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mobster! dean au pt 1

 →word count: 3.9k

 →warnings: smut; references to sexual abuse;

 →a/n: i know dean isn’t exactly a kpop idol, but i really love him and his music, he is one of my favourite artists at the moment. me and my friend were both loving the idea of gangsta! dean or mobster! dean and it got my creative juices flowing (soz that’s kinda gross).

pt2 here

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“oi, baby, get you’re hot ass over here,” dom calls over to you, “my lap’s feelin’ a little lonely.”

you sighed to yourself and made your way over to him, his harsh hands cuffing onto your waist, like you’d dare escaping such a man.

“my boys were saying how you were having a little chat with the delivery guy yesterday.”

his grip immediately tightened painfully as you look at his lackeys all hanging their heads sheepishly. you got along well with his guys, so the fact that they got you into trouble like this made you feel betrayed.

“baby,” you put on a fake voice to cover up your fear, “it was nothing like that, he was just being polite.”

he gave you a twisted smile, “well maybe he should know next time to stay away from what’s not his.”

his hand clutches onto your wrist instead and he drags you off of his lap and down the corridor to his room. you knew what this meant.

“i’m gonna make sure that everyone in this whole building knows who you belong to.”

dom’s party had just kicked off downstairs in the club, the bass of the music coming up from under your feet.

after what happened earlier with dom and you, you’d rather die than sit on his lap all night like his little pet.

it was a few years ago when you became dom’s ‘pet’ after you courageously stepped in for your ex boyfriend and told dom to take you instead of him. but the minute your ex got out, he had moved on immediately. it was a foolish idea, to think that your boyfriend would save you. but you were so young and naive then. so you were stuck as dom’s and there was no escape. you were trapped and labelled as “his” forever.

you look over to you’re shared bed with dom and see a note with a box laying there.

because you should always look like a princess.

d x

in the box laid a silk dusty rose cami style dress. as beautiful as it was, you didn’t want it. it was just a way to try and win your affection, but there was no real love or kindness intended by it.

but you wore it anyway because if you didn’t, there’d be a repeat of earlier’s events.

in the elastic of your stockings, you slipped your pistol in case things tonight got ugly with any unwanted guests. dom may have been a nasty piece of work, but he would never leave you vulnerable.

your put on a pair of daps with it and a fur coat over the top, you knew it would please dom if you looked “classy”. a knock at the door interrupted your thoughts and dom walked in his signature suit.

“wow baby,” he looked you up and down perversely, “you look fucking hot.”

you tried not to scoff at his words, so instead just kept your face emotionless, looking down at your daps. he grabbed your hips and pulls you out the door with him, down towards the party.

the music was getting louder and louder as you walked down the corridor. the entrance to the club was taunting freedom. as dom opened the door to the club, the guests all roared with whistles and hollers at the big man himself making his big entrance.

“ladies n gents,” he puts on a triumphant smile, “welcome!”

he walked over to where he sat for every event, his guys following closey behind, and pushed you down onto his thigh, your chair for the night.

as the night dragged on, people came over to dom, giving him a firm handshake. of course, everyone knew it was better to be pals with dom, then to make him your enemy. or you we’re fucked. last time someone came to his club looking for a fight, he got one. but it didn’t look so pretty for him afterwards.

but by 11:30, a dark face came to pay dom a visit.

“dom, how’s it been?”

it was the first time you’d ever seen dom looked shocked. his lips parted slightly as his eyes stayed frozen on the figure before the two of you. his face paled in the poorly lit club.

“uh johnny, long time no see, what are you doing at my place?” dom put emphasis on my place, trying to act like he had the upper hand here. the man seemed unphased by dom’s attempt at intimidation. by this point you’d managed to figure out that this johnny guy was not a pleasant surprise for dom.

“baby, why don’t you go have a little dance or something? i’ll catch up with you in a bit, eh?” he gave your butt a quick tap and scooted you away to the dancefloor. this was the first time dom let you out by yourself, and the thought excited you. but clearly something bad was about to happen.

you moved through all the people convulsing to the heavy-bassed music, caught up in the hot, rousing atmosphere. everyone dancing seemed to look so good, so alive on the dance floor. you found yourself joining in, swinging your hips to the beat, your eyes closed and your lips parted as you let yourself go for the first time in years. the dancer’s bodies were so close to yours, this was the most human contact you’d had with anyone except dom in so long.

it was your free spirit that caught his eye tonight. from a corner booth he was sharing with a couple of buddies, his eyes clearly settled on you. he was fascinated by how your hair swung as your head swayed with your hips, how each slight jump you did made your jacket raise, along with your dress, showing your smooth thighs and your hidden weapon. he noticed how you had a small smile on your lips, like this night was the best of your life. he noticed how your soft face looked completely out of place amongst all the mobsters.

you felt the need for a drink after so much dancing, so you made your way over to the bar. he seized this opportunity to go over and talk to you.

“one cranberry juice and vodka please,” you called out to the bartender.

“make that two,” a voice called from the other side.

your turned your head to the voice, and you were dumbstruck at the view facing you.

a lean figure in a pinstripe suit and creepers looks down on you, his hair quiffed up, but his fringe flicking round on his forehead. his hands were in his pockets, and he leaned against the bar with a poised gesture. he had a modest confidence about him, like he wasn’t confident in himself, but he was confident in life in general. like nothing could stop him. his style was slick, and it was enticing.

“i saw you dancing out there,” he pointed to the dancefloor, “i don’t think i’ve ever seen someone dance like that before.”

your brow creased in confusion, you weren’t sure if you should be offended or not.

“umm thanks?”

“i mean you looked really good out there, you were quite mesmerizing”

you smiled bashfully at his words instead now, “oh, thank you.”

he flashed his teeth at you in an honest smile, eyes creasing at the sides.

“so uh.. you know dom?” he looked at you sheepishly. you gulped at his inquiry, scared at how he might act. you were so close to finally being free, but you still couldn’t escape it.

“i-uh- i work for him,” you look down at your feet.

“work? if that’s what you call it..” he trailed off.

you started getting angry now, what right does he have to judge you? did he think this was something you wanted?

