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Honestly one of the biggest reasons I wanna learn languages is to get the bragging-rights that goes with them

“how many languages do you speak?”


“ :O ohmygoshthatssocool!!!”

 fancy date :D

Headcanon: Body Image & Sexuality

I’ve been thinking really hard on it the past few days, and I think I’ve determined my interpretation of Prompto’s sexuality.

Prompto is Demisexual, but not aware of it. However, if someone were to read off the hallmark traits of said sexuality he’d kind of laugh with the familiar (if you’re any sort of not-straight) ‘ha ha, shit, wow….okay, that does sound like me’.

Prompto also considers himself Straight. Well.. mostly.  Heteroflexible His eye is always going to be drawn to a pretty girl before it is to a pretty guy, and the standard for ‘pretty’ can widely vary– generally he’s attracted to folks who would fit the conventional ‘beauty’ mold, going first for aesthetics over actual attraction.

Relationships are… a struggle. He had a few girlfriends when he was in school, but didn’t actually go far with most of them. While he’s quite keen on kissing and otherwise exploring a partner’s body with his hands, laying close, and doing otherwise romantic stuff, but when it comes to the receiving end he has some severe hangups.

He has severe anxiety about the barcode on his wrist, and generally people want their partners to be fully undressed when engaging in more sexual activities. He cannot comply with this, and actually left a date’s house in the middle of the night because it was better than having the ‘what is that’ conversation.

Teen-to-young adult Prompto knows he’s attractive. He worked for it. However, he still feels best with his clothes on– his stomach to thighs bear evidence of just how hard he worked to become fit, and he finds them embarrassing. They’re not poetic scars of lightning engraved in the skin, they’re just gross. He’d much rather keep his shirt on, honestly.

TL;DR : Prompto is an incorrigible flirt with too much baggage to carry through beyond that.

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How about Harry Potter? Thank you for reading!

there are a LOT OF characters i love from hp, luna is probably my favorite??? it’s hard to pick just one :D

Rajigaze Nov 18

Kai (reading mail): “Uruha-san, Kai-san, hello! Congratulations on your Bluray/DVD release.” She is talking about our live DVD Shikoku.

Uruha: Yes.

Kai: “I got it right away and I’ve already watched it a bunch of times. When you’re head banging [at the real thing] it’s hard to watch the stage, so I’m really happy that I can watch it again thoroughly. But I also head bang while watching.”

Uruha: Huh?

Kai: While watching the DVD.

Uruha: Oh wow lmao 

Kai: “Anyway, this isn’t related to the theme, but you guys head bang while playing your instruments, and I think that’s so amazing.”

(Uruha giggles)

Kai: “Do you have any tips for head banging while playing an instrument? Please tell us!” 

Uruha: Ahhh…so someone finally asked

Kai: Do you have any?

Uruha: Hmmm…well, it’s pretty hard.

Kai: Mhm. 

Uruha: Like, surprisingly hard. I mean, I don’t really know how to explain it, but…

Kai: But you know, with head banging at least you’re going along with the rhythm. I think singing [to the chorus and stuff while playing] is even harder. Sometimes we’re off rhythm with that eh (laughs) 

Uruha: Yeah, singing is quite hard.

Kai: Quite…

Uruha: Like if you compare the two, head banging is easier.

Kai: Yeah, because it matches the rhythm [of the song]…

Uruha: Yeah, but then there’s windmill head banging…

Kai: Oh yeah (laughs)

Uruha: That’s pretty hard. We actually all practiced it together at the studio until we got the hang of it.

Kai: We did!? Did I do that..? I don’t.. – Oh, I know! It’s cause at first I didn’t do it [with the rest of you].

Uruha: But you were there when we were practicing…

Kai: Oh yeah yeah I was (laughs) 

Uruha: Right? In the studio

Kai: Yeah yeah yeah. I remember you were all like “let’s do it together” but I didn’t get in on it. At the time you know? And then once you guys were all doing it I started to as well, but I was able to do it right away. 

Uruha: Well w/e no one’s checking.

Kai: (laughs) Then watch the videos please. 

Uruha: Yeah ok whatever

Kai: Watch a DVD or something, I’m pretty sure I can do it. 

