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About a Girl [Final]

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Life these past few months had changed, and not all for the better. Since your conversation with Mr. Kim the air was tense. The two of you kept it cordial and avoided spending extra time together. Mr. Kim kept his promise when it came to spending time with Jangmi, you just didn’t join them. In an effort to get to know Jangmi, Jihye would pick her up at least twice a week.. Slowly you were needed less and less, and Jihye seemed happy about that. 

It was no secret she wasn’t a fan of yours. Always sending you icy stares and snide remarks when you were in the same room. If you didn’t know better you would have thought you’d wronged her in some way. So you tried your best to avoid her for your own sake. Luckily it wasn’t too difficult since she was always busy planning for her wedding.

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A/N:  Wow. I wasn’t sure there was a part 6 to this story, but apparently there is. Thank you to my lovely betas ( @little-black-dress-24, @niallandharrymakemestrong, @melissas173, @emulateharry) who never fail to prop me up when I’m not sure I can do it. Thank you, ladies. You are all gems. 

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After leaving Harry’s house with your loaded bag, you walk a few blocks before you flag down a cab. You feel like you’ve just experienced a three hour workout, your limbs limp. The exhaustion and weariness is so deep that you swear you can feel it at a molecular level. It hurts to raise your hand to flag the taxi. Lifting your duffel bag into the back seat with you is like tossing around a 25kg bag of rocks. Climbing into the taxi, you lean your head back, closing your eyes, holding back tears with sheer willpower.

Hauling yourself upstairs to your flat, you drop your duffel just inside the door, falling face first onto the bed without removing your clothes. Heaving sobs wrack your shoulders. The screams that you hide in your pillow sound like a wounded animal. Your howling scares you, as you’ve never heard this sound from the depths of your stomach before, but you can’t seem to stop. You cry and sob and scream until you are completely spent, and then you just lie on your bed, staring at the ceiling, completely numb, feeling the time ticking away as slowly as a snail attempting to run a marathon. When your alarm goes off, you haven’t once closed your eyes, and they feel like sandpaper as you haul yourself out of bed to take a shower. Oh, how you wish you could stay home and wallow, watching sad movies, listening to Sign of the Times nonstop, eating ice cream out of the container with a single spoon. But you have clients to see, reporters and fans to avoid.

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zee-the-nerd  asked:

Hello! I absolutely love all your characters and how real they feel. What advice do you have for developing realistic characters, especially when some feel underdeveloped compared to others?

Dear zee-the-nerd,

I think it’s about salient noise.

I got this ask a few days ago, and I’ve been thinking about it on and off ever since, because even though I’ve talked a lot about my writing process and how I build characters from real-life people, I’ve never really talked about how my writing, art, and music are all the same in my head. There is an overlying filter/ principle/ law that directs the way I write characters and the way I compose songs and the way I decide what to put in the background of an art piece, and I knew that if I could explain that, I could explain why building a character doesn’t feel like a different skillset than building a world for a new novel or deciding what color blue to use in a portrait of a horse or whether to put hand-claps in the background of a piece of music. The issue is that I’ve never really figured out how to practically describe it. And I’ve never been sure it would be useful to anyone else even if I did.

But today I was sitting down to work and I looked out of my office to where the morning light was illuminating a piece of furniture in the entry, and a way to lay out my thought process hit me. The jury’s out on whether or not it’ll be useful to anyone else. But I’m going to give it a go.

I’m sorry, this is gonna be abstract.

Here’s a picture of what I just saw:

Let this image serve as an extended visual metaphor. I very much like the view from my office. I think it’s interesting and attractive. If you don’t, this might not make sense.

Ok, let’s make a metaphor.

All of my creative pursuits begin with a real-life thing that piques my interest. The crudest form of my art will involve me directly copying this object. I’m not an artist at this stage. I’m a forger. I’m merely trying to objectively copy a simple, truthful likeness.

This part is difficult: fraught with technical skill. I spent years teaching myself how to draw things exactly as I saw them:

Years teaching myself to write a person exactly as I thought they were. To copy the precise style another musician achieved with their harp or bagpipes or whatever I was playing at the time. Because of subjectivity, it’s a tricky thing, this artless forgery. Everything I saw, heard, and experienced came through the corrupting lens of my mind. I’d forge a new verse of a traditional song for our band, but the style would be affected by my modern understanding of scale. I’d draw glass, but I’d get it wrong because my brain kept shouting that it was supposed to be invisible even though my eyes knew better. I’d steal siblings for my characters and get them wrong because I’d misunderstand and simplify motivations. 

Teaching myself objectivity — basic forgery, the elimination of bias, the non-negotiable skill of using pigments and words — that involved learning the technical tools of each trade.

Back to the bench outside my office.

Once I became a forger of all sorts, I had the skills to recreate the bench in whatever media I was working in. Thievery. Technically impressive. Technically correct. Technically objective. 

This is not art: this is fact.  

Now, we all remember that we’re in MetaphorLand, right? Do I need to explain that the bench does not really mean “a bench”? It is the subject of whatever I’m creating. 

This is where salient noise comes in. 

From that objective seed, that tiny bit of forged reality, I start to complicate. Every time I add something to my creation that is not exactly like real life, I’m making an intentional subjective decision: that’s the art of it. Every time I choose a color that the original subject didn’t feature (a blue horse), or a hobby the person didn’t have (hunting for Welsh kings), an instrument that wasn’t available at the time of a traditional tune’s original composition, I’m building a new and subjective thing.

Artful forgery means not merely copying but creating something that seems like it could be real, even though it’s not. That means adding in as much detail as you need to convince your viewer that the thing they’re looking at could exist somewhere else. Adding in salient noise. The right amount of backstory and surface detail to suggest reality. 

Here’s that photo again.

