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ומה אם נתנשק?

האם זה משהו שאתה תזכור תמיד או תשכח כשיתרחקו שפתינו?

לחשוב על זה פתאום נראה כל כך מפחיד 

ומה אם נתחבק?

האם יהיה חסר עוד משהו להגיד או שהכל יהיה כל כך בסדר?

האם זה לא מה שחיכינו לו תמיד?

(The pronouns were changed in the song :0c)

This is a collab I did with the wonderful @michaelmxll! I did the line art and they did the amazing coloring!! 


“We gave them a prom they’ll never forget.”
Me neither. It’s the best night of my life.
“Even if it was ridiculously romantic?”

you know better.
so what are you doing?
you shouldn’t be here, shouldn’t be playing again.
shouldn’t be making a name for yourself.
the only notable thing about you
should be the dust you kick up running.
not your smart mouth, not your attitude problem.
definitely not your face.

so, okay, whatever, right?
what’s done is done.
you’re here and you’re already dead anyway,
you may as well let yourself have this one thing.
you’ll be gone in the spring.  it’s fine.

it’s fine.  it’s fine.  you’re fine.

just, you know, this is it.
you’re here, you’re becoming someone
that people know, that people recognize.
you’re painting the target on your back
a little brighter.
you’re making the idea of leaving
a little harder.

and alright,
there’s a timer.  a countdown.
your days are limited (they always were)
and now they’re running out.
and that’s fine, you know?  you knew this was coming.
you set yourself up for it.

you’ve got no time left.
that’s fine.  it is.
that’s what you’ve been telling yourself, anyway:
it’s fine.  you’re fine.  but,
you know better.

—  it was amazing while it lasted // es
No Strings Attached: Pt. 3

Pairing: Kol x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2173


The cab ride to the Mikaelson Compound felt terribly long. You had the need to just blow up Kol’s phone with calls and texts. But, you knew better that he would only ignore them so instead, you held back.

You gazed out the window and started slightly shaking your right leg from being so impatient to arrive at your destination already. We’re you really in danger or is it possible that Kol got jealous? Surely enough, you won’t stop until your question gets answered.

Finally after what felt like forever, you have arrived. You paid the cab driver with cash, letting him keep the rest of your change as you rushed out. Thank goodness Hope was spending the night at Hayley and Jackson’s apartment because you planned on raising hell once you got inside.

“Kol!” You shouted as you marched inside the compound. “Kol effing Mikaelson!”

Klaus and Elijah just happened to be sitting at the table exchanging words while drinking scotch. “Oh, hey guys.” You greeted, then went back to using your eyes to scan around the compound. “I know you can hear me!”

Just as you grabbed onto the railing to walk upstairs, Klaus stops you to get a word in. “And may I ask what my little brother did this time? It seems that bloke has a habit of getting himself into a mess.” If you had eyes in the back of your head, you would be able to see the amused look Klaus has on his face. The tone in his voice says it all.

“Long story, Klaus.” You weren’t in the mood to vent.

“I assume you’ve been drinking, miss Y/N? I can smell the alcohol in your breath from here.” Elijah said.

“Yup. Your sisters too.” You continued to make your way up the stairs without caring if Klaus and Elijah wanted to add on or not, you needed to speak with Kol.

After looking in room after room, you found Kol hanging out on the patio taking his time drinking out of a blood bag.

“Okay so you’re playing the ignoring game now?I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s going on.” You spat, stopping just a few feet behind him crossing your arms in front of you.

Kol sighed before speaking. “You don’t give up do you?” He turned to face you, setting the now empty blood bag on the nearby table.

You made no answer. “Fine.” Kol sassed then continued, “Well go on, let’s have a seat.” He pointed over at the bed since his bedroom didn’t have any chairs or couches available to sit on. You swallowed, then followed through, perching yourself at the edge of his bed as Kol did too.

“Okay, so?” You questioned, keeping your eyes on him.

“I suppose, seeing you with that vile man made me uneasy. I wanted to snap his neck the moment I saw him speak to you. But seeing as Marcel has these rules, I simply cannot.” Kol said.