“you think i like the way he touches me? you think i enjoy being treated like someone’s play thing?”

“no no wait that’s not what i meant, look i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to upset you. i just don’t think it’s right for him to get away with treating you how he does. you should never get touched so… cruelly. it makes me sick seeing the way he manhandles you.”

“you really think that? most guys just get jealous that he gets to have  such an obedient little slut.”

you choked on your own words a little, but covered it up with a swig of your drink.

“i think you’re far from a ‘little slut’. you seem so much more than that.”

you were shocked. he barely knew you, yet he was disgusted by your treatment. and he saw you as more than an object. for once, you were human in someone’s eyes. your heart warmed at the thought.

“look, let’s not talk about dom,” you avert his attention instead, “why don’t we dance uh..?”

“dean, my name’s dean. and you are?”

you smiled slightly at his fitting name, “i’m y/n.”

you slipped your fur coat off and left it on the barstool, his eyes glancing over your bare arms and shoulders, his adam’s apple bobbing up and down. you looked almost angelic in such a harsh environment, you’re subtle innocence becoming more obvious as time passed.

you grabbed onto his rough, callus hands and dragged him onto the dancefloor, and letting him guide your body instead. his hands stayed on your waist politely, but as the two of you got closer and closer to one another, they settled on your hips, one travelling up to your hair affectionately. as you danced, he stayed gentle with you, never getting grabby or inappropriate, but staying tender with his actions. it was refreshing to be treated with care for once, you craved it, you craved warmth and loving devotion.

quickly, the two of you got too caught up in each other to notice the number of dom’s men in the area.

“dean, we need to go.”

“what do you mean go?” he mumbled into your ear.

“i mean we need to leave right now,” your heart beat quickened as you worried about what could happen to dean if you got caught.

but he caught on and wasted no time leading you by your hand to the exit. as scared as you were of getting caught, your were excited at the thought of having freedom.

“y/n? we should run.”


“because they are.”

dean pulled you through the manic crowds, down the dimly lit hallway to the exit.

“dean look out!”

in front of you were too of dom’s men, taking up the whole corridor with their large builds. you lead the way and pulled him down a nearly black hallway, with people lingering the whole way though it.

“i’ve got an idea,” dean whispers. they were getting closer.

“what is it?”

“just go along with it, okay?”

before you even had the opportunity to respond, his lips landed on yours. his arms locked on either side of the wall, blocking you in and hiding you. his lips continued kissing you as you still tried to get over the shock of somebody else being so intimate with you. it felt better than you’d imagined kissing someone else, so much more caring and light compared to dom’s painful, hard kisses that bruised your lips.

the two of dom’s men went straight past you, barely even noticing your attempt at blending in.

dean’s lips slowly detached from yours, his head resting against yours still, one arm sweeping hair off your face.

“sorry if that stepped over any lines, i thought it would help disguise us,” he whispered.

“it’s okay, it worked anyway. they’re gone now.”

“if they’re gone then why are we still whispering?”

you chuckle at his light-hearted humour, grabbing both of his hands and intertwining them with your comparably small ones.

“do you wanna come stay at my place tonight? you’ll have a bed and food and someone there to keep you safe from the baddies,” he joked.

“oh and who would that be?” you playfully replied.

“the guy who just saved your cute ass.”


the paced walk to his apartment was filled with trivial conversation, the two of you just enjoying the peaceful aftermath of the club.

finally you arrived outside of his flat. dean lived in a big city apartment on the top story with 5 other guys, all tall, muscly, tattooed. it was obvious that they were the gangsta sort too. they all dressed smart and in their jacket’s lining pocket you could make out the shape of pistols.

but you were used to these kinds of men, and they didn’t scare you one bit.

“fellas,” dean announces, “this is y/n, shes dom’s girl.”

they all looked at him with shock.

“what, and dom just gave her to you?” the first one spoke up, “if he find’s her here, you’re dead, we’re all dead.”

“we’ll be fine, vin, i’m gonna make sure nothing happens to her.”

you looked up at him, but he only sternly looked vin in the eye.

“if you can promise that none of us get our asses kicked, then she’s more than welcome to stay.”

dean showed you to his room, and let you in. the room was more open than you’d imagined, the whole of one wall was a window overlooking the lit up city. his bed was up against the glass, low to the ground and unmade with a laptop lying on it. but it still looked inviting. in the corner was a laundry pile, blood stained t-shirts lying on top. he had a record player in the corner and stacks of vinyl, and a wardrobe. but that was it. no more possessions and no more furniture.

“it’s very..” you tried to find the right words.

“empty? i’m aware,” he looked out the window.

“i was gonna say simple but yeah, that works too. but i like it, it feels.. right.”


“yeah, like, i feel comfortable in here, which is surprising for me,”

you slipped his jacket he’d given you earlier off and dropped it onto the floor.

you stood there lit up by the city and moon’s lights in nothing but a small dress, and he swore to himself he had never seen anything more beautiful before in his life.

“y/n, i,” dean didn’t know how to get out the right words, “i don’t want you to think that i expect you to, ya know, do stuff.”

“i know,” you replied softly, “thank you for everything. you didn’t have to give up so much just to save someone like me.”

“someone like you? y/n, you deserve so much more than what i can give you, but for now this is all i have.”

you lean up and leave a small kiss on the tip of his nose. his eyes shut and he leans his head into the crook of your neck.

“nothing whatsoever is gonna happen to you, no one else is gonna lay a hand on you with out your consent. and i’m gonna make sure of it.”

dean may have been a face from only a few hours ago, but nothing about him was going to cause you harm. he made you feel safe for the first time in so long.

fatigue hit you as you exhaled, sinking into dean’s stature. his arms snuck around your waist and he lifted you up and carried you over to his bed, your legs wrapping around his waist.

he softly placed you down, pulling the covers over you. he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, showing you his toned, slightly scarred upper body, along with his trousers, and changed into a pair of sweatpants.

“you have tattoos?” you question, grabbing his wrist and pulling him down to you. he crouches at the side of the bed next to your head.

“i have a few,” he turns round shows the back of his neck,

r e b e l

and then along the side of his neck and down his left bicep was a plum tree with inky branches spiralling off the side, blossoms coming around the sides.

