wow this gave me a headache

you gonna be kidding me.

first of all, i always thought from the beginning that we don’t get a glimpse of her in 5x09. it’s way too obvious (wow do i use this a lot). so what?

i have a HUGE question mark above my head which is asking WHERE is her damn body?

for god’s sake have at least a little respect and give her a closure with a funeral AND HER BODY after “killing her off” in a stupid, pathetic OOC way with embarrassing writing. that would be a polite move.

it’s too unreal, that Nicotero & Co. are THIS disrespectful. everybody who died got a final, beautiful goodbye, a WHOLE EPISODE.

and we’re not even able to see her body? not 5 seconds of a goodbye? nope, we got instead another death with a funeral. that’s poor.

i just can’t believe that they’re so cruel to throw away her death like an expired product.

if you really say she is dead Gimple & co, then give it a rest and move on with new characters. but i see her name everywhere. isn’t a death supposed to show the end of a character? 

cause all i have is questions and not an “okay, this is the end i have to accept it as hard as it is." 

it amazes me what a massive riot her death caused. never have i seen a death reaction go on tv. a petition. tons of spoons. that shows what a failure it was.

so, if she is dead, why not showing her to complete her arc? what is SO wrong in this case that they are silent about her death. 

WHY KEEPING A DEATH SILENT? what’s to worry about? nothing can happen! you can talk about whatever you want, cause your character is dead!

why not make an ultimate comment, to confirm she is dead? WHY do you still use her as a promotion?

why, why, why.

5x10 has something to do with - if you follow all the clocks and signs - Beth. that we get pieces of her. or a hint.

but honestly guys, do you really think they associate the episode with her just to give her the final tribute? naah, don’t think so. they could’ve end this stuff right after she died. not an episode later.

so with all this stuff happening in my head, i’m still on the train.

and you know what? i’m holding on to her even if we got nothing in 5x10. even after 5x11, 5x12, 5x13, 5x14, 5x15 or 5x16.

i would be okay with everything - no matter how tiny the piece is- just as long as we have a 100000000000000000000000 % confirmation that she’s alive. in whatever way. give me a 1 second glimpse in the very last scene of 5x16 with her just waking up and not even starting her journey. or a flash of blonde hair. or her back. her voice. WHATEVER. - i don’t care. i would be okay with it.

so i guess you people know what i want to say with this post.

i’m holding on to her and will only accept it when they show me her body dead-dead or as a walker.

- Melina