A technical copy of that bench would be a skillful wonder. But that’s not what makes the view out of my office appealing to me. The bench is clearly the center stage, but the noise around it is what makes the photo interesting. The light across the bench is a complicating factor — an aspect of reality that suggests a sunny world outside the room. The violin case beneath the bench holds the promise of a backstory. The painting above it sets the mood and tells you what sort of person might sit on that bench. In the corner of the photo we see a hint of a complicated life: is that a music room? Maybe so — look, there’s a piano, a guitar rack. A set of bagpipes in a case behind the piano, but out of focus, not the point of the photograph. Photos on the wall, telling us that there is more to this life than we can easily see in one glimpse. All of those things are interesting on their own, but they are put off to the edge, put out of focus, so that they don’t overwhelm the bench’s role. So we don’t forget who the story is about.

Here’s that painting I did this weekend:

The people are the focus. But there’s all kinds of noise in this picture. Hanging flowers, a crock by a fireplace, two people sitting in the background, stairs, Rustic Architecture™. Even the light across the table is noise, an artful forgery.

This isn’t really as immersive:

I need the noise to make it feel real. I don’t want someone’s first gut impression to be wow, that looks like it must have been hard. I want their first impression to be an emotion. Noise. 

That’s how I make characters. I start with a very tiny seed of a real person, carefully and artlessly forged, and then I begin to complicate it until I’ve made someone as noisy as a real person. But unlike a real person, I select every element to manipulate how the reader feels about the character. A slash of light across the bench to immediately ground it in our real world and show that it follows our physical rules. A violin beneath to provoke interest. A complicated and cohesive backstory that is barely visible at first glance. 

Salient noise. Forgery plus. Rustic Architecture™.

Does this make sense? In my head it does. But things are sort of cluttered up there. Heck of a lot of benches.



Time Will Tell

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Jughead x Serpent!reader, please 😃😃

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: You were a Southside Serpent, but went to Riverdale High School. Nobody knew why you did, but you weren’t liked by anyone there, they told you, you belonged in the Southside High School where ‘your kind’ belonged. But you didn’t care what they thought, you were tough, didn’t take anything from anyone. However, you did always clash with Jughead, creating arguments that always lead to drama, but worked out in the end.

Warnings: Fighting, light swearing

Word Count: 2,792

A/N: This was actually pretty tricky to write, but at the same time I enjoyed making it. I kind of put my own creativeness to the test and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do! :))

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When you moved to Riverdale your whole life changed, but not to what you thought it was going to be.

You used to live in Tennessee, people were kind and nice to one another, you had your usual drama in school but that was about it.

You had lots of friends, you were considered ‘semi-popular’ if someone were to categorize you.

 One day when you came home from school, your dad was sitting at the table, a sad look on his face.

“Hun, we need to talk.” He spoke sternly, making you freeze.

That night you were told that you were moving, to a small town called Riverdale that was in the middle of nowhere.

Now you weren’t upset about the fact you were leaving the house you grew up in, but the fact you were leaving all your friends that have been by you since you met.

“But why do we have to move? Why now? Why in the middle of the year?” You complained, flailing your arms everywhere dramatically.

“It’s my bosses idea, not mine.” He sighed, rubbing his face.

That night you laid awake, trying to think of the right way to explain to your friends you were leaving.

The next day you got up with dread, this was the worst day of your life already and it hadn’t even started yet.

You got ready for school, and headed out.

You walked in, everyone waiting for you beside your locker, their faces lighting up and waving to you as you approached them.

“Hey Y/N!” Some shouted, a smile on their face.

“Y/N you’ll never guess who Josh took out on a date last night.” Jessica laughed, making others laugh too.

You looked at all of them, before making a ‘shhing’ sound to grab all their attentions.

“Look, guys I need to tell you all something, and you’re not going to like it.” You sighed, looking down at your shoes.

“What is it Y/N?” Val questioned, looking at you with curiosity.

“Yeah whatever it is, it can’t be that bad.” Julia placed her hand on her hip.

“Guys.. I’m moving.. I leave today.” You blurted out, looking at them all sadly.

They all stood there frozen, as if they just witnessed something they shouldn’t have.

“No! You can’t!” Emma cried out, pulling you in for a hug.

“Why do you have to move?” Nicole questioned, making others nod with her.

“My dad’s boss is relocating him to this stupid small town called Riverdale, it’s literally in the middle of nowhere.” You whined, hugging your friend.

They all looked at you sadly, all joining in for a group hug.

The day went by quick, you all got one last picture together before you set off to your new life.

It took days to get there by car, but you soon made it, and you weren’t happy at all.

“I hate this so much.” You muttered, looking at your new surroundings.

“Yeah well, this is our new home so get used to it.” He sighed, pulling into a parking lot.

You got out of the car, looking at the area you now called home.

It wasn’t like your home back in Tennessee, this place felt darker, people wore these jackets that said ‘Southside’ on them.

You had to admit you liked them a lot.

“Hey dad are we getting one of those cool jackets too?” You questioned, looking around at everyone.

“I think so.” He nodded, walking up to a man who was eager to see him.

“You must be James, and your daughter Y/N! We’ve been expecting you.” He smiled, shaking your dads hand.

You soon learned his name was FP Jones and that he was in charge of the place area we lived in.

He told us that the people that lived here were called the Southside Serpents and that they had a bad reputation, but that they embraced it.

You were instantly intrigued, you could get a new reputation around here and you liked it.

“So Y/N, here’s your jacket, and sadly, you’re going to be going to Riverdale High School because of your scores from school.” FP smiled, handing you your jacket which you gladly put on.

“Is it because I have a high GPA?” You questioned, smirking while flipping your hair dramatically.

FP laughed as did your dad, who gave you a side hug.

“You did so well academically in your old school that the classes recommended for you are only taught at Riverdale High, so that’s why you have to go there instead.” FP explained, making you nod understandingly.

That night you and your dad moved into your new home, you were in your room when you received a call from your friends.

“Hey Y/N! How’s Riverdale?” They all talked through the phone making you laugh.

“It’s actually not that bad, I got this really cool jacket, I’ll send you a picture.” You quickly took a picture of your jacket, sending it to them.