“they’re amazing.”

your hands trace along his shoulder and down the side of his bicep, moving down to grip his waist. you’re exhaustion had somewhat disappeared and was replaced with a desperate, desire to have more of dean. but this time, you didn’t want to please because you had to, but because you wanted to. you were free to make whatever decision you wanted to make, and your decision was to have dean.

much to his surprise, you pulled him onto you on the bed and covered his lips with hungry kisses, his hands gripping your hips in shock. but he reacted quickly and picked up your hands from his bare waist and pinned them above your head. if dom had done that, you would have been disgusted, but when dean held your wrists so delicately, it felt blissful.

wrapping your legs around his naked torso, you kissed down his jaw along to his neck and ear. playfully, you nipped and tugged at his earlobe, his groans filling the air and your head.

“i wanna see more of you,” he started to slide the strap to your cami down your shoulder, leaving tender kisses along your burning skin as he went.

underneath your dress was nothing except panties and your stocking-hidden pistol. he slipped it off of the top half of your body, your breasts completely on display to him. he swallowed audibly and licked his lips slightly at you. but he only saw you as beautiful. not “hot”. or “sexy”. just beautiful.

his hands softly cupped around both your breasts, kneading them slightly. you let a moan past your lips, but he shushed you and motioned to the door, meaning he didn’t want the guys to hear them.

you gulped and nodded, and he continued to rub your breasts, his lips coming down on one and grazing your nipple. you gasp at the feel of his cool breath on your hot skin. nobody had ever touched your body with so much delicacy before in your life and you were basking in it.

his hands slipped the dress the whole way down you body, all that remaining were the matching pink panties and stockings, which he took the pistol out of and placed at the side of his bed. his fingers dusted over the lace of your underwear, fingers hooking round and pulling down, and off.

he grabbed your thighs and pushed them up against your torso, giving him a clear view of your aroused, glistening heat. he exhaled loudly at the magnificent sight before him. you looked so stunning like that, completely content yet so flustered by his small movements on your thighs.

his fingers finally made there way to your damp core, and he wasted no time in giving your clit a firm press and rub from his thumb. you released a suppressed moan at his actions, your hands gripping the bed sheets with such force, your knuckle turned white. his thumb was suddenly removed and replaced with his wet tongue. he licked from the base up to the top of your clit, making you’re already damp core wetter.

“dean, more,” you whimper, “i need more.”

he instantly pushed a finger inside you at your request, slowly pumping at first. normally, you would have an felt uncomfortable stinging every time dom fingered you. but dean took care of you properly, making you feel like you were in ecstasy.

with each pump you grunted with a slight whimper, your breathes becoming shallower and unstable. dean took out his finger and left you feeling empty, as he pulled down his sweatpants and boxers together. he sat back on his heels and kneeled down on the bed, grabbing you by the hips and sitting you on his lap.

“are you ready?” he whispered, “we can wait if you want.”

“no,” you wanted this, “please go on.”

he took no time at all as he lifted your hips and settled them on top of his length, his width taking you by surprise. you arched your back against his chest, your breasts pushing against him flushed.

“dean keep going,” you breathed.

he started to push into slowly, starting a rhythm and a pace for the two of you. you rolled your hips onto him, eliciting a hiss from dean’s bitten lips.

the two of you had no struggle reaching your climaxes easily, both so desperate to make the other come undone. you were finally going to experience your first orgasm. no matter how many times dom had fucked you, you never got any enjoyment out of it. and your ex before that always came before you. so you were stuck in a cycle of almosts.

dean sucked along your neck and left dark marks all across the smooth expanse of skin and his thrusts became hard and rough, the sound of your skin hitting his.

“dean i’m gonna,” you yelped in surprise of the feeling that had exploded in your lower body. dean made one lay thrust and came with you, his breathes loud in your ear.

the two of you clutched each other as you caught your breath, all of your body touching the others. the city and star light lit up your glistening bodies, the glow off your incandescent skin.

“how was that?” dean mumbles into your neck, your hair muffling his words.

“it was..” you didn’t know how to describe how incredible that felt. you were overwhelmed with intense feelings, “amazing.”

he smiled at your eyes twinkling in the city light. dean got up to grab you a clean shirt to sleep in for the night, and some underwear for himself. you pulled the cosy shirt over your head, sighing contently as you looked over the city view.

he climbed in next to you and wrapped his sturdy arms around your waist, snuggling into your neck and back tightly. you giggled at his cuteness, surprised to see such a light hearted side to a mobster.

dean was unlike any other, he had a heart of gold that had been stolen and exploited. and your heart aches for him, and how misunderstood he must be.

“how did you get into this job then?” you were beating around the bush a little, you knew mobsters didn’t like their label. you turned around and rested your head in the crook of his shoulder.

“i was born into it, my dad used to be the head of our mob. but during a debt collection, he was surprise attacked and shot in the head. so i started working for them too, hoping to find my dad’s killer. i started off on routine deals and then started getting better with a gun and my fists. the new mob leader liked my dedication to the cause and so he started taking me out on collections like my dad did. i’ve been doing it ever since. but i’ve never killed. i mean i’ve fucked up a few faces here and there, but that’s it. i can’t put others through what i went through myself.”

you stayed silent and placed a kiss on his bare chest, showing your comfort in your actions. you wanted to show him how much you cared, so you snuggled even further into his side.

who knows what you were gonna do now. dean was a face from a few hours ago and he had already seen so much of you. he was your hero, whether or not he’d done his fair share of damage in the past. he may not see himself as a good guy, but you saw him as the best.