Uruha: Okay, but anyway, it’s so easy to lose your balance when you’re doing windmill head banging. 

Kai: Yeahhh it is. Cause your centre [of gravity??] moves you know

Uruha: Yeah, so when you’re doing it you have to really pay attention to your posture. 

Kai: Mhmmmm

Uruha: You have to stand firmly with your legs apart, and make sure you don’t get swayed by the movement of your head

Kai: (laughing) Mhm

Uruha: It’s pretty hard to play while you’re moving around so aggressively – well, this is a talk for our next live (giggles) but yeah I’ll leave it at, you gotta really keep your posture steady. 

Kai: Well….do we have a plan to do that..? (*I guess some aggressive head banging shit) Not really right…?

Uruha: Well…yeah idk….

Kai: We should all do windmill head banging together (laughs)

Uruha: But you know, it’s easy for the fans. They’re not holding an instrument or anything so they can go really hard.

Kai: Ahh yeah…

Uruha: I want them to experience [what it’s like to do it w an instrument] 

Kai: Okay then u can all try it at home (laughs) 

Uruha: Then you can see how much it fucks you up.

Kai: You’ll see how hard it is…and then you’ll rediscover how awesome we are. (laughs)

Uruha: Yeah okay…

Kai: Well I guess other people do it too huh

Uruha: Yes.

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Do you know of any really plotty Sciles and/or Allydia fics which focus on them being engaged in some plot or problem other than their relationship(s)? I love the pairings, but most of what I find seems to be personal drama, or fluff. All well and good, but sometimes I wanna read about them being BAMFs and handling supernatural problems together. :D

Wow, it is oddly hard to find long Scott/Stiles fics which don’t just center around their relationship!   Same with Allison/Lydia (but slightly more luck with them).  I did my best, ok?  lol  Hope you like them.  -Emmy

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And I’m Waiting for the Sun by Schizzar 

(42,229 I Explicit I Complete)

The pack still hasn’t healed from their last big encounter, but the rest of the world doesn’t care. The only way they can save everyone this time is if they can find out how to truly come together.

The Echo Howl by volatilehearted (anomalagous) 

(51,333 I Mature I Complete)

He wakes up in a box.

Actually, ‘wakes up’ puts it way too mildly, it makes it sound peaceful, sedate and serene, the kind of thing you do on Sunday morning, covered in warm thick blankets and liquid sunshine. This is nothing like that. This is the antithesis of anything that comfortable, and it only brackets the notion that he has no idea how he even knows what Sunday or blankets or sunshine are.

He begins to exist in a box.

Forbidden by Ravenclaw1991 

(65,196 I Mature I Complete)

The beginning of ‘Echo House’ takes a different turn. Everyone bands together to save Stiles and the some things happen between Scott and Stiles.

Since a couple of people liked it, I’ve decided to continue this by combining it with a couple other fic ideas I had. So there’s tons of Skittles in this because I’ve been having a lot of Skittles feels lately. The rating is subject to change depending on what happens.


Somewhere Along the Way by melbopo

(40,000 I Explicit i Complete)

This is the story of Allison and Lydia’s three week road trip across the country to escape the bad memories haunting them in Beacon Hills but they fall in love somewhere along the way.

I Will Find You, Underneath a Blood Moon by Thirteen94

(64,108 I Mature I Complete)    *magical realism

You see, the legend goes like this;
Those who walk the woods become part of the hunt, wolves with eyes of gold, sapphire and ruby. They prey on those who wander, who let their curiosity get the better of them.
It was mostly told to keep kids from wandering off from their parents during walks or picnics and then when more and more people kept disappearing the stories changed to scare kids away from the forest altogether

(Or; The time Lydia stumbled upon a mystery, secrets and a lost hunter)

Children of the Wild Ones by Schizzar

(100,910 I Explicit I Complete)  *also Danny/Stiles, Lydia/Erica

Just as the pack is starting to settle down, a new family of hunters moves into town, and so does a new werewolf pack. It’s hard to keep their territory when there’s a family itching to put them down. Somehow, the Argents will have to work with the newly formed Hale Pack to save Beacon Hills from those intent on burning it all down.

