wow this is a horrible colouring

Honestly “brownskins” don’t receive the same privileges as lightskins and aren’t as degraded as darkskins. Being a brownskin woman still means that I’m less likely to see girls like me in a music video but it’s not hard for me to find a black girl that looks like me on tv. I do sometimes find that bright lipsticks don’t compliment my skin tone and certain foundations and concealers are either too light or too dark for me. I also still get the “wow Im almost as dark as you” from nonblack women with tans. I don’t really know where us brownskin girls fit in this whole lightskin v darkskin thing.
I know separating black people by skin shade is horrible and should be put to an end. But I can’t help but think “damn what about me” whenever there’s a discussion on lightskin v darkskin or colourism.