Agents of Shield Character development:

1. Agent Phil Coulson:
Season 1 : typical Coulson; suits, slim, lanky; looks like a representative for vacuum cleaner; still every second just plane cool 😎
Season 4 : woooow is he actual muscled??? And badassy?? So much sass; he can still lend you a hand 🤚🏼; best dad ever?!; HES SO IN LOVE WITH MAY; kissed a 🤖

2. Agent Melinda May:
Season 1 : 💪🏼🤦🏻‍♀️🛩😎😶🤖🔥⚔️

Season 4 : 💪🏼🤦🏻‍♀️🛩😎😶🤖(literally) 🔥⚔️
Sorry but this woman is so badass and hasn’t aged a day in like 20 years; there are just no words for her awesomeness; loves her little potato husband Phil truly ❤😭

3. Skye alias Agent Daisy Johnson alias Quake alias Mary Sue (but a great one, not these annoying chicks):

Season 1 : hacktivist; you know nothing Skye; awkward little kid; looks like daughter of Coulson and May for real 😳

Season 4 : now wow she’s a superhero; but acts like a teenager; so she’s still a little bus kid; but a cool one with badass moves and real forces; she quakes your ass 😏💪🏼🔥; and is of course still hot

4. Agent Jemma Simmons:
Season 1 : one half of Fitzsimmons; dorky; cute little sunshine ☀️; 🤓🤗👩🏼‍🔬; she is soooo british and I love it ❤; little bus kid

Season 4 : now the better half of Fitz ❤😍🤓 (finally!); Have to admit it: Bossy suits her 😏👩🏼‍💼😎; loves her monkey 🐒 Fitz; is also badass

5. Agent Leopold Fitz:
Season 1 : other half of Fitzsimmons; awwwww what a cute little monky kid 😍; 👨🏼‍🔬🤷🏼‍♂️ so nerdy but a clever boy 🤓; like him really; little bus kid

Season 4 : uhhhh better half Simmons 😏😏😍😍; wooow scruffy suits you really good!!!; ohhh you have grown up; but you will always be a cute 🐒; and a bus kid; wooow is everybody badass now???; looks like yes…; loves his Jemma sooo much ❤🤗❤️

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Supercorp prompt: Lena tries on the Supergirl costume and it actually really turns Kara on

When Kara had finally revealed her true identity, it had been one of Lena’s first jokes.

‘You’ve got to let me try that suit on one of these days.’

Kara had laughed a sure and kept laughing because she had been so shocked at how well Lena had taken the big reveal and was expecting the CEO of L-Corp to, at any moment, snap at her for not telling her for nearly a whole year. But it hadn’t happened, Lena had been fine with it and had never asked her why she had acted like two entirely different people.

Then two weeks later, they had a movie night that had escalated into a wine night. Kara had had to leave for fifteen minutes to pull a family out of a fiery car wreck, and had returned to a tipsy Lena who was wearing a matching full Supergirl suit.

It was incredibly meta and, also incredibly hot.

‘Oh…wow…Lena, I…wow.’

‘Kara, hey! I hope you don’t mind but I spilt wine down my blouse and was looking for something to change into and I found this at the back of your closet. Is this your spare?’

‘I, uh…–.’

‘Luckily you told me about your other life, else I’d be thinking that you were really into your cosplay! This thing is so professional!’

And so form fitting – curse Winn and the super tight material he deemed best for the suit. She could see Lena’s defined biceps, Lena’s slender waist, Lena’s perfect breasts, everything. There was so much to see, Kara didn’t even know where to begin.

‘Is this not okay?’ Lena slurred. ‘Did I cross a line? I’m so sorry, Kara, I’m not used to having people like you in my life, I–.’

‘No, no, you’re perfect! I mean, uh,’ control yourself Kara, ‘It’s perfectly okay! I love you in that outfit, I mean I like you in that outfit, it really suits you! I, oh Rao…I…can I be perfectly honest with you?’

Lena raised that eyebrow. ‘Go ahead.’

You’re stunning. You’re beautiful. You’re hot. You’re so stunningly beautiful and hot that I can barely breathe, I love you. All those thoughts rushed through Kara’s mind but she settled for, simply, ‘You really suit it.’

‘Well,’ Lena smirked, again with the eyebrow. ‘Maybe I’ll wear it more often.’

send me Supercorp/Sanvers prompts

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the skin color of pristine gen 2 synths in the institute is a sort of unpleasant olive tinged bright,sickly, fleshy yellow. you can see faint patches of it on nick's weathered, messed up skin! personally i think grey suits him very well, if he was still bright yellow it'd be kinda clashy and upsetting, hah. the synth equivalent of a silver fox!

oh my god. what if other freshly minted gen2s looked at nick and were like. “wow hes hot.” and then other one is like “wtf j2″

Animals // Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Spencer Reid enjoys the satisfaction that comes with being friends with benefits. 

Warnings: Smut

Playlist: Animals - Alex & Sierra

A/N: I thought I’d do this one a little different. I highly suggest giving the song a listen as it helped fuel this small little number(I provided the link just for you). I hope you enjoy! ;)

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i just had a gut-wrenching-chest-clutching Moment™️ where i nearly cried cuz i just remembered the court scene in blue lily lily blue

how gansey and ronan skipped class and rushed to make it in time to the courtroom gansey desperately asking if they weren’t too late

gansey being such a goober nerd that even the judge knows about his search for glendower like honestly who hasn’t he told (and lol if everyone and their mother knew about gansey’s search how did dumbass whelk not know about it sooner? boy bye) and gansey anxiously telepathically (basically) asking adam if this was okay, if he was allowed to help he jUST WANTS TO HELP

ronan in a goddamn suit and tie (wow can you imagine how hot he looked wowowwo but that is not the point right now) i stay up at night and think of what ronan could’ve possibly said. was he short and brutal as usual, sending withering stares at robert parrish or did he try to be Extra Polite so he wouldn’t fuck up for adam? could you tell how anxious he was in his lil broody face?!

adam thinking he was all alone as if his friends wouldn’t drop everything for him being such a dumb for not telling his best friends but somehow they showed up anyway because they fucking love adam parrish with all their mighty hearts they love him more than any of us sorry to say but gansey will fight you on this

basically these boys love each other sO FUCKING MUCH i literally get Overwhelmed and Consumed by it i can’t function i’m crying again

BTS Reaction: You get a lip piercing

Request:  Ahh I love your writing style so much !! Please keep up the good work because I love reading everything you put out <3 if it isn’t too much, may I request BTS and/or GOT7 reactions to their s/o GETTING a lip piercing? Whatever is easiest for you, my friend~

A/N: Thank you so much, that’s such a huge compliment, thank you for being so lovely. I’ve chosen to do this as a BTS reaction but if when my requests are back open you want to request it for GOT7 as well I’d be more than happy to do it for you! <3 


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Wow Jagi, that actually really suits you.’ He’d say admiring how you looked with it. ‘I’ll admit, when you said you were getting one I wasn’t 100% sure but now that I’m seeing you like this… damn.’ he’d leave you a blushing mess as he made sure to tell you how good you look despite his early doubts but you knew even if he hadn’t had liked it as much as he does, he wouldn’t have let it effect your relationship.


