wow this came out weird

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That anon made me think about a Fae Tales Phantom of the Opera AU and now I can't stop screaming. If you ever watch it (pls I beg of you, watch the 25th anniversary version with Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo I'll mail you my DVD) I think it's imperative that we get your insight on who would be closest to each character/role bc my curiosity is killing me Meanwhile I will be screaming. Forever and ever. (also the final scene of Phantom may actually kill you, esp with karimloo's performance).

Okay okay I’m gonna get it. Just be patient with me, it takes me forever to watch things sometimes. Does anyone else get that? You can only watch something new if you’re in the mood? And it has to be a really particular kind of mood? And if you watch it when you’re not in that mood, you can’t enjoy it at all? Yeah. Idk why I am that way, but I am.

Also holy crap how many versions are there??? O.O

(In the meantime anon, trust your own judgement with casting!)