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its been over a week since i read chp. 13 and im still sitting here thinking about victor rushing his skate and trying to run around the rink to get to yuri like wow THIS HAS DESTORYED ME THANK YOU <3

I still remember when the concept of that scene originally came into my mind. Because from the very rough draft I had written before any of the fic was started it was basically just, Yuuri messes up his free skate, Viktor messes his up worse and Yuuri leaves for Hasetsu. And when I’m writing sometimes I’ll have to sit an agonize over a scene for hours to try and figure out what the hell is going to happen but sometimes it just sort of comes to me like a video playing out in my head at the most random moments and I’m like ‘oh ok so that’s how that scene goes.’ And that scene with Viktor running to Yuuri was one of the scenes that just sort of came to me when I was daydreaming in class and I sort of had to stop for a moment because I was like ‘wait wft that was so fucking sad you can’t actually do that?’ But in the end I did


“You’re a good mom…I hope you know that. I see the way you are with her.”
“Thanks…I try. It’s not the best situation, I know, but…”
“Lemme guess…her dad’s an asshole.”
“I haven’t seen him since I was still a teenager. He was scared, like all guys are. I was scared, too…the only difference is, I didn’t run. She asks about him sometimes, but I think she knows it’s gonna be just me and her…and I think she’s okay with that.”
“So you had her when you were young, then?”
“Nothin’…you just, uh…you reminded me of someone for a second there.”

Shakespeare (Onew)

Wow. It’s been awhile. Sorry about that… I thought I’d have more time but I was so, so wrong… 

Okay then. I really wanted to just get something finished and done and this has been sitting in my drafts half-finished for awhile so I just wrapped it up and now… here you go. 

Sometimes the best endings are the ones you don’t expect. 


“Ouch!” Your toe is throbbing and you’re tempted to push this stupid cart over the edge of the third-story balcony of the library into the lobby below, but one of your New Year’s resolutions was patience and pushing heavy metal book carts over banisters onto unsuspecting citizens was not something to be counted as ‘patient’.

Well, no one was technically here because the library had been closed for two hours, but still…

Who gets books off of the third floor anyway? Half of them were falling apart, and most of them were outdated by today’s standards. Why should you, even as the youngest worker and therefore the maknae of your co workers, be forced to go to the darkest, oldest, and most secluded part of the building to organize books that haven’t been touched in ages?

You pull a book off of the shelf and blow the dust off of the cover, revealing the curling gold font scrawled across the face of the book. It reads: “Potatoes: Cure for Every Illness Under the Sun”.

Sounds like a thrilling, scientifically sound read.

Thump. The book lands in the pile of books you cannot imagine ever being read for any good reason along with such beauties as “Cigars and Tobacco: Beneficial For Body and Mind” and “A Chronicled History of the Toothbrush”.

But then again, “A Chronicled History of the Toothbrush” would be a perfect gift for any dental hygiene enthusiast. At least that’s what it said on the back of the book, so obviously there must be some market for this thing.

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