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Damn Y/N you look… hot.’ his gaze fell upon your lips as he admired how the metal wrapped around it and suited you so well. ‘Did it hurt?’ he’d ask, gaze never leaving the piercing. ‘No’ you said, able to feel yourself melting under his stare. ‘Hmm… well you look so good with one maybe I should get one too…’.


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Being the wonderful and supportive boyfriend he is, he went with you to get it done and to be brave for you while you had it pierced. However, the minute he saw the needle, he nearly fainted, grabbing onto your hand and working himself up despite the fact it wasn’t him having the piercing. In the end, he thought you looked great with it but just wanted to forget the whole incident.

Rap Monster:

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‘Looks good baby’ he’d say sincerely, realizing how sexy you looked with it. ‘How does it feel when you kiss though?’ he’d say, smirking slightly and coming closer to grip your chin lightly, pressing his lips against yours and feeling the cold metal, leaving you a blushing mess.


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He’d be somewhat hypnotized by it, the way you played with it when you were concentrating or bored, the way it moved when you spoke, all of it. He just found it fascinating, leaving you red when you caught him staring at your lips on a regular basis.


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Tae would be more concerned for your wellbeing than anything else- as always- and would ask a million questions before and after to make sure everything was safe and if his schedule allowed, he would have gone with you. When you got home it’s ‘Did it hurt?’ ‘How much did it bleed?’ ‘Was the needle sterile?’ ‘Make sure it doesn’t get infected’. He cared because he loved you.


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You both went together on a whim, both deciding to get a piercing to represent the fact you were no longer children. While he chose to play it safe with his ear, you got a lip piercing and Jungkook was more than supportive, thinking it looked incredibly sexy and mature.



what a cute husband im crying too you’re so emotionally invested


he’s the cutest boy in existence i can’t even… probably top 1 of 3 (and did u hear the “mhm” he says as the camera shows kongpope??? i AM OBSESSED with that mannerism of his ohmygod it’s like he has to agree with what he says always)

i s2g i exploded

wow we have this trend of people liking bdsm huh (i s2g im like this)

ok i said that arthit is the cutest boy of 3 cutest boys right… here’s top 2






simon the model
  • Simon: so how does this jacket look
  • Raphael: I'm not sure you need to get rid of the shirt for the proper aethestic.
  • Simon: ok *takes off shirt* how about now
  • Raphael: much better, now let me get a good look at the fit. This clan needs to look their best.
Imagine being Bella’s older sister, and you and Carlisle fall in love - Part 2.

Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Carlisle x Reader (OC name, feel free to change it in your mind)
Warning: CURSING! Fluffy awkwardness! Overprotective Charlie!

Less than six months later, I am pulling up the Cullen’s driveway once more, running a bit late as I climb out, racing up the front stairs, where Rosalie throws the door open, pulling me inside as the scent of orange blossoms, lilacs, freesia, and roses envelope me as we hurry up the stairs. “She’s here!” Rosalie calls as Alice looks up from doing Bella’s makeup.

“Finally! You’re late!” Alice scolds, though she’s definitely playing as she shoots me a wink. “Go take a shower. Rosalie will get you towels and a robe.” I nod, hurrying into the bathroom. I strip off my tank top and sweatpants from the flight, climbing in the steaming hot shower,where I wash my body, then shampoo and condition my hair, before climbing out in record time. I dry off, before slipping on my bra and underwear, wrapping the robe around me, tying the sash as I walk out, Rosalie is in a stunning purple dress, her hair is pinned and curled down one side of her head, and she has a light layer of makeup on, she gestures to the chair beside Bella’s, where I sit as she sets to work, doing my hair is an intricate pattern, before she does a beautiful job on my makeup, before I stand off to the side, observing my sister.

“Did you find our daughters?” I hear my mother’s voice, surprising me.

“Are those… graduation caps?” I hear dad ask, causing me to giggle into my hand.

“Huh! What a fun idea!” Mom says. “Bella? Emma?”

“In here, mom!” Bella and I call in unison, she steps inside the room, her eyes instantly welling at the sight of Bella.

“Oh, honey you look beautiful!” Renee turns to the door. “Charlie? Charlie come look!” She turns as Alice provides a hanky, dad enters the room, looking dapper in his suit.

“Wow.” Dad looks at me, and smirks.

“I know. I look hot.” Everyone laughs.

“We got you a little something, for this day. Charlie?” Mom holds out her hand, causing dad to hurry, and lay a velvet box in it, which mom opens before Bella as I press off the wall, looking at the gift. It’s a hair comb, with blue sapphires along the ends of each tooth. “This was your great grandma Swan’s, your dad and I got the sapphires added. We just thought it could be your something blue.”

“And something old, besides your mother.” Dad says, earning a smack from both mom and I. Alice steps up, slipping the comb into Bella’s hair, perfectly.

“We have something from great grandma Swan, for you too.” Mom says. “You get it on your wedding day.” I nod, causing mom to laugh, hugging me. “It’s great to see you.”

“You too, mom.” I murmur.

“So, who wants to see the dress?” Alice chirps, Charlie steps out as Rosalie and Alice help Bella with the dress, over her head, before doing the lines of pearls buttons up her back. “Okay, so you have something old, something blue,” Alice beams. “your dress is something new, so here.” She flicks something at Bella, who automatically catches it, turning red at the garter in her hands. “There’s your something borrowed. That’s mine, I want it back.”

“And here,” I reach into my jeans on the bed, pulling out an very old penny. “here’s a penny for your shoe.” Bella stares at it, before Alice tucks it into the heel, which she slips onto Bella’s feet.