“First of all, that man was very polite to me. And secondly, how in the world did it make you feel so uncomfortable that you just had to ruin our night out?” You asked, fixing him with a stare as you await your answer.

“I’m aware that we had these bloody rules about not allowing ourselves to feel feelings for each other. I mentally punish myself for it everyday.”

“Um what?”

Kol took a deep breath. “I, Kol Mikaelson, have unintentionally fallen for my…fuck buddy.” He admitted while forcing a smile.

You stifled a laugh and fell silent for just a moment. If you could, you’d pinch yourself to make sure you weren’t dreaming. How in the hell did you get so lucky?

“My apologies, darling. I know this is uncomfortable for you since it’s obvious you’re to trying to move forward with your life and all.” Kol stood up off the bed, he frowned, feeling embarrassed because he assumed you don’t feel the same way he does. “You asked, so I answered.”

“Oh no no no. I’m just processing this right now. Sit back down.” You patted your hand next to you on the firm mattress. “So when I told you yesterday that I wanted to start dating again. I actually don’t.”

Not a word came out of Kol. He just sat there trying to read your facial expressions.

“I ended up having feelings for you too, but since we made that stupid vow, I thought you followed it.” You confessed.

“Why not bother telling me, Y/N?” Kol questioned, resting his hand on top of yours.

“I could say the same to you, Kol.” You blurted, then softened your tone of voice. “But I hate rejection, so, I figured if I just distanced myself, the feelings would go away, you know?”

“I understand, love. Well since that’s all in order, what shall we do?” Kol quickly lightened the mood. He can’t ever be in his feelings for too long or else he’d go crazy.

You stretched, then made yourself comfortable on the bed by resting your head on the pillow. “I don’t know, you tell me.”

Even though Kol ruined your planned night out, you couldn’t help but get over it, especially since he looks so hot in his button up and you were still a little buzzed. Laying in his bed gave you dirty thoughts of all the sex you had with him. You flirted with the idea of Kol being on top of you right now. And of course, since you were his play thing for those last couple of months, you knew exactly how to get him in the mood.

You brushed your hair with your fingers to one side and teasingly bit your bottom lip, hoping it wouldn’t look too obvious that you’re trying.

“You’re a daft one, Y/N.” Kol chuckled, then crawled over to place himself on top of you. He planted his lips on yours which led to a hot and steamy kiss. You started to wrap your legs around his waist until all of a sudden, he stops and pulls back, giving you a devilish grin.

“Um, what’s wrong?” You questioned.

“Sorry, but that’s all you get, love.” Kol made known with that grin plastered all over his face.

“You’re annoying.” You scoffed and moved him off of you so that you can sit up on the bed.

“Oh don’t be so cross with me. Now that we both fancy each other on a deeper level, you’re going to have to work for it, darling.”

At first you didn’t understand, but you realized that Kol did have a point. “Yup, you’re right. So how do we approach this then?”

Kol took a second to think about it and then an imaginary light bulb appeared over his head. “I have a thought. How about I take you on a date or two and we move from there?”

“I’d love that.” The smile on your face could be seen from a mile away. You leaned over to give Kol a kiss on the cheek. “Pick me up tomorrow night at 7:00.”

“Brilliant.” Kol agreed.

You left the room so that you could end your night with Kol at that. Waking downstairs, you can still see Klaus and Elijah in the same spot. “Great.” You mouthed to yourself.

“Where’s Kol? Ah, let me guess. You rid of him with that dagger?” Klaus implied, taking a sip of his bourbon. Elijah just sat there and decided to mind his own business this time by keeping his opinions to himself.

“Ha. Ha. Very funny.” You joked, then walked out the front so that you could wait outside for your cab. There was no way you were going to wait in the middle of the compound for your cab with Klaus. You were tired and just wanted to go home and get some rest.

As you were waiting, you thought about how excited you are to go on your first date with Kol. You mentally crossed your fingers hoping that this leads to something amazing.

