ yES, ” Resulting in you going into a fit of small snorts and giggles

• what can I say? This kids really got it for you.

• protect the smol tree boi

Hump Day Smut!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!

I feel I should mention this because there’s been some confusion even though I always source the fics I put on these posts- I DON’T WRITE FAN FICTION. I quite enjoy reading it, but none of this work is mine. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about these posts- if you want to see your fic here, check the link first. My ask box is always open if you have any other questions, comments, concerns, or kinks you’d like to discuss ;)

Also, thanks to the wild popularity of The Back Post, I may have missed it if you tagged me in fics the last few days. My bad. Feel free to message me if you think this is the case. And if you’re scared to share your fic with me, stop that! Send me the damn fic.

Awesome by twofriesshortofhomicide (This plus size reader x Dean fic fed my chunky little heart!)

When the tent is a rockin’ by crowlorevstiel (Sammy smut in a tent.)

Shower Sex is Complicated by leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (Dean. Title says it all.)

Blind Date Pt. II by jaredpadaleckii (Part I made it to my Fluffy Friday post, here’s the smutty sequel! After she went on a blind date and the guy called her fat, Dean comforted reader. Then they started dating, now smut.)

Let Me Help by bovaria (Dean. There are no words for this.)

Making Up Is Hard To Do by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (More Professor Dean smut)

Against the Wall by yoursupernaturalsammygirl (Dom!Sam smut.)

You’re Mine by thinkwritexpress (Soulless!Sam gets a little jealous and stakes his claim.)

Tease by winchesterwhisper (Honestly, this one is just a lot of teasing and sexual tension between Dean and Reader. Super steamy but no penetration. It’ll get ya all hot and bothered.)

Game Night by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (Twister turns into a Wincest-free threesome with Sam and Dean. This is pretty much what you wish you could ask Santa for for Christmas. (I know I said “for” twice but I read it out loud to myself and it made sense. I’m not a writer so get over it.))

Wake Up Call by twofriesshortofhomicide (Look, if you’re gonna wake me up in the middle of the night, it better be like this. Dean knows what’s up.)

So Wrong by anotherwinchesterfangirl (Holy…wow. Winchester priest!kink stripper sandwich. Wincest-free. I don’t know what else to say. I need to shower. Preferably with holy water.)

Win, Win by tonystarks-girl (Dean goes down. Makes me happy.)

Smut Timeout:

THIS BITCH. abaddonwithyall You owe me more than an apology. That was a shitty thing you did.

Don’t write any more smutty angst. I will read it. And I will hate you for it.

Read the emotional train wreck that is Gravity if you dare.
She also wrote some cute semi-smut this week. Dean + dry humping? Yes please. Read A Study in Tattoos Part 3. Actually, read the whole series. It’s fluffy and smutty and angst- free… what a concept!

Well, well, well. Look who else landed herself a spot in Smut Timeout. We’re going to need more chairs in the corner of shame. ilostmyshoe-79, that was rude. Dust to Dust gave me mad feels, yo. 

You have successfully dragged your other smut fic this week down to timeout with you, Kim. Which is a shame because When Dean’s Away, Sam Will Play - Part 2 , Southern Comfort and If the Impala Could Talk(fave fic she wrote this week) did not deserve to be cast into Smut Timeout. It was a perfectly lovely smut fic. But alas, you had to go and be angsty with Dust to Dust. 

God damnit, Meg. We were so close to Wednesday and you gotta get yourself thrown in the slammer. 

 The feels felt in A Summer’s Dream were not appreciated, deans-colette. It’s a shame that Not My Father’s Son Part 9 had to be ripped from the big list, because it was a nice, happy little fic. But you know the rules. Make feels= go to Smut Timeout. 

We’re gonna need more chairs in Smut Timeout. Maybe a couch. But an uncomfortable one. Springs poking your butt and such. 

Well I want all of you to go to your corner and just sit here and think about what you did!

I apologize for the crap quality, but anyways :’D I had to draw this when i remembered that @cafe-cardamari‘s Angelo is also an inkling-octoling hybrid like @jewelwoom‘s inkling, and since both of them use the octoling goggles almost full time this just made sense . Also wow my first attempt at a comic :-)

Lmao wow. So it turns out both sects are just as shitty as the other and people will turn a blind eye to any and every injustice just to save face. Honestly damn every country in the Middle East. Y'all are all just as imperialistic as these white folks y'all hate so much.