“Renee, will you get the bouquets. Rosalie, help Emma into her dress.” Rosalie grabs a dress bag from the closet, walking over to me as mom rushes out, and I watch in amusement as Bella toughters as Alice hooks the garter around Bella’s thigh. Rosalie slips the dress over my head, after removing my robe, just as Alice pops back up, the dress is the same purple as Alice and Rosalie’s, it’s a dress that ties up around the neck, laces that cross up the back, the top is smooth, tight until my waist where is billows out a bit, and has a sweetheart neckline. Alice steps up, clipping a golden locket around my neck, before I slip on my purple heels, and Rosalie slides a diamond pin into place in my hair. It’s after the wedding, during the reception, that I slip away from the hustle and bustle, my feet sore from the dancing, I make my way around the front of the house, where I lean against the banister of the porch, sighing.

A hand appears out of nowhere, a champagne flute in it, the bubbling copper liquid looks oddly tempting as I take the glass, looking up to find none other than Carlisle standing beside me, a gentle smile on his face, his hair is slicked back, styled in a way oddly fitting for his face, his tux is crisp, without a single wrinkle within it, his tie is the only thing that is the slightest bit off for him, causing me to smile, shaking my head as I set the glass on the banister, stepping up to grasp his tie. “You and Charlie both, is it a man thing? Even vampires.” I taunt as I straighten his tie, slipping the triangle up to tighten it as Carlisle looks slightly embarrassed.

“Was it like that throughout the entire wedding? How embarrassing.” He says as I drop one hand, using the other to smooth the silk white material down, before I turn to the banister, going to step back with my hand dropping, only for my head to whip around as he grasps my hand in his, he looks enamored as he reaches out, capturing a dark brown ringlet between two fingers, he twists it before tucking it behind my ear, finger lingering on the diamond pin in my hair, and I can feel heat burning my cheeks as he lets go of my hand, allowing me to return to my place against the banister, where I sip on my champagne. It’s a bad habit, not really something that I should encourage, but being in tokyo, where we have saki with every meal, I decide that it’s not going to kill me to have few sips of champagne. “Needed another escape?”

“Dad seems to think, if he keeps me occupied with dancing, that none of Bella’s friends will care to cut in, or ask for a dance.” I explain. “Or, he’s hoping to keep me occupied until Jacob’s friends show, and play matchmaker with them. It would not be the first time.” I explain, he is now leaning against the banister, though I do not miss the chunk of wood the suddenly splinters under his hand, crumbling away from the banister. Deciding against bringing it up, I turn to look in his honeycomb eyes, my sky blue eyes are sweeping over each of his features, studying them quickly. “What about you?” I suddenly ask, dropping my gaze to clear my throat, taking another deep sip from the crystal glass in my hand. “Needed an escape, as well?”
“Hardly, even though it is a party, weddings are more of a symbol of a beautiful union between two people, and I do enjoy them. Though,” He seems to pause, glancing back at all the couples and pairs dancing. “Alice does seem to have gone all out, this time. I wonder why.”

“You do not think she’d do so for anyone else’s wedding?” I ask, suddenly curious.

“I’m not sure.” He hums.

“Not even your own, give the chance?” I ask, causing him to frown, brow furrowing as he looks at me.

“The chance has not come, nor will it, I believe.” He states.

“You have yet to find your mate.” It’s not a question, much to my surprise.

“No, I have.” He glances out at the woods, his furrow seeming to deepen, I cannot help but reach out a hand, resting it on his elbow, causing his head to snap over to me.

“Carlisle, you are my friend. What is troubling you?” I ask softly.

“It is… a complication.” He answers, vaguely, causing me to frown as I withdraw my hand, he reaches out to it, grasping it in his. “My mate,” He says the word with a surprising amount of sadness. “I have not told her that she is such, I fear she will not reciprocate. It’s merely that.”

“Oh, my friend.” I frown, setting my glass of champagne on the banister, wrapping him in a hug, causing him to freeze under my touch, the both of us are rather surprised by my move, but he wraps his arms around my waist.

“I know you’ve been dancing all night, but would you mind dancing with me?” He suddenly asks.

“Can we stay over here?”I ask him, he nods, causing me to beam as I kick my heels off, becoming considerably smaller without the two extra inches, making his 6’ 2” sizes that much bigger compared to my 5’ 4” size, so the top of my head ends just under his chin, my arms rest around his neck, while his arms are around my middle, causing me to blush as I look up at him. “Sorry, I’m so tiny.” This causes him to chuckle, a low throaty sound in his chest, which then changes into a full blown, head thrown back, roaring laugh, causing me to flush enough to where my ears are burning.

“You are the perfect size.” He says, once he’s calmed down, causing me to give him a wide grin.

“Good.” I breath out, the music that flows from the backyard changes from a swift pulsating beat, to a slower, almost heartbreakingly beautiful song, causing him to nod firmly, he turns us in a circle, starting the dance in a much less awkward circle, than the one that Charlie had us moving in, Carlisle seems to know how much of a lack of balance my family is known for. My head rests on his chest as I hum softly along with music, it’s oddly relaxing to be in his arms, but I keep a reminder in the corner of my mind, that I am not his mate, that his love is given to someone, I have to keep telling myself, not to fall for him, no matter how much it hurts.

“Are you serious?!” Someone yells. “Both of you?!” I spin around to find Jacob standing at the foot of the stairs, a scowl on his face as I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, a feeling of embarrassment makes itself known to me, in my chest. “Emma, they’re not even human!” Jacob hisses.

“I… They are more human, Jacob Black, than you at this point!” I hiss, slipping my heels on, and stalking over to him. “It’s not as those I’m his mate, I’m his friend! He’s upset, I am trying to make him feel better, that’s what friends do! That’s something you did at one point, instead of making your best friend cry.” He flinches, visibly, at my words, before I huff the same stray lock of hair from my face, turning back to the house, where I stalk up the stairs, snatching up the crystal glass on the balcony, I toss my head back, drinking the smooth champagne in one go, causing Carlisle to freeze. “I need more champagne.” I growl, starting back toward the party. I know this was a mistake, drinking, but at this point, I don’t, honestly, care.

Give Me A Spark, I’ll Give You Explosions

Summary: Phil is shy, silently pining. Dan is loud and flirty, and doesn’t care about labels. House parties and nail polish occur.