“Oh wow, I love it!” Val spoke through the phone.

“I want one so bad.” Julia laughed, making others laugh too.

“It looks vintage I love it.” Emma laughed, making you laugh.

“I love you guys, I have to go though, talk to you later.” You said goodbye, then hung up.

You got up and decided to wander around a bit, seeing a diner called Pop’s.

You told your dad where you were going, then made your way over to the tiny diner.

You walked in, instantly loving the way it was set up.

There was music playing which you instantly started humming along to.

“Hello, what can I get you?” A man walked up, you guessed this was the famous Pop’s.

“Um, I’m new here, so what would you recommend?” You asked, looking at the menu.

“The milkshakes and burgers are the number one seller here, I can get you one if you’d like.” He smiled, as you nodded in agreement.

“Deal.” You laughed, handing him the menu back, before going to sit in a booth.

Your food was soon brought to you and you were instantly in heaven, this was the best food you’d had in a long time.

No wonder they were the top seller, they were delicious.

You were scrolling through your phone when someone sat down on the other side of the booth.

You glanced up, seeing a guy with a hat looking at you curiously.

“You know you’re in my booth.” He spoke bitterly, taking the cherry off your milkshake.

“Last I checked there was no name on it, therefore it’s not yours.” You smiled, closing your phone, looking up at him.

He only nodded, making you raise an eyebrow at him.

“Can I help you or are you just going to take my milkshake?” You questioned, crossing your arms.

“Depends, who are you? I’ve never seen you around here before.” He spoke up, taking a sip of your milkshake.

You rolled your eyes, taking your milkshake back.

“Y/N. I just moved here. Now what about you, mystery guy.” You took a sip from your milkshake.

“Jughead. Jughead Jones.” He grinned slightly, taking a fry from your burger.

You nearly choked on your milkshake hearing his last name.

He looked at you with concern, but you reassured him you were okay.

“Jones? As in FP Jones son?” You questioned, looking at him with wide eyes.

“Yeah.. Wait how would you know that– Unless–” He paused, taking a closer look at your jacket.

“You’re one of them.” He stated bluntly, making you confused.

“What?” You laughed, making him roll his eyes.

“You have no idea what you just got into.” He sighed, shaking his head.

“Actually I do, but that’s none of your business, especially since you don’t even spend time with your own father.” You shrugged, making him glare at you.

“My relationship with my father is none of your business.” He glared at you, making you smirk.

“Well since you put it like that, now it is!” You smiled, taking a bite of a french fry.

Jughead glared at you, making you smirk back at him.

Looks like you made a new enemy, and it was only your first day here.

The next day you woke up, got ready for your first day at school.

You decided not to wear your jacket, mainly because you didn’t feel like dealing with preppy girls.

You walked in, getting stares instantly, making you feel great, you were being noticed.

You walked down the hall with attitude, to show you weren’t to be messed with.

You turned the corner only to be stopped by a blonde haired girl.

“You must be Y/N! I’m Betty and this is Kevin, we’re here to give you the tour of the school.” She smiled, making you smile back.

That morning you got the tour of the school, learning about the classes, teachers, and people that went here.

Apparently Cheryl Blossom is a huge drama queen, Veronica Lodge was the new student before you and her dad is in jail, Archie Andrews is Betty’s best friend who wants to study music but his dad wants him to do football, and then Jughead Jones, who you already knew about.

The day had gone by quickly, you went to all of your classes, people could tell you were different, but you liked it.

You were driving back home, deciding to stop by Pop’s.

You couldn’t help it, their food was great.

You ordered your usual, then sat down in the same booth.

Not shockingly did the bell ring and a familiar face walk in and sit in front of you.

“I told you, this is my booth.” Jughead glared, placing his computer in front of him.

“Aw, is Juggie wuggie’s feelings hurt?” You gave a pouty face, squishing his cheeks before he swatted your hands away.

“Don’t ever call me that again.” He glared, making you laugh.

“Someone’s cranky.” You smiled, taking a sip of your drink.

He rolled his eyes, before stealing a fry.

“I saw you at school today, why do you go there and not Southside High?” He questioned, making you smile.

“Southside High doesn’t have the classes I need.” You shrugged, making him give a slight smile.

Now you would never admit it, but you were starting to like Jughead, he was different that everyone else.

That is until one day.

You were coming home from school, Jughead was talking to his dad, then he saw you.

He stormed over, stopping you in your tracks.

“This is your fault!” He shouted, making you confused.

“What did I do? I just got here.” You confronted, crossing your arms.

“You got in the way of me and my father, you just couldn’t help yourself.” He glared, getting up in your face.

“Forgive me for actually having emotions, unlike you.” You spat back bitterly, getting in his face.

“Wow, you really are a bitch.” He laughed, making it your turn to glare at him.

“And you’re just a guy, who runs from the truth.” You smiled smugly, making his jaw clench.

“You’re the one who can’t even wear her own Southside jacket to school, because you’re afraid.” He grinned, making you roll your eyes.

“I would tell you why I don’t but I don’t think you have enough brain cells to understand, that’s probably why you always need tutoring.” You laughed, twirling your hair around your finger.

Jughead just looked at you, glaring so hard he could shoot daggers at you.

He walked up to you, grabbing your arm tightly.

“At least my father didn’t have to move just so he could afford to feed his whore of a daughter.” He spat bitterly, making you speechless.

You ripped your arm out of his grasp, tears pooling in your eyes.

“You’re such a douche.” You spat, slapping him across the face.

You knew it had to of hurt because it hurt your hand.

He placed his hand on his cheek where you had hit him, tears were falling down your face.

Jughead knew he had gone too far, but he couldn’t help it, he was word babbling, and it just came out.

He didn’t know why he said it, but something about you always made him frustrated, but curious, annoyed, but intrigued.

You shook your head, rushing off to Pop’s diner, not wanting to be around anyone.

Jughead ran after you, grabbing your arm before you could go into Pop’s.

