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Omg #2 (childhood best friends au) for Killervibe please!!! Thx so much :)

I’ve Got a Crush on You

Caitlin staggered into the closet, knocked off balance by the hands shoving at her upper back. Cisco crashed into her from behind and then the closet door snapped shut, plunging them both into darkness.

She almost fell into the coats before her best friend’s hands caught her shoulders and steadied her. “Thanks. I swear she rigged that.”

“Of course she rigged that.” Cisco’s hands disappeared. “You know Iris. She’s been talking about what a cute couple we’d make since freshman year.”

Caitlin rolled her eyes in the dark. “Is there a light in here? I left my phone next to the vodka.”

“Yeah, but the switch is outside, and you know she isn’t going to turn it on. That would ruin the game. I’ve got mine, it’s okay.” Cloth rustled.

“I haven’t played Seven Minutes in Heaven since Hunt -”


She rolled her eyes. “He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named’s thirteenth birthday party. Honestly, he was my horrific boyfriend. Why are you the one who refuses to hear his name?”

“As your best friend, I’m contractually obligated to loathe his name forever. I don’t make the rules.”

She rolled her eyes again, this time at him, and returned to what she’d been saying. “I can’t believe she got everyone to go along with it.”

“They’re probably in on her nefarious plan.” The cool blue light of a phone screen lit up the interior of the closet. Cisco made a wry face at her. “Well, it’s only seven minutes. We’ll hang out and then tell her nice try, but her Cupid gambit failed.”

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