Genre: teenage!phan AU, fluff

Warnings: mentions of alcohol & a few swear words

Word Count: 7.7k

Fic Playlist

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Confident (Part 3)

Summary: Your best friend growing up was Sam Wilson but with his busy life as an Avenger and your life in the Air Force, you two never really got to spend much time together. That was until you applied to become the new War Machine after Col. James Rhodes retired. Now Sam won’t let you be and a new protective streak has started but will it end your friendship or only make things stronger? Bucky X Reader

A/N: This story is really writing itself right now! I love it. This has been so much fun so far.

Warning: Maybe swearing? I don’t think so though.

Part 2

Originally posted by gliceria

Bucky desperately tried to think of ways to pull himself out of this hole that he had dug. At first he had a crush but when he had failed miserably, twice, this was now a mission to show you he wasn’t an ass. He knew that you would be in training most of the day but Tony had prepared a party to welcome you to the compound. Rhodes had warned Tony that you were not the party type but he wouldn’t have it. You were going to be welcomed in true Avenger fashion.

“L/N!” An intern ran up to you as you were walking towards your room, drenched in sweat from your training but feeling fulfilled. “Captain, Mr. Stark sent this for you. He says you need to wear it tonight.” It was a short party dress, and in your opinion, was missing quite a bit of fabric.

“No, thank you though.” You tried to smile sweetly but the intern still stood nervously.

“I knew you weren’t going to take it.” A voice called out from down the hall.

“Colonel!” You looked at him surprised.

“Thank you, Lillian. We’ll take it from here.” He said as he grabbed the dress. “Something wrong, Captain?”  

“Uh…” You couldn’t quite form a tactful reason for how you felt. You needed to set a strong first impression and this was not the way to do it.

“No one is going to undermine you here, Y/N. “ Your head snapped up to look him in the eye. “I’ve read your file. You should have been a lieutenant colonel by now but the men in your company couldn’t handle being led by a woman. That’s not how the Avengers work. Tony gave you that as a gift, not as an insult.” Rhodes slowly gave you the gorgeous dress as he smiled at you. You sheepishly nodded, feeling slightly silly about your defensive behavior.

“Thank you, Colonel.”

“Rhodey, please. It stuck after Sam showed up.” You smiled, looking towards the ground.

“Rhodey then. I’ll see you in a bit.” You quickly scurried inside your room to get ready. A nice hot shower was first but then you started to get dressed. The dress that Tony had given you was short but you knew that. Though it was long sleeved, it was backless- a deep and low swoop revealed your entire back. You took a deep breath as you readied yourself to walk down to the common room. As you opened the door, Sam surprised you.

“Hey Y/N! Wow! Damn, girl!” You laughed as he continued a string of compliments.

“You don’t look bad yourself, Wilson.” Motioning to his suit.

“You like it? Tony gave it to me today. Said that he wanted to give everyone a little something.” You internally groaned again at your earlier behavior. “Well, ready to go? I figured I walk you in and help introduce you to everyone.”

“Just like that dance in middle school.” You reminisced.

“You mean the one where that ass Jason broke up with you right before the dance?”

“Yeah! The same one you left that poor girl alone!” You joked but Sam continued his serious facade.

“Look, I said that I would take her too. I’d look good with two girls on my arms.” He commented nonchalantly.

“We were 13!” But he only smirked and offered you his arm again. You slipped yours around his and walked to the common room. The crowd was bigger than you expected. You let out a loud and heavy sigh but quickly straightened your back. Confidence, you thought.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! We now welcome Captain Y/N L/N, the new War Machine!” The MC roared as you entered the room. All eyes were on you. You and Sam quickly waved, flashing big smiles as you walked and mingled around the room. Tony immediately took over for Sam and pulled you around the room. You met media, celebrities, models, philanthropists, every person who was special enough to earn an invitation to Tony’s party.

“You look gorgeous, L/N. I hope you like my gift.” Tony whispered into your ear as you walked towards the Avengers.

“Y/N, Tony. And yes, thank you. It’s a beautiful dress.” You flashed Tony a sincere smile then looked towards your new team. The Avengers were picture perfect as always and it seemed as though everyone had received a gift from Tony. You eyes caught Bucky’s and held his gaze. He was particularly handsome tonight. He had pulled his hair back into a low bun and was showing the initial stages of a beard. He had a tinge of sadness in his eyes as he looked at you. You knew you had to apologize.

“Sergeant Barnes, can I have a moment?” Bucky flashed a terrified look, while Sam was grinning ear to ear and whispering to Steve about something, probably breakfast this morning.

“Certainly Captain.” He said as he nodded, walking towards you. You walked towards an open patio door to escape outside. He looked somewhat nervous at you as you pulled him over to a quiet corner. “Look, Captain, I’m sorry about this morning I-”

“I’m the one that needs to be sorry, Barnes.” You stared right into his steel blue eyes. “I was defensive and stubborn when I first showed up and I shouldn’t have done that to you. I needed to get to know you first instead of assuming you were trying to subvert me. I apologize.” You gave a small smile like peace offering as you finished. “Oh! And please, call me Y/N.” You added for good measure.

“And it’s Bucky, for you too.” He smiled back. It was a crooked smile but a beautiful smile. “Can I get you a drink, Y/N?”

“Water, please but I would love to share a drink with you.” You followed Bucky back inside and towards the bar. For the rest of the night, you and Bucky sat there glued to each other’s conversations and stories to days past. He told you about the 1940s and Brooklyn while you told him about Harlem and the Air Force. He was sweet, kind, funny, attentive which caused you to feel even more guilty about your behavior towards him. Sam, though, could tell from that look on your face that you were developing a tiny crush for the Winter Soldier.