(The First Date…)

You never thought of Kol being the romantic type. Who can blame you though because you were so used to being his booty call that being viewed as something much more will take some getting used to.

The night sky was pitch black as the time is a quarter to 9. Kol told you to dress up and have you meet him at his house. Arriving there, there was a stranger on the driveway dressed in a suit who had special instructions on where you to lead you. You figured Kol had compelled this man.

The man led you towards the backyard in a path that led to the trees which had beautiful lights and lanterns wrapped around and hanging. The end of the path brought you to a table meant for two with high end looking plates and utensils. The table was also minimally decorate with well lit candle and rose in the center of the table. The best part about it, is seeing Kol sitting at the table waiting especially for you.

“Hello, darling. You made it.” Kol smiled, then he got up to pull your chair out for you.

“I mean of course. But oh wow. You did all of this?” You sat down, still looking around amazed with everything.

“I may or may not have compelled someone to help me.”

“Of course you did.” You rolled your eyes at him playfully.

It didn’t take long for the compelled butler (as you call him) to bring out a cart filled with 3 course meals. “Not too shabby.” You commented.

After lots of food and laughter, the night ended successfully. Kol walked you to the car and innocently planted a kiss on the forehead. Butterflies took over your stomach on your drive home and you laid in bed with a gigantic smile on your face.

(Several Dates Later…)

It has been almost a month now that you and Kol had agreed on this whole ‘dating’ thing. To the fortune of both of you, everything has been going great and you were just dying to have sex with him already. You were hoping he was thinking the same thing too.

Today is your day off, so you decided to invite yourself over to the Mikaelson Compound to hang out with Kol. The plan was to watch a couple of movies and maybe even spend some time with Hope if she isn’t with her mom and Jackson. Today would also be the first time that the both of you had alone time in his room since this all started since Kol’s been really strict on taking you out on dates only.

Walking in, you see Rebekah playing with Hope. Kol was just hanging out on the chair scrolling through his phone. It looked as if he was doing it to kill time as he waited on you. “Hey guys.” You announced.

“Hi, Y/N.” Rebekah greeted you, then went back to smothering Hope in kisses.

After Kol heard your name, he looked up and put his phone in his pocket. “Ah, darling. It’s about time you arrived.” Kol stated, greeting you with a hug and a long kiss on the lips.

“Oh you two lovebirds.” Rebekah stopped to compliment.

“So, I brought my favorite Tim Burton movies that we can watch.” You said to Kol, pulling the movies out of your bag for Kol to see, then put it back inside. You would love to give Hope some of your attention, but whenever Rebekah is here, she always tends to hog her.

“Whatever you like.” Kol said while looking at you with loving eyes.

Of course movie time meant cuddling in Kol’s bed under the warm blanket. 30 minutes into the movie, Kol had his hand over your thigh. It wasn’t long until the temptation got to him which led him to slowly traveling his hand high towards your core. Since you’re the one that’s probably wanted it more than him, you were more than happy to allow Kol to do whatever he wanted to you.

You started breathing heavily and let out light moans while he slowly rubbed his fingers in circles through your panties. One thing led to another and the next thing you know, the both of you were ripping each others clothes off.

Before getting too aggressive, Kol stopped himself so that he can take his time with you. This was a first considering when you two were friends with benefits, you were practically attacking each other. But this moment, at this pace was a euphoric experience.

You’ve never made love to anyone like you’ve done with him and you have the confidence to say that he’s the best you ever had, enough to put you to sleep. As Kol was spooning you while you were asleep, he made sure to kiss you goodnight. “So much for finishing this movie, love.” He whispered in your ear.

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EXO 4th Album — THE WAR

Track list

1. Kokobop 「title」

2. 다이아몬드 Diamond 『KAI』

3. Forever 『BAEKHYUN』

4. 소름 Chill 『CHANYEOL』

5 전야 The Eve 『SEHUN』

6 What U Do? 『SUHO』

7 너의 손짓 Touch it 『XIUMIN』

8 내가 미쳐 Going Crazy 『CHEN』

9 기억을 걷는 밤 Walk On Memories 『DO』

Nct having a tall s/o

Request:  Can you do a reaction for nct (127 preferably but in general if you want) on how they’d feel/think about dating a girl who’s tall? Like 175cm+ tall?

