wow this is a lot to take in. so much movement haha

Okay, I get it. Dan said he’s okay, that we should stop worrying, confirmed that this was all just his self-deprecating sense of humour. And I get that, I get self-deprecating humour, I’m prone to it myself and so is basically everyone I know.

Thing is though, that doesn’t mean that the way me and a large part of the phandom reacted to the video was necessarily a bad thing. I’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about how “lol y’all overreacted” or “haha wow i can’t believe u guys were worried over nothing”, but I think that’s just… wrong? And kinda rude?

Like sure. Okay. Maybe Dan didn’t need it as much as we thought he did. But the movement that this created, a whole bunch of people reminding themselves to take some time to make sure that Dan knows how appreciated he is, a whole bunch of people joining together and promising to be nice? How is that a bad thing?

Us caring about Dan and showing him how much we love him isn’t hurting anyone. In fact, I like to think that it’s actually good for him - even though he isn’t stuck deep in some swirling dark hole of cyberbullying and despair. Being kind is a good thing.

So, even if Dan isn’t as upset as we thought he was, I hope this trend of loving, cherishing, and supporting him continues for a long time. Because he deserves all the appreciation in the world.