“Let go of me.” You sighed, annoyed yet defeated.

“No, I need to talk to you.” Jughead sighed, turning you around.

“You glanced at him, noticing his cheek and how red it was.

You cringed slightly, feeling bad for hitting him.

He noticed your uneasiness, making him sigh.

“I’m sorry for what I said, I don’t know why I even said it in the first place.” He started to explain, making you sigh.

“I didn’t mean what I said, in fact I think you’re insanely intelligent, a really kind person who stands up for herself.” He motioned towards his cheek, making you smile slightly.

“I’m sorry I hit you, I was in the heat of the moment.” You apologized, but he shook his head.

“I deserved it, honestly.” He sighed, making you nod.

“I don’t know what it is about you Y/N, but ever since we met in Pop’s I couldn’t get you off my mind, and it’s driving me crazy.” Jughead confessed, making you blush lightly.

“If you’re saying what I think you’re saying, I feel the same way.” You laughed slightly, making him smile softly.

He let go of your arm, intertwining your hands instead and walked into pop’s.

After all of the clashing and arguments, you and Jughead finally got along, something nobody expected, but it was the best decision you both ever made.

Time really does tell when the right moments should happen, and this was one of them.

wow look how much bigger ravens are than crows??? anyway i hope chainsaw finds a tiny crow gf to protect. you think the raven is yelling at the crow in this picture but actually shes just telling her she loves her really enthusiastically

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i just find it hilarious how dongho gets called things like 'sexy bandit' and gets asked if he's scary(?) when he's actually so smol and fluffy. like legit this dude is a tiny princess- cute and tiny... i'm not in love at all i promise

He’s such a Soft, sometimes the sexy nicknames make be giggle erekwjromgg if these people only knew how much of a Fluff he really is. And please, my poodle is scarier than Dongho. 

Here have some pictures:

I’m not sure why but I LOVE when people post pictures of their doll in their hand. We get all these nice, majestic looking dolls posed beautifully in photos and that’s great! But when that same doll is someone’s hand it’s like a tiny person and wow someone took the time to create looks for it and customize it. It’s easy to get absorbed in amazing photos but it’s nice when doll owners look like they take it a little less seriously and have fun from time to time. And it’s just really cute.

Image by BJDConfessions

Prompto brings his thumb down on the folder, justifications already rolling through his brain. If it seemed too private he’d close it. If Noctis wanted to keep stuff secret he wouldn’t have given it to him in private mode. Maybe it was nothing at all. Maybe there would be pictures to understand why he was grossly hungover and his mouth tasted so bad.

Pictures scroll out before him. Squinting he sees a few that looked like a tiny him in…what he was wearing now. Okay, wow, there really were pictures of the night before. A lot of them. Noct had been seriously busy with his camera, which was lucky for Prompto and his memory. Clicking had clearly been a great idea and he wasn’t just a terrible friend who couldn’t mind his own business.

…he was going to have to make breakfast or something after this.

He thumbs down a little, until he gets to what looked like the start of that collection of pictures and clicked to bring it up. It was him and Noctis at a table, making faces for the camera, in what looked like a club. Dim lighting that called for the flash to go off and make everything hyper bright, tacky mirror wall, pleather covered booth seats, and a collection of bottles that explained the increasingly dopey expressions on their faces as he paged through. It was mostly Prompto, Noctis out of sight and no doubt working the camera, and a growing pile of glasses and bottles for a dozen or so pictures. He was taking shots, nursong s beer, grinning wildly, and finally standing up and pointing at something.

How does he not remember this?

How had they even ended up at some club? They were supposed to stay in and do horror movie night, not get memory loss drunk! Six help him, he hopes it hadn’t been his idea.

Ignis appeared in the pictures, dressed casually and trying to hide his face for a half dozen up close pictures. Prompto doesn’t need his memory to imagine Noctis in Ignis’ face, whining loudly as he tries to get him to smile or pose while the older man refused to cooperate, but was smiling behind his hand. Prompto smiled a little at the thought before going forward. Some more of Ignis, pointing at the bottles of the table and looking exasperated and then Gladio was there, grinning toothily and brandishing a large dark blue bottle while Ignis facepalmed behind him.

After that the pictures get blurry and odd, a lot of Noct’s fingers and the floor and ceiling interspersed with the three of them and occasionally Noctis talking and laughing, hanging over each other. There’s one taken by who only knows who of Noctis laying across all three of them and looking as happy as Prompto has ever seen him, eyes bright and smile face splittingly huge.

The Prompto of the night before was looking very red in the face and droopy eyed and, much to the Prompto of that morning’s dismay. He wasn’t a bad drunk or all that emotional but he did maybe have some issues saying too much and keeping



Damnit. That was him, missing his vest and shirt, poking a finger into a laughing Gladio’s face. Ignis is on Gladio’s other side, shaking his head.

Another picture and Prompto is gone. Ignis has his face in his hands and is leaning away and Gladio was looking down at something, presumably under the table, with saucer wide eyes.

The next picture and Ignis was gone too. Gladio had one hand on the table, curled into a fist, his head tipped back against the back of the booth, lips open. His other hand was down, seemingly resting on his lap but



Prompto stares at Gladio’s face, flips back to the picture before it, then back, stomach sinking. An idea was starting to form but. There was no way.

Prompto hurries to the next photo but it’s Noct taking a selfie. He’s got smiling lips wrapped around the neck of a beer bottle, deep enough in his mouth to press into his cheek and make it bulge out. His eyebrows were raised, the hand wrapped around the beer bottle had a thumb pointed up and it doesn’t take a genius to read the implications. 

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” Gladio’s breath was warm against his cheek, smelled a little sour and a little fruity. His voice was almost a growl, low and rough.

Prompto squints up at him then pokes him in the chest. Nice, hard, wonderful chest. “I keep promises.”

“Please don’t.” Comes from Ignis but Noctis is giving him the thumbs up so, shooting Gladio a determined glare, Prompto slips from his seat.