Take Me Home and Show Me The Sun by Thirteen94 

(112,814 I Teen I Complete)

A few months ago, Lydia probably would have laughed at the idea of eating burgers and fries in the backyard of someone’s house with eleven other people all of whom were wearing flower crowns of some design, it’s definitely something she never would have thought would happen. But in that moment, it felt entirely natural and there wasn’t a thing she would change about it.

(Or: Lydia moves to Beacon Hills, finds the friends she never thought she’d have and falls in love)

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Those Who Walk Away From Omelas is a really good short story. Like after reading it I wanted to know more about it, but sadly it's only a short story. Like lowkey though I felt guilty afterwards. It hits your heart, like hard lol.

Ah, I read it just now and wow. Bangtan would definitely be the ones who leave Omelas (heck, I would too after seeing that). It’s such a bangtan thing though. And the guilt they mentioned in the story, it reflects a lot about real life too.

I’m glad I read that short story, it made Spring Day 10x more meaningful


The Six Wives of Henry VIII + Aesthetic : Katherine Parr


29.1.17 // (Day 12/100) Ahh so sorry for the hiatus!

Wow it’s been a while since I posted! I’m really sorry for that, but I’m sure you all know how sometimes school can just kind of suffocate you. 😓

Anyways I’m back and ready to study hard. I had my parents’ evening this week and all my teachers said exactly the same thing as they do every year - “Doing very well, really hard working, but too quiet!” 😁

“But I’d rather be in the library reading science books all day.” 🔬📚
- Princess Annalise, The Princess and the Pauper

‘Written in Your Heart’ 💖✒
- from The Princess and the Pauper
((Seriously guys, Princess and the Pauper is such a badass movie, the princess saves the kingdom with science so she doesn’t have to rely on marrying a rich king!))


ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ  #BurgerKingYoungKDay

It’s hard to put my thoughts into words, maybe because words aren’t enough? 23 years old and you’ve already achieved so much. Since the first video until now you showed us how much you grew up and how talented you are. You always showed us such a sweet and strong side of you but we all know that sometimes it’s hard for you. You’ve been working so hard over the past years and there’s no doubt that your efforts have paid off. Thank you for being born or else we wouldn’t have known what true talent is. Thank you for always working hard on your amazing voice and instruments. It must be difficult to be an artist especially with the pressure and cons that come along with it. I am so glad that you didn’t give up because we all know how many years you’ve waited for that special moment. I hope you will always keep going and chase your dream, please never stop. Keep slapping that bass and never get tired of it because your talent has no limits and i’m sure that we didn’t see everything of it yet. From your personality to your voice, you are perfect and i want you to know that. Thank you for always giving 200% in everything you do. Thank you for always keeping us sundays in mind. Thank you for making DAY6 what it is today, because without you and your amazing self it wouldn’t be the same. I wish you all the happiness in this world because you truly deserve it. Happy birthday to the person that makes my life better and better every day just by being part of it, hope you’ll have an incredible day and keep doing what you love the most, i love you a lot, and i really mean a lot. Best of luck for the future! ㅤ ㅤ  ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ     ㅤ Always by your side little bun

당신이 이것을 읽지못할지도 모르지만 저의 작은선물을 좋아했으면좋겠어요!
제가 데이식스 을 알게된이후로 더욱 행복해지고,당신이해주는 모든것에대해서 감사해요, 당신이 많은사랑을받고있다는걸 알길바래요! 좋은하루보내요. 최고의생일을 축하했으면 좋겠어요~ 사랑해요!♡

Eiffel’s favorite book is James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.

He’s never been quite sure why. He never liked to read much, his ADHD made it hard for him to sit down and concentrate long enough for him to really get into a book, but something about Dahl’s work made it easy.

Sure, James and the Giant Peach funny and has magic and giant bugs, what 10 year wouldn’t like that?

Or maybe it was just that it was his first real book. It had been a gift from an aunt, and Eiffel had almost forgotten about into he picked it up one day and decided to read it out of boredom.

He finished it in two days.

And maybe, in fact most likely, though Eiffel hasn’t really though about it himself, he wanted to be James,who didn’t have any friends, who got away from his shitty guardians and had magical adventures and who become a hero.

And Eiffel always wanted that.

He found more by Dahl and loved it all, practically Fantastic Mr. Fox and George’s Marvelous Medicine.