This is probably going to be pretty long so I’ll put it under a keep reading.


Originally posted by tuvns

I honestly don’t think that Taeil would have a height preference for his partner or would make a really big deal out of it if you were tall or small, he’d love you for who you are and would be the sweetest, most caring boyfriend anyone could ask for, with Taeil you would always come first, it’s fact. 


Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

( a loOK) 

With Johnny’s height he would probably still tower over you with his large frame but he’d like the fact that you were tall as well so he didn’t have to crouch down so far to kiss you, he’d run his thumb across your cheek before giving you a short but sweet kiss and look back at you with adoring eyes.


Originally posted by exoticnctlife

If I’m gonna be real here taeyong would love your long legs and seeing you in a dress when you go out for a date would most definitely cause him to get all hot and flustered. “wow babe you look amazing” “ you don’t look too bad yourself tae” after that comment I could totally imagine him fanning himself with his menu to tame the pink colour spreading on his cheeks.


Originally posted by bubwoo

He would love to wake up with your legs around him, basically like a koala hugging him from behind or with your legs tangled together underneath the sheets while you sleep with your head on his chest , I imagine that skinship would be a huge factor in a relationship with yuta. 


Originally posted by dovounq

I don’t really think that height would matter much to him either as long as you were someone he could lean on when a day of practice was difficult or when he needed to confide in you with anything, he’d do the same for you, trust would most definitely come first in a relationship with him.


Jaehyun also plays basketball a lot so he’d appreciate your height when you play 1v1 games but he’d end up tickling you while trying to help you perfect your shoot and the game ended by jaehyun trying to catch you around the entire court and when he finally does he would pull you in for a back hug and whisper “got you” into your ear.


Originally posted by sichengss

he was one to love how long your legs were so that he could lift you up and spin you round while your legs are wrapped securely around his waist, he’d tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear while you lean closer to kiss him though it wouldn’t last for long because you were both too busy smiling at each other


Originally posted by nctsjeffery

you used your height to your advantage by playing ball sports like netball and volleyball and guess who would be at every match with your name on a banner? this pup right here, he’d support you 100% with everything you do and after you win your game he’d take you on a celebratory date to a small diner and then walk you home which soon became a tradition any time you won.


Originally posted by hqleetaeyong

I feel like being tall would give a strong and powerful vibe across to him, he’d love that you owned being tall and if anyone said anything bout your height to hurt you he’d have a sassy remark waiting for them.

solar ✩

anonymous asked:

Oh wow I just looked through all of your evolution AU tag and it's amazing! Such a cool concept! Also, questions: if Keith gave himself up to Lotor in order for Lance to be free how did they get Keith back? Or did Lance refuse to let Keith take his place? Also that one pic of Keith tucking Lance in after their "delightful heat" is so precious but how would that work with their new bodies?

He would not let Lance interfere. He made his choice…. and even when Lance and Pidge intercepted Lotor’s ship, Keith refused.

And he is right. Zarkon would have sent wave after wave to get him because Purebred Galra genes are hard to come by and Keith is a kind of rare cargo. Imagine how muddled the Galra empire is in the gene pool with DNA from conquered planets. Imagine how rare it is for Galra, PURE Galra blood to flow in the veins of the species, not to mention how rare and important Keith’s tail is. One drop of his blood spilled into the Quintessence and they would have enough pure genetic code to alter many non-pure Galra back into having proper Galra DNA.

Suffice it to say Lance and Pidge going back and telling this to Shiro? Not fun….

Shiro is Stressed™

They’re not going to hurt Keith…..

A purebred Galra is way more convenient to the cause than disposed of. 

So now they have to rescue him…. which won’t be hard because he’s not getting sent into battle as a precious commodity.

Lotor, also, actually aids the others in their endeavour to rescue Keith because he is way too fond of Lance to see the paladins fall and is a little jealous that Keith is getting all the attention from Zarkon….