The flash of memory comes and goes and Prompto swears shrilly. The phone drops from his hand (or is maybe a little bit thrown away) and hits the floor with a clatter.

“What. The. Fuck?” Noctis groans, head poking out of his cocoon so he could look at him with blood shot eyes. “…did you throw my phone?”


And then…? What happens next? :p

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Matsu reacting to his s/o being too short to kiss him.

Osomatsu: subs salt on the wounds and makes fun of them. Not bending down sometimes, or even picking them up to help them. He finds it cute.

Karamatsu: doesn’t understand the frustrated look, until “oh right!” And he bends down. The fact he bent down to be nice was an awful feeling most likely, but he’s trying his best not to make them insecure about their height.

Choromatsu: finds it so cute! Comparing sizes to them, like hand sizes! Amazed by how tiny they are, and a bit happy they can’t kiss him out of the blue to embarrass him.

Ichimatsu: starts slouching horribly, claiming it’s for his feline friends. But really it’s for his s/o. A bit of a pain bending over, but he can carry them easy and hold them down to nap with him.

Jyushimatsu: picks them up every chance he gets! “Wow you’re lighter than Nii-San! I guess I can’t tie you to my bat to practice!” Count your blessings S/o.

Todomatsu: so cute! So many cute pictures! Sometimes smugly looking down, his look just saying “beg me and I’ll consider.” But he’s not cruel enough to mention their height.


Okayyy so this is my review of my favorite morphe brushes I just got and tried!
Tbh I really wasn’t sure what to expect with morphe, I looked through countless reviews and videos, looked up pictures and negative rants. So I was kinda expecting the worst but hoping for the best? I picked out a bunch of brushes that were reviewed countless times through youtubers, and then some that just caught my eye and felt like I needed to try them out. I was super worried that the negative reviews were right and I just wasted a bunch of money on a bunch of garbage, I’m always skeptical with “YouTube” brands because of past bad experiences. So for a while I just put myself in the mindset of “if I don’t see and try it in a store or in person I don’t want to waste money on it”. I’ve kinda been bored with makeup and not into for the past year or so, like it became not fun for me and I just stopped buying and trying new products as much as I had before bc what was the point? I just restocked what I needed, mainly bought skin care, and sometimes tried new things but they didn’t excite me. I missed the joy makeup gave me before so I felt like I needed to “redo” my collection to hopefully fall back in love with my favorite hobby, the brushes I had were all old and idk I just felt like my makeup was blah bc of it, so I finally decided to give morphe a try since they have a huge selection of inexpensive raved about brushes!! I’m honestly SO surprised with the quality!!! I thought out of the almost 60 brushes that I purchased I would really like and use maybe 10 tops, I thought I would be disappointed in a bunch of them and just use the ones I really like, but oh my god!! I swear I haven’t been this excited about a purchase in soooo long! Every brush I bought had a purpose I can think of and use for, even the ones that I initially was like eh or what the hell can I use this for?? Ended up my favorites!! (Mainly eye and brow brushes which I will show in the review) the brushes are all super soft and just great quality over all, idk if they just improved over the years or people were just being negative but I don’t know why anyone would trash talk these inexpensive high quality brushes.. Anywayssss..
So here is a round up of my favorites so far!!

E43 - is just basically a smaller E3 but today I used it for my cleaning up my under eye setting powder and then I grabbed it again to apply my highlighter very soft, and just feels like a high end brush.

E3 - I used it for a slight contour, I don’t like harsh contours on cheeks but this picked up the product just enough and the shape of it reallyyyyy just added the right amount of product in the right places!

E4 - a simple blush brush, but it’s so soft and picked up a small amount of product and applied the blush flawlessly to my face so it got a rank in fave face brushes so far!

E8 - I looooove small chubby round brushes, they are perfect for creating an “airbrush effect” in larger pore areas, I don’t really have large pores but when I use brushes like this to blend out foundation and powder around my nose/cheek area it creates just a smooth flawless finish and I have been needing a replacement for a Sephora brush I had for years that started losing its density and amazingness. This is a great cheaper alternative that is just as good!!

E41 - I have never applied my bronzer to my face so perfectly and quickly as I did with this brush, it picked up just the right amount of bronzer without creating the orange face look, applied it without scratching my face or leaving behind a bunch of fall out like a sorta similar sigma brush I have does!! Looove it!!!

M439 - I feel like every youtuber/reviewer/Mua and their mother has this brush and raved about it so I had to pick it up and try it out for myself. It really does live up to its expectations!! It gives a super full coverage even with a medium/light coverage foundation, I don’t always like to have fullllll coverage but when I do this brush will do the job! It does kinda suck up a lot of product, but not as bad as some other similar brushes I have. It’s super soft and you will have a even full coverage on in like 10 seconds with this brush.

M528 - I think I applied my Laura mercier secret brightening powder with this one, I can’t remember what I did with this brush but I threw it into my love pile and it doesn’t have any colored product on it so I think I just applied the powder with it. It’s super soft and can my used as a highlighter, or setting brush!

E - 18 if you have smaller almond shaped eyes like me YOU NEED THIS BRUSH and also the M501, and E36 but I’ll get into those in a bit, the E18 is absolutely perfect for applying a crease color into small spaces, it picks up as little or as much product as you need and is just a must have brush.

M250-0 - OHHHH myyyyy godddd!!! The eyeliner brush I have been searching for but never found, I always came close but it was either to thick, had stray little hairs, was too long, or too stiff, something was always slightly justttt off with other liner brushes. They were good, they did the job, but they didn’t make it as easy as this one did!!! I haven’t had this even winged liner in like two years I swear lmao. I always have one eye perfect and the other one is it’s less perfect twin, or they both just looked like shit and I eventually came to except the fact that a super amazing winged eyeliner was just not gonna be in my life, untillllll this beauty came in the mail today😭 it’s. Just. Perfect. I completed a winged simple cat eye that was as even as humanly possible for me in the shortest amount of time it ever took me to do it, idk if I was just running on adrenaline from finding a perfect liner brush or bc my eyeliner looked amaze on the one eye I did first lol.

