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Back by popular demand

I’m so sorry I said I would have this done by last Saturday night but I was away for the weekend and drove back home to Nyc (then I spent the week babysitting & being distracted re watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show) Anyway! It has been *too* damn long since I’ve watched Call the Midwife and done one of these commentaries™! I’m pretty sure I stopped once I got to the end of my semester/finals week & since I’ve been done for the summer time’s just gotten away from me but - lets watch 4.1 ..

dedicated to all of you ofc but this episode in particular for @beatrix-franklin <3 *cause she asked*

Lets get right to it

  • The credits already seem weird without the color 😂 wow
  • oh hello fresh baby welcome to the outside world
  • Patsy’s smile! omg so cute
  • “Earth is the smallest of magnificent things & the greatest of little ones”
  • Trixie messing up her eyeliner is me af
  • How with the awkward length hair she still is a bombshell? goals
  • the freaking milk man 😂 idk why it’s funny but it is
  • “What name is it?” “Well we thought Nicholas if it was a boy” LOL POOR NERVOUS DAD
  • “IT’S NOW OR NEVERRRR” was this the only time Elvis has played on Ctm?! cause that is Not acceptable
  • I just wanna hear Can’t ! Help ! Falling ! In ! Love ! With ! You ! Is ! That ! Too Much To Ask! ? Like it came out in ‘61
  • “Magic carpet midwifery service” she’s a charmer that beatrix
  • Imagine having a baby in a damn car yikes kill me rather die 
  • she said privacy the ¿American? Way and sounds so much better 😂
  • “Turn that radio down! You wouldn’t want to be reminded of this every time you hear Elvis Presley” 😂😭
  • Her knee in vomit bless u Trix omg, i hate vomit
  • I miss Sister MJ & Sister E’s little arguments 😂😭😭 r i p
  • “Bravo old thing!” AW CHUMMY
  • I miss her sometimes but ah well
  • Remember when Patsy’s hair was so pretty and not a fugly wig
  • I shouldn’t be talking tho bc I *still* don’t have a license
  • I wanna know what it’s like to sit on the other side of the car, someone fly me out to the UK
  • Sister MJ reminiscing.. my heart..gone
  • Lol Babs is on her way omg
  • “It might be unsettling to see friends replaced by strangers but everyone is welcome here and all must be cherished” 😭 we gotta remember this next series
  • Here comes Gilbert (psa I hate the headbands I’m sorry, I hate them on everyone)
  • Aw bby Shelagh
  • Like she had that pram all out 😂
  • The kids making go karts tis lit
  • Babs dropping everything I feel
  • If Sister MJ doesn’t greet you at the door did you really get to Nonnatus?
  • “Put down the bananas, they are superfluous to the situation” ICONIC
  • Shrixie interaction🙌🏻💖 my bbys
  • I need more in series 7 & preferably not work related
  • and yes if you missed it shrixie is officially a thing
  • Ah Gary and Coral breaking my heart
  • “Some months ago Dr Turner and I adopted a baby girl” 😭😭
  • Sister MJ snatching the biscuit is also me
  • DR SPOCK 😂 truly the 60s
  • “Americans are foreign, they do it all different” hey but we used to be British tho
  • And yes we can indeed get evaporated milk here, how would you make flan without it?
  • Ah it’s fine, my mom didn’t breast feed us & well at least my brother is good😂
  • Hey look Shelagh in a cardigan, surpise
  • at least it’s not blue
  • “I read it in the lancet” Alright smart boy. Plot twist if he doesn’t go to med school
  • “We’ve got wet rot and dry rot at home” LMAO BARBARA
  • Now I wonder whose handwriting that note is
  • “Well I’m allowing it” that’s my gal trixie
  • Chin chin 😉🥂
  • I wanna drink with the nurses, I wanna be their friends : concept, the nurses party with me at penn state and we fight nasty frat boyz and steal their disgustingly warm beer
  • The silk pyjamas👏🏼 I need
  • Pats and Trixie dancing ✨ I miss & will continue to miss their friendship
  • it’s ok, we’ve all been there :)
  • “Good giddy aunt!” My new catchphrase
  • Barbara’s truly white girl wasted
  • Trixie asking Fred for a milk basket💔
  • “This love will lasttt” strictly bops on ctm
  • lol Barbara is less clumsy now at least, character growth😂 :’)
  • “Putting on a brave face - I know what it feels like” oh trix I feel bby💔😭
  • I feel like sister E would’ve had a love-hate relationship with me, if you know I was there and this was all exactly real
  • “You’re a midwife, not a can can dancer”
  • larks in the parks ay
  • gary pouring the milk through the mail slot kills me 💔
  • Shelagh’s dress here was cute, I don’t think she’s worn it since ??
  • it’s fine looks like she’s got a new turquoise outfit this year lol
  • hey my cousin was born 33 weeks, oh wait I think 32 actually
  • Is that the mucus extractor
  • “Everyone has to have something that makes them happy” oh gary😭
  • aye bendito he said he’s shamed he smells omg
  • * one moment *   // ok never mind my cousins just face timing me to rub in my face that she’s in Puerto Rico And I’m not
  • Omg I wanna cry these poor kids 💔😞
  • The only bright side is some Shrixie 😭
  • Anytime Sister MJ says it’s something she can do I wanna cry
  • Please give me a scene of Sister MJ playing with Angela 😭 she’s a gem and so cute with kids
  • bye I’m cryin
  • Maison Trixie 😭😭
  • More Trixie interacting with children as well pls even tho I’m cryin
  • Aw Patrick bringing Shelagh tea “this house is so full of love” I LOV U
  • stupid Netflix cut this scene
  • Sister MJ spotting Sister E in pain omg my heart
  • “I don’t like to see sad faces” THERE IS SOMETHING IN MY EYE
  • You don’t forget what it’s like to be putting on a show..”  IM DROWNING IN MY OWN TEARS 😢
  • Good work Babs for the breast milk pumping idea, v proud kid
  • What a bitch. I know you didn’t ask for this & they wouldn’t tie your tubes but you didn’t have to neglect your freaking kids w t f
  • makes me so angry
  • Tom proposed omg I forgot
  • they weren’t right for each other but they were pretty damn cute😭 but they’re together irl and it’s great like What an attractive couple #jelen😻
  • Yass Shelagh the navy suit work it gal, show off that figure
  • wonder what the post pregnancy wardrobe is lookin like
  • “Put your head on my shoulderrrr"🎼
  • Split up and sent to Australia! they deserved better😭
  • Sister MJ and food is the actual best relationship on the show end of story
  • “Joy is not felt less exquisitely because the moment flys and if we can taste it, we know that we are blessed” 💛



– i hate this stupid fashion show. i feel like the incredible hulk up there next to a bunch of pretty little barbie dolls. boys don’t look at me the same way they look at kaylie or lauren. and i would just rather not sell tickets to it, okay?
– payson, you are a strong, graceful young woman. and boys do notice you.
– you’re my mom. you’re supposed to say that.
– i see it here at the gym. i just think you don’t notice them.
– sasha said i need to marry my beauty with my braun. i don’t even know what that means.
– well, have you ever seen those women in other countries who carry their children on their backs, who are farming and building a home and they’re still just incredibly beautiful? some of those cultures celebrate those women like goddesses. what could be more sexy than the combination of strong and feminine?


i need u: japanese || korean