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Whouffaldi AU // The White Raven

In some universe, a rebellious human time traveller Clara Oswald has gone and gotten herself into a sleazy deal, with a choronolock tattooed right at the back of her neck. So she travels around avoiding each and every raven or bird she sees. Although, I must point out that hers is no ordinary chronolock, as it is the one connected to the white Quantum Shade, The White Raven, who is no ordinary bird. He is very humanoid and always under “deep cover” with his wings that are invisible to others. But then, Clara Oswald too is no ordinary girl either, she is the impossible girl. So, as the chronolock counts down and the White Raven prepares to collect his soul, he starts to find himself, for once, unwilling to do what he has to.  

So I recently reached 400 followers! Thank you so much, I love every single one of you ♥♥♥ (except those nasty porn blogs, you can fuck off) I know this is actually not much for most people but I never imagined that this blog could even hit 50 followers when I started and I thought now it’s time for my very first follow forever! And it’s perfect timing bc today is my birthday so this is kind of my celebration!

This will probably be very long because I follow almost one thousand blogs and their ALL my faves but these are the people that really stick to my mind and I kinda wanna thank them for making my dash as amazing as it is! So a big THANK YOU to all of you lovely people!!

(I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, don’t hesitate to tell me!)


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hoshi: *in a crowded space and can’t find seungkwan* this calls for drastic measures

hoshi: *uses his hands as a microphone* hEY EVERYBODY I’M GONNA DO SOME AEGYO

seungkwan: *on the other side of the room* wHAT THE HECK DID U JUST SAY nO NO nO

hoshi: there he is.

so i was scrolling through my dash, and i thought “wow, these all look like things i would post” for a straight 5 minutes. I was scrolling through my queue.

i love being on my equine tumblr because as i scroll through my dash it’s like, wow, look at all these awesome people who are just as weirdly horse crazy as i am and i just feel so at home.