M213 - You also need this in your life, trust me. If you are sloppy in your eye makeup technique or just want something to really tightly apply shadow to your lower lash line effortlessly, then you need this brush. Don’t even doubt it just buy it. Also for some reason it looks really big in the picture above but it’s a super tiny little smudger with soft bristles but it isn’t flimsy. Just try it, you will see.

M575 - when I first saw this brush I felt indifferent about it, it kinda looked too long to be a good blending brush, I usually liked “fluffier” blending brushes and this one looked to long and slender, but wow.. for my eye shape it was the perfect “precision” blender! You know how with fluffy blending brushes shadow tends to kinda go all over your eye? And if you have smaller eyes like me it starts looking sloppy really quick, but this really helped blend and diffuse color ONLY where I wanted it! Surprisingly amazing!

M501 - okay… This brush is the brush out of alllll the brushes I kinda took one look at and was like?? “What the hell am I going to use this for?? Maybe highlight?? Idk?” It’s really oddly shaped, tapered, slim, slender, weird… Looks like a useless little highlight brush if your really particular about where you want to place high light or if you’re gonna be doing an infants highlight lol. For some reason I grabbed this weird little brush and started using it as an eye blender and was SHOCKED it’s like this brush was made for my eyes, it diffused my crease color so perfectly, the tapered part went into my crease and just idk, it was magical. I blended carelessly throughout my eye and it just created the perfect eye look!! The problem I always have with blending my shadow is that I get a dark color too far into my inner eye, creating like a Natalie Portman from the swan lake ballerina movie effect if that makes sense, I hate the way that looks on me and this brush just effortlessly blended without dragging color into my inner eye corner. I feel like I have a difficult eye shape and I hate doing shadow bc of it. But not anymore 😍 M432 - this is a basic flat square brush, it’s great for the waterline but I used it to shape up my brows and it did a great job! It’s the perfect density and size to sculpt brows without adding a crazy amount of product to the area, it’s a must have in a makeup collection especially if brows are your least favorite makeup application like mine, my brows annoy me and a good brow day for me is rare because I have a giant scar through one which always makes the shape of it different then the other one. But today I’m having an amazing brow day and it took me half the time it normally would to do my brows with my new brushes :D M224 - another staple!! I had a Mac one that I used for years but it was starting to look raggedy, I use these brushes on days I have a blemish I need to cover and apply a bit more product, to sometimes apply foundation to my face before going in with a beauty blender, to shape brows, to apply a concealer from a pot to my under eye. I use these types of brushes as like product picker uppers and packers, it’s like a forgotten brush that is very useful but not as talked about by me because it’s boring but very much needed in a makeup lovers collection! This one has synthetic bristles and is overall really well made, I was expecting this one to be a super cheapie garbage brush, but it’s up to par with my Mac one when it was in its prime days lol. M160-1/16 - another brush I saw and was like this kinda looks terrible.. The bristles seemed to long and soft to use for brows, but I tried it today and it’s wonderful for creating a softer brow look!!! Like wow, it picks up a little bit of product so if you’re heavy handed with brows like me it’s a MUSTTTTT it applied my favorite brow powder to my brows and I swear it made my powder work and look better then ever, I used it in the front part of my brows and it’s just gonna be an everyday staple for brows. M413 - I feel like I judged all the brow brushes to harshly when I first opened my package, I thought these were gonna be the crappy brushes of my entire order which was fine with me because they were the cheapest so not too much lost I thought. This brushes bristles are FIRM like super firm.. And kinda long. Immediately I thought that it was gonna scratch my skin and pick up way too much product.. I tried it gently, and applied my powder to my scar and wow this brush is def a favorite, I just have to be light handed when applying! But it picked up product and applied it right where you put it, I then brushed and diffused the color with the spoolie. My brows look so refined but natural in combination with the M160-1/16 brush, I used the M413 towards the ends and middle. I think this brush is also great for people who like bolder brows bc of how easy it is to shape and apply product with it. Andddd lastly, for not at least! G20 - this brush is great for packing on shadow! It works great for my eye shape. I mean there’s not much to really say about it other then it does its job! I also like the gunmetal color, I got a few brushes from gunmetal collection but haven’t tried them out yet. The bristles are soft, the shape is perfect, the size is great. It can also be used as a concealer brush for blemishes. Overall I’m super happy with my order and I think it’s money well spent!! Sorry about the longgg post but I tried to sum up my favorites so far as best as I can. I haven’t washed these brushes yet so I don’t know how they shed or how they are after washing but I’ll keep all you updated!:)


I wanna talk about how equius is actually a tiny little man because he and nepeta are the same height in the top panel, he has to look up to kiss aradiabot who is way taller than him, and aradiabot and Sollux are nearly the same height so you know Sollux is even taller than him. Also look at Equius’ head just coming up to the computer screen on the counter in the background of the last picture. The counter comes up to aradiabot and Sollux’s waist. CONCLUSION: equius is actually really short wow


Wow I just found a bunch of really nice pictures of the sky I’ve taken and I’m honestly kind of amazed by how many beautiful sunsets/sunrises I’ve seen in my lifetime right now because this is obviously only a very tiny portion of them and I must’ve seen SO MANY and wowzers nature is cool and let’s take a sec to appreciate

If Stingue Had Tumblr (In Canon)



Sting’s blog would be full of puns, gay pride, cute couple things, fashion, weird music mashups, whining about paperwork, video games, and memes. He would post selfies pretty often, which would get a decent amount of notes. He’d have a nsfw sideblog for gay sex gifs, which he always tags with things like #rogue how about this #i mean this could work well in the office which of course made Rogue so embarrassed he blocked Sting’s sideblog. Sting still doesn’t know.


