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Yuri on Ice Fic Recs

@anotherwellkeptsecret asked me for fluffy fic recs, and when she asks, I obey, because she is awesome and I love her. Also I have fluffy fic recs, plus a few she didn’t ask for, because I think it’s well-known that I never follow directions.

There are more, but I think 10 are enough to be getting on with, hmm?

(Titles are hyperlinked, in case your browser is like mine and doesn’t show underlines.)

All the Fluff:

This time last year by Ptolemia

Yuuri once again bumps into Yuri Plisetsky in the bathroom after the Grand Prix Final. Conversations are had! Doors are kicked! Yuri is yelling!

It’s just like this time last year – only much better, because they’re friends, now. Even if Yuri has a strange way of showing that, sometimes…

My comment: Victor doesn’t appear, but this is still the fluffiest story I’ve read in a while. Yurio is earnest and adorable and abrasive in a very Yurio way, and you can’t read this without grinning.


slow it down by SportsAnimeRuinedMyLife (KnightOfRage)

“At first, he looked at Yuuri and he just wanted.

But then he started looking at Yuuri and wanting to protect him, to make him happy.

Now he looks at Yuuri and he wants everything with him.

It’s terrifying.”

Or…people have always been easy for Victor. Yuuri is the exception to the rule.

My comment: Post Ep7 fluff fic where there is much adorable banter.


Yuri Plisetsky has Two Dads by Metis_Ink

Fuck you, no he doesn’t.

//Yuri makes compromises between fighting the embarrassing cheerleaders that have appeared in his life and acknowledging them.

My comment: Future fic, so adorable. I cannot get enough Yurio being antagonistic and helpful all at once, it’s totally my jam. This fic is my jam in the best of ways.


home is when I’m alone with you by lazulisong

because Phichit is a better bro than Yuri deserves, he reminds Victor that a) Yuri has a birthday and b) Yuri hates flash mobs

Victor is still 70% sure he’s gonna screw it up.

My comment: Fluff so pure and sweet your dentist will curse you, and then take more of your money. The best part is Phichit’s texts.


When He’s Not Even Trying by qwartooty

“Do you have any kinks?”

Viktor looked down at Phichit, surprised. “Excuse me?”

“Fetishes. Turn-ons. Things that make you go, ‘Oooh! Wow! Yeah!’”

“I know what a kink is. Why are you asking me that kind of question?”

“Don’t look so scandalized. It’s for my psychology project. Which I just told you about, but you were too busy drooling over Yuuri to listen,” Phichit said.

(post episode 7 - In which Viktor is enlightened, Phichit is a little shit, and Yuuri frantically searches for ways to keep surprising Viktor)

My comment: It’s more pre-Victuuri than established relationship, but oh so worth it. Phichit continues to be the best meddler ever.


From the Moon by ButterBeerBitch

Victor Nikiforov, the living legend, winner of five consecutive World Championships and five straight Grand Prix Finals - was in Yuuri’s bed. Yuuri’s bumpy, squeaky bed, with the Pokémon stickers peeling off the frame and the unwashed sheets.

“Smells like you,” Victor mumbled, careful and coy.

Yuuri was on the verge of passing out.


Or that one time Victor finds out why Yuuri has never let him inside his bedroom because….well, we all know why…

My comment: Lyrical and lovely and funny and sweet. You will melt into goo, and be happy about it.


 Slightly angsty but ends well and thus worth reading:

Shut up and let me hold you by shysweetthing

“How can you tell me to return to the ice while saying you’re retiring?” As Victor spoke, his anger flared into something just a little darker. Something just a little possessive, and Yuuri was usually the possessive one between them. Victor found himself closing the distance between them, grabbing hold of Yuuri’s leg. Yuuri shrank back—a centimeter—but Victor followed. Their noses brushed. Their lips were so close that when Victor spoke, it was almost a kiss.

“Yuuri, how am I supposed to skate my heart out when you are my heart?”

My comment: The conversation at the end of Ep11, continued. AAHHHHH, this fic broke me and put me back together again in the best of ways. This is totally my headcanon for how that conversation went. Love love love.


Hold Me Tight by smudgesofink

Katsuki Yuuri is not a tactile man. Anyone who’s spent a minute with him can tell you that much.

Victor, however—

To say that Victor is touchy-feely is the understatement of the century.

So when Victor just stops touching Yuuri, without explanation, without reason, it makes for a painfully jarring experience.

(Alternatively titled: Five Times Victor Hugs Yuuri, and the One Time He Doesn’t)

My comment: Starts off schmoopy, ends schmoopy. There’s some serious homophobic angst in the middle, though, so be warned. That said, it’s a wonderful fic about Yuuri and Victor’s relationship and well-worth the read if you can deal with the trigger.


WIPs, so who knows where they’re gonna go, but I’m enjoying them so far:

solo and pair by calciseptine

Yuuri keeps his mark hidden.

My comment: Soulmates AU, six chapters complete as of this posting. Basically, soulmates have matching marks, and that’s how they find each other. Total slow burn, since as of yet Yuuri and Victor haven’t met, but it’s well-written and well-paced and Yuuri’s voice is spot-on. I’m thoroughly enjoying the ride.


Switched by GhostsOnSaturn

Soulmates AU where your consciousness occasionally swaps places with that of your soulmate for varying amounts of time.

Katsuki Yuuri was just six years old when it first happened. He had been minding his own business, quite happily drawing an interesting rendition of a bird perched outside his window, and had blinked only to find himself somewhere completely different.

He let out a shout of alarm - but it wasn’t his voice - and all of a sudden, feet that were far too big to be his slipped out from underneath him and he found himself lying on something very hard, and very cold.

My comment: Yes, shut up, it’s another soulmates AU. Five chapters complete as of this posting. I love this premise, with soulmates switching places, and getting to see how Yuuri and Victor influence each other from afar from very young ages, without ever meeting. Well written and original, now go give the author love and maybe they’ll write us some more.

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