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Call Bobby

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Pairing: Dean x sister!Reader, Sam x sister!Reader, TJ (OC)
Word count: 1,159

Part 3 of a Father’s Gift

TJ had only been 9 months the night that you’d listened to your father meet the hellhound. Pictures were all he’d never know of him, much like you and Sam when it came to Mary. It wasn’t fair, and you were numb for the first few days. The house had a gloomy feel to it, as if joy was wrong, and blasphemous.

What seemed to snap you out of it was when TJ walked from the coffee table, to the sofa where you were sitting. For the first time since that day, you smiled, and the tears you felt weren’t of sadness. “Good job, baby!” You chuckled as he laughed.

His laughter is what helped drag everyone from their fog, one by one. It was infectious, and you all knew that John would have wanted you to move on, and raise him the best you could.

Just two weeks after the death of your father, you were back in school, back into the routine that had been created at the beginning of the year. You had a few friends, who could tell something was wrong, but how did you explain that? How did you tell them that he was dragged to hell because he sold his soul to save you and your son? It was easier to say nothing, than think of a lie.

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