Rogue would run a mostly aesthetic blog, along with any art that he finds that he likes. He also posts lots of cat videos, gifs, and pictures. Rogue would have a sideblog where he blogs about the antics of Sabertooth and what it’s like to date a Guild Master. That blog has more followers than his original, however it’s still a secret to Sting.



#reminds me of bae <3 #omgggggg yaaas slay #lmfao thats punny af :3 #relateeeee #god i hate paperwork #wow i’m really fucking gay


#Look at the small little baby he’s just so fluffy #It’s like my idiot boyfriend #Beautiful artwork I love it a lot #You can make it I promise you living is worth it #OH MY FUCKING GOD STING NO



Sting’s theme would be one of those annoying ones with lots of tiny pictures, really weird font so it’s hard to read without highlighting, and there would be a lot of white, black, pink, and splashes of other colors here and there. He’d also have a music player blasting Simon Curtis and Adam Lambert.


Rogue has a very practical, simple theme with good aesthetic and easy to read font. He’s also very organized and has pages and a good tagging system, unlike his lazy boyfriend.



Sting’s summary would be something catchy with a gay pun plus his name and status, so everyone knows he’s the famous Sting Eucliffe of Sabertooth. His icon is a selfie of him.


Rogue tries to lie low on his main blog, although his reblogging from Sting makes it obvious it’s him. His summary is something simple like his first name, age, sexuality, and an inspiring quote. His icon changes a lot, depending on what artwork Rogue finds most appealing at the time.

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Bellarke and 'being camera shy plus some unexpected hand holding' Thanks so much this + happy holidays!

The first time Bellamy Blake meets Clarke Griffin, he’s eleven and she’s seven and absolutely terrified of the mall Santa.

Bellamy’s been kind of worrying about the Santa thing, if he’s honest. O wanted to come to the mall to inform Santa he didn’t get her what she wanted last year, and tell him to do a better job this year. Which is not going to work, because their family doesn’t have any more money this year than last year. As a kid, Bellamy sort of got that Santa was never going to get him a pony, but Octavia thinks she deserves one, and if she doesn’t get one, she’s going to be an asshole in the coming year.

So, yeah. He’s possibly looking for some kind of distraction when he spots the girl alone in line, looking like she’s about to cry or bolt, he can’t decide which.

“Stay here, okay?” he tells Octavia, and goes over to the girl. “You okay?” he asks.

She startles, and then glares with fierce blue eyes. “I’m fine.”

“Yeah? So, you want to get your picture taken?”

“No,” she says, too quickly. “It’s weird. If I’m not supposed to talk to strangers, why would I sit in one’s lap and get my picture taken?”

“It’s not a stranger,” he says, trying not to smile. “It’s Santa.”

“Santa’s not real. Mom just wants the picture for her Christmas cards.”

“Where is your mom?”

“At work. My nanny’s supposed to be watching me, but her boyfriend works at the coffee shop so she said I could wait by myself.”

“Huh. Well, I’m here with my sister. You want to wait with us instead?”

“I don’t know you either,” she says.

“I’m Bellamy. My sister’s Octavia. She wants to tell Santa he’s a sham, so you guys should get along.”

“She thinks he’s real?”

“Honestly, I’m not sure. I think maybe she just wants to yell at someone.”

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So alright idk if this is gonna change anything for you but you're super attractive, like, wow. You're one of my tumblr crushes and you're pretty and sometimes cute and hot and talented every picture of you makes me smile (and a tiny little bit horny) so you know that okay?

Thank you. And thank you to the people who replied with nice things.

Idk why I’ve been feeling so ugly recently. It’s been a while since I wasn’t happy with the way I look so it’s kinda a weird feeling for me and I’m not handling it well. Thank you everyone for the really nice things it did help 💛

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I love you and your writing, thanks for being such an inspiration ♡ also if you don't mind could you please share how writing works for you? as in what's the process you follow when creating your fics? or how do you choose your words and things like that? i'm really sorry if this is vague, but if you could just like... share your experience in writing in general that would be wonderful too!

Wow! Thank you so, so much, Anon. I really… this is just <3 Such a beautiful ask. Truly, thank you. <3

It’s not too vague, so don’t worry. Ok so, I’m probably going to ramble a lot, I’m sort of an organized scatterbrain when it comes to writing and art, and if you get me talking about it… just picture a tiny woman pacing around her office like a nutter while wildly gesticulating and babbling excitedly. Picture something sort of like Hanji talking about writing. ;p

Honestly, I am always thinking about writing. Whether it’s my original stuff or fanfiction, it’s a near constant in my mind. I tend to get ideas, kind of vague at first. For example, my idea for The Ghosts In Us; I think I was working on something else and I got this idea for a reincarnation story where Levi remembered, but Eren didn’t. And was thinking, ‘Omg, how sad would that be, so much bittersweet, so much beautiful pining,’ but that was it for the time being. All I had was that idea and sense of how it would feel, what it’s texture and tone would be for a while, but it would come back to the forefront of my mind now and then. Usually what starts happening after that, is I get narrative (like I was actually writing it) or dialogue that kind of pops up in my head. I write all these things down! Always. In notebooks, in my phone, in my documents. Me running to a device or a notebook to jot things down is a daily thing that happens multiple times a day.

After that there’s usually a point when I get super inspired and the story sort of stuffs itself into my head, or at least a sense of it. That’s when I usually sit down and start writing a first chapter. And it is always like my head is going to explode if I don’t get it out, my hands are on fire over my keyboard and I can’t stop. This is when I will pull things from my notes.

It’s a strange thing how it happens. As I write and edit, I get more ideas, and it’s usually somewhere between chapter 1-4 that I get a sense of how the story might flow. I don’t write actual proper outlines, but I usually have an idea of things I want to happen in the proceeding chapters. Like maybe in five they’ll hold hands, in seven they’ll finally kiss, someone will be having difficulties in eight. Like that, if you know what I mean. Not that I don’t totally deviate from those outlines sometimes. I have been told, and find it true for myself, that having plans for a story too set can box one in. So I just don’t do it. I find personally that I have to be flexible.