Part 4


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-Love Kate xoxo

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Top 5 Even moments?

oh my god okay lets fucking go 

1. making fun of isak when he didnt know what nas was + bc of the shit rapping that was done during that same ep literally the way he looked at isak in that scene was just…magical man 
2. listen that locker room scene makes me so emotional bc eve n after isak told him the thing he was all like acting like it was okay and wow i love my son pls someone take care of him 
3. distracting isak from the sonja thign by going ‘your so fucking hot isak’ honestly iconic
4. h oenstly renting out a fucking suite just for him and isak it doesnt get more iconic than that tbh 
5.the sonja has a prosthetic leg thing bc honestly isaks confused face was just the best thing abt s3 lets be honset 

send me ‘top 5′ anything

They don’t see

Originally posted by ditchthevillian


Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/H/C - Your hair color, Y/E/C - Your eye color.

REQUEST: Could you write a Bucky x reader fic where Bucky is his usual gruff and sometimes unintentionally mean looking self and the reader is all naturally nice looking and soft and whenever they are out on a date in public people whisper about how they can’t believe that such a sweet looking girl is with such a mean looking man and stuff

A/N: Thank you for the request. Sorry it took forever! Let me know if you like it! 

Y/N sat on the bed slipping her heels on as Bucky struggled with the buttons on his shirt.

“Would you please come and help me with these?” Bucky said frustrated, smacking his hands down on his legs.

Y/N walked over to him and placed her hand on his chest to calm him down.

“We don’t have to go tonight. I know you are not a fan of these things.” She said softly

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How would the guys react to seeing you in a swim suit for the first time?

I’ll do all the members since I haven’t been on in a while.

Mark: Tries to calm himself down and not appear like he’s completely entranced by how hot you look.

JB: Bites his lip because you look so good, but is lowkey boiling on the inside because you look too sexy and he doesn’t want other guys to be ogling at you.

Jackson: Lip lick, bite, and wink combo. “Damn, babe”

Jr.: “Wow… Jagi… wow… You look… wow”

Youngjae: *screams ‘ahhhhhhhhhhhh’ to hide his awkwardness but is also seriously enjoying it*

Bambam: Thanking the gods above that he’s blessed to be tappin’ that booty.

Yugyeom: Wouldn’t be able to look at you the same, would be so shy about how amazing you look, he’d hardly be able to keep eye contact.

Imagine #10- Jake Virtanen *Requested*

“A plus one”

Your sister’s wedding date was getting closer and closer, and she had asked you to be her maid of honor, which you of course happily said yes to. However, you were still dateless. You didn’t wanna show up without a date but your love life was less than impressive at the moment so you decided to call up your best friend, Jake Virtanen.  “Hey (Y/N)! What’s up?” his cheery voice greeted you only after the phone barely rang once, “Hey Jake!” you couldn’t hide the excitement in your voice, you missed Jake a lot so getting to talk to him was special. “So as you know my sister’s wedding is coming up and well I still don’t have a plus one so-” “Are you asking me to be your date because honestly I’ve been waiting forever for this I never thought you’d ask I love weddings AND I miss you” he says even happier than before. Your smile deepens and a blush creeps across your face, “Yes I am and I am very glad you’re accepting”.

You and Jake have been best friends since you were about 11 years old, so he was very familiar with your family. You called to tell your sister you did have a plus one so to make sure he would be accounted for, “so you finally asked Jake huh? About time you two got together” you blush again, “We’re not together we’re just friends” “Mhm sure (Y/N). You hang up with your sister, you know she is right you do have feelings for Jake, but he’s your best friend- and he probably does not feel the same way about you.

A couple weeks later it is finally wedding day and you were in the bridal suite just putting the final touch-ups on on your makeup when one of the other bridesmaids calls your name, “(Y/N) your date is outside asking if you’re available- and he looks hot” you blush at her comment and sneak out of the suite. “Wow (Y/N) you look beautiful isn’t that like a rule? You can’t be prettier than the bride or something cause I think you’re in violation of that” you blush, “Thanks Jake, you don’t look bad yourself. He was in an all black suit with a lavender bow tie that perfectly matched your bridesmaids dress. “I gotta go back in there but I’ll see you after the ceremony okay?” he smiles at you, “Good luck I’ll be cheering for you like how you cheer for me at games- except maybe not as loudly as you” you laugh at his playful jab and go back into the suite. Your sister gives you a knowing look, “You two have been in love since you were kids just get on with it” you give her an eyeroll, “today is about you okay? Let’s focus on your love life yeah?” you both laugh as you help her fix up her veil.

As you walk down the aisle you can feel Jake’s eyes on you and you try to focus on walking and not messing up. The rest of the bridesmaids followed out behind you and then of course your sister. Once the ceremony was underway you couldn’t help but sneak looks over and Jake the whole time, he was sitting with some of your cousins that he was familiar with and looking at you smiling and even flashed a thumbs up. After the “I do’s” are said and everyone is outside you find Jake and go over to him, “you did great!” “thanks Jake, your thumbs up really pulled me through” you both laugh and he reaches up to brush a stray piece of hair off your face. “(Y/N) I don’t know if this is bad timing or if I should even say this but I have to- I love you. I have for a long time and you look so damn beautiful and happy today and I can’t hold it in anymore, I love you.” Tears start to fill your eyes and your voice breaks as you manage to get out a “I love you too, I have for a very long time”. He leans down and plants a soft sweet kiss on your lips, but not before your sister and the whole bridal party can see. They all scream and cheer and you both break apart blushing, “they kind of all have been cheering for this to happen all day” he laughs, “I know, I tried to get your sister to talk me up” “Jake!” you say laughing “as if you need any talking up”. At the reception you and Jake dance the night away, slow songs, club songs, the cheesey songs like the cha cha slide, it didn’t matter what was playing as long as you guys were together.


Lol, so this will be the last of the TBT pictures for a while, but this is probably my absolute favorite. I’ve got a story/comic plot for a school called MAGTAG (short for Magically Gifted and Talented Academy) and when I first came up with the story, I was totally so not the main character, duh, obviously…
anyways, John was the love interest and oh wow look, we can see how much better I’ve gotten at drawing clothes. So he’s a fire mage (wow, so hot… Middle school me was a genius btw) in his second year at MAGTAG and his main weapon is his cuffs??? idk… I guess he channels magic through them or something like that. He’s from a cool super old mage clan. This was actually the first time I put him in a higher class ranking. It suits him. But he was snarky and full of spunk, unlike our soft and squishy alien bby now. (Though, he can have his moments.)