wow this is kinda shitty

do you have to be special? 
do people have to recognize you, no matter what? i don’t think so. 
at the very least, not when it comes to this child. 
he doesn’t need to become great. 
why does he have to be better than everyone else? just look at him. 
don’t you see how cute he is? 
he’s already great, because he was born into this world.

1. if you turn the volume all the way up, and listen to your favorite song with your eyes closed, you will feel less alone.

2. when you fall in love with being alone you will learn a lot about who you are; then, when you are surrounded by people, you won’t feel so afraid, you won’t feel so out of place. because when you are sure of yourself you don’t feel so obliged to fit, in some place.

3. you will meet people who have never heard your favorite song. and you may not fully understand, but somehow you will trust them with enough of your heart to recommend it to them. those who matter will listen. and they will surprise you.

4. in all your years on this earth, you have learned more than you think. you are more capable than you realize.

5. you don’t know everything. you are not the best, at anything, and you are never the only one. you are not the only one looking for a place to exist honestly - you are not the only one willing to create a place, to exist honestly. people will surprise you.

6. people love you - people will love you. even when you don’t want them to. even when you are ready to give up, even when you are at your lowest point and everyone you love doesn’t have the words you need to hear - they still love you. they will always love you, in whatever way they know how. and it will be enough.

7. God exists. there are shadows you will try to hide behind, and excuses you will try to build - but God exists in the realest way imaginable.

8. these things, this growing, takes time. do not rush it. do not expect to be something, or someone, you’re not - just because someone says you should be. take time to breathe. don’t worry so much about who you’re becoming, rather, focus on what you’re doing. make art. love others. write poems about your love for the moon; learn to love the sun. don’t cling so tightly to the identity that has been handed to you. don’t be so afraid to do what the ache in your chest is telling you to do; do not be so afraid to reach for something, to act on something, bigger than yourself. and you will find, with time, that you’ve become exactly who you need to be.

9. eventually everything will fall into place. it is hard to believe now, that this heartbreak is preparing you for love. it is difficult to grasp, that this displacement - being thrown into such harsh uncertainty - will light your path home. but, listen: you are not a mistake. you are not an accident. you are living, with purpose, and everything surrounding you - every person connected to you, every moment that touches you - is going to make sense one day. i promise, it will all make sense one day. just wait.


Dear Me, (things i learned in 2016) / misplacedpens

things i learned in 2015
things i learned in 2014

  • us before tst: wow mary kinda shitty to name your kid after yourself.. "mary"?? really??
  • mary in tst: actually I not only named her after myself for one name, I did it for her entire name
Goblin Review: Episode 12

What an ending, ya’ll. What. An. Ending. I honestly teared up so many times this episode and it’s not even funny. =/ Gramps passed away, we know the truth about Deok Hwa, Sunny remembered her past, Shin learned about the Eunuch, and both Grims and Shin realized that he is Wang Yeo. Wow. (I’m honestly sorry if this is kinda shitty, I didn’t have much time to write this.)

Eun Tak: This episode did’t really have much to do with her but it was really cute to see her start at university. “No blind dates, no romance, and no Tae Hee.” Lmao, Shin has some great rules for her. And the scene in the photo booth was honestly cute as hell. 💞 Her main role was being the middle guy between the Eunuch and Shin. She was even scared enough of the Eunuch to put lighters in every one of her jackets…poor girl. Also, I love the fact that Yeo always goes to her for advice or just to chat; they’re such good friends now haha. And I find it interesting that she could’t see that ghost; was it because she was distracted thing about the Eunuch and Yeo or is it because she’s losing her ability to do so now?

Deok Hwa: Oh, I cried with him when he was crying about Gramps passing. Yook Sunjae is honestly doing such a great job with his acting; from alternating from a serious deity And Shin saying that he has him as family? My heart!! I guess we were all half-right about Deok Hwa being the deity; I don’t know why, but I never thought of the deity using Deok Hwa as a vessel. That was brilliant. Tbh, I like the deity; I liked the fact that he orchestrated Shin and Yeo meeting and living together. Despite not getting along at first, he used their lack of knowledge to get them to bond. I think that will be the deciding factor in determining their fate.

Sunny: Who knew that it would only take a kiss for her to remember her past life? It seemed like Yeo was trying to make her forget meeting him again when he asked her to look into his eyes, but it didn’t look like she forgot anything. It’ll be interesting to see how else she’ll get involved now that she knows the whole truth.

Goblin/Grim Reaper: My favorite bromance is on the verge of imploding and I am not okay. Tbh, I hope that they forgive each other quickly and figure out a way to send the Eunuch to hell! Yeo doesn’t seem to completely remember but that fact he was able to deduce that he may be Wang Yeo was pretty cool. He’s so different from who the King was and I predict that the Eunuch’s plan to getting them to kill/hate each other won’t work. We need a happy ending of course, right?

Eunuch: He says he wants to destroy both Shin and Yeo and I can understand why for both. Shin, because he killed him, and Yeo because I’m guessing he changed after the Queen died. But I feel like there should be more to it than that? And why can’t Shin use the sword to kill him? As a goblin, he obviously has more powers than a ghost so why doesn’t the sword affect him? Maybe because the Eunuch was the first kill after he became a goblin and has been roaming around for 900 years along with Shin? I assume that the only way to kill him would be for Shin and Yeo to work together. Ugh, so many questions.

I’m not prepared to admit that we only have 4 episodes left, but we do. Time flies when good dramas are on, right? 

Drop an ask and talk to me! I’d love to discuss!

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“Unlike the hallways, the lunchroom was suspiciously silent. There was a tension that filled the space, immediately setting Alex on edge. Navigating through the crowd, he managed to slip to the front with ease. In any other case, his small stature would be a brittle thorn in his side, but on the occasion it had its advantages. The scene that laid before him was one that would not soon be forgotten. Lafayette was towering on top of a table, shouting in a mixture of French and English at another boy who was standing on the ground looking up smugly at the enraged teenager. There was a small circle of students blocking entrance to the faceoff, keeping any administration interference at bay. Teenagers are like sharks, Alex thought, a fight is like a drop of blood.”

Aaaaaand here is yet another drawing from @damn-man-ham-fam‘s brilliant fic. I can’t seem to stop drawing Hamilton how did this happen

I was listening to one of the tapes while doing a mission (been stuck on it for two days I swear this is fucking ridiculous, I’m terrible at sneaking) and suddenly my heart screeched and well here ya go.

It’s out of context and doesn’t actually fit what was happening, but I wanted to doodle some emotional fluff. :3c I mean this is honestly pretty shitty but you know it was fun so

Runs away to draw some proper sins ahuuuu


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