Of course he brought James and the Giant Peach with him on the Hephaestus, the same copy he got in 1992, primarily held together by duct tape.

Minkowski laughed when he told her.

“So.. uh, what’s your favorite book…?” had been an awkward ice-breaker type question posed by Eiffel.

“To Kill a Mockingbird” said Minkowski, “what’s yours?”

She wasn’t sure what she was expecting, maybe Lord of the Rings or maybe a comic book or something. She was not expecting

“James and the Giant Peach”

and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Really, Eiffel? Isn’t that a children’s book?”

She did feel a little bad when she saw the hurt look on his face. 

Later, she assumes it’s because Anne loves it, and she’s not entirely wrong, Eiffel did plan to read all of Roald Dahl’s books to her.

They only made it halfway through The Witches.

He brought that one with him, too.

About a year into the mission, Eiffel decided to read it again, late one night when he couldn’t sleep.

“Officer Eiffel…?” asked Hera.

“What’s up, Hera?” 

“This is stupid… but will you… read me your book…?”

He was a little taken back by the question.

(He thinks of Anne, climbing into his lap, insisting “Read to me, Daddy!”)

“Yeah, of course.” he said, flipping back to the beginning of the book.

Every night before he went to sleep, he read her couple chapters. He did voices too, even though he’s terrible at it.

Hera loved it anyway.

(Anne always loved it, too)

Kepler, Maxwell and Lovelace laughed too when they found out. (who even knows how the topic had come up) They weren’t expecting his answer, either. They weren’t sure what to expect, but it was not that.

Jacobi, on the other hand, scoffed.

“Please, Eiffel. Matilda is way better.”

Eiffel just looked at him for a moment.

“Figures,” he said.

Jacobi has yet to figure out what that means.

Eiffel has read James and the Giant Peach several times since the mission started. It helps to fight off the homesickness, the paranoia, and the anxiety. He’s got it practically memorized by now, but he doesn’t care.

It’s his favorite book.


Request: Peridot in Flannel

Its in same style with my past Peridot fanart, as you wish. Its my first request in Tumblr. So i put a lot of effort in this. Also this time i drew background on my own . This came a little late because im in a exam week. And also , thanks for the compliments. These compliments, reblogs , likes and comments are my motivation. So here u go m8,thx 4 my firts request, u da 1 :D - ihooded

I hope I’ve understood the request correctly:o

Take a Breath

Don’t let anybody tell you that your favorite free time activity is dumb. You like to draw? That’s amazing! Play video games? Go hard! Read a lot? Wow that’s really cool! Blog on tumblr? That’s great I bet your blog is fantastic! Whatever it is, you enjoy it, and that’s the best part about it <3

– Mod Taki <3

Wow, am I tired. I realized waaay too late that I did the line art on top of the actual sketch instead of on it’s own layer. I attempted to color it a little so it’s easier to read, but… yeah… |D;;;

Anyways, I drew me getting a massage from Parisa and Penelope because it just sounded cute :’D I have a day job and it’s very hard on my feet (found out they’re flat) and it takes a lot of energy out of me because I have horribly low vitamin D levels, which causes really bad fatigue. So massages really help me with my sore feet/legs/back. This is also the reason as to why I’m late on my daily for today |’D I didn’t have the energy till just a bit ago. Sorry.

So I got really into Boku no Hero Academia since the anime sparked my interest and I read the whole manga that’s so far available! It got me thinking of what exactly my Quirk would be and after asking all my friends, I’ve decided that I’d be able to produce shields! I actually have loads of cool things I thought I could do with the powers (under the read more)!

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so. it’s been a while.

sorry about that, everyone. 

i just found out my piece that i had worked really hard on just got accepted into my college’s publication!!!


so, i’m so happy and just…. wow. 

i will try to be on more, but this sense of acceptance has made me a little more focused on my own characters. ( i’ll be keeping luke as more of a “when i get stuck, fall back on him” muse. and i wanna go venturing back into the eu and re-read the stories i loved. )

if you want to know my other blog url, it’s @magictroupe

but next session i will have only ONE class that isn’t writing heavy at all so i will be able to finally take a chill pill and relax for six weeks before hell reigns on me.

this is my daily checking in and your notification that you are very much loved in this world.

baymax— offline.