One thing to note is that I get snippets of the story in my head all the time. Sometimes they are way ahead of where I currently am, sometimes not. I write them down and sit on them until I need them. This also happens when I write chapters. I might be writing a three scene chapter, but I write the last scene, then the first and second. I put my energy where my head is at that moment and my head doesn’t always go in chronological order. I weave it all together later.

Sometimes it’s just bare bones at first, and I have in the past likened writing for me personally to be like sculpting in clay. I start with an armature, then place on a rough layer and build and build on it until I have something that resembles the form. Editing and revising is where I scrape off bits and stick other bits on. The last read through before proof reading is when I polish it up with a wet sponge and smooth it all out. And editing is the part of writing that takes me the longest. It is what I find most frustrating and difficult.

Another thing to note, is I edit while I write. I am not good at keeping myself from “fixing” what’s already there while I’m supposed to be progressing, lol. It’s what I do if I get stuck as well. I reread what I already have. This is one thing that always made NaNoWriMo difficult for me. It’s when I pick words, and then new words, and more new words.

I’m so happy you asked about picking words, btw, lolol. I love words, I love language, and I am a huge logophile, and I loathe that everyday communication has become so simplified. I was a spelling bee kid, and have always been a bookworm. I like to read dictionaries and I love vocabulary calendars and thesauruses and looking up word etymology. One of my favorite little books sitting on my desk is, “The Highly Selective Dictionary of Golden Adjectives for the Extraordinarily Literate,’ by Eugene Ehrlich. I have a huge pet peeve about using the same word repeatedly in a piece of writing. I cringe when it happens if I’m rereading what I write. It sounds ‘wrong’ I guess, feels like a road bump, tbh. What happens when I write, is a word will just kind of pop in my head and it ‘feels’ right, conversely, sometimes it doesn’t or it did at first but doesn’t anymore on a read through. Sometimes when that happens a better word pops in my head. Sometimes it doesn’t. Or I know what word I want but I can’t think of it. That’s when I go to my thesaurus and find it. It’s always glorious because it’s just sitting there and I know it, but it evaded me. ;p

Btw, my process or advice for words is probably awful. My writing can get flowery. At worse, it probably at times comes off as pretentious. Honestly, I just write what I like for me, especially in fanfiction, and if it sounds like that, it does. I don’t do it to be a jackass or anything, I just really love interesting words. I’m also terrible about adverbs. I love my adverbs, which is bad. If the road to hell is truly paved with adverbs, you better get me a fast car because that’s where I’m going. I do try to cut them out when I can though. I make an effort, but it’s hard. :(

Writing is something I have done since I was really young, I started writing stories when I was seven or eight and I have most of the time ever since then. Writing is like water and air for me. I am highly critical of my own writing, but I love doing it just the same. It frustrates me to no end at times, yet is still a beautiful experience. That feeling when I write a gorgeous sentence or pick the perfect word is indescribable for me. I think I like the fact that one can never be perfect at anything. I can never write the perfect piece, not truly, I will never be a perfect writer, but just watching the growth and improvement, and learning is the best thing in the world to me. I can read articles and writing advice and after years learn something new, try it, maybe I like it, maybe I don’t.

I hope I made some bit of sense in this long scattered answer. For me it’s really about creating things, things I love. I love sharing them with people, too, and that they are appreciated. That probably is the best part. <3

I just wanted to share this for anyone else who is in the same kind of position as me. If you’re in college and have that feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing with your life and you’re having trouble picturing your future and you’re having anxiety about it, try getting a hope chest. This is a bit more helpful if you still live at home and have a little extra space but you could keep something small if you’re in school housing.
My grandma gave me her hope chest but you can use any kind of box, even if it’s just a big plastic container. What I do is whenever I start feeling that things are out of control and start worrying about my future I go out and buy something small to put in it, something that I’ll use in my future home. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, even just a picture frame from the dollar store or a mug from a thrift store, it really helps me feel like I’m putting some effort toward my future and makes me feel like I’m more in control. Right now mine has a lot of mugs from various places, some picture frames, salt and pepper shakers from the clearance section at Target, some candles from Ikea, cute measuring spoons I found in clearance at Pier 1, and a bunch of other stuff. I don’t spend a lot of money, never any more than $10, but it gives me a tiny sense of accomplishment like “Wow, this is something that I’ll actually use one day in my own apartment.”

First shiny I’ve ever seen in a pokemon game and I found a Vulpix last night!  I have to admit I did a tiny gasp when it popped up.  I was even able to catch it in one of my 5 white premier balls, couldn’t be happier!

Sorry for the really bad quality, screens don’t take good pictures and I have no idea how people get such crystal clear screenshots.

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Newsies in Kindergarten?

  • Jack is the popular kid who gets in trouble a lot with the teachers for not paying attention. But he’s really a sweet kid and if he sees someone playing alone he’ll sit down and play with them. That’s how he met most of his friends
  • Crutchie was very shy and didn’t like to talk to a lot of people (it was hard being 6 years old and already having medical problems) but when he met Jack he started to get a little more outgoing
  • When kids ask Katherine to play house, she refuses to be the “mom that takes care of the kids”. She makes whoever is the “dad” watch the kids while she goes and does her pretend job
  • Race will randomly try and start games of tag (he likes tag because he’s a very fast runner) by basically running up to someone and shoving them and saying “tag! you’re it!” He got in trouble for accidentally shoving a kid over once tho
  • Romeo is that little kid who will go up to adult women or teenage girls and ask them on dates and when they giggle and play along he takes it really seriously. He shows up with flowers and everything. He probably had a few “kindergarten girlfriends” and maybe even one “kindergarten boyfriend” just because
  • Poor Specs gets picked on a lot because he’s quiet and shy and he likes to read instead of playing. Finch sat down next to him one day and asked him what he was reading and Specs read to him so they became good friends
  • Spot always has the best snacks/lunch. Always.