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Diamond: Hey, I want to talk to you about earlier.

Sterling: Oh? Ready to apologize for how you were to Aspen.

Diamond: What! NO. I want to discuss this more. I do spend enough time with Nya and I don’t appreciate you two making me feel like I’m a shitty mother. 

Sterling: *laughes* Oh wow, are you serious? When is the last time you spent an entire day with her?

Diamond: What is that supposed to mean? I spend time with her!

Ink and Parchment

A/N: AH THIS IS PROBABLY A MESS IM SO SORRY BUT ID LIKE TO THANK MY WIFE, @koehlerhwu FOR THE SUGGESTION FOR THIS STORY. O FELL IN LOVE WITH IT THE FIRST TIME I HEARD IT. I APOLOGIZE FOR NOT posting anything for a while, as I’ve been super busy as of late. And this is such a SHITTY post.

Word count: 677 (WOW i’m pas terrible)

Ink and Parchment was one of the only ink and parchment in New York, and the store got decent business. However, there was a man that came in nearly every other day, and it was beginning to worry you. You’ve worked in your father’s shop since you were fifteen and you enjoyed in greatly. The customers were usually quite pleasant, and often stayed for coffee or tea. All except this man. He would always buy two pots of ink and two packs of parchment, every two days. How he went through all of that in two days, was beyond you, and frankly, you were quite curious.

Two days had passed since the man had last visited and you knew his visit would be due soon. “Good morning.” Well speak of the devil.

He sounded oddly chipper this morning. “Hello sir.” You greeted with a smile, reaching for a tea cup on the counter. “Coffee this morning?”

He turned around, distracting himself from the black ink pots. “Yes, I suppose.”

Your eyes widened a fraction at the unusual agreement, but you smiled none the less. The man collected his normal goods, placed them on the counter, and took the coffee gratefully. “(Y/N).” You offered your hand to him in an awkward introduction.

He raised an eyebrow but took your smaller hand. “Alexander Hamilton.”

“Ah, it seems I can finally put a name to the face.” You shot him a warm smile and leaned forward on the counter.

“So, now we’ve been acquainted, I have some small questions.”

Alexander looked slightly skeptical about your forwardness but didn’t object. “How do you ever go through so much ink and parchment.” You asked, glad you could finally get the questions answered, that would resurface every other day.

He sipped his coffee and sighed. “I guess you could say, I write like I’m running out of time.” He let out a small nervous chuckle and set his down his cup.

“If you write so much, do you get an adequate amount of sleep?” Your concern for this man was a little concerning.

Alexander’s chocolatey eyes widened and scowled. “What’s it to you?”

You smirked at his attempt to look intimidating, your mind racing with questions. However, a few stood out, all concerning your unrecognized attraction to this man. “Alexander, you need to get sleep to function!” You stated, leaning further towards him.

“What do you know about sleep?”

“I pride myself on my education.” You huffed.

“Fine! If you know so much, then tell me what the symptoms of sleep deprivation or insomnia are.”

“Gladly! Excessive yawning, memory loss, cognitive dysfunction, small hallucinations, and even death.”

His eyes widened a fraction at your extensive answer. You grinned, pride following through you. Little did you know, Alexander was far more than impressed, he was completely enamored with the ink and parchment owner’s daughter. These feelings had been developing for quite some time, and were one of the main reasons he visited this specific shop so often. (Y/N) had met pretty much all of his standards!

Your eyebrows knitted together as you tried to awake Alexander from his thoughts. You had taken the time to study him up close, due to the fact you were extremely close to him. Eye bags hung under his eyes that were a lovely shade of brown and his dark hair was tied back. He had well-trimmed, stubble that accented his face. All and all, he was certainly attractive. “Alexander, are you alright?” You asked, concern lacing your voice.

“May I write you, (Y/N)?” The question surprised you to the least.

Alexander, asking to write you after you just argued him, most likely sharing similarities to an old married couple. You weighed the pros against the cons and decided that you would allow it.

Nodding, you smiled at him. “Of course.”

He smiled widely at this, payed for his items, and walked out of the store with a bounce in his step.

Sure enough, the next day you received a letter form a mister A. Ham.


Wow, I’m so nervous right now. 

For the one and only eicinic, whom I admire a lot. Sorry for being so late D: (also sorry to give you this, it’s so shitty I want to cry). I know it is hard to tell, but it’s Bokuto and Akaashi from Eicinic’s great Adulthood AU to Haikyuu. This song really suited me at first, but then I realized it has nothing to do with their story, I’m sorry. I had to use filters on photos, bc the colors went blank. And while I have the chance I wanted to apologize one more time for all the stupid things I’ve typed yesterday on your livestream (which was awesome btw) ;-;. Have a great day!

Hey friends:: For all of us who have ever done something really shitty, (cheating, stealing, lying, insulting, etc. ), I just want to remind you that you aren’t an evil, irredeemable, piece of shit forever. Do you recognize what you did wrong? Do you regret it? Do you want to change and grow away from those behaviors? Did you apologize? Then congrats! You aren’t a demon, you’re HUMAN. Wow. And you’re getting better every day. High-five.

Wow okay so I’m gonna start with apologizing for the lazy graphic i’m sorry it’s so shitty but yOU KNOW WHAT THIS ISN’T ABOUT THE GRAPHIC! It’s about the fact that over five hundred of you have decided to join me on the wild shameless journey that is this blog in a measly two months! Honestly I did NOT expect this muse to get much attention being the tiny size of the fandom he belongs from, but obviously so many wonderful people enjoy making me emotional. Honestly if I could just hand you all the world in your hands I would, I am so so grateful to have each and every one of you here with me so thank you, sincerely. You all make this place such a positive environment for me and I can only hope that I’ve been doing the same for all of you. Today, you’re all the true mvps alright?! Each and every follower! 

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