wow this has a lot more notes than i expected

moonlitgleek replied to your post “Wow…that’s a lot of notes on a story i thought only januarium and…”

Fandom has a lot more NND stans more than you would expect, Beth. I’m happy that people are voicing displeasure over how they got treated last episode. I expected it to just slide bc it’s the newbies but fandom surprised me. Well, some of it anyway

I am certainly glad to see the newbie love. You know i am.  I do think people are starting to realize that a small cast means a lot less of the background moments that fandom loves so much.  I highly doubt anyone is going to be playing air guitar with a suitcase behind Blaine or messing with Sam’s ponytail while he’s distracted playing a slap game with someone else. 

Side note but I need to say it.  I think the complete class and professionalism of Melissa, Blake, Jacob, Alex and Becca needs to be appreciated here.  We don’t know what decisions were made when or how or anything like that.  But we’ve seen them had to hear the president of programming of their network publicaly announce their roles being reduced and then immediately go out and do press that night at the TCAs.  They had to go back and film more episodes.  They’ve been doing press for the 100th episode.  (Seriously I think Jacob and Becca have done every single interview that’s been done for the 100th. Jacob went to freaking London for We Day and in part did press for Glee)  and they’ve had to deal with press/fans going NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK FUCK OFF LIMA and not once have I seen ANY of them complain.  Or not go out and